Book 4 – Chapter 13 F*ck off

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F*ck off:

         “Unfortunate for you, I happen to be your predator.” Riddick said with a light smile on his face.

     “Devil way” Gladius muttered weakly as he saw Jie becoming a dried up corpse but his eyes turned red as he glanced at the blasted pieces of meat lying on the floor.

       Jie was the youngest and also the weakest of them all. However, Gladius had always treated him like his own brother and witnessing his brother’s death. How could he remain calm? Yet, he didn’t erupt. He had to stay calm for the sake of his comrades.

   “You fucking bastard.”

   “I will kill you, you motherfucker.”


       The other three howled loudly and broke into a mad run but suddenly they came to a halt as they heard a loud order.

   “Hold your positions.” Gladius shouted loudly.

    Jeremy could no longer hold back his anger and asked loudly, “Gladius, why do you ask us to stop? This man must die today no matter what it costs us. If you order us to retreat against our wishes then I will…..”

     “I promise you that he will die but a mad dash won’t kill him. It will kill us first.” Gladius explained his reasoning.

                     The remaining brothers immediately calmed down as they heard Gladius. Riddick knew that the situation was no longer in his control so he retreated as well.

     Riddick stood at a distance of three hundred metres and began to observe the four brothers. Since they abandoned their idea of attacking madly, he no longer had an advantage over them. No matter how powerful he was, it would be disastrous if he was to be surrounded and attacked by the combined assault of four divine disciples.

        Gladius took out a jade scroll from his pocket and burned it to ashes. Instantly the people observing the fight started to loudly exclaim.

     “That is the absolute decree held by the Gladius faction. He is going to summon all his forces.”

     “Over, this fight is over….. It was getting interesting but against all the forces of the Gladius faction. There is nothing that kid can do”

      “He was a fool to even engage the Gladius faction in a head on fight. What can he do now except atoning for his sins with his death.”

      Riddick was very attentive and listened to all of them. He was initially confused but soon he understood their meaning. However, unlike what one would expect, a smile blossomed on his face as he understood that he was now going to face an army of Immortals.

        In just a minute, more than sixty Immortals rushed into the courtyard of the Wallenstein family. All wearing purple badges and followed by many more Immortals. In just a few minutes, the court yard was entirely covered with numerous Immortals ranging over three thousand.

            The Four Gladius brothers who stood at the centre of their army were satisfied with their power. Now they were certain that they can win without even lifting a hand themselves. What can Riddick do against three thousand Immortals? He will definitely die and this was the only outcome perceived by any person.

     Gladius who was smug about his victory declared loudly, ” I thought that you might escape or try to attack us when we were summoning our forces but you didn’t. No matter how ingenious your planning is, one mistake and everything you have ever acquired along with life goes into gutter.

        Now bow before me and my great faction. This is the true might of my faction which people such as you can never acquire.”

             Riddick was watching Gladius with a blank face but suddenly he burst out laughing, with a ridiculing voice he said, “You know Gladius. I should thank you. You are providing me with all these immortals so of course I have to thank you.”

       Gladius eye brows creased as he heard Riddick. Jeremy who was beside Gladius smirked as he said, “Big words for some one who should be trembling inside.”

             Turning his head he said loudly, “People of my faction. Listen closely. This person shall die today irrespective of his station and relations. No matter who kills him shall be made a Commander as well as a suitable monetary reward will be given.

         However, if you manage to capture him alive then your rewards shall be tripled.”

         His words were like thunder and as soon as the army of Immortals processed his statement. An explosive energy spread in the entire army as everyone broke into a mad assault.

          Riddick who stood in the centre was their target. He was their gateway to achieve everything they all had ever wanted so they all dashed without an exception.

          Tens of hundreds of Immortals launched their attacks. Soul attacks and material attacks were launched while dozens of Immortals closed into directly behead Riddick. However, everyone suddenly halted as a thick intense killing intent spread over their entire being.    This killing intent was like a being with consciousness. Unlike the pressure which Riddick used to suppress the opponents, this was the pure evil force which conveyed his strength and made his opponents tremble like birds in a thunderstorm.

     “Oi… Gladius, just because you have an advantage in number, you start to get conceited. If they were divine disciples then I certainly would have died today but Beginner disciples…. Humph!” Riddick said in a dangerous voice.

  “Divine disciples…. In hundreds….. Kid, You overestimate yourself. I, your grandfather will show you today how arrogance can lead to your doom?” An middle age man wearing purple badge  shouted loudly before resuming his assault.

     This was like a trigger and the Immortals who stood still after being suppressed by the killing intent all started their assaults as well.

    Riddick only shook his head in helplessness and said, “What can I do when you all want to die so dearly?”

       Narrowing his eyes he said in a low voice, “Void wave”

         A surge of pure Void Energy emitted from Riddick as a centre but unlike a tyrannical power, it was smooth, delicate and gentle.

     One wave after other, tens of waves emitted every instant and in just a second hundreds of waves superimposed on one another. These waves needless to say completely enveloped the surrounding immortals.

      However, the Immortals didn’t stop because they couldn’t feel any sort of danger hidden within the waves so they continued their assault.

     Seconds passed by and in ten seconds the strongest and the fastest group reached Riddick close enough to strike him down with their swords. It was at this moment Riddick muttered, “Clash”

     One single wave emitted from Riddick as he muttered the word but this wave was different from all others. It was the exact opposite of all other waves and this wave started a reaction which disrupted the sensitive rhythm of the previous waves.

“Grind” “Grind” “Grind”

   Loud grinding sounds rang out in the silent courtyard.

  “What is that?” Gladius questioned himself.


       Blood sprayed like a geyser with Riddick as a centre as if answering Gladius. Every Immortal who stood within the area covered by the white rolling waves of Void Energy was grinded to paste and blood splattered the entire courtyard.

        No resistance was accepted in the face of that tyrannical power and no immortal could even utter a sound. It was a silent death and the hundreds of Immortals along with the Five brothers stood still shocked and terrified by the scene in front of them.

      Five hundred Immortals died and that too without putting up any resistance. The surrounding forces which were keenly observing the fight sucked in a cold breath out of fear.

       What kind of power was this? How can a Beginner disciple kill five hundred Beginner disciples without lifting a finger. Even a peak disciple cannot achieve this task let let alone a divine disciple and here they were watching a mad dog who killed hundreds of Immortals without hesitation.

           Riddick began to walk, each of his steps loud and fear inducing in the pin drop silence. The Immortals were fearful enough to hold their breaths. The blood which flowed like a stream made painted the scene as Riddick walked slowly in the silent night.

      Gazing at the remaining Immortals Riddick said in a loud voice, “Brothers, I know I just killed many of your brothers. However, I do not wish to kill you at all. This fight is between us and I want it to stay between us. I will thus give you all one minute time, leave if you wish to live. Any one who stays here shall be considered an enemy after the one minute is up.”

      The Immortals were stunned as they heard Riddick. They were terrified and shocked to the core by the power of Riddick. They had originally come to kill some punk and gain the favour of Gladius but now their own lives were in danger so they all wanted to flee.

   “I….I am sorry my brothers but….I will take my leave.” One person said in a low voice and flew away at high speed.

      The remaining Immortals glanced at one another and broke into a explosive flight running away from the court yard. In just a minute, all that was left of the magnificent army of three thousand Immortals were a few dozen soldiers and the indistinguishable forms of five hundred dead Immortals.

      Gladius stood in the centre with a pale face, his brothers were in the same condition as well. They too didn’t expect that Riddick would have such a devastating power hidden within him.

      How could they expect for they knew nothing about the Voud energy. The Void Energy is the most purest form of energy available in nature for it is essentially the same as the elemental essence which contains the essence of all elements. Forget about Beginner disciples even divine disciples can’t resist the power of this extremely pure energy.

       Riddick yawned lightly and said, “Gladius, we had no enmity between us and I even gave you a choice twice. However, you chose not to retreat, you chose to fight, you summoned your entire faction to kill me.

      You know everyone has a limit for their patience and I have just reached mine. At first I wanted to let you go but knowing that black heart of yours, I can’t let you go now, can I? You will strike back when the time is ripe so eliminating you is mandatory for my survival.”

       Gladius eyes became red with fury and humiliation he suffered today in the hands of Riddick. He wanted to say something but was stopped in his tracts as he heard a voice.

   “Enough” A man shouted loudly from the skies.

     Riddick who glanced at the man asked in a serious voice, “Who may you be Sir?”

             The man narrowed his eyes and said, “Riddick, I presume. I have already seen your records. Impressive, very impressive, to show such power with your cultivation but still your talent won’t save you for your deeds.

     Gladius faction is under my lords command and he has ordered you to stop your assault this instant. For all your crimes, you will be punished but you will be rewarded after you atone for your sins.”

      Riddick asked amused by the man’s arrogance, “Ho! A Crimson king I see. Can I ask what is the punishment and reward granted by the great Crimson king for my crimes?”

        The man laughed loudly and said, “Good, good. This is how you should be. My lord has ordered you to hand over the all the badges in your possession and kneel for mercy.

          You shall serve as my lords soldier for a century after which he will personally grant upon you a Golden badge for your services.”

       Riddick too laughed loudly as if enjoying a joke and asked further, “What if I don’t follow your masters orders?”

     The middle age man narrowed his eyes and said, “Then you shall be ripped to pieces and fed to dogs. This applies to those two behind you as well. Now state your decision.”

     Riddick mused to himself as if seriously considering the offer and finally made an exclamation as if he reached a conclusion and said with a lively voice, “I have decided. Please convey my decision to your master.”

   “What?” The middle age man asked.

      Riddick narrowed his eyes and said, “Fuck off.”


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