Book 4 – Chapter 14 Dao domain

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Dao domain :

   “Fuck off” Riddick said slowly.

          The middle aged man floating in midair was stunned as he heard Riddick. Never in his wildest imaginations did he ever think that there would be a beginner disciple who would so vulgarly insult a Crimson king that too in the presence of hundreds of people.

            His pride was torn to shreds and being humiliated publicly his face twisted with anger. With a loud snort he said, “Gladius make sure that this scoundrel dies a cows death. I will personally talk to his majesty about this matter and be rest assured, you will be heavily rewarded for your services.”

           Waving his hand he said, “Take this, I hope that this will help you in your endeavour.”

        Gladius who glanced at the sword which fell in his hands began to laugh madly, with a conceited voice he declared, “Haha…. Now there is nothing I fear in this world. Anyone below peak disciple level shall bow before me and you…” He pointed his sword at Riddick and said, “You shall be my test subject to test this divine sword – Glacial Soul, a deva class weapon.”

         Riddick narrowed his eyes as he heard the name of the sword. He didn’t know much about the Glacial soul itself but its identity as a deva class weapon was disturbing. Though he still held confidence, his grip on Yama tightened involuntarily because he knew first hand the might of a deva class weapon.

        Gladius was convinced that Riddick only had such power because of the various extraordinary weapons he wielded because he was certain that by no means can a beginner disciple acquire such power.

           The four remaining Gladius brothers took out their respective weapons and their bodies tensed in anticipation of revenge.

       The middle age man also descended from the skies and said, “Gladius, I will lend you a hand.”

         Gladius was startled and said, “Lord Beckett, you don’t need to trouble yourself. My brothers and I will kill this scum for you.”

       Beckett shook his head and said, “It is not that I wish to dirty my hands Gladius but rather sometimes dirtying your hands is a necessity to show that you can dirty them. This bastard thinks that I am a mere messenger, let me show him the reason why his majesty believes me to be capable of being his servant.”

         Riddick listened without uttering a single word, he stared at Beckett for a while before continuing to closely observe his enemies.

        Beckett snorted coldly before saying, “Gladius, I shall take charge of this battle. Now, the four of you will move as I dictate.”

        His image flickered and Beckett disappeared from his spot. Riddick eyes narrowed and his pupils dilated as they sensed the opponents speed. His muscles twitched before he too disappeared from his spot.


        A large sword aura arrived like a thunder and sliced the ground on which Riddick stood without the slightest of indication.

       Beckett who stood in the air turned his head to stare above and said, “I accept that you indeed are extremely talented but kid, you are too arrogant. Talent by itself won’t save you.”

     His image flickered again, followed by Riddick’s. They were like two kites moving at high speeds. Images appeared every second followed by loud sounds of explosions. Riddick struck Beckett while Beckett sliced with his scimitar. Neither managed to catch another but the incredible display of their prowess left the crowd stunned.

        Watching this amazing air battle, Gladius sucked in a cold breath. Even though he now had a deva class weapon, he didn’t dare to venture alone after watching the dreadful strength of Riddick.

       However, now he was certain that all he needed to do was to interfere and Riddick would have to slow down inevitably. Taking advantage of this, Lord Beckett would slice him apart with ease.

        Suddenly all four brothers flew into the air and began to wildly chase Riddick. However, Riddick was like a loose cannon and it was impossible to determine his trajectory as he constantly shifted in disparate directions where none would expect him to move.

         The chase continued for five minutes and finally Jeremy lost his cool and shouted, “You motherfucker, don’t you know anything other than running around. Were you born when your mother fucked a lowly porter who runs around.”

          Riddick turned his head and only coldly smiled before flying away at high speed. Jeremy was mad but so were the others. Unlike them, Riddick wasn’t a least bit provoked by their words and only continued to fly silently. This was a high speed chase that the Beginner disciples couldn’t even follow with their eyes, only divine disciples could make head and tails of what was going on in the skies.

        Suddenly an intense chill spread in the air as Gladius wielded his Glacial soul and released multitude of attacks. Riddick narrowed his eyes as he saw the attacks but he still dodged them all nonetheless. He was like a flicker which can’t be caught and with his extreme speed he was becoming an headache.

        Suddenly however, Riddick lost tract of one attack and lost his speed trying to dodge that attack. Jeremy who was closely following by thought, “Chance” and shouted, “ motherfucker.”

            Riddick put on a pale face as he faced the attack of Jeremy. Jeremy attack was truly powerful but in his hands, it was a wasted power. Attacking with all his might he aimed his attack at Riddick’s head and closed in at incredible speed.
      Riddick who was already flying at high speed suddenly became a blur exceeding his own speed. He appeared right behind Jeremy and whispered, “Mate, without understanding your enemy you charge into a close quarter fight. This only leads to one outcome, your enemy fucks you up big time.”

       His both hands grabbed Jeremy’s face like claws from both sides. Gladius who was following Riddick shouted loudly, “Noooo, don’t.”

     Riddick smiled coldly and said, “Sorry mate. I have no kindness to spare.”

        Intense energy spread from his fingers and drilled into Jeremy skull. Light flickered in Jeremy’s eyes as he resisted his death but soon it faded away as his head was visibly crushed in Riddick’s death grip.

   “Jeremy…” Gladius weakly muttered.

          Beckett only narrowed his eyes while one of the brothers shed tears as he saw his brother die right in front of his eyes.

       The last of the four brothers however didn’t stop his assault and arrived before Riddick and brandished his sword like a spear aiming straight towards Riddick. Riddick who saw this smiled coldly before throwing Jeremy in the sword’s tract.

        No matter what kind of control the enemy had over his sword, he wouldn’t be able to control it completely control it in mid attack. The sword pierced Jeremy’s corpse straight through his heart. This halted his attack and intensified the hatred he felt towards Riddick.

     With great grief he hugged Jeremy one final time.

       Howling loudly he tried to charge at Riddick but halted in his tracks as he noticed a intense energy emitting from Jeremy. That instant he understood what Riddick had originally planned but he also understood that he had no choice left.

         With a bitter smile he said, “Riddick, you will die a miserable death.”

     Riddick laughed and said, “Death is always miserable.”


            Jeremy exploded like a charged gunpowder only with power thousands of times greater and the enemy holding Jeremy in his arms exploded along with him.

          The entire exchange happened in only a few seconds but it resulted in the death of two of the Gladius brothers.
      Beckett who was confident in dealing with Riddick was beginning to feel dreadful as he saw Riddick effortlessly killing two divine disciples.

        Gladius eyes were red with fury, he always thought himself to be an able commander who doesn’t lose his cool. He forcibly kept his cool even after Jie died but now he could no longer contain himself. Two more of his brothers died. With whom should he celebrate even if he wins this fight. He had lost three bothers in this fight but the enemy still stood alive and so were his allies.

    With a loud shout he declared, “Russell, stop him. Today we either get revenge or die trying.”

           Two people flew in opposite directions, Russell, the last of Gladius brothers flew toward Riddick while Gladius himself flew towards Sylvie and Caesar. Beckett who saw this smiled cruelly and flew towards Sylvie as well.

        Riddick was startled but his face soon calmed down as he heard Sylvie say, “I will take care of them master.”

          Russell knew that he was no match to Riddick in a head on fight so he took out a jade bottle and emptied its contents. His face suddenly became pale but he still nonetheless charged towards Riddick.

        Riddick had no idea regarding what Russell drank and he had no time to delay so he brandished Yama who after a long time changed into his original form of a whip. The whip twisted and twirled creating an energy vortex in it which suddenly expanded binding Russell in its current.

     Russell was still smiling as if he won the war but Riddick next sentence threw him into abyss.

       “Well, good try brother but I am slightly busy so my bull will take care of you.” Suddenly the intense cyclone vanished along with Russell who was inside it.

    On the other side, Gladius brandished his Glacial Sword and closed in at high speed. His face twitched as he sensed his brothers aura fading away from this world but soon it became all the more determined. He decided to kill Sylvie at any cost.

       Sylvie who was watching Gladius and Beckett hissed loudly before expanding into a magnificent thousand metre long golden snake which had a golden crown etched onto its fore head.

    “A God beast” Beckett said in alarm while simultaneously retreating at high speed. However he was already too close so he couldn’t completely escape from Sylvie’s sphere of influence.

      Sylvie who saw this sneered and said, “Escaping are we. You should have never tried to use me as a bait. I am a queen among God beasts and you want to take advantage of me with your pitiful power.”

     “Dao Domain” A soft whisper escaped from her lips.

       An intense golden light abruptly spread with her as the centre and the light flickered for just a second before disappeared just as abruptly.

        Gladius who was in the centre of the Gold cyclone fell down lifelessly while Beckett who was in the edge of the domain coughed up large amounts of blood as he retreated backwards.

          However, he suddenly halted in his tracts as he saw Riddick behind him. With a dread filled voice he said, “Riddick, I am sure we can solve the issue between us peacefully. Please spare my life and I will guarantee you that I shall do my very best to give a favourable message to my king in your stead. Please.”

       Riddick swiped his sword with his finger and said, “Indeed, you are a messenger and as a messenger you duty is to deliver a message but I somehow think that my message will be better delivered to your king by your corpse.”

     Beckett realised that he was not going to get any mercy so he instead raised his sword and shouted, “Don’t get cocky kid…. You are nothing…..”

      However his words stopped midway as a sword pierced him straight through his throat. The next second his corpse too fell down lifelessly from the skies. Riddick stood in the skies glancing indifferently at the battlefield which will make his name infamous in the entire deva palace.

        A new Golden King has arrived and he wiped out the entire Gladius faction on his first appearance. Needless to say this news was going to rock the entire Forbidden Isle.




44 thoughts on “Book 4 – Chapter 14 Dao domain

  1. it is an awsome chapter but i have one problem if
    i had a skill like hell devour. i would use it every time got a chance he killed 500 beginer and 6 divine disciples. ok he used one as a hand granade to blow other to smitherens and one was killed by sylvie it leaves 3 he only sucked one of them dry. and left the rest. why is that? can t he take thier cultivation after the fight?

    thx for your hard work


    • The benefits are few rather it is better to use their deaths as a psychological pressure. Remember, Hell devour only gives minimal benefits and that too when devouring a higher level expert.


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