Book 4 – Chapter 15 Double Betrayal

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Double betrayal:

              Riddick was an unknown name but now his name was reverberating throughout the entire deva palace. None knew about him and his background was a complete mystery. The various powers spread throughout the Forbidden Isle began to dig through his history but amazingly they couldn’t find anything.

No clan, no sect, no guardian, nothing.

        He was a ghost. The Deva palace which had existed for countless years shook as a king emerged with the power to challenge the various factions which ruled it for countless millennia. The power balance in the Deva palace was crumbling because, of the hundred Golden badges, Riddick now held over twelve of them making him one of the strongest among the Gold Kings.

         There was no announcement nor was there any hurry in Riddick’s movements. The various powers had employed numerous spies to observe Riddick but they were all stunned as they saw Riddick lying around and drinking wine for three whole days.

      Finally the powers concluded that Riddick was waiting for them to make a move and began to send envoys. Riddick however, sent them all back without even listening to their words. He only said one answer to every envoy.

        “If you are interested in allying with me then tell your king to come personally.”

          The Gold kings however were not ready to meet Riddick personally. They had witnessed Riddick’s strength and thus were wary to take the risk without knowing his intentions.

     Ten days passed and Riddick still didn’t any offers, no matter how the envoys tried to approach him he still rejected them all. His objective was different so Riddick wasn’t worried about rejecting everyone.

       Finally on the tenth day Riddick put down his glass and began to smile lightly, with a light voice he said, “Now, now, I was beginning to feel a little restless. Thank God, my wait finally ends today. Still only a hundred Immortals, I am slightly disappointed.”

      A man walked out of the shadows as if he was a part of them. His face was grave and his expression strict. With a smile he said, “The new Gold King Riddick may have learned how to kill but it seems that you are unaware of the rules of the deva palace.

        I do not want to waste my time so answer me now, where is your woman and that Lyon Wallenstein or whoever he is?”

         Riddick started to play with his glass and said, “Ah! Them, I was certain that you will come for me so I sent them all to a place which you can never hope to find.”

           The man’s face slightly twitched as he heard Riddick, he couldn’t understand how Riddick smuggled Sylvie out of the mansion under his nose. He kept a watch himself but he didn’t see a single soul step out of the mansion for ten whole days and here he searching for people, who vanished from this world as if they never existed before.

        The man’s expression grew grim as he gazed at Riddick and said, “I see, you have no intention of handing over the badges, do you?”

       Riddick shook his hands, got up on his feet and said, “Oi, Oi, They are mine to begin with and you want me give them BACK to you. I don’t remember borrowing them from you, do you?”

    The man ground his teeth as he listened to Riddick. With a sigh he said, “Very well, Riddick you have our attention. All we want are the badges and we are ready to pay the price.”

       Riddick mused with an amused face and said, “Pay me, with what? Money? Haha…. Don’t be ridiculous.”

     “Then what is it that you desire?” The man asked with a loud shout.

     Riddick narrowed his eyes and said, “I want your king dead at my feet.”

      The man face twitched violently and said, “Impudent, how dare you? A lowly immortal like you dare to speak without fear just because of one tiny victory.”

     “Crimson guards” he shouted loudly.

      Instanly a hundred Immortals completely clad in Crimson armours surrounded Riddick. Three captains lead  them in three separate squads. The captains were divine disciples while the remaining were all beginner disciples.

               Riddick glanced at their fear inducing Crimson armour and said, “Nice taste. Would you pass my compliment to your king? Ah! I forgot. None of you are going back so may be I should personally deliver the compliments.”

       The man laughed loudly and said, “Riddick, you are like a frog in a well. You don’t know the might of heavens and think that you are very powerful. You don’t even know the true us.”

       Riddick too laughed and said, “Well said commander, I too share the same sentiment. You don’t know the true me.”

        The man stopped his laugh and glanced coldly. Riddick lifted his eyebrows and said, “It was nice meeting you.”

        Riddick hands suddenly moved like lightning and grabbed the mans throat in their death grip. With smile still plastered on his face he said, “Hell devour.”

                    The man suddenly felt a indescribable force sucking his soul away but the feeling was completely overwritten by an intense pain of being ripped alive.


          The man who was alive just a second ago started to suddenly twist disparately before his entire being was squeezed at weird angles becoming a dried up corpse.

      Riddick threw away the corpse and turned towards the stunned guards. With a smile he said, “Gentleman,” glancing at the few women in the ranks, he continued, “Ladies…. What are we waiting for?”

       “Kill!” A loud shout reverberated in the hall as all the captains roared simultaneously.

       Riddick hand moving to release Yama from his true form, he mused, “Ah! A fine night for a good meal.”


      Yama twisted in mid air enlarging into a long double spike while simultaneously beheading a couple of Immortals. The other immortals however closed in and struck Riddick with all their might.

               Riddick stood still taking their attacks, he glanced at the swords which struck him wordlessly and lifted his head. The Beginner disciples who struck him didn’t even manage to open a wound on his skin with their most powerful attacks. It was a monstrous defence defying commonsense.

         Riddick narrowed his eyes and said, “You have do better than that to kill me.”

        The surrounding Immortals suddenly felt as if their souls were being drained like a well and their consciousness became muddy as they were trapped in Thousand Hell prison.

         The next instant a suction force enveloped them all and they all disappeared like a phantom right in front of their comrades eyes. The three divine disciple were stunned but still they closed in at high speed. In that moment when Riddick stood still, all three struck and pierced right through him.

        Riddick who was still indifferent after having his body being pierced by three swords only frowned because he was irritated by the smug looks on the faces of the captain guards.

      Riddick indifferently pulled the three swords out of his body and said, “That hurts, well obviously it does. However, this is far, far from anything I need to be concerned about.” Suddenly an intense chill spread with Riddick as the centre burning its way through the minds of three divine disciples.

       Riddick slowly took a step forward grabbing two stunned captains and in the next instant the captains fell lifelessly on the floor. However, the guards covered in fear because there was something which was much more frightening happening right in front if their eyes. Riddick’s wounds which appeared to be lethal enough to kill him were healing at an inhuman pace as he devoured the last of their captains.

          With thick killing intent in his eyes Riddick said, “I waited for ten whole days drinking wine so that I can meet your crimson king and yet, he sends a group of mere guards to test my strength.

     Now that he has decided to insult me, I see no reason to give him face and a fair fight.”


          Riddick shouted loudly before drawing Yama who suddenly expanded like a staff and pierced straight through five guards without any warning. The guards too instantly dried up as the black mist spread on the staff’s surface.

        His eyes were filled with anger and bloodlust, with Yama in his hands he went on a rampage killing the Crimson guards as if he was crushing bugs. This image was fear inducing and indeed, just as Riddick imagined, the Crimson king was watching the events happening in the hall.

               Inside the crimson castle of Rodriguez, an middle aged man sat behind his desk watching the events happening in the palace. Suddenly he asked, “Walter, can we win against this kid?”

       A butler appeared from the darkness. This man was also blended into the shadows but his much mastery was at an imperceivable level. He bowed slightly and said, “Certainly my lord. Though this kid named Riddick has great power at his disposal. He is weak as in he has no one to back him up.

      I must however suggest you my lord that there is no need to kill him with our own hands. As long as we are ready to pay handsomely, there will be many people willing to become our knife.”

      Rodriguez brow creased as he once again glanced at the screen showing Riddick slaughtering his forces. Sighing he said, “Very well, Walter. Collect every information you can gather about this Riddick and hire an assassin, he should be at least at peak disciple level else he wouldn’t be able to guarantee Riddick’s death.”

       Walter bowed slightly showing his acceptance before serving tea to Rodriguez. His gazed at the screen and muttered, “Don’t blame me kid, this is how life is.”

      “True” A voice said as if answering the question.

     Rodriguez was stunned as he heard the voice, he immediately tried to move but he found to his dismay that he couldn’t as all his motor senses were constantly degrading at an incredible pace.

        Riddick walked out of the darkness and gazed upon Rodriguez. Rodriguez was stunned as he saw Riddick and said, “How?”

    Riddick simply glanced at tea, then at Walter.

      Rodriguez laughed bitterly and asked, “Why Walter? Why?”

         Walter only smiled lightly and said, “Didn’t I just say that some people are willing to be a knife for a certain price my lord. I just became his knife because he was able to afford me. Please don’t blame me and die a peaceful death.”

        Rodriguez knelt on the floor and said, “Even if you kill me, you can’t take over my faction. My subordinates are loyal to me and only me, you will never gain their approval.”

   Riddick nodded and said, “Unfortunately I am not after your power Rodriguez. What I want is your status.”

        Rodriguez smiled bitterly till the last moment and died silently. Riddick glanced at Rodriguez for one final time before turning towards Walter and said, “Well done Walter. You have proven yourself to be an excellent investment.” Saying thus Riddick extended his hand.

        Walter eyes glittered as he shook hands with Riddick. However, his eyes turned white as his soul was attacked the instant he touched Riddick.

        With a howl he withdrew his hand, coughing up a mouthful of blood he shouted, “You bastard, you promised to let me go. Why? Where is your dignity?”

            Riddick mused as he put on a thoughtful face and said, “Walter, truthfully put I would have liked to have you on my side but unfortunately I can’t.

     You, Walter, the head butler of Rodriguez clan and a trusted servant of Rodriguez himself for more than fifty years betrayed him without a second thought for a mere amount of hundred black pearls. Why should I believe that you won’t betray me the same way?”

          Walter coughed up blood once again as he hatefully glared at Riddick. With a cruel smile he said, “You will definitely die because without me, you won’t be able to control the faction with your mere strength.”

       Riddick nodded his head and said, “Thanks for the advice but there is no need to worry at all because Rodriguez will be the one ruling in my stead. Right, Rodriguez.”

      To the dismay of Walter, Rodriguez who was supposed to be dead slowly stood up once again.

     Walter mustered up his last strength and asked, “How?”

    Riddick smiled and said, “Why the fuck should I tell you?”



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