Book 4 – Chapter 16 The Strongest Enemy

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The Strongest Enemy :

      The Deva palace has countless spy organisations and information brokers who specifically accept orders from the various kings and deliver them the appropriate intelligence. This was an illegal network according to the rules of the deva palace but still they operated openly because the Gold and the Crimson kings supported their existence.

       They were indeed a terrible existence when used against us but contrarily they may be our best ally against our enemy. All factions employed multiple brokers in fear that they may receive wrong information and the various broker organisations operated without exposing their identities.

             However, there was one flaw in this system. These individual brokers too exchanged information between themselves and they did it through a broker as well. Thus, an intricate relationship existed between them all through one mysterious broker.

       Riddick was drinking tea disguised as an ordinary soldier in an unremarkable restaurant. His eyes were sharp as he gazed at various waiters. Minutes turned into hours and finally he lifted his hand to call upon a waiter.

  “I want to meet your owner.” He said lightly.

    The waiter trembled as he heard the voice but he knew that this was no place to make a commotion so he quietly asked Riddick to follow him to a room in the back of the restaurant where two guards stood guarding another door.

     As soon as Riddick stepped into the room, the waiter snorted coldly and took out a blade out of nowhere while the two guards rushed forward. Riddick glanced at the three people and narrowed his eyes.

    Instanly an intense pressure targeted them all and froze them all in their tracts. With a sigh he said, “Gentleman, don’t make me kill you. I am here to see the owner and will see him at any cost so move aside.”

      The guards were quite experienced so they instanly understood that they couldn’t win against Riddick so they moved aside allowing Riddick to enter the room.

     The inside of the room was surprising simple with a stack of papers piled up at various corners of the floor and a man scribbling away on his desk. With a sigh, the man put his pen down and said, “What do you want?”

      Riddick glanced at the man for a while and sat in front of him. With a smile on his face he handed over a single paper to the man behind his desk. Written neatly in elegant handwriting there were only two words. “Nika Hazel”

    The man’s hand trembled as he gazed at the words, with a thud he rose from his seat and asked seriously, “How do you know her?”

      Riddick smiled lightly and said, “Don’t worry, we mean no harm. Your daughter is safe with us and is in no way a prisoner. Actually she doesn’t even know that she is already our prisoner. As for why, we want you to do a tiny bit of work for us.”

     The man smiled bitterly and said, “You villain, how dare you? I am a honest man, I won’t be dragged into your evil schemes.”

     Riddick laughed and said, “Enough Michael, I know who you are so stop this bull shit. Honest man… Please.. You are the person who stands at the epitome of broker organisations. The inner broker of information.”

         Michel sat down with a thud and said, “How? How did you find out? No one could find me for so many years and why do you even know about my family?”

     Riddick smiled and said, “Let’s just say that I have someone by my side who is much smarter than you.”
       Michel sighed and said, “Alright, what do you want me to do?”

      Riddick laughed and said, “Don’t worry Michael, we are not going to make you work for free. We will pay you much more than what you earned in your entire life only if you follow our orders for a while.”

       Michel asked with a serious voice, “What do you want me to do?”

        Riddick smiled and said indifferently, “Divert all the information you receive and all the information you pass on to us. A friend of mine will suggest you a few things. Your duty is to change the information according to his orders.

         Right, we also want you to move to our Rodriguez castle.”

       Michel was stunned as be heard the name Rodriguez castle, he was also stunned by the words he heard from Riddick. He had earned the trust of all the brokers through decades of hard work and now he was asked to throw it all away.

           He was angry but upon thinking clearly he didn’t really have a chance. Rodriguez had his family and they were even offering him money so it was best to simply accept their offer but he still couldn’t resist so he asked, “Just what is Rodriguez planning to do?”

    Riddick smiled lightly and said, “You will know soon enough.”

      Having completed his work Riddick flew out of Deva palace territory and after a day he finally reached the Kallied clan. This time he was not stopped by the guards even though he was only a Beginner disciple because they saw the magnificent Golden badge on his chest.

      Kallied hurriedly came to the meeting room when he learned that a Gold king has arrived. When Kallied came to the meeting room, Riddick glanced coldly at Kallied before waving his hands.

      The corpse of Lyon Wallenstein fell with a thud on the table. Seeing this, Kallied face became pale with fear. His worst fears had come true. He was fearful that the enemies may learn about his clan’s involvement in the latest incidents and now a Gold king directly arrived with a corpse.

      Riddick glanced at Kallied and said, “Kallied, we have definite evidence to prove that you were involved with this man. However I am not here to interrogate you for your involvement.

     What I want you to do is simple, betray this man and his master, the next time they contact you, inform me about them. You only have one choice, accept or die.”

    Kallied face became pale and then his face became red with anger. He couldn’t contain himself anymore and said, “Lord Gold king, I can easily kill you myself but I can’t and I won’t. Yes, this man was our employer and I swore that I wont betray him ever. Now that he is dead, he may not see me keeping my word but a promise is a promise.

      It was fate that brought fortune to us in the form of this man and if he brings us disaster then so be it. I am sorry but I can’t betray him.”

        Riddick who was closely observing Kallied smiled lightly and said, “Good, good. Kallied, you have passed our test. Now onwards, I, Riddick shall always treat you as my brother. Caesar will be happy with this result as well.”

     Kallied put on a stupid face as he heard Riddick. It was not until he hear the name Caesar and him being alive did he understand that he was being tested. However, he was still confused so he asked, “How is lord Caesar alive?”as looked at Lyon.

    Riddick laughed and said, “Don’t worry about that, you will meet Caesar later.”

     With all preparations being done, Riddick returned to Rodriguez castle. In the inner chambers of the castle, Riddick sat across Caesar as they reviewed the information sent by Michael. As expected of a top information broker, he knew the urgency of the situation and thus shifted his entire network to the Rodriguez castle within the few days Riddick went to the Kallied clan.

      Riddick said that Caesar would suggest a few things but Michael knew the true meaning of these words. He knew it and still chose to accept the offer because he also knew that failure to acceptance will only lead to death.

          Caesar wasn’t going to suggest anything because he had completely taken over the position. Even Riddick was in awe over Caesar’s abilities. Riddick might have obtained the same amount of strength he now had even without Caesar but he wouldn’t be able to obtain his current position without Caesar.

       Finally Caesar put down the documents and said, “Did you hand over the sound transmission jade to Kallied  Riddick?”

    Drinking his tea Riddick answered, “Yes, I did. Are you done reading them?”

     Caesar adjusted his glasses and said, “No, not yet. However, I have a general idea of the internal situation of the various powers now. Sad as it may be, Rodriguez may actually be the weakest of all Crimson kings.”

     Riddick sighed and said, “I see, we already knew that this is likely the case. The way we obtained power can be said as ingenious but it was also a bit too easy. Rodriguez was a poor commander and he couldn’t even estimate our moves.

    Thus, we didn’t meet any real resistance and he was even blind to the activities of his butler. All these prove that Rodriguez was not an able king. However, we would be foolish to expect the same from other kings.”

    Caesar drank his tea and said, “Well, don’t worry. Being weak is not necessarily a weak point. Since the enemies consider us as weaklings then let them. We were lucky enough to obtain this badge without much trouble and now we are lucky to obtain Michael Hazel.

      His worth is probably much higher than a Crimson badge in right hands.”

       Riddick smiled a little and said, “Still, that power of yours is quite a cheat. How did I never think of that possibility?”

     Caesar laughed and said, “Don’t be jealous kid. We both acquired something from each other. You learned how to devour from me and I learned how to isolate a soul from you.

     Still, my harvest is nothing compared to you. That Hell devour is a monstrous technique when compared to mine, Soul flow.”

     Riddick smiled lightly and said, “True, however, I still think that your Soul flow is a true balance breaker. To isolate your own soul to randomly take over any body attacked with your innate ability is just too ridiculous.”

       Caesar laughed loudly and said, “Well, indeed. However, I need to have a trump card or two else I would be a laughing stock in front of my old enemies. Still who would think that a girl I randomly chose to take over was a best friend of that lass, Nika.

          These girls held no secrets between them and fortunately I happened to stumble upon this girl. Talk about luck.”

     Riddick too laughed and said, “Luck is always a part of life Caesar. We were lucky this time but that might be true for our enemy as well.”

     Caesar sighed and said, “Riddick, what you are trying to do is dangerous. This time our enemy is not some rich kids playing with their power.

     That man is not someone whom I dared not irritate even when I was a deva. Even your grandfather Arthur cannot fathom his power. Our preparations have to be meticulate and there should be no errors else we will die for certain.”

     Riddick eyes became serious and said, “I know Caesar. I know very well that we are not a match for him at our current strength but that doesn’t mean that I can wait. If we can’t win fairly then so be it but that doesn’t mean we can’t win at all.

    He must die or we will eventually die. This is the only outcome in front of us.”

       Caesar tightened his grip on the tea cup while Riddick eyes grew serious. They had already come this far and now there was no turning back. Riddick wanted to become a Crimson king because only a Crimson king had the power to influence the politics of Forbidden Isle.

         They now had the power to manipulate information. They controlled people with money and emotions but these won’t work in front of him. They would be crushed without a second thought if they are exposed and yet, he had to do it because he had no time to waste.

     Their enemy was the sect leader of one of the strongest sects on Forbidden Isle – The Mist valley sect, Hectar. The elder brother of Julian and an enemy who has sworn to kill Riddick the instant Julian disappeared from this world.


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  1. The main reason why i love this is be it caesar or any other character besides riddick in this story they don’t dampen the intensity of the story


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