Book 4 – Chapter 11 Best Strategy

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Best strategy:

      “Boss, our spies have successfully infiltrated the Wallenstein house.” A young man in his late twenties reported with a smile.

      Sitting across the round table a man in his early thirties lifted his eyes from a book and said, “So, did your spies find anything worth mentioning to me?”

       The young man smiled lightly and said, “I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t find anything boss. Lyon is acting weirdly and it looks like your insight may as well be right.”

       The boss eyebrows creased slightly as he heard this but he maintained his silence. Another man sitting across the table, drinking his tea interrupted their conversation and said, “Good work Jie. As the youngest of us, you are repeatedly proving yourself worthy of being one of us.”

     Turning his head towards the one called boss he continued, “So, what do you intend to do Gladius?”

      Gladius put down his book and adjusted his glasses. His eyes flashed a sharp light as he sighed and said, “I don’t know how the enemy disguised himself as Lyon and fooled all of us including the entire Hildegarde for so long.

      However, it is completely certain that the enemy is strong. Strategically at least. Such an enemy is more troublesome than the weakened Hildegarde. So I have decided.

      Jeremy, You will take care of the situation. Inform Hildegarde only when you find enough evidence but don’t reveal our identity. If Lyon is destroyed then all is well. If he isn’t then we can destroy him in his weakened state after his head on fight against Hildegarde. No matter what, I don’t like whoever that Lyon is nor do I like the person who is providing him with resources and confidence.”

       The young man who was drinking tea put down his cup and nodded lightly before saying, “Understood, boss. I will take care of that Lyon Wallenstein or whoever he is?”

        That conversation happened in a private chamber of a castle situated within the boundaries of the Deva palace.

         It was the castle of the Gladius family as well as the headquarters of the Gladius faction. Known as a group of insane yet, powerful kings, the Gladius faction was a fear inducing factor in the Deva palace. So powerful was their forces that the remaining factions along with Hildegarde tried to be humble in front of them.


         Caesar had no idea regarding the Gladius faction nor its activities. He had long since knew about Gladius faction and also investigated about its weak points but the result was not satisfactory. He knew that it was impossible to win against the Gladius faction with mere strategies as he looked over at the information obtained from various sources.

       The information he obtained was being completely manipulated by them. He couldn’t help but sigh as he looked at the fact that he couldn’t even determine their strength so Caesar decided to leave them alone because he didn’t want to create unnecessary troubles to himself.

       Caesar kept true to his decision and completely isolated himself from the world as well as from all kinds of situations where he may expose himself to any of the powers including Gladius. Still, how could he guess that Gladius had spies even in the Kallied clan which was a small time mercenary clan located at a distance of thirty thousand kilometres from the borders of the Deva palace.

     Caesar had chosen the Kallied clan because they weren’t strong nor were they known. The Kallied clan was an emerging mercenary clan lead by Kallied himself, this sort of mercenary clans usually wouldn’t be noticed by any major powers and thus Caesar was certain that Hildegarde would have no information regarding them.

        The Hildegarde indeed didn’t receive any information but the Gladius did, however, the information was passed too slowly as Kallied had kept all his forces on tight lease. When Gladius received the information, they started their investigation.

       Lyon was initially red marked along with many others but after a month of investigation, it was finally revealed that Lyon aka Caesar was the only one who fits their criteria. Thus, they came to a conclusion.

       As decided before Caesar proceeded  and sent a message with detailed instructions to the Kallied clan and returned back to enjoy his peaceful life.

Ten days later.

       Hildegarde sect which had practically given up on any operations began to spread its forces again as small fights broke out with unknown forces in several places.

      Kallied clan disguised as various factions of the Deva palace as well as various other mercenaries began to engage the Hildegarde sect in fights.

      This would have been easily suppressed by the forces of the Hildegarde but they couldn’t as the spread out forces were forced to hold their positions. The Kallied clan on the orders of Caesar was split into thirty different units and each unit attacked randomly without any particular rhythm in their respective directions.

         Caesar also participated in this war as he stood among the forces of Hildegarde, he knew that sooner of later, Hildegarde will fall under pressure because he was certain of one fact.

       When the enemy concentrates on his left, his right will be weak. When he concentrates on North, his south will be weak but when he concentrates everywhere, he will be weak everywhere.

       The fights continued and so did the accumulated losses of the Hildegarde. The member of the Gladius, Jeremy who was despatched to help Hildegarde was also helpless as he began to watch the situation.

       He could see the broad picture because he knew the enemy’s goal but he didn’t understand how this will change anything. He knew that he was missing a key point in the Caesar’s strategy because it was certain that Caesar would never win this war even if this continued for eternity.

       This was the case with Gladius as well. He too could see how Caesar was weakening Hildegarde step by step as he lay hidden under its own hood but he too didn’t understand Caesar’s thinking.

      Caesar’s power was clear to them and no matter what kind of genius Caesar was, it was impossible to win against five Golden kings. Army and soldiers can be obtained again with enough strength and time but without killing the five kings, there was no point in continuing this war.

One month later.

          A total of three months passed since the Hildegarde assembled to search and seize Riddick. These three months were taxing on their minds and their spirit was weakened to extreme. They now wanted to spend their lives peacefully, yet, they couldn’t. Each day without an exception, fights broke out for some reason and they would have to assemble to solve the situation.

       Finally Caesar determined that the time was ripe to execute the final plan. His planning was perfect and his precautions were flawless. What if the enemy knows about him? What if they can see his goal? What can they do when they can’t see through him?

     When the enemy is strong, weaken him. When he has allies, isolate him. When he is peaceful, irritate him and when he is unassuming, attack him.

       Caesar plan put in a word was simple. This plan wasn’t the best move, nor was it the strongest move but it was definitely a move which would work after three months of planning.

      The Hildegarde as well as the Gladius were fed up with the daily reports reporting the presence of an enemy. Jeremy was irritated much more than the Five kings because he tracked the activities of the Five Golden kings as well as Caesar for one whole month with no results. So he began to get careless and so were the Golden kings.

       Since they always got correct reports, they stopped questioning their authenticity after a while and making use of their carelessness, Caesar slipped in two simple reports.

    “A ten man immortal unit is attacking the forces on the north of the Deva palace.”

    “A divine disciple is attaching the forces on the west of the Deva palace.”

         These reports were just like any other received by the Hildegarde for the past month and as usual, the Five Deva kings split up into three groups. One guarded the Hildegarde while the other four took care of the enemies. They weren’t careful because the enemy power was far weaker than their own and as usual they split into groups of two assuming that they can take care of any unknown enemy.

      Sometimes the best strategy isn’t the most complicated one but rather, it is the simplest one.

     Such a strategy won’t work unless there are elaborate preparations done. Caesar spent three months implementing his strategy and when he finally executed his plan. It went unnoticed and everyone fell for it including the Hildegarde as well as the Gladius.

     How can one search for a needle in a haystack? Similarly, how can one pinpoint a single false report among the hundreds of correct reports.

     Thus, the Five kings fell along with Gladius right into the trap laid by Caesar.

      Kallied clan may not have many peak disciples but they had more than enough divine disciples. As Caesar ordered, the Kallied clan moved in a complicated way for the past one month engaging in constant battle and slaughter of the Hildegarde forces. Thus, the last order of Caesar was cake walk for them.

     Assemble your forces and attack the four kings who will come to suppress them. Immediately, dozens of divine disciples gathered in the place where the four kings of the Hildegarde arrived.

       The result was obvious, it was a compete slaughter and the four kings died without uttering a single cry from their mouths. How can they resist the combined assault of dozens of divine disciples without any sort of warning?

      The life jades preserved in the Hildegarde castle in the Deva palace as well as the main sect shattered like glass almost simultaneously stunning the ancestors as well as the only remaining king of the Hildegarde.

     This was a bad startle for Jeremy who was keeping a close watch of the Hildegarde as well. Gladius who was remotely observing the situation was also startled. They thought that they had everything under control but that really wasn’t the case as they saw that Caesar had led Hildegarde to death right under their noses.

     The only remaining king of Hildegarde knew that something was seriously wrong and he decided to escape to the main sect but Caesar was prepared for him. Three divine disciples assassinated him before he even had a chance to raise an alarm.

       In one night, Hildegarde sect which boasted its strength as one of the strongest in the Deva palace crumbled like a house of cards. The immortals as well as the soldiers of the Hildegarde were bewildered by the sudden deaths of their kings. Like an army without a general, there began to disperse like a group of flies.

         That very night Caesar returned to his mansion as he carefully stuffed the bag handed over to him by Kallied. His face which never showed anxiety was pale but his eyes were attentive. He knew that this was the only flaw in his plan, if he manages to pass this phase then he would be completely successful. Yet, if he doesn’t, then he would definitely die.

        He fooled the enemy but he may have been fooled by someone. What if they waited for him to complete his plan to ambush him?

     His nose began to smell blood and his body tensed as his muscles contracted. His eyes which were attentive caught the sight of five people who were seated right in the middle of the hall surrounded by the corpses of Lyon’s sons, mistresses and servants.

      The one seated in the middle smiled a little and said, “Now, now, I never imagined that you would slip under our noses and kill every king of Hildegarde, Lyon Wallenstein. No, you aren’t Lyon, care to tell me who are you?”

     Caesar’s eyes narrowed as he saw that everyone of them were divine disciples. He smiled bitterly as he said, “Caesar”

       Gladius smiled evilly as he asked, “Caesar, I see. I don’t want to make things difficult for you so I will make an offer.

      Give me the six Gold badges in your possession silently and I will kill you silently as well. If you resist, then I am afraid I have to……..”

     A voice interrupted him smoothly as it said, “What will you do?”



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  2. I was reading some previous chapters and i noticed that though MC was told that he would be learning Void magic but I have never seen Riddick performing some void magic like maybe in battles ..till now you have never wrote about any void magic spells apart from some of its benefits in cultivation.


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