Book 4 – Chapter 12 Void Energy

Author notes : Hi guys, GSD REDDY here and I am back with an another chapter.

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Void Energy:

      “What will you do?” A voice interrupted Gladius.

     Gladius was startled because he didn’t sense anyone approaching him nor did any of his brothers.

      Slowly a figure walked out of the darkness followed by a pretty girl in her teens. Riddick and Sylvie.

        Riddick’s eyes were brighter than ever and his body emanated an unprecedented amount of power, it was a type of divine energy which was never felt from him. The power of the Immortal realm.

      Gladius eyes narrowed as he eyed Riddick. He was cautious because he didn’t think that any ordinary beginner disciple will be foolish enough to come before them. So he began to cautiously eye Riddick and Sylvie.

          Riddick who walked towards Caesar eyed Gladius as well. With a sigh he announced, “Gladius, leader of the Gladius faction, I presume. I have no enmity towards you nor have I offended you in any way so let’s end this matter here.”

       Jie burst out laughing as he heard Riddick. With a smirk on his face he said, “Little boy, I know that you are smug about your victory against Hildegarde but with the little amount of power you possess, you are no where at a level where you can order us around.

          I will repeat our offer again. Hand over the badges and we will offer a peaceful death for you. How about it? Isn’t it a good deal?

      You know being tortured to death is very painful. I assure you that dying peacefully is much better than dying after a month of torture.”

        Riddick’s eyes narrowed as he heard Jie. He wanted to avoid unnecessary trouble so he maintained his calm. Turning his head towards Gladius he seemingly asked for a second opinion.

     Gladius understood Riddick’s intention as well. He some how felt that it was not a good decision to mess with Riddick. The atmosphere around Riddick was very weird, it was like a magnetic field disrupting his senses.

        Riddick’s eyes were calm but he could sense danger and unimaginable power within them so his instincts screamed to stay away from him. However, being nudged by his brothers he shook off his doubts. What danger can a mere Beginner disciple pose to them, five Golden kings?

      “You heard my brother” Gladius answered the unraised question.

                    Riddick shook his head in helplessness as he gazed at the Five brothers. With a loud sigh he said, “Today, I came out after three months of closed room training because I wanted to celebrate with my brother, Caesar but….. You guys……… Sigh!”

        His eyes suddenly turned red as his voice turned serious. With a deadly aura starting to emit from his body Riddick said, “Now that it has come to this, don’t waste my time. If what you wish is death, then I will gladly give it to you.”

        The Five brothers moved at once yet, they didn’t attack, rather they surrounded Riddick from all sides. Blindly attacking was foolishness so they decided to first seal of his exit and if possible take a prisoner.

          Riddick stood at the centre gazing at five of them. His eyes sharp and his back taunt, with a smile on his face, he took a single step forward.

          Suddenly, a force erupted with him as the centre. This force was made out of pure elemental power, the weird thing however was that the elemental power was completely greyish white in colour.

          As the force erupted so did the instincts of the Five brothers. They retreated at high speed but still the speed of their reactions wasn’t enough. 


             A loud explosion erupted as the Wallenstein mansion was completely obliterated to smithereens. Five brothers were blasted out of the ruins. Their faces, covered in dust. Their clothes, shred but their eyes, they were attentive. However, they were filled with confusion and astonishment.

          The previous blast of elemental energy, they didn’t understand what it was. Some felt that it contained fire elemental essence, while some felt wind, water and earth. Each perceived it differently and each received it differently.

      The loud explosion attracted the attention of various powers. Many neighbouring purple badge bearers rushed immediately but upon seeing the Five brothers of Gladius faction come out of the collapsed mansion, they kept their silence.

          Riddick casually walked out of the dismantled mansion and gazed at the various people observing the situation. With a playful smile he asked again, “So, did you change your decision Gladius?”

      Gladius glanced at Riddick and then at the growing audience, he knew that he can no longer back away, at least for the sake of his name.

            With a low voice he commanded, “Brothers, attack at your own discretion. This is no longer a covert mission so there is no need to hide our strengths any longer.”

           Jie who was at the left flank asked, “Boss, that greyish white energy, what is it? It is weird. Somehow I don’t want to take it head on.”

         Gladius turned silent as he reviewed the sudden onslaught of the white energy, he too didn’t understand what it was? Was it a type of profound technique or was it the power of a unique weapon.

      Gladius was not the only person who didn’t understand the nature of the white energy. Caesar who was hovering in the air above the collapsed Wallenstein mansion frowned as he thought about the energy as well.

    Sylvie who was right beside him said with a smile, “No need to over think Caesar. That power belongs to master and him alone. It is unique to him in the entire universe.

       One of the reasons why my master wanted to step into the immortal realm was because he wanted to use this power. This is his domain, the true manifestation of his attribute which can only be produced after stepping into the Immortal stage, “Void energy”

       Void means nothing, an emptiness. Initially my master was controlling that emptiness to harness other elements when he was still a mortal. Void had warned him regarding the risks as the entire concept of Void realm revolved around Immortals so it was never suitable to be wielded by a mortal.

      Hence, after master had a backlash of using the power excessively, Void sealed it. Master has now stepped into the Immortal stage and thus can naturally undo the seal and unleash the unique power hidden deep within his body.”

        Caesar knew about Void but he didn’t understand the complete details regarding his relationship with Riddick. He had always thought that Void was a consciousness, similar to him but he began to wonder if he was wrong.

     Void energy, Void realm…. It was as bright as day. Void was something more than he imagined him to be and since he knew nothing about it, Caesar kept quiet.

                    Gladius who maintained his silence for a minute shook his head and said, “Brothers don’t be fooled by your senses. What if this guy has a weird power? If all of us work together then there is nothing to fear.”

             Riddick was insignificant in their eyes and Riddick knew about it as well. He remained in his place but if someone knew that he could listen to a tiny whisper uttered at a distance of a kilometre with ease then they would be shocked.

            Physical capabilities are enhanced as one transcend each level of power but in Riddick’s case the change was too monstrous.

          His body which was already like a weapon even before entering into the Immortal realm was refined again. His soul which was already powerful enough to rival an immortal after the continuous nurturing of the Hell devour was completely solidified into a weapon as well.

     The Qi flowing in his body as well as the mage force stored in his mage chamber could no longer be distinguished as both of them combined and changed into a form of greyish white energy. His body no longer held a demarcation between warrior and mage nor did it held a demarcation between Qi and mage force. Everything changed into a white energy which will later be known as the most destructive power in the entire universe, “Void energy”

        Contrary to his Qi and mage force, the spiritual energy in his body remained the same except for a coiled lightning dragon lying in the sea of consciousness. For some reason, the dragon had departed from the dantian and started to reside in the sea of consciousness.

       However, it still continued to send specks of lightning into his energy flow. All these changes were too abrupt and too powerful. If he didn’t have Void to guide him through it, then Riddick would have taken a lot of time to understand them all.

          Void had explained right from the beginning that the true power granted by him won’t be manifested until he reaches the Immortal realm.

      Thinking back Riddick couldn’t help but smile. When he was eight, Void appeared before him and he made a contract with Void. Then he gained an attribute from Void. Void couldn’t directly grant him this unique power because, Riddick’s body was too fragile to sustain such power.

         Then, he saw the Immortals as beings of legends and even doubted whether he will ever step into their realm but now, after only ten or so years he has stepped into the Immortal realm.

       With a slight smile on his face Riddick waved his hand, Yama who was bound like a bracelet shook and a bright light emanated from it.

“Crunch” “Wriggle” “Boom!”

     Yama twisted as crunching sounds rang and finally an loud sound rang out as it transformed into a giant heavy sword. This transformation was too eye catching and people stood stunned as they saw Yama extending from a bracelet into a sword.

    “Deva class artifact” some one muttered weakly.

    Only Deva class weapons could be manipulated to change their shapes.

      The expression on Gladius face changed, he never thought that Riddick would be in possession of a deva class artifact but he nonetheless tightened the grip on his slender sword. Such an enemy can not be allowed to live, killing him was the ideal path and since he still held an advantage in terms of power, he will definitely kill Riddick before he grows enough to swallow them whole.

     Riddick bent a little and his foot touched the floor as lightly as feather.


       Like a lightning he appeared in front of the Gladius shocking everyone.

“How is this possible?” Jie shouted loudly.

“What is that speed?” Jeremy said in a shocked voice.

      “Scram” Gladius shouts loudly before swinging his sword at a speed surpassing anything Riddick had seen before.

         However, what sort of change did Riddick undergo? If it was three months ago then he would have definitely been slaughtered by that sword but now, he smoothly blocked the attack with his own sword.

     Suddenly the remaining of the Five brothers surrounded Riddick and drew their weapons at the same instant. Gladius eyes turned cold as he ordered, “Kill!”

        Everyone could see the death of Riddick in the next second as they saw the combined assault of the five kings but Riddick, he didn’t.

     He only smiled further as he said, “Oi, Oi….. Now don’t tell me, this is your master plan……. Worthless…. Let me show you the result of overestimating yourself.”


      A violent force erupted with Riddick as the centre, the force was like a strong tide and this power forced the brothers to lose control over their bodies.

       “What the fuck!” Jie shouted loudly in his heart but his eyes shrank as he saw Riddick heavy blade moving towards him at high speed.

             However no sound was emitted from his mouth. The scene observed by the others was even more bizarre as they didn’t feel any sort of pressure coming from Riddick. The Five brothers stopped in their tracts like statues and Riddick pierced one of them right in the heart in that instant.

        The next second all of them got back to their senses but their hearts were filled with fear. What was that? Why did they stop in their tracts? How is Jie?

     Jie coughed up blood and his eyes turned murderous, with difficulty he raised his sword and moved a step forward letting Yama pierce him further.

   “If I am going to die then you will die with me you motherfucker” he shouted loudly as his dantian instanly began to glow red.

     This was a suicide and he wanted to kill Riddick by self destructing his own dantian.

          Riddick glanced at him and said, “Ho, I admire your courage but in front of me, it is useless.”

          Suddenly black mist erupted from Yama and in a split second Jie became a dried up corpse. However, in the next second a white mist erupted from Yama blasting him off into multiple pieces of meat.

       Drawing back his sword, Riddick turned towards the remaining brothers who were stunned and said apologetically, “Don’t be sad, he was a nice meal. Everyone will be a prey at some point and unfortunate for you, I happen to be your predator.”



Author note : His guys, as you can see this chapter gives you all, a lot of shocks. Essentially put, this is a turning point, this is the power up I always envisioned when I let Void say the statement.

    “You have to be at Immortal realm to use my powers to the maximum extent.”

     Now that I have introduced the power as well as slight spoilers regarding its nature. Enjoy.

     Also,someone asked me a question, approximately two months ago, What happened to Void attribute?

    Here is your answer.



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