Book 4 – Chapter 17 Two years later

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        This is a regular chapter and this chapter sets in motion the next phase of our story.
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Two Years later :

           On a mountain located in the northern borders of the Deva palace, a castle stood surrounded by sentries and a huge perimeter wall. Guarded by hundreds of Immortals, this stronghold is considered one of the most impregnable fortresses of the Deva palace. It was the Headquarters of Mist valley sect, The Qilin Castle.

         With an astonishing army of fifteen Golden kings, more than a hundred purple badge bearers and thousands of white badge bearers. The Mist valley sect has a total military strength of thirty thousand Immortals and this was just the tip of their strength.

      Their real strength however didn’t lie in their numbers but rather in their hearts. No Immortal served the Crimson king ruling them but rather, they served the sect who rules over their king. This alone is the most terrifying fact of this sect. If the King is useless, they replace him. If the king is killed, they replace him. There is no chaos nor confusion in their decisions as everything is decided by the main sect rather than the Crimson king who bears the true power.

        With strength strong enough to make the other sects acknowledge them as one of the strongest, one can imagine the power the Mist valley sect held and opposing them was the same as death.

        The way the Mist valley sect operated was a secret but many knew the unwritten rules of the Mist valley sect. The king isn’t decided by the power he holds in his hands but rather by the strength his faction holds in the court. The Mist valley sect proclaims that, “One who controls his subjects is a true king.”

        This rule probably may sound foolish in the era where power is the only factor deciding our station but inside the Deva palace, it was definitely useful. Due to this single rule, generation after generation, monsters appeared in the Mist valley sect. With their strength and wisdom, they ruled over the sect with absolute control.

      The current ruler, Randall is also a monster whose insanity was seen during the very year he took control of the sect. To establish the point that he would show no kindness to the betrayers, he killed every prisoner held captive by the sect. In total over two thousand prisoners were sacrificed to prove this point.

       Appointed by Hectar himself, his strength was enough to get the approval of the entire sect. With such strength and insane mentality he was definitely one of the most dangerous kings of the Deva palace.

        That day, Randall received a single report from his trusted general, Jedi. This investigation itself took more than a year and Jedi was despatched despite being the highest ranking officer next to the Randall himself because of the sheer importance of the investigation.

      In it was a single line, “Rodriguez is preparing for war.”

     Randall closed the report and sighed inside, he had seen the abnormal movements of the Rodriguez clan a year ago and had already come to this conclusion. To be sure he asked Jedi to investigate the matter and to his surprise, it took one year to prove this.

      Randall frowned as he thought deeper, Jedi was an able soldier who had been his subordinate even before he became a king and there was no need to suspect him. That only other reason left as to why the report was so late was that the enemy was being careful. Careful enough that someone couldn’t find a concrete proof for one whole year.

      Randall knew Rodriguez or at least he thought he knew him well but now he couldn’t help but wonder. Was he fooled into believing that Rodriguez was a fool by Rodriguez himself.

    With a frown on his face, Randall asked in a serious voice, “What is their military strength?”

     Jedi face too became serious as he answered, “Their base strength is actually half of ours but they are recruiting mercenaries, bandits and what not. Any power with decent strength would be recruited by them. By my calculations, they started recruiting two years ago and by now their strength may very well exceed ours.

     However, no matter how I tried to investigate, I couldn’t find the source of Rodriguez’s assets and how he managed to acquire such wealth.”

       Randall shook his head and said, “Mercenaries are usually used to keep your hands clean but in this case that is most certainly not the case. He is trying to avoid casualties to his own troops by recruiting expendable soldiers who can act as vanguard.”

             Randall knew very well what would be the losses he has to face if he goes to an all out war with an enemy with expendable vanguard. His sect would face terrible losses and he couldn’t allow it any cost nor could he ask support from the main sect. Both will result in the loss of his position.

       Suddenly Randall eyes sharpened as he said, “Jedi, contact all the mercenary clans our sect has a relation with and order them to immediately assemble their forces.

      Also, contact a few mercenary clans Rodriguez has contract with and ask them to assemble here for an urgent mission as well. If Rodriguez wants to see some blood then I will make a river flow before his eyes.”

      Jedi understood his masters Intentions. With a smile on his face he said, “Yes, my lord.” What can a few mercenary clans do if he order all his forces to strike against them.

          Randall watched Jedi leave and his every action with utmost concentration.
He knew that he could trust Jedi still he wanted to be sure and as expected he couldn’t find anything that would make him suspect his life long subordinate.

     True, Jedi was Randall’s long time subordinate and his most trusted general. He wouldn’t bend for wealth, position or lust.

       As Jedi left the chamber, his eyes suddenly held a mocking expression in them. With a low voice he muttered “Well played kid, now it’s my turn. The preparations are being made and now you yourself have given the orders else I would have a hell of time smuggling my goods inside.”

    With a gentle rub on a ring he whispered, “Sylvie, where is Riddick?”

   “He will be done by tonight. How is it on your end Caesar?” A voice answered.

         Caesar smiled and said, “All done. Soon the first stage will be initiated.”

     “I will convey it to my master Caesar. I am done on my side as well” Sylvie answered back.

    Caesar smiled and walked without hurry. He was the exact like Jedi and no one, no matter how keen they are could ever find any fault with Caesar. He was seen through last time but now, it was impossible for any soul to discern Caesar from Jedi.

    At the same time Caesar was inside the Qilin castle. Riddick was walking towards the district which sold and catered sin in the southern part of the Deva palace. Vernaut Red light district.

       In a magnificent manor of the town, four men were playing poker. Lit with bright lamps and guarded by Immortals, it was on a different league compared to others. It was the manor of the lord who managed the Red light district, Vernaut.

            Suddenly a fragile boy entered the hall and announced, “My lord, A customer wishes to meet you.”

    Vernaut raised his head and said, “Ho… A customer who wishes to meet me. Let him in.”

        Riddick strode forward unhurriedly. Lifting his head he gazed at the people in the room. Sighing inwardly he sat lightly before Vernaut.

        Vernaut smiled lightly as he saw the cultivation of Riddick. Mid Beginner disciple level. To him, a divine disciple, he was not a threat so he asked, “So what do you want?”

    Riddick eyes sharpened as he asked, “You.”

    Vernaut was momentarily stunned but soon he broke into a laugh, with a smirk he asked, “So you want everything I possess. Can I know how much my esteemed customer is willing to pay.”

      Riddick smiled likewise and said, “In truth, I can pay you but you are a scum who deals with women and drugs so there is no point in believing your words.

         Also, I would have liked to take everything from you after removing you from the face of this earth.”

     Vernaut eyes turned cold as he said in a cruel voice, “Don’t get cocky kid, I will…”

    He couldn’t complete his sentence as a thick killing intent spread in the room. Riddick narrowed his eyes and said, “Vernaut, from the way you act. It seems the news didn’t reach you yet. This is the fifth red light district I visited today and the remaining four have already surrendered to me after I killed their leaders off.

    However, Vernaut, I am not here to kill you rather I am here to make a deal. So what do you say, Do you want to be a Gold King as well as the ruler of five red light districts Vernaut?”

         Vernaut hands trembled as he heard Riddick. He knew that Riddick was dangerous but when he heard that Riddick killed four other leaders, it sent a chill down his spine. He was however finally stunned by Riddick’s offer. A Golden King. How can he not be attracted by this offer?

     However he knew that nothing can be obtained without a price so he asked calmly, “What do you want from me?”

     Riddick smiled and said, “Firstly this deal should be confidential and you will not spill anything about it to any other soul in existence.”

       Vernaut eyes trembled as he gazed at his poker friends who too similarly looked at Vernaut. However, it was brief moment of indecisiveness and in the next moment a terrifying energy ripple spread from Vernaut and killed them all on the spot.

    Riddick smiled and said, “Good, now this is what you need to do to gain our trust.”

       Riddick explained the plan to Vernaut who was visibly shaken. He could already faintly guess the identity of his employer but as he heard the plan he began to tremble with excitement. Who could possibly try to eliminate another Crimson king? Who else but a Crimson king.

            With his work done, Riddick left the red light district after giving a jade sound transmission device to Vernaut.

           Two days later, he appeared out of no where inside the inner chambers of Qilin castle shocking Randall. With a smile on his face he sat in front of Randall and said, “Randall, I presume. Want to know the affairs of Rodriguez clan.”

       Randall face immediately became serious but he didn’t raise an alarm, with a serious face he asked, “Why should I believe you?”

       Riddick laughed loudly and said, “No specific reason, however, if you want me to give you one. I like to stay on winning side and besides there is no reason why I will loyally serve Rodriguez who only bought my services with wealth.”

       Randall narrowed his eyes and turned his head towards Jedi for an opinion. Caesar sighed and nodded his head as well.

       Randall sighed as well and asked, “What do you want? I refuse to believe that you would help us voluntarily expecting nothing in return.”

      Riddick smirked and said, “No, no, I am not a saint so I do expect something.” Pointing his finger at Jedi he said, “I want that position.”

      Randall snorted and said, “Don’t think so highly of yourself Riddick. You are but a mere informant, how dare you ask for a…” He was stopped by Jedi who put a hand on his shoulder.

         Caesar acted as if he was thinking deeply and said, “How about this Riddick? We will make you a commander for now and if you make high contributions in this war then we will put your name into consideration when choosing my successor.

         You can’t be too greedy Riddick. What I am offering you is already our best offer.”

     Riddick smiled lightly and said, “Very well, I understand. Now what do you want to know?”

             Randall raised his head and said, “Which mercenaries are allying with him?”

       “Culling his strengths before attacking him Ho…… Good insight indeed.” Riddick mused and said, “Lets start with the most dangerous of all mercenary clan allied with him, Frost Raven mercenary clan”




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  1. First. And today’s chapter was interesting. Keep up the good work. Also my recommendation is to spend some more time doing cultivation, maybe not a whole chapter for it but have it in the background for a couple of chapters then a breakthrough. The story is good but progressing very quickly recently so want to let you know that you can pace yourself

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  2. Hi, pretty pretty please tell me that this novel is not harem so I can follow along with the novel until it end cuz I cannot stand Harem. And I also very like this novel so far. 😊


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