Book 5 – Chapter 9 – A light flashes in the depth of darkness


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Character revision for your better experience –

Kennedy – The man who worked on the orders of Vera and father of Rachel.

Rachel – A girl who loves Riddick, lives in Asgard. 3rd girl after Vera and Sylvie.

Kain – Kennedy’s assistant.

Lu – Remember Prologue.

Hectar – Sect leader of Mist Valley Sect.

Now, Enjoy.


A light flashes in the depth of darkness:


“Kain…” Kennedy called out softly as he sensed Kain appearing from the shadows.

Kennedy looked at Kain and smiled softly. Kain was once a disciple of the Violet Sect, but he was also his most trusted aide. For five centuries, Kain had been a part of his family, and without exception, he proved his loyalty at every possible opportunity. Even when his family was proven guilty for betraying the sect, Kain believed in him and followed him without a second thought.

Kain looked at Kennedy and felt a bad premonition. He was just about to ask when Kennedy said in a soft voice, “Kain, there is a little job I want you to do for me. You will follow my orders one last time, won’t you?”

Kain felt his world tumble as he heard Kennedy. Being an aide so long, he naturally knew that his master was no longer as powerful as he was once was. Thus, Kain trained faster and harder hoping to be of some use when the time comes, but being told to follow his orders at this time made Kain frantic.

Kennedy looked at Kain and said, “Kain, you devoted much of your life for my family. I never had a son, but even if I did, I don’t think he could have done anything more than what you did for us. Life is a precious thing, Kain, and I don’t want you to ruin yours for me.

Kain, you will escort the Elsevier Family out of this empire without raising an alarm. Lady Vera gave me a new life when she brought back Rachel. In return, she asked to simply lead Riddick as he grows up in her absence. I cannot repay her, Kain. We can’t, ever. Keep the Elsevier Family safe from harm, Kain. They are mortals and aren’t involved with any of this. This is the only thing we can do for Riddick, and for Lady Vera.

Kain’s eyes turned red, as he bowed for the last time in front of his master and respectfully said, “Yes, My Lord.”

That night, the royal family of the Elsevier Empire slipped away disguised as a merchant caravan. Hectar didn’t care about mortals, nor did he care about the Immortals residing in the capital. As far as he was concerned, Kennedy was the only one who had the power to oppose him.

Three days later.

Kennedy, who was reading a book, suddenly looked at the skies and disappeared from the palace. Rachel, who was right beside him, had a sad smile on her face. She looked behind her where a big portrait of the entire Elsevier Family was hanging on the wall. Her eyes moistened as she saw Riddick holding her hands.

“Looks like my time has come, Riddick. Goodbye.” Rachel said in a sad voice, before disappearing from the palace as well.

Lu who was flying with a serious expression on his face, was smiling broadly as he saw Kennedy waiting for him. With a laugh he said, “Now, I was almost certain that you would try to escape, Kennedy. This is a surprising turn of events. Well, I don’t care about you. All I want is the Glass Orb, where is it?”

Kennedy’s face was as cold as ice as he saw Lu, with a snort he said, “Lu, the Glass Orb is already bound to someone, and that person is long gone. You can never retrieve it. Pass a message to the Sect Master for me, ‘Fuck off, bitch’.”

“Hahaha… ” Lu laughed as he heard Kennedy. He raised his hand and summoned a jade slip as he said, “Sure, I will pass on your message. This is something I always wanted to give you. Have fun.”

Kennedy grabbed the jade slip, and inspected it with his divine sense. His face which was cold, suddenly twisted as he heard the voice stored inside the jade slip.

Lu’s face was filled with delight, as he stared at Kennedy’s face and he said, “Kennedy, did you know your wife is a whore who can’t stop moaning like a bitch? I always hated you, and when the Sect Master ordered your execution, I instead took the job of cleansing the sect of your family.

I must say, I enjoyed killing those good for nothing bastards in your clan, but your wife was the best of all. I fucked her four days straight, and as expected of a gentle natured woman, she died of over excitement. That jade slip has the entire conversations between us, and if you are willing to listen, you will hear how she begged me and even called me her master.

How about it? Isn’t this the ultimate agony a man can experience? Haha… That face… that anger! I wanted to see them, Kennedy. I wanted you to hate me to death, but you are weak. What can you do? Yes, there is something you can do. Watch silently as I defile your daughter.”

Kennedy’s face turned red, but he controlled his emotions as he knew that he was now in no position to retaliate. But, his face fell as he listened to Lu. They knew about Rachel, this was the worst case scenario.

Lu scanned the city with his senses and roared, “Hey, little whore. I know that you are somewhere in this city. I also know that you can’t live without the supply of energy from the Orb’s master. Now, if you don’t show yourself, I will kill a hundred thousand mortals every minute.”

Turning towards his subordinates, he said, “Don’t let these pests escape. Kill every mortal who tries to escape. Today, these mortals shall be sacrificed to celebrate our victory after three hundred years of searching for this bastard.”

Kennedy’s face changed as he heard Lu. He immediately shouted, “Lu, don’t you dare do it. They are all mortals. How can you, a venerable Deva, kill them? There are over ten million people out there and they all have families.”

Lu put on a cold face as he interfered and said, “What if they have families? Do you really think I give a shit about the mortals in this little plane?” Roaring loudly, he said, “Do it.”

The more than tens of devas behind Lu disappeared, and at that instant, hundreds of thousands of miserable screams rang throughout the capital. What would happen if ten devas went on a killing spree against a mortal population? A massacre.


“Save me, My Lord!”

“Mercy, My Lord!”

“Noooooooooooooooo, don’t kill me! Lord Emperor, save us!”

Screams rang out nonstop, as thousands died every second. In the middle of this slaughter, Rachel stood as she saw the utter despair on the faces of mothers, wives and daughters. She couldn’t contain herself any longer, as she realised that millions will die because of her.

Without any hesitation, she flew into the skies and shouted loudly, “I am Rachel! I am the one your are looking for, so please stop your men! They have nothing to do with this!”

Lu eyed Rachel and said, “Ho, so you are Rachel. Good, good!” Raising his voice, he said, “The prey has been captured, kill them all!”

“You fucker, you promised…..” She couldn’t talk anymore, as Hectar caught her throat in his death grip.

“Rachel…” Kennedy called out, but he too stopped in his tracks as a sword pierced his heart. Lu appeared behind him and said, “I would have really liked to entertain myself a bit longer, but I am on a tight schedule. You sure are a lucky bastard, Kennedy. Dying so peacefully…

“Father!” Rachel screamed as Kennedy coughed up blood. His eyes were dimming as seconds passed. At the last moment of his life, he saw Rachel and smiled. He may have lost his life, but he will ultimately win. A crazed laugh escaped his lips as he fell to the ground.

Lu stared at Rachel dumbly. He couldn’t comprehend what was happening before him. According to the data he received from the sect, the Glass orb should have lost its power when it’s master dies. Therefore, Rachel should have died the second Kennedy lost his life. Yet, she was still alive. Why? How? His mind was bombarded with questions, but the one who can answer them all – Kennedy – was dead.

Lu grabbed Rachel by her head and dragged her on the ground. His face was extremely sinister as he growled, “How are you still alive? Tell me! Where is the Glass Orb!? Who is it’s master!?”

Rachel was bleeding, and her voice was weak as she answered, “I don’t know.”

Lu lost to his fury and banged her head against the ground and stepped on her. Blood flowed under his feet as Rachel cried out in pain.

Without caring about her, Lu began to mutter, “The Glass Orb is a heavenly artifact which can bring a dead soul back to this world, but to activate it, one has to sacrifice his cultivation.

Kennedy lost half of his cultivation, and he lost the right to train under the Heavens as he activated the Glass Orb. This bitch is his daughter for sure, and his daughter died that day in the hands of the Sect Master herself. So, if she has been revived by the Glass Orb, then where is it? I can’t sense it, nor can I sense the origin of the power flowing in this girl’s body. Just what is happening here!?

Burning in anger, Lu kicked Rachel who was moaning in pain. He didn’t let her die, but he didn’t let her go as well. Everything was going his way till a minute ago, but now he was stuck in this puzzle. His own pride ruined his plan, bringing him shame which turned into anger against Rachel. Unable to withstand it any longer, he raised his hand and punched Rachel like a sandbag.


Rachel coughed up blood, as the punch caved in her abdomen crushing everything in its way. Her eyes were clouded as she couldn’t sustain the pain any longer. Her body released her consciousness to prevent a mental collapse.

Lu gritted his teeth as he saw Rachel. Even if he wanted to rip her life apart, he couldn’t. He stood in the air watching the burning city and the streets overflowing with blood. Ten million people died at his whim. Ten million souls were extinguished due to a single order, yet his blood boiled in rage as he couldn’t succeed in his mission. He wanted to burn the city to ashes as it witnessed his defeat, he wanted to break Rachel until she couldn’t breathe, as she was the reason for his defeat.

At that moment, a white light flashed in the skies as Riddick appeared above the Royal Capital. His face full of smiles froze as he saw the hellish view below him. Corpses littered the ground, blood flowed like a stream. The peaceful capital was dyed red with death.

His eyes turned red as he thought about his family. He couldn’t help think of the soldiers who once followed behind him. He couldn’t help think of their families who were in various parts of the empire.

Just at that moment, Lu noticed Riddick’s presence, as did the others. A Deva immediately flew at high speed to dispose of him who somehow escaped their detection before.

Riddick who noticed Lu and the approaching deva saw Rachel in the corner of his vision. His face shook as he saw her face covered in blood, her white pearl like arms torn by wounds, her eyes which held no consciousness within them.

His eyes turned muddy as he understood the pain she must have gone through. His muddy eyes saw the dead figure of Kennedy lying on the ground. He remembered the beautiful image of his family living peacefully under the protection of Lord Kennedy. His peaceful heart which was filled with delight, slowly melted as he saw Lu looking coldly at him.

“You bastard, where are you looking!?” The Deva shouted loudly as he raised his hand.

Riddick’s muddy eyes didn’t leave Lu, but a horizontal light flashed as he raised his left hand. Lu’s eyes contracted as he saw a faint image of Riddick cutting through the air.

“DIEE………” The Deva roared loudly, but his eyes showed disbelief for just a split second before blood spilled from his head. Silently, his head was split into into parts, killing him on the spot.


A hundred metre long cut appeared in mid air behind him, as space collapsed under Riddick’s slash. Terror appeared in Lu’s eyes as he saw this.

Riddick, who watched Lu without batting an eyelid, opened his lips and uttered a single word, “Elaine.”




Book 5 – Chapter 8 Shattered Dream

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Here comes the storm.



Shattered Dream:

“I am just a person who once gambled against the so called ‘Dao of the heavens’.” Riddick said in a gentle voice.

Caesar’s eyebrows creased, as he didn’t understand Riddick’s statement. He couldn’t help but ask, “And what does that mean?”

Riddick stuck his tongue out and said, “Boo… You didn’t win, so I’m not telling you anything!”

Caesar put his hand on his forehead, as if he was fed up with Riddick, and said, “If you don’t stop making that irritating face, I will be seriously tempted to punch you in the face.

Leaving this topic aside, how did you breakthrough again? I can’t see your cultivation.”

Riddick put on a dumb face and said, “No, I didn’t even start cultivating yet. I am still in the most basic Absorption stage.”

Caesar was fed up completely and shouted, “Why don’t you ever answer anything seriously? Do you want me to kill you?”

Riddick raised his hand and said, “Ah! You mean according to this universe’s levels! Hmm… I’m not sure, but I should be somewhere around the peak disciple stage. Hehe… Sorry, I forgot… hehe…”

Caesar’s face became serious as he understood Riddick a bit further. Riddick was playing with him, that much he understood from the beginning; but Riddick was still giving him a series of hints to him everytime he answered his questions.

Caesar sighed as he understood a bit more. Riddick was like a kid, yet with an unimaginable experience of life. He was enjoying it while he teased Caesar. His eyes held intelligence in his humour, and he knew the true meaning of life so he didn’t bother to be serious without reason.

Riddick shook his hands and asked, “Yama, where are we?”

“Hmm. I am not too sure, but we are about a million kilometres from the coast of the chaotic sea.” Yama answered.

Riddick put on a musing face and said, “I would have liked to relax a little, but I have to collect ‘her’. Well, no point in waiting. Let’s go.”

The next instant, Riddick appeared back on Forbidden Isle. Yama glowed and became a ring which Riddick wore on his right ring finger. Inhaling deeply, he gazed at the horizon and thought, “Here I come, Asgard.”

With an explosive burst, he disappeared as he flew at high speed. A smile was on his face as he saw the thick undergrowth of trees, the people and the Immortals disappearing beneath him. Riddick knew the worth of life, and thus he enjoyed it wherever and whenever he could. A million lives could ruin someone, but it could also change someone. It depended on your approach.

As Riddick flew at high speed, Yama sat on his butt ruminating sadly. It was obvious that he was in a bad mood, so Sylvie couldn’t help but ask, “What happened, Yama? Why are you in such a bad mood?”

Yama turned his face away and said, “What are you saying, Sylvie? I am not in a bad mood. Why would I be? Did you know, Sylvie? His Majesty’s dominant hand is his left.”

Sylvie didn’t understand why Yama would bring up the topic of a dominant hand at this time. She didn’t undersand, so she kept quiet while Yama began to mumble quietly without caring about her.

“It’s not like I don’t want big sis to come here. It’s not like I don’t want to see her. But she is scary, and his majesty wouldn’t use me any longer. I knew that this would happen, but this is still too early. Void… You bastard, were you the one who gave this idea to his majesty?”

“Don’t force your crazy assumptions on me, Yama. We both know how that guy is. He is crazy, and in the spur of the moment he decided to go collect her. Well, there isn’t anything we can do about it, so suck it up.” Void said with a sigh.

Yama began to dread his future as he lay on the floor. If there was someone he feared in his life, it was her. He respected Riddick, Vera and Void, but he dreaded her existence. She was the one person he never dared to irritate.

For any weapon, their greatest sense of pride was to be used in a life and death situation. To trust in them and to use them wholly to the best of their capabilities. Riddick loved Yama, but he never held him in his left hand, nor did he ever convert him to his most suitable weapon form, a short sword. That place and that form belonged to her, and her alone.

Riddick was now going to claim her back. She was an existence carved out from his own body, forged with his own blood and Void Energy. She was the only weapon in the entire multiverse who could completely control the tyrannical flow of Void Energy. She was the Fairy Sword, Elaine.


In the air above the Elsevier Royal Palace, Hectar stood staring at the bustling royal capital. He held a jade glowing pendent in his hands, as he began to scan the city

“Who would have thought that you were hiding here of all places. A mortal dwelling is nothing but a hell hole for people of our status, Kennedy.” Hectar mused inwardly.

“What is it, Hectar?” A voice resounded in Hectar’s mind through the jade pendent.

“I found him, Senior Lu. He is in Asgard. Should I take action?” Hectar asked in a respectful voice.

“No, it’s too risky. You may win against him, but we aren’t ready to accept failure. Wait for me, I will be there soon. With all of us surrounding him, he will be like a rat trapped in a cage.” Senior Lu said seriously.

“Understood, I will monitor him myself. I won’t let him escape at any cost.” Hectar said in a cold voice.

While Hectar stood guard in the air above the royal palace, Kennedy sat on his chair drinking his wine. He was staring at his daughter Rachel as she practised her sword stances.

Raising his held, he sighed inwardly and thought, “So the time has finally come. Twenty years, I lived happily because of you Lady Vera, but now, my enemies have finally found me. However, I am still happy. Even though it was a short one, my daughter lived a happy life. Finally, it’s time to wake her up from this dream.”

“Rachel, come here.” Kennedy ordered in a gentle voice.

Rachel stopped her practice and appeared before Kennedy within a second. She sheathed her sword and asked, “What is it, Father? Was my stance incorrect?” She asked in a gentle voice.

Kennedy smiled gently and said, “No, you are a great warrior, Rachel. For the past five years, you have worked hard and even became a late stage beginner disciple. Yet, above all, you have become a splendid woman. I am proud of you.”

Rachel immediately blushed and said, “Father, what are you saying?”

Kennedy put his hand on Rachel’s head and rubbed her lovingly. “Rachel, I never told you anything about your mother or myself. The time has come, and I don’t want you to hate me for my selfishness as I tell you everything.”

Suddenly his hand emitted a bright glow, and a similar glow erupted from Rachel’s chest. Kennedy had a sad smile on his face, as he understood what Rachel was going through.

Rachel’s face which was blushing with happiness, suddenly froze as memories of the past slammed her mind. She trembled as she remembered about her mother. Raising her head, she saw her father. She remembered her sin which destroyed her life, her family and her clan. Once she died repenting her choice which destroyed everything she ever loved. Yet, she was here alive.

Knowing that she was shown mercy despite her grave sins, Rachel asked in a weak voice, “Why did you save me, Father? Haven’t you suffered enough because of me? Mother died protecting me, and you lost everything you built in your life. Our entire clan was annihilated due to my foolishness. Why won’t you hate me? Why won’t you curse me? Why would you still sacrifice your life for me, Father?”.

Kennedy hugged Rachel lightly and said, “I won’t hate you even if I lose my everything, Rachel. You are the most dearest thing to me after your mother, and I can see her spitting image in you. You are everything she left to me. Rachel, what happened to us wasn’t because of you. It was because of the Violet Sect. I have lived enough, and now, I did whatever I could to give you the life you deserved from the very beginning.”

Rachel’s hands trembled as she looked at her body. She trembled as she remembered Riddick. She couldn’t help but cry bitterly as she asked, “This body isn’t mine, nor is the potential hidden within it. I died a long time ago, but I was still living in a paradise just a few minutes ago.

I fell in love. I waited for Riddick like a princess waiting for her prince. So this is my fate. Father, why did you allow me to love him? Why, Father? You knew that I could never return his love. I can’t live with him forever, I can’t bear his children. I can’t even hold his hand. I am a dead soul forcibly held in this body. I am nothing but a relic of the past, that never even had a chance to live happily. You knew this, Father. Yet, why did you let me live so happily? Why did you let me dream so foolishly? If you wanted me to die peacefully, then why did you let me regain my memories, Father?”

Kennedy kissed Rachel on her head as he understood her unimaginable pain. He held her tightly as he said, “Rachel, I am going to die soon and I don’t want you to die without knowing who you were. Sorry, Rachel. I am sorry that I didn’t have enough power to save you and your mother.

However, even if I die. You will live on. Rachel, you love Riddick and I let you love him, because he will be with you even if I can’t. For he is an existence who can’t be bent by the cycle of life and death.”

Rachel cried as she remembered Riddick. The days they spent together were short, but they were also the most beautiful days of her life. Everyday she lived in bliss in his embrace. The days they spent in this very mountain, the hours they spent under the stars, and the minutes they spent in each other’s embrace were her solace in the last days of her life. Rachel lived knowing that death was coming for her, she lived without any worries thinking about Riddick.

Kennedy prepared for the inevitable fight, knowing that he would die in it. He didn’t try to do anything. He spent the days drinking wine while staring at his glass. With a sad voice, he murmured to himself, “Mary, I gave our daughter the peaceful life you wanted to give her. However, it seems like our peace is coming to an end. Rachel won’t be with us, but I found a man who will take good care of her. I have fulfilled all my responsibilities, and now I can join you without any worries.”

At that instant, heavenly lightning descended from the skies, shaking the entire plane of Asgard. It descended as Hectar stood guard, and Elder Lu of the Violet Sect was flying at high speeds above the Sky Continent followed by tens of devas. The fates of Kennedy and Rachel were sealed by the Heavens, but a fate-transcending power was unleashed at the same time.

Book 5 – Chapter 7 A Hint of truth

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A little light hearted yet, a good chapter with small hints to the real mystery.



  A Hint of truth

Riddick stood still, gazing at the skies, but he diverted his attention as Sylvie and Caesar arrived. The heavenly lightning which shook Yamaloka would surely attract their attention.

Riddick gazed at Caesar and said in a surprised tone, “Oh, Caesar! You have already broken through to peak disciple level! That’s a monstrous improvement within two months.” Then he saw Sylvie, and put on a dumbfounded expression. He couldn’t help but ask, “How come you have broken through to divine disciple level as well, Sylvie? The last time I saw you, you were only at late beginner disciple stage.”

Caesar gazed coldly at Riddick and said, “Don’t act a fool, Riddick. Who cares about our cultivation levels? What happened here just now? What was that heavenly lightning? And, as far as I can say, you were the only one here at that time, so its target should be you.

Why would that lightning target you? And, how are you still alive if it did target you?” Caesar asked in a serious voice.

Riddick sighed inwardly, as he understood Caesar’s curiosity. He knew that Caesar had been interested in him ever since he first took control of his soul, but the time wasn’t ripe to explain it all yet.

So Riddick smiled lightly and said, “Nothing happened to me, really. I just gained a bit of my memories back, that’s all.”

Caesar’s eyebrows creased as he heard Riddick. He wasn’t a fool so he understood that Riddick was lying to him. With a snort he said, “So you won’t answer my question, Riddick.”

Riddick sighed and said, “It’s not that I don’t want to tell you, Caesar. Just that my story is long and it would take too much time to explain it all.” Riddick said as he thought inwardly, “Honestly, it’s too long to explain.”

Caesar still had an angry expression on his face. He wasn’t satisfied with Riddick’s explanation. But, he knew that arguing anymore wouldn’t do any good, so he sighed inside and calmed his heart.

Sylvie only stood by the side with a complex expression. She knew that Riddick would explain it to her if he ever decided to do so, so she kept quiet.

Suddenly Riddick raised his voice and said, “Ah! It’s just the right time. I want to regain my reflexes, and you both have broken through in power as well. How about we have a friendly match?”

Caesar laughed and said, “Unless Sylvie uses her trump card, it would be too difficult for her to defeat you, Riddick. So, I assume you want to fight against me? At my current level of power, I don’t think I will lose to you, though. Unless you are willing to take risks.”

Caesar casually glanced at Riddick and tried to see his cultivation. But, his face changed as he couldn’t determine Riddick’s cultivation. “Something is wrong. Just what happened here?” Caesar thought inwardly.

Riddick laughed and said, “No, no. I was asking both of you to fight me at once. Also, you can use your trump cards.”

Sylvie, who stood silently, asked in a serious voice, “Aren’t you getting too ahead of yourself, Master? You want to fight both of us at the same time? You will end up in mud, Master.”

Riddick smiled and said, “That’s good as well. An occasional defeat will teach me a lot more than an easy victory.”

Caesar sighed and said, “Very well. I will fight you as you wish. But, if I win, you will tell me everything about yourself.”

Riddick’s eyes became serious as he gazed at Caesar. Their eyes met, an indescribable feeling passed over Caesar as he gazed into Riddick’s eyes. They were like a deep ocean which held an unbelievable amount of emotions within.

Riddick gently smiled, as he withdrew his gaze and said, “Alright, if you win, then I will tell you everything about myself.”

The instant Riddick agreed to his condition, Caesar withdrew his sword and glanced at Sylvie. A huge golden snake had already appeared behind her. Both of them reacted within a split second after Riddick’s agreement, showing their incomparably keen battle instincts.

Suddenly, Sylvie watched in horror as she glanced at Riddick. Both Sylvie and Caesar had reacted at the same instant, but Riddick had reacted a split second earlier. The range of her Dao Domain was only one kilometre, and Riddick was already eight hundred metres away from her.

“Do it now.” Caesar roared loudly, as he kicked the ground and followed Riddick at high speed. The number of times Sylvie could use her divine ability was limited. She could, at most, use her ability three times in a row. It was essential to make something out of every usage.

Caesar followed Riddick, but an intangible force swept past him at terrifying speed as the Dao Domain released. Riddick’s face was as calm as ever, as if he sensed this intangible force. His legs touched the ground, and an illusionary figure appeared in his place, while he himself appeared a hundred metres away, outside the range of the Dao Domain.

Caesar clicked his tongue as he gazed at Riddick. With a bitter smile he asked, “Since when did you learn Yama’s movement technique?” This illusionary movement technique wasn’t in his equation. A new variable will always change everything it is associated with, and this time, this movement technique was an obstacle obstructing him from a clear victory.

Riddick turned around and said, “You are mistaken. It was I who taught Yama this movement technique in the first place, and he still hasn’t perfected it yet!”

Caesar’s eyes contracted as he heard Riddick’s words. “Riddick taught Yama something.” This conveyed several things to him, and he couldn’t help but gnash his teeth as he realised that Riddick revealed this information knowing that he would realise something.

Caesar had felt that something was wrong the moment he saw Riddick. According to Caesar, Riddick was a very mysterious individual. From the time he met Riddick, he saw many things he didn’t see even as a deva. For example, Yama. Caesar wanted to believe that Yama was a deva class weapon, but he knew deep inside that no Deva class weapon can possess such astonishing power.

That led to only one conclusion, Yama was a much higher class weapon. But, then again, why would such a heavenly weapon with a consciousness submit to a mortal with no power? Everything about Riddick was a mystery, and thus, he was determined to find the truth behind it. And here, Riddick just revealed a hint knowing his curiosity. This infuriated Caesar, igniting his desire to know more about Riddick.

Riddick retreated, as he kept an eye on Caesar and Sylvie. Suddenly Void sighed and said, “You good for nothing brat. No matter how many lives you live… why can’t you suppress that irritating attitude of yours? A simple fight has just turned into something else because of your mouth.

Riddick laughed and said, “Sorry, Void. It’s just a type of entertainment for me. But first, when will you stop calling me brat?”

Void snorted and said, “In your dreams. No matter how many years pass, it doesn’t change the fact that I am older than you, so you will always be a brat in front of me.”

Riddick smiled lightly and said, “Yes, yes.” Turning back, he muttered lightly, “Looks like he has decided.”

Void sighed and asked, “A gamble, is it?” Riddick laughed and replied, “A gamble, it is!”

Suddenly Riddick halted in his tracks, but the next instant he turned around and dashed towards Caesar. Caesar, who saw this, shouted loudly, “Careful!”

Sylvie halted in her tracks, while Caesar retreated backwards. Riddick laughed inside and followed Caesar, letting Sylvie circle him from behind.

Riddick looked at Caesar and commented, “Good strategy. But can you bind me, Caesar?”

Caesar’s eyes became wide, as his plan was laid bare by Riddick, though he still smiled and said, “I just have to stop you for a split second.” Caesar halted in his tracks and withdrew his sword, making a two point formation around Riddick.

However, Riddick only further raised his speed and dashed towards Caesar, who coldly snorted and said, “You are being too careless, Riddick. There is a limit to my patience!” With that shout, he released his power and slashed at Riddick with all of his strength.

With soft movements like flowing water, Riddick raised his hand towards the slashing sword. A small white magical formation appeared around his fingers.


A sound rang out, as Caesar’s sword was directly split apart by Riddick’s hand, shocking him to the core. But, without any hesitation, Caesar used his other arm to grab Riddick. A force was transmitted like a surging current towards Riddick’s sea of consciousness.

Riddick cast a surprised glance at Caesar, as he said, “Now, this is interesting. I never thought you could use your soul flow ability to attack as well.”

Caesar smiled bitterly as he heard Riddick. He just used his most powerful spiritual attack, and Riddick was praising him without bothering to neutralise it. Just what kind of monster was he? But, it didn’t matter. Sylvie had already launched her domain, and no matter how fast Riddick was, he cannot outrun her now, thus guaranteeing their victory.

At that time, a sigh rang out in a dark dimension as Void mumbled to himself, “Sorry, Caesar boy. But, the current Riddick is far above your reach.”

That intangible force rushed towards Riddick, who was held tightly by Caesar. A smile bloomed on Sylvie’s face as she felt her control over Riddick. The fight ended up in their victory.

Caesar loosened his grip on Riddick. Riddick was bound by Sylvie’s Dao Domain, and he can no longer fight. However, he couldn’t help but frown as he saw Riddick’s expression. There was no worry in it. It was the expression of a winner.

Riddick moved back and shrugged his shoulders. “No… how is this possible?” Sylvie muttered in utter shock, as she saw Riddick moving freely.

Caesar was shocked to the core as well. The Dao Domain was active, and Sylvie was controlling it to restrict Riddick, but he was moving without any concern.

Riddick glanced at Sylvie and said, “Truthfully, this ability of yours is very powerful Sylvie, but it doesn’t work against me. If you guys tried to exhaust me, then you may have had a slight chance but now, the probability of your victory is zero.”

Sylvie released her Dao Domain and sat on the ground. In hopes of controlling Riddick, she expended a lot of energy, but it was of no use. The intangible force was binding him, but it wasn’t able to restrict him at all.

“How did you do that?” Caesar asked in a serious tone.

Riddick smiled lightly and said, “Like I said, the Dao Domain doesn’t work on me.”

Caesar frowned and said, “The Dao Domain doesn’t work on you… No, wait. My soul flow ability has a hint of Dao as well. Are you saying that doesn’t work on you either?

Then, is it possible that the Dao itself doesn’t work on you. How can that be possible? The Dao is the ultimate truth of the Heavens, and it is the ultimate power ruling over everything under the Heavens. If that doesn’t work on you, then what are you?”

Riddick smiled and said, “Hmm, just a person who once gambled against the so called Dao of the Heavens. ”


Editor Side Story. Totally Non-Canon. ( A small comical texts summary between us based on the video-Potion seller )


Haku – The potion seller

Fez – Riddick

me – No Role given due to lack of acting talent.

Start – ………………………. Continuation from the chapter.

Setting –                Caesar was shocked, and said, “That’s immoral!”

Riddick, shocked with Caesar’s claim, left Yamaloka. He proceeded to go to the nearest town. There he quickly found the potion shop.


Fez- He walked up to the potion seller, and said, “Hello Potion Seller, I am going into battle and I need your strongest potions!”

Haku – “Shut the fuck up, I am Haku, The potion seller, and I only sell my potions to the strongest of beings.”

Fez- “Potion Seller. I tell you, I am going into battle and I only want your strongest potions.”

Haku – “You can’t handle my strongest potions traveller, there are only for the strongest of beings and clearly you are among weakest.”
Fez – “Potion Seller, enough of your games. I am going into battle and I want your strongest potions.”

Haku – “My potions aren’t fit for Mt. Tai, nevermind a small mound like you!” Hahahahahhahahha………

(Slightly abridged for your entertainment )

Corner of the screen – Reddy sits with a bitter smile on his face. His thoughts, “No wonder they are my editors, they are so mighty.”

Book 5 – Chapter 6 Resurrection

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Resurrection :

                      Inside the soul world, in that blank space which held the thirteen black spheres, a small flash of lightning passed as the lightning dragon outside the soul world locked Riddick’s soul away. This lightning flew past the twelve globes and struck the thirteenth one.

        The thirteenth globe trembled as it received the lightning. It was already cracked from when it secreted that drop of blood, but that crack deepened as the lightning hit it. A moment of stillness passed, and then suddenly the thirteenth globe began to emit a gravitational force, which started to pull the remaining twelve globes towards it.

         The process continued while Riddick fought Yama. A month passed, and the thirteenth globe within the blank space had already engulfed the first nine globes. The closer a globe was to the thirteenth globe, the more resistance it put up against that gravitational force.

          One more month passed, and the tenth and the eleventh globes were engulfed by the thirteenth globe as well. The twelfth and the only remaining globe however didn’t merge, and the thirteen globe, as if respecting its decision, withdrew its gravitational force.

        By the time Riddick’s blood was completely converted, this fusion was done. Riddick’s blood had the same composition as that of the drop of divine blood. This conversion wasn’t a simple change in the blood’s nature, it was a change in the nature of the entire body itself.

          A drop of blood reconstructed Riddick’s entire body. What would happen if all of his blood was replaced with such divine blood? Theoretically, something amazing should happen, but it didn’t. The blood flowed normally, and Riddick didn’t even notice the changes in his body.

           At that instant, the thirteenth globe withdrew its gravitational force and started to emit an intense black glow. This intense black glow spread throughout the blank space, and reached the soul world outside it. Riddick, who was training with Yama, sensed something wrong in his soul world, but it was already too late.

         The black glow enveloped him in an instant, and he lost consciousness the next. Yama appeared before Riddick and caught him from falling. His face had a sad expression. Yama didn’t want Riddick to suffer, but he had no choice.

          A hundred times they failed doing this. A hundred times their king perished, unable to withstand the wrath of the Heavens. A hundred lifetimes his soul suffered, and he had yet to achieve his goal. He went through the cycle of life and death countless times trying to reach his goal.

      Every time he died, he was born anew. He forgot his life, he forgot his ambition, he forgot his past. However, sometimes he managed to reach this stage. But, he had never been lucky.

        Once, he was. But then, he suffered defeat. He suffered pain, and then lost his life, unable to win against the Heavens. Then he again continued his journey through lives, his soul was reincarnated numerous times since then. A hundred million years passed, but the woman he loved in his last life still waited for him. His comrades waited for him.

       They waited, knowing that he may not again descend for a trillion more years. In this life, he was born as Riddick. He didn’t care much about names. A million names later, you wouldn’t treasure a name so much, but for some reason, he liked the name Riddick.

           He liked it so much that he allowed this soul of his to acquire a small part of his original soul through struggle. His present self struggled, while his original self saw this struggle while trapped within his cage. His only way to communicate with his other self was through his trusted friend, ally and his only companion in all his years of suffering, Void.

           His memories were trapped, and so was his potential. His body was weak; it was like glass. The humans of this realm were weak. Their bloodline was simply feeble. Thus, he had to first change his body if he wanted to successfully unlock his cage.

       That drop of blood stored within his soul was an initiator. It slowly converted the entirety of his  blood and then the body itself.

            Blood is the currency of our body. Through blood, our body performs all its functions. A change in blood will ultimately cause a change in every aspect of our body. He watched Riddick- No, he watched himself as he struggled in this life.

       Finally, twenty years after this body was born, he decided that the time was ripe. The thirteenth globe trembled, as a small ripple spread on its surface.

       A small ripple became a huge ripple, and soon it was replaced by intense vibrations. The coiling dragon outside the soul world gazed at the sea of consciousness. Yama gazed at the ceiling of Yamaloka, looking towards the skies outside .

          The moment when the thirteenth globe emerged from the blank space and entered into the soul world, a bolt of lightning descended from the skies.

       The lightning pierced reality, as it unleashed its fury on the small speck of black dot in the air. Yamaloka trembled as the lightning entered into it.

       Yama knew this would happen. He knew it from experience. This lightning wasn’t something he can stop with his will. This lightning didn’t follow the will of the Dao, so he didn’t have the power to obstruct it. Yet, his huge body bellowed as he charged straight at the lightning and unleashed his withheld fury.

         His two horns trembled as they managed to stop the lightning for just a second. But, this only extinguished about thirty percent of lightning’s power. The remaining energy blasted Yama off as it pierced Riddick.

           Just like a spear, it pierced through his body. The power held within the lightning was enough to cause injuries to Yama. How can a normal body withstand such power? No, a normal body definitely can’t. Any divine body will become ashes the instant this lightning touches it, but Riddick’s body didn’t.

         Lightning passed through his energy channels, but nothing happened. The blood within his body started to glow, as it began to crazily absorb the energy within the lightning, but nothing happened to his body.

        Then, the lightning entered into the sea of consciousness. Inside the sea of consciousness, the lightning dragon opened his eyes widely, as it roared like thunder.


             A loud explosion occurred inside the sea of consciousness, as the lightning dragon collided with the heavenly lightning. The collision caused ripples which dispersed the surrounding sea of spiritual energy.

           The lightning dragon’s body was beginning to collapse under the might of this heavenly lightning. Yet, it still held on, as it knew that the soul world of Riddick would collapse the instant this lightning touches it.

         Inside the blank space, the twelfth black globe saw the lightning dragon and its struggle. It saw Yama’s struggle, and finally it cracked a little. A small blue drop escaped from this crack.

         Following the path of the thirteenth globe, it came out of the blank space and then out of the soul itself. The instant the blue drop emerged out of the soul world, it evaporated and the mist surrounded the heavenly lightning.

        Sparks flew from mist, but it was of no use. The heavenly lightning was contained within it. A minute passed and the mist was already on the verge of dispersing, but the lightning dragon had recovered a part of its strength by then, and once again it stood tall, coiling around the globe. It would protect the soul world at any cost.

            Inside the Soul world, the huge black globe which emerged from the blank space silently melted into a liquid, which completely began to merge with the existing soul world.

           He moved with the liquid, as he began to assemble his present self into his original self. Riddick was not a different person, he was a part of him. He was not an intruder, he was a part of Riddick. He had the memories of his past and an image of his goal, but Riddick didn’t.

       He didn’t, because he wasn’t ready to survive the tribulation lightning passed by the Heavens. The Heavens wouldn’t allow him to reincarnate, and would kill him at any cost. This present life of his already suffered from this fate, and now he was going to merge with his present self.

        The black liquid silently merged with the walls of the soul world. There was no rejection from the soul world. It accepted the black liquid as if it was welcoming a past friend. The complex world of Riddick’s soul changed like a living creature. It grew to accommodate its past self.

             Images transferred between the past and the present souls. He remembered his life, he remembered about his love, he remembered about his comrades, but above all, he remembered everything that was known only to Void. He remembered the secrets unknown to Vera, he remembered his name, and he remembered the reason for his birth.

        The past changed him. It didn’t invade him, the past and the present were one to begin with. They were the same, they shared one soul world and they shared one fate. Seconds passed, and the heavenly lightning outside the soul world trembled as an aura spread out of Riddick’s soul.

       It was the same aura which Riddick had once acquired from the blank space, but it was different at the same time. The instant the soul world absorbed the black liquid, an intense glow radiated throughout the sea of consciousness with the soul at it’s centre.

        A soothing feeling spread throughout the lightning dragon’s body, while an unbearable pressure crushed the heavenly lightning, dispersing it to nothingness. This black glow was majestic, radiant and powerful.

      The lightning dragon bowed before it, and so did Yama who was outside. The blood mark on Roger and June intensified, until a symbol of a complex triangle was formed in its place.

        Lying on the ground, Riddick’s body trembled slightly. His hand rose and touched his face. His eyes opened slightly and saw Yama before him. A smile lit his face, as he felt the connection he had with Sylvie.

        His face was filled with delight as he thought about Vera. Raising up he glanced at Yama. He raised his hand to pet Yama. Yama was a companion he acquired the last time he managed to unlock his soul.

              Feeling the deepest and also the most powerful of his soul connections, Riddick smiled lightly.

      “Welcome back Riddick, or do you prefer a different name?” Void asked lightly.

           Riddick smiled a little and said, “No, Riddick will do. I like it. You haven’t changed at all, Void. Sorry, you had to take care of me for so long.”

            Void laughed lightly and said, “A million lives. I lived in this cycle of fate along with you. A million more wouldn’t matter, and why are you acting all sentimental now? Leave it.”

         Riddick chuckled as he heard Void. He raised his head, gazing at the skies outside Yamaloka. A million lifetimes, a trillion years and through countless sufferings, Void accompanied him without a single word of complaint. Words cannot express the gratitude he felt towards Void. Nothing in this life can repay him, for the bond between them was the most valuable of all bonds, “Friendship”.

        His eyes gazing at the skies saw the thundering and the rumbling skies. They became serious as he thought aloud, “Now, let’s not get careless. Those guys above are watching us. It’s time to repay our debt.”

Book 5 – Chapter 5 The Blood mark

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The blood mark:    

Surrounded by golden clouds, and supported by pillars made from the sinews of Yaksha dragons, a translucent globe holding a magnificent palace within it. It flew slowly. It’s pace was majestic, like that of a king.

The palace flew through the skies, and wherever it passed, people knelt down in respect. The Golden Fog was a type of defensive spell, and it could be replicated by some experts…but one thing about that palace could never be replicated by anyone no matter who they are.

That was the seemingly ordinary translucent barrier which surrounded the palace. Legend had it that this barrier was gifted to the Kinkara Lords who ruled the Yaksha Realm by the King of the Southern Seas, and it was said to be one of the strongest barriers within the Yaksha Realm.

In that magnificent palace, four men sat opposite each other, while tens of experts stood behind them. The four elders were in a heated discussion. Their faces were aged, but their souls were like knives. No matter how profound one’s courage was, one could never stand against these four men.

In the air above the golden fog stood a lady. Her eyes were ice cold, and her demeanour emanated power surpassing those four men.

She glanced at her arm. Her jade-like arm had a single blood mark etched into it. This mark appeared when she was in her indefinite meditation. This mark shook her soul. This mark renewed her vigour, and this mark was an order; a sign that her master was calling for her.

Her eyes suddenly turned white, as her body began to emit an incredible amount of energy. Her outstretched arm was completely covered in ice, as if wanting to preserve the blood mark for eternity.

Her ice cold face changed, as an expression of ecstasy appeared upon it. Licking her lips, she muttered, “One hundred million years. I, June, waited a whole one hundred million years and finally you appear before me, My Lord.”

Her ecstatic eyes suddenly turned towards the palace floating below her. With a snort, she thought, “Now that you have revealed yourself, I assume that it’s time. These little kids down here shall be my first prey.”


She flew down like a meteor, and her arm covered in ice struck the translucent globe like thunder

Inside the palace, the four elders were discussing something when the palace shook, and a loud sound resounded throughout the palace as the roof cracked and June drilled into the hall.

Her eyes were cold as she gazed at the four elders. With a snort she said, “Four punks over there. Who gave this palace to you?”

The elder all stood up with creased eyebrows. The surrounding warriors drew their weapons almost simultaneously as they saw June. An elder raised his hand and said, “Stay your hands. She isn’t an opponent you can beat.”

Turning towards June, he said, “Fellow Yaksha, I don’t know who you are, nor do I remember doing anything to incite your wrath. I can guess that your strength is similar to mine, but we have an advantage in numbers. However, I do not want to fight you.

All of us are at an equal level of strength, so let us solve our differences verbally.” He continued in a friendly voice.

June smiled lightly and said, “Well spoken, cunning brat. Smooth talking me while trying to surround me from all sides. Your plan is as plain as day.

Also, how did you come the conclusion that your strength is similar to mine? What a worthless analysis. Looks like people will forget death itself as long as they manage to stay alive by hiding in a hole for a long time. My name is June, remember that brat.”

The elder eyes turned sharp as he sensed danger. He knew that the Yaksha Realm was like a never ending ocean, and that there were countless powers hidden within it, but he had never heard of June.

June laughed and raised her hand. The ice covered hand began to emit white mist, as she slowly began to emit energy. “No need to waste my time against worms like you. Let’s begin.” June said coldly.

The elder who was talking to June suddenly disappeared, and a sabre appeared in front of June. The power of the sabre caused the space to crack, and spatial ripples followed.

June’s eyes held a mocking expression, as she raised her hand and caught the sabre. A chilling coldness spread through the sabre and froze the elder’s arm.


The elder cried loudly as he tried to free himself, but it was of no use. The chilling coldness seeped through his arm and entered into his body. Finally, his mind was attacked by the seeping chill.

Finally unable to withstand it, he shouted loudly, “Don’t you dare attack me, bitch. I work for a Kinkara Lord. He will kill you!”

June smile broadened as she heard that. “A Kinkara Lord. A mere Kinkara dares to fight me, June.”

Finally, an elder who was watching the fight with an opened mouth fell on his butt as he heard June’s name again. He thought about one person who was indeed named June, but she had been long dead. Could it be possible… was it possible that that the person in front of him was ‘that’ June?

“You… you can’t possibly be… ‘that’ June?” He finally muttered out.

June’s face suddenly lit up as she heard this. With a pleasant laugh she said, “Ara… There was someone who remembered me after so long!”

Her laugh faded as she said, “Yes, I am that June. My name is June Soleus, the former Queen of the Ice Continent.”

The chilling coldness suddenly increased as she gazed at the far east. A mutter escaped her lips, as she said, “Looks like I was not the only one who received His Majesty’s summons. Sorry, brats. I would have liked to play with you a little longer, but I really don’t want to be left behind. This is goodbye.”

Following her words, her forehead creased and a slit appeared on it


An intense cold swept past everyone, as the slit opened up slightly. June, who watched them, sighed as she muttered, “And here, I was waiting to use my power a bit. Worthless, I have to find someone more powerful.”

June disappeared like a mist as she said those words. Silence returned to the palace as she left, but none of the elders or the guardians behind them moved. A gale swept past them from the broken formation, and just like dolls everyone fell on the ground lifelessly.

Nothing changed in their appearance, but rather in their minds, within their sea of consciousness’, there was no movement. The soul within it was covered in a light ice layer, but inside the soul world, ice covered each and every part of it. A small exposure to her divine ability killed a hundred Yakshas.

That instant when June was in the palace, a hundred million kilometres east of her, a volcanic range stood spreading over a million kilometres. In the centre of that volcano range, a large reservoir of magma boiled with intense heat.

Suddenly, the boiling magma rose like a geyser and sprayed over a hundred kilometres. From the depths of that red liquid, a hand large enough to cover ten mountains rose, followed by another.


A large roar resounded, as a Rock Giant rose from that magma. His eyes crimson red, his body deep red, and his breath hot enough to melt mountains. His shoulder had a bright glowing blood mark, which amazingly warded off any magma from reaching it.

The instant he rose from the magma, he transformed into a ten foot giant. His upper body was bare, muscles twisting like snakes as his hand clenched tightly. His eyes held happiness as he raised his hand.

From the depths of the magma lake, a large golden staff shot out and arrived before him. With a loud shout, he raised his hand and hit the earth with it.

A wave spread like a tsunami from that point. The mountains, which spread like a never ending dream, trembled as the tectonic plates below them shook violently.

A giant had declared his authority, and anyone who couldn’t defeat him had to follow his orders. The Rock Giants followed the strong, and now the strongest King in their history had returned. He returned because it was time. He returned to bring them their former glory.

The muscle giant gazed to the west. Three hundred million kilometres away, June gazed at him. They couldn’t see each other, but they could feel the other’s presence.

“You haven’t changed, June.” The muscled giant murmured with a smile.

“Neither have you, Roger.” June muttered lightly.

Neither of them could hear each other, but they could feel what the other wanted to convey. They could feel because of one mark which connected them all.

Both of them touched their blood marks and smiled lightly, before disappearing like a mist.


Inside Yamaloka, Yama was asleep as Riddick had finished his first task. As he sensed something, he opened his eyes and said, “Now, what are you planning to do, Void?”

Void sighed deeply and said, “It is better this way, Yama. I can’t explain anything, and even if I did, it would only make matters worse.”

Yama rose to his feet. He shouted loudly, “Even if you think this is the best way. You still fooled Riddick and let him suffer by saying shit like ‘Physical prowess training’ and such. I won’t accept your methods.”

Void sighed again. He knew that this would happen sooner or later. Yama was too devoted and wouldn’t think of anything else. So, he said in a sad voice, “No need. You have already done your work. The constant healing has multiplied the blood drop in his body to an appropriate level.

I assume his blood has already been converted by ninety percent. It’s just a bit more. Even without your help, the process will be completed in a few weeks.”

Yama’s eyes radiated a deep hatred. He, Yama, was called the “Ruler of Hell” because of his tyrannical strength, but that was just one side of a coin.

Yama was not only known for his tyrannical strength, but also for his immense loyalty. Ever since his birth, he had never betrayed a master. Unlike other godly weapons, Yama had a will, and thus could freely betray anyone, but he never deceived any because of his loyalty.

Here, Void was forcing him to do something which he hated the most. Even if he was doing it for his master’s well-being, that didn’t change the fact that he betrayed Riddick’s trust by lying about the training.

The training was a lie. Riddick had no use for such a thing, nor would he benefit from it in the future. It was done solely to increase the conversion rate of the blood within his body. Unknown to Riddick, his blood was being completely converted, and unknown to him, his soul was being locked away by the lightning dragon.


What will happen to Riddick? What is Void planning? Who are June and Roger? And why would Void lie to Riddick?
Find your answers in the next chapter of ATH!

Book 5 – Chapter 4 Physical prowess

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Physical prowess:

              “Watch carefully, Riddick.” Void probed as Riddick stood facing Yama. “Watch every movement of your opponent. His breath, his eyes, his intent…everything is a key guiding you to your victory. Learn from your observations, and never reveal anything which may be useful to your opponent.”

              Riddick’s eyes shrank as he completely focused his vision on Yama. Yama, who stood at attention, suddenly raised his hoofs and broke into a run. Yama’s speed was fast. So fast that Riddick couldn’t even follow him with his eyes. However, Riddick had been cautious so he almost instinctively moved aside as he his senses picked up Yama’s movement.


       An air pressure hit Riddick just as he moved aside, and Yama’s figure flashed as he appeared in Riddick’s previous position. Cold sweat ran down Riddick’s back as he saw Yama. He hadn’t even taken three steps and Yama was already beside him. Just how could he fight against such speed?

       But, Riddick calmed his beating heart and retreated further. Even if he didn’t have an advantage in speed, he had an advantage in size. With his small body he should be able to manoeuvre at complex angles.

              Yama’s eyes followed Riddick as he moved further away. Riddick was carefully considering his next move, but his face paled as he saw the glint in Yama’s eyes.


         Two wind blades rushed at him, as Yama’s tails whipped the air like thunder. Already at a breakneck speed, Riddick couldn’t possibly increase his speed any more. With no way to dodge them, he raised his hand and summoned his Fire Core Sword, which had been gifted to him by Vera.


        A loud sound rang out as Riddick flew like a broken puppet. The sword managed to save him from becoming mincemeat, but the terrifying force transmitted from the wind blades fractured his hands.

           Using the force of the attack, Riddick rolled like a log. His body screamed in pain, yet he wasn’t injured. The wind blades held a terrifying force but fortunately weren’t imbued with divine power.

          Riddick lifted his hand and stabbed the ground with his Fire core sword to stop his momentum. Standing up, he once again stood facing Yama. The situation hadn’t changed much, except he now knew what to expect.

        Yama laughed smugly as he saw Riddick covered in dust and light wounds. This time however, Riddick initiated the attack. Since he knew about Yama’s speed, naturally he knew that he had no way of achieving victory simply by dodging his attacks. So Riddick instead decided to launch a surprise attack.

         Yama gazed at Riddick as he darted towards him with an amused expression, as if he was watching an interesting performance. The instant Yama entered into his attack zone, Riddick jumped sideways and suddenly twisted his body in a weird direction.

          Yama, who saw this, bellowed loudly and said, “For God’s sake, you never learn do you, Your Majesty? Just because you think I can’t move faster, you start to get cocky and do such foolish manoeuvres.

        Looks like you don’t understand how much a foolish idea, implemented without proper planning, will cost you, unless I let that body of yours experience it!”

              Yama’s body, which was eight metres tall and weighed more than tens of thousands of tons suddenly turned illusory. His body became as light as a feather as his speed reached it’s limits. Riddick, who was still moving at his maximum speed, couldn’t even react as Yama slammed into his body with his head.


             Loud cracking sounds resounded in the hollow world as Riddick’s bones were smashed to bits. His body once again flew like a kite; only this time he didn’t stop until he rolled for an entire kilometre.

          If what he suffered from Rowen’s attack could be called horrible, then his current condition was multiple times worse. Most of his bones were broken in multiple places, and all of his organs were punctured by the arrow-like splintered bones.

            Blood flowed from all his orifices as he, for the first time, suffered a serious attack from Yama. Riddick’s mind was drowning in pain, but his consciousness was held by Yama, preventing him from passing out.

         With majestic steps Yama strode forward and said, “This is just the beginning, Your Majesty. Did you think that you could win so easily? Naive……. So naive. Unfortunately for you, I have no kindness built in me to let you rest.

             Don’t worry, no matter how bad you end up from fighting, I will fix you up in no time. Now, let’s get back to training… Haha….” Yama laughed viciously.

         Riddick could only stare with bulging eyes as his injuries were healed at an astonishing speed, and within a few minutes, after Yama strode forward, he was already completely healed.

      Thus, Riddick’s training began. He was deprived of Yama and had to fight against him in close combat. No matter how he thought, he saw no possibility of beating Yama. Yama was stronger, faster, and much more experienced than him. Even worse, he was in a completely biased environment.

         Yamaloka was Yama’s world, nothing could happen here without his consent. And although Yama did not use his powers against Riddick, he could definitely see every tiny movement made by Riddick. In front of Yama, Riddick was completely exposed. He couldn’t even lift a finger without escaping Yama’s attention.

          That first day, Riddick was squashed a hundred times. He couldn’t even retaliate, no matter how he tried to attack. In front of that illusionary speed and indestructible body, he couldn’t do anything.

         Days passed in this manner. At first, Riddick kept a count but soon, he lost it as his days were filled with nothing but pain, torture, broken limbs and almost fatal wounds followed by instant healing. Everyday, Riddick tried whatever method he could think of to counter Yama. He used his body, he tried to attack, he tried to defend, he tried to dodge and finally he tried to escape. It was of no use; he was beaten every time thoroughly and without exception.

        That day Riddick sat down thinking about the previous fights. He was frustrated and angry at the same time. He was angry at himself and frustrated with Void. No matter how he tried to probe, Void maintained his silence and only repeated that unless he realise the meaning of this training and complete it by himself, there would be no end to this torture.

           Riddick sighed in his heart as he understood that he had to get out of this constant torture by himself. So he began to think of ways to defeat Yama. He had thought of countless methods till now but no matter what he did, he couldn’t even touch Yama.

        Suddenly Riddick eyes flashed as he began to think about Void’s words. Void’s test was make Yama retreat by one step. He never said that Riddick had to defeat Yama.

         Confused, Riddick started to meditate as he thought about Void’s words… Make Yama retreat. Wasn’t that the same as defeating him? Riddick fought Yama countless times so he knew, there is no way Yama would cover in fear. Also, it was impossible to defeat Yama in a head on fight. Then, how was he supposed to win?

        Suddenly Riddick realised something. Yama, from the very beginning, never used his divine power. He used his incredible speed and pure physical strength to crush Riddick, again and again, but he never used his divine power.

     Why? Riddick began to wonder. As far as he could understand, Yamaloka had no restrictions, so Yama would have been able to treat him even if his body was at the border of collapsing. Then why didn’t he use divine energy? Was he giving him a handicap?

           No, Yama wouldn’t do something like that out of his own will. Then was he ordered to do so. By whom? Obviously, the only one with such authority was Void.

      Then did the answer lie in the use of divine energy? Yama wasn’t using divine energy but Riddick could use it. Divine energy? Riddick had no such thing. He only had Void energy in his body. All of his divine energy and spiritual energy had long since been converted to Void energy.

         “The answer to victory lies within your body.” Void had said, and Riddick considered it seriously.

         His body had Void Energy but what good would that do? Even before realising this, Riddick had used Void energy to launch material attacks and even spiritual attacks but Yama wasn’t hurt in the least. No matter how Riddick amplified his attacks, Yama stood like a pillar.

        Then what was he supposed to use? Pure physical strength. Can he fight a monster like Yama with pure physical prowess. Suddenly Riddick opened his eyes as he remembered the words Void spoke a long time ago.

        “Void attribute strengthens your body considerably, but this is just the tip of iceberg. You will experience pure power burst after you enter Immortal level.”

         If Void attribute can strengthen his physical prowess then couldn’t Void Energy do that. No, wait. Physical prowess was decided by the life energy supplied by the body. How can Void energy replace life energy?

       Riddick stood up abruptly as he understood what this training was all about. Void did say from the very beginning that every energy in his body was converted to Void Energy. Then, wasn’t life energy in his body a type of energy as well? Then could it be possible that his body no longer had life energy? Did his body now have a single large pool of Void energy?

              His physical prowess could be increased if his muscles could get more life energy. Then if he just simply replaced his life energy with Void Energy…then what would happen?

              Riddick knew that thinking any more was a waste of time. Since he had failed so many times, the worst that could happen would be one more failure.

“Yama.” Riddick called out.

            Yama, who was observing Riddick from afar, instantly materialised before him. With a laugh he asked, “What is it? Are you ready for some more training, Your Majesty?”

            Riddick kept a plain face and said, “Just get on with it, Yama.” He had learnt enough to not let Yama read his plan by keeping a leash on his emotions.

              Yama bellowed loudly and broke into a run. Unlike before, Riddick didn’t try to attack Yama, nor did he try to defend himself. He simply stood there without moving.

         However, inside his body some terrifying changes were going on. Void Energy flowed like a thick stream, and layers upon layers of thick pillars were laid around his vertebral column.

         Making this layered structure as support. Thin streams of energy passed through his shoulder joint, into his arm, into his forearm, around his wrist and into his palm. This powerful network of energy then suddenly sank into his muscles.

         There was no change in the outer structure, but the triad connection within those muscles suddenly expanded, and those synapses connecting with his brain shone with brilliance. This was Riddick’s ideal condition. His body was now incredibly receptive, incredibly perceptive and incredibly tough.

         Yama charged like lightning, and directly clashed with Riddick’s raised hand.


           A terrifying sound rang out, as cracks appeared on the ground. Riddick’s feet dug into the ground, until his knees disappeared. Then, he stood still. Yama, who boasted his unstoppable charge, was brought to a stop. Riddick stood like an iron pillar, as his hand received that thunder-like force. The muscles in his hand twitched violently, but they finally managed to withstand the force.

         The force which flowed into his hand flowed into his waist and then finally to his legs. Cracks spread throughout the surrounding ground and finally it broke the limit.


         The earth trembled and unable to withstand any longer, the ground collapsed making a large crater.

          However, every action will have an equal and opposite reaction. The force transmitted to Riddick’s palm was not only transmitted to the ground but it was also transmitted back to Yama who was in contact with it.


        A low moan erupted from Yama, as he shook his head which was now vibrating violently under the impact of his own charge. This forced him to unconsciously take a step back.

         As a small smile lit his face, Riddick felt at ease, having finally made progress against Yama. He withdrew his hand and clenched it tightly. The pain he experienced in these past days was mortifying, but the result was worth it.

         He didn’t gain anything new, but he now understood the limits of his body. He understood the nature of his body, and he now understood what changed in his body after being reconstructed by the blood drop.

      From the very beginning, he had a unique body nurtured by the Void attribute and energy, but the reconstruction changed it from the core. He no longer just had a body suitable for Void Energy, it was now a body tailored just for it.

          The change may not sound very astonishing, but one day Riddick would understand the reason why his body changed so much due to a single drop.

     It wasn’t as simple as reconstruction, nor was it so simple as a power up. That drop of blood brought something back into the world which should have been obliterated by the Heavens. It brought something which could make the hearts of heavenly experts tremble in fear. It was a seed of disaster which would once again rise to strike the Heavens.

Book 5 – Chapter 3 One step


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One Step:

Riddick’s body began to profusely bleed as soon after he entered Yamaloka. Although most of the damage was negated, Rowen’s attack was too powerful, and its remnants was enough to crush several internal organs to pulp. With just his will, Riddick managed to keep his consciousness from fading, but as soon as he reached Yamaloka, Riddick fainted due to sheer pain.

If it was in any other place, Riddick would have definitely lost his life unless treated immediately, but in Yamaloka, everything followed Yama’s will. So, as soon as Riddick lost consciousness, Yama stopped his bleeding. All the wounds on Riddick’s body were enveloped in a red glow, and were healing at an amazing pace.

Even if Yama can defy fate inside this world, he cannot change Riddick himself. Yama did stop the bleeding and heal his injuries, but the damage done to his vitality had to be healed by Riddick himself. All Yama could do was to provide a little assistance.

One week later.

Riddick had completely recovered and his body was in peak condition, but his eyebrows were creased as he couldn’t help but think of the recent incidents. Having an enmity toward a Crimson ranked sect was one thing, but being the enemy of a Black ranked power was utter insanity. Riddick knew his limits, and thus was thinking deeply.

Ronald Taurus won’t forget about Riddick, he will hunt them down the moment they return to the real world. This made everything more difficult. The Mist Valley Sect, The Rodriguez Family, The Taurus Family. Three powers were searching for Riddick with all their might,  worse, they probably knew that he was hiding inside Yama.

Riddick spent all of his time trying to find a way out of this. He was already gambling when he challenged the Mist Valley Sect, but now he unintentionally made two more enemies. This was not within his calculations. No, there was no way to guess that he would be trapped in this situation.

He was surrounded by enemies on all sides. The only one who could possibly help him out of this situation was Arthur. However, Ronald had a deep enmity towards Arthur, and he most probably was related to the death of Sebastian’s father. This made it difficult for Riddick to consult Arthur. Arthur was a prominent figure in the Sky Continent, and he cannot simply disregard the rules to charge into the Forbidden Isle.

With no choice and no alternative, Riddick decided to use the twenty thousand Immortals to achieve another breakthrough. This was his only choice. Here, he was on his own and gaining more power was definitely the first priority.

“You are walking on the wrong path again, kid.” Void interrupted Riddick’s thoughts.

Riddick sighed inside as he answered, “Void, you know that I cannot delay any further. I have to do this.”

Void sighed loudly and said, “Riddick, I have been pretty much supportive of your decisions even if I knew that you would suffer from them, because I wanted you to learn from failure. But, what you are now trying to do will disrupt your entire future, so I have to interfere.”

Riddick eye brows creased again, as he started trying to decipher Void’s words.

Void explained further, “Hell Devour is indeed a heavenly technique, which can indeed increase your cultivation, but be aware that your cultivation was stolen from others.

That makes your own cultivation unstable. Furthermore, you are jumping the gun and trying to cultivate further and further. Why? I am asking you, why are you in such a hurry?

Have you ever tried to use your abilities to their limit? Have you ever explored their limits? When? I don’t see the true power of Void Energy in your attacks. I don’t see you using the Hell devour as an efficient attack. I don’t see you using a single spiritual attack. Your body is tough, far tougher than your peers, but after being reconstructed, you now possess a monstrous body.

Are you really using all your powers to the best of their abilities? No, you aren’t. Riddick, I will tell you something. Listen closely.

You can achieve more by running faster and further, but sometimes you have to look back to achieve even more.

You have run enough, and you have suffered enough. I once guided you in your childhood when you were but a tiny little mage. and now I will once again guide you to build yourself so that you can be who you want to be.” Void said in a serious voice.

Riddick stood still as he heard Void. He didn’t say anything. He couldn’t. Everything Void said was the truth. He had been working hard, running hard. How many years has it been since he slept peacefully? How many years it had been since he trained while peacefully interacting with Void?

True, he had much to do, but can’t he take a break? Void Energy, he had been granted an ability which could very well he the only unique energy in this universe. Was he using it to Its limit? He didn’t even know everything about his own body.

Why was the lightning dragon coiling around his soul? Why didn’t he lose consciousness even after receiving the spiritual attack of a deva? Questions popped up in his mind continuously, but he hardly knew the answer to any one of them.

With a thud, Riddick sat on the ground. His face which always held a serious expression eased slightly as he took a deep breath. His stiff shoulders eased, as if a burden was lifted off of them. His body, which had been experiencing life and death situations, finally eased the tension as he contently closed his eyes.

With a clear voice Riddick answered, “You’re right, Void. I have been running too hard, and never looked back at who I was. The last time, I almost died twice within three days. Though I don’t know for certain, I feel that the drop of blood is related to you. You have been saving me for so long and you have been my ally, my first teacher and my most trusted friend.

This time I will listen to you. I want to gain strength. That didn’t change, but now I will gain it the right way. So, Void. I will ask you again, please guide me.”

Void laughed and said, “Don’t be sad, Riddick, and don’t ever think that your suffering was a waste. This is life, kid. You will laugh,  cry, you will experience love and you will at one point lose your loved ones. Betrayal, friendship, sufferings and happiness are all a part of your life. Experiencing and knowing them all will make you strong.

A young eagle wouldn’t learn to fly unless it leaves the protection of its mother. You have once been in a similar situation, you were saved again and again. Now, you have suffered much, but you gained something from each of your sufferings.

Thousand Hell Prison, Aura, Hell Devour, Little Lightning, Void Energy and finally The King’s Blood.

Everything you possess is something you gained by your own efforts. They are the rewards of your success, and they are the mementoes of your life.

After a young eagle learns to fly, it is taught the art of hunting by its mother. Now it’s my turn, as your guardian and as your teacher, I will teach you how to hunt. I will teach you how to use these claws of yours. I will let that body of yours understand why you are destined to be a king.

Prepare yourself, Riddick. Then, I was lenient as you were nothing but a little chick who just broke through its egg, but now you have developed enough to fly. I will push you off the cliff but it’s your duty to fly.”

With a raised voice, Void shouted, “Yama.”

Yama materialised in his bull form. He had a strange expression on his face. Riddick instantly understood what Void was getting at. With a surprised voice he asked, “You want me to fight Yama? But, when will you teach me? If it is simply fighting then I will achieve victory one day but that will be the same as before. Won’t it?”

Yama, who heard Riddick, bellowed loudly and said, “Win against me? Now, now, don’t joke around, Your Majesty. The way you are now, even if there were a hundred of you, you won’t be able to win against me.”

Riddick was startled as he heard Yama. Yama had always been a subservient type and rarely voiced his opinion, but now he was directly looking down on Riddick.

Void laughed and said, “Riddick, your first task is to conquer your own body. Forget about winning against Yama. Your task isn’t to win.

“One step”

If you can make Yama take one step back then you will complete this stage. However, let me warn you, Riddick. You have never unleashed Yama’s seal, so you wouldn’t know.

Yama literally means ‘God of death’. Do you really think that such a kind, thoughtful bull would be named as Yama? His true nature is usually hidden, and since you are in his realm, you won’t die even if he crushes you to a pulp. Don’t forget my warning, and remember, the key to victory lies in your body and body alone.”

Riddick once again stared at Yama, who was for some reason bellowing happily. Smoke began to emit from its nostrils, as Yama’s body began to glow red. Intense fire elemental essence began to cover the entire dimension, as his breathing rate increased rapidly.

With a loud bellow he said, “Yama, guardian of the First Jade pays his respects to his master. With your permission, I shall now reveal my true form.

Pardon me, Your Majesty, but I can hardly control my strength in my true form. So, if possible, please be on your highest alert. At your current strength, my breath can very possibly kill you.”

Riddick felt a very bad premonition, so he rapidly retreated back just in time to witness the earth cracking below Yama. Yama’s face was covered in veins thick enough to be visible on his black skin, his muscles suddenly expanded to three times their usual thickness, and his stature grew more than twice. He now stood at a height of eight metres.

A loud bellow erupted from his mouth, as the ring on his nose grew red hot. The horns on his head grew longer, and with a ripping sound, a second tail grew from its back. But then, a terrifying tremor swept past Riddick, as the ring on Yama’s nose finally melted under the tremendous heat.

At that instant, Yama’s eyes turned completely red, while his body – which now stood at a whole eight metres height – trembled lightly. The melted red hot liquid from the ring unexpectedly rose into the air, and surrounded his horns. Mist rose, as the liquid cooled off revealing a black coat of metal on the grey horns

Yama bellowed loudly and said, “I will give you some advise, Your Majesty. Stay away from my horns. Usually, my true form is hidden, so you may have underestimated me. Forget about you. Even I, with my near indestructible body, won’t escape unscathed if I touch these horns of mine.”

Yama’s pupil suddenly narrowed, as he laughed loudly and said, “However, I thoroughly enjoy the power of my horns. My apologies, but the chances of your victory are zero.”

Riddick’s forehead was drenched with sweat as he gazed at Yama. He had seen Yama’s fury before, but now it was sheer dominance. He knew himself that at present, he had no chance of victory, but Void’s words still reverberated in his mind, “The key to victory lies in your body and your body alone.”

At the same time when Riddick stood facing Yama, in the air above the Mobe Mountains, Priam stood with a complicated face. He couldn’t sense the aura he felt three days ago. He was beginning to doubt the Immortals of the Forbidden Isle.

Finally, after a day of waiting, his eyebrows furrowed as he raised his hand and punched the air.


A loud explosion shook the Forbidden Isle, as the outer parts of the Mobe Mountains, housing tens of weaker sects controlled by Taurus Family, were obliterated. The earth was scorched, as the energy of the punch made a crater stretching for thousands of metres.

That day, a monster had set his foot into the territory of the Forbidden Isle.