Book 4 – Chapter 18 Secrets revealed

Author note : Hi guys, GSD REDDY here and I am back with a suuuuper early chapter to make up for the late chapter last night.

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Secrets revealed :

          Randall narrowed his eyes and said, “Why should I believe you? What is the proof that you are not leading us into a trap?”

      Riddick laughed and said, “A simple mercenary clan is nothing in front of your might and as I said before I have no reason to betray you. However, if you don’t believe me, I will lead your men myself and bring you victory.

     I assume that as a commander of the Mist valley sect this mission can be given to me.”

         Randall narrowed his eyes but he couldn’t find any fault with Riddick’s argument. Frost Raven was a big mercenary clan but it was nothing in front of his military strength. With Riddick leading the forces himself, there was no need to worry about betrayal because if he betrays then he shall be the first one to die.

      So Randall issued a command and allotted five thousand Immortals as well as two other mercenary clans under Riddick’s command. However, he was to be always under the jurisdiction of Jedi who will supervise his first mission. Thus, Riddick began his service as a commander of the Mist valley sect.

   One day before the operation began.

        In the mountains which housed the Mist valley sect, there was a fresh water stream which supplied water for the everyday activities of the Frost raven clan as well as the only source of water for their survival. At the top of these mountains where the stream begins Sylvie stood smiling coldly. With a wave of her hand she threw a corpse and a little jade bottle into the stream.

        That bottle contained a resin extracted from the plant, “Scarlet dragon aziga”. Being known for its abundance, it was a slow acting poison which would only cause minor symptoms for non cultivators. However, it was a deathly poison for Immortals who trained their Qi. The Scarlet dragon aziga was feared not for its poisonous nature but rather for its property to interfere in Qi flow.

         The stream water was used as drinking water as well as consumable water used in cooking so it would definitely be consumed along with the food. Unknown to them, the poison started to act. The time for its effects to appear was precisely one day.

        Frost raven indeed never had a contract with Rodriguez but it did receive an invitation which was rejected by its lord and thus it became an expendable force which can be used to bait Mist valley sect.

     Join hands with whom you can and if you can’t, then take them out before they spill your secrets.

       That day the Frost raven mercenary clan awoke by the sudden assault of five thousand Immortals who rained their attacks like a thunder and combined with their inability to retaliate, they died a miserable death. Jedi did order to capture the mercenary clan leader but that guy’s corpse was found in the stream.

         His dantian was destroyed and his Qi paths were split open, it was an ingenious and extraordinary kill. Evidences found in the headquarters proved the mercenary clans involvement with the Rodriguez clan and thus, they were found guilty. All the high level members were killed while the low level members were taken prisoners.

      With his job done, Riddick returned to the Mist valley sect. Randall didn’t want to approve Riddick’s actions but he had no choice but to praise him. There were minimum casualties and the enemy was as good as gone. They had the evidences,  the captives and even the loot of the mercenary clan. All in all it was a intact and a perfect mission so he praised Riddick and approved his position in the military.

      Randall sighed and said, “Alright, you have shown me that you are capable. I don’t know how you did it but I am not interested in your methods. All I care about are the results.

     As promised I will now formally announce you a member of Mist valley sect and give you the post of a commander. However, there is one thing you need to do by yourself. Gain the trust of the soldiers and your fellow commanders. I can’t help you with that.”

     Riddick bowed his head and said, “I am honoured to work for the Mist valley sect and as my lord said, I will try to earn their respect.

     My king, you just said that all you care about is the result so you wouldn’t possibly restrict my methods. Would you?”

      Randall was startled but he narrowed his eyes and said, “You can leave.” He knew all too well what Riddick was implying. However, he was not too bothered. No matter at what position Riddick was, without the support of the soldiers his title would be nothing but a decoration

       Riddick bowed lightly and walked out of the room just in time to come across the mercenary clan heads who had been invited to become a part of the Mist valley sect military temporarily.

     Riddick raised his heads and looked at one man in between them, their eyes met for a brief second and an indistinct nod was exchanged between them before both of them went in their ways.

      Riddick left the inner castle and walked towards the barracks. After that incident which happened two years ago, he was as popular as a Crimson king so almost all soldiers were aware of who Riddick was.

         They would have already attacked him if not for the uniform he wore representing his position as a commander. This fact alone churned their guts with anger yet, they couldn’t move against him as he was a higher ranking officer.

       “Aa.. Aa…. Partner, how can this be? Why do they hate you so much? You haven’t done anything wrong, did you?” A young man floating in air said with a pitying voice. He wore the same uniform representing his position as a commander as well.

     “Commander Nicholas” Men started shouting as they saw the young man.

       Riddick glanced at the man and answered with a smile, “Thank you for your guidance senior but I will take care of the soldiers feelings by myself. If you can excuse us.”

         Nicholas face which held a kind gaze suddenly contracted but he still managed to hide his anger underneath his mask of benevolence.

   Riddick saw this and thought, “Impressive.”

      Nicholas knew that he has to take advantage of this situation and throw Riddick deeper into the abyss of hatred so he smiled warmly and said, “Commander Riddick. How about you take the soldiers out for a parade. This will influence your relationship largely and I reckon that this is what you wanted to do as well.”

    Riddick smiled and said, “Parade, is it? Indeed it is a good idea but that doesn’t really suit my tastes.” Turning his head towards the soldiers he said, “How about a ‘drink all you can’ party. Of course, I am paying.”

          The soldiers were stunned including Nicholas. What is this guy talking about but soon some soldiers shouted loudly, “Ooooooooooooooooooooooo!”

         The soldiers were instantly drawn by this offer while Nicholas was stunned into silence. However, he soon shouted like a thunder, “Impudence, How dare you, a commander of the Mist valley sect….”

      The soldiers were frightened by the sudden outrage of Nicholas however they were more frightened by the sudden change in atmosphere around Riddick. A white aura emanated around Riddick creating sparks in the air.

     None knew what it was but everybody could guess that it held tremendous power. Riddick lifted his gaze towards Nicholas and flickered his finger. A thin line of white energy flew like a bullet towards Nicholas.

      Nicholas was caught off guard but as expected of a commander he recovered quickly and laid layers upon layers of his Qi as a defence barrier.


      The white energy however pierced his energy barriers as if they were made out of cheese and exploded like a thunder  frightening the stunned Nicholas.

“Cough” “Cough” “Cough”

     Nicholas coughed up blood and came out of the explosion. He had heard the rumours regarding Riddick’s power but it was his first time witnessing it. He wanted to retort but he couldn’t as he was being stared by a pair of black eyes which were deep enough to drown him in fear.

       Riddick twisted his neck and said in a cold voice, “How I manage my troops is my own business. I am not a patient person so scram this instant Commander Nicholas else I assure you, Me, who leaves his opponents alive isn’t the true me and you, definitely wouldn’t like to meet the true me.”

            Nicholas wanted to retort but he didn’t have the courage to stand against Riddick so he simply snorted loudly and left.

             Riddick who saw Nicholas leaving turned around the stunned soldiers and said happily, “Alright, its party time.”

      On Riddick’s command the soldiers transported hundreds of barrels worth wine from the gates of Qilin castle. No one knew when Riddick ordered it but nobody dared to talk back as well. They had see his power and his temper well enough to understand the implications of angering him.

                Hours passed and darkness descended, the soldiers were shouting and sprouting nonsense while wine was draining at an astonishing pace. However, the wine tanker never dried up as barrels were being drained into it at a regular pace. Hours of drinking makes men loosen their social restrictions then what would make men mad with excitement, women.

         No one knew how but as soon as darkness seeped through the camps, women began to enter the army grounds and seduce the drunken men into sin. Looking closely one could see a symbol of V on their shoulders, implying their status as slaves and their lord was precisely Vernaut.

          Riddick stood in the skies with a bottle of high class wine in his hands. He gazed upon the army camp from above and smiled coldly. What if the soldiers of Mist valley sect cannot be corrupted with money and position. There is always the king of all sins from which no man, no matter who he is can escape.


      Women are the reason for all our struggles and they are also the reason for all our sufferings. A loving wife gives you a wonderful life full of love while a bad wife ruins everything even if you are powerful enough to conquer the world. They are the most mysterious creatures in any civilisation for they are the only rulers who have the power to rule upon the strongest of men.

          What can these good for nothing disciples do when enticed by women and drowned in alcohol. They surrender, they completely throw away their principles to reveal everything, to do everything, to say anything as long as they are gently probed by the women who now held the leash to their hearts.

      Riddick laughed coldly and muttered, “A large sect with impregnable walls and incorruptible hearts. Laughable.

          Show me more of your true nature for this is only the beginning.”

        At the same time, Riddick was drinking wine gazing at the soldiers and Jedi was seeing through the reports sent by Michael. A man walked past the security guards and entered into the inner chamber where Randall worked.

    Randall was startled as he saw him, however he wasn’t too concerned as he saw that man had a cultivation level of mid divine disciple. With a cold voice he asked, “Who are you and why are you here?”

         The man smiled coldly and said, “Lord Randall, my name is Vernaut. I am here to inform you about the treachery happening behind your back. Yes, I am here to inform you about how Lord Riddick will back stab you.”

                Randall stood on his feet as he heard Vernaut. With narrowed eyes he asked, “Why should I believe your nonsense and why would you come here voluntarily?”

      Vernaut smiled lightly and said, “I am no fool Lord Randall, I have investigated and found that you have a higher chance of winning so I am here to work for you.

    However, it won’t be for free. Riddick promised me a Gold badge so I would like you to promise me the same.”

          Randall rubbed his forehead in anger but he still calmed himself down and said, “Alright, I promise you and I will keep my word as long as you prove your worth. Now tell me, what do you know about their plans.”

    Vernaut smiled and said, “Ten days from now, Rodriguez will start an all out war and that very night you will be assassinated by the combined assault of both Riddick and Rodriguez himself.”

       Randall narrowed his eyes and said, “Rodriguez himself. Interesting.”


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  1. Betrayal upon betrayal. The scheme of never ending betrayal, lead the death of thousands immortals. Well played, Great Red. Shall be waiting for next chapter. As always, Thanks for the chapter!!


      • I personally love chaotic arcs and hate the lovey dovey crap, but I have to admit ONE or TWO chapters every 2-3 books/arcs usually will give the author somewhat of a break.

        Just don’t give us a whole arc filled with “I love you” and puppy dog eyes.


      • Haha, no I don’t like those arcs as well. Personally I don’t write what I don’t like to read and thus every chapter of my novel would be something I am expecting out of it.


      • It’s not that I like all the fighting, I just thought that a little break and some training where we can see how he gets stronger should be good once in a while. Not in this arc though after he gets out of the place should be nice.


    • Polar30 if you remember the arc before this was basically riddick training well before he got his body snatched by Cesar, and while he had is body taken over there was some training o.o


      • If I remember correctly his training included fighting Sebastian, meditation
        And seizing other people’s treasures.


    • I said before but people didn’t believe me, the other story will stay as a side story until I finish Riddick or completely run our of inspiration both of which are highly unlikely to happen in near future.

      As a side note, I am currently busy with exams and such so I will continue it when I am a little free.


    • First I wanna thank you Johnny for posting a link for both Chapter 14 & 15. Yes, I have seen the argument and thought that may be that guy hates me a lot. Lol.

      For example let’s take 9heavenly thunder manual. I picked it up out of curiosity but Couldn’t read beyond the point of chapter 8 because of its horrible story telling. However that is a popular novel with 571 chapters. It’s the same Johnny, that guy was trying to go past the initial story by fastening the pace and thus lost me, a reader.

      Now, the question arises here. Why wouldn’t I write elaborate training arcs with all kinds of training methods and skill acquiring, treasure hunting, saving maidens and maybe have a lucky night with that girl?

      The answer is that I am fed up with all kinds of training shown in all kinds of novels. He trains, power up, a monster appeas, fight, super strong, a treasure, super power up again etc..etc..etc..

      That guy tells that he is a XianXia fan and may be he really is but my friend, if you are really talking about XianXia then I was here reading Wuxia for years before Ren started translating CD or He – man started ST on spcnet. I am a shadow and you may not find me in comments or anywhere but my experience as a leecher is far far greater than an average reader. Would you believe me if I said that once I read every story till the last update in Top 50 fictions of royalroadl. Would you believe me if I said, I have currently read CD for 10+ times to get a grasp of IET writing style with my poor comprehension skills.

      It’s all the same Johnny, I usually pay attention to every complaint from my readers but this guy is complaining that I am a typical XianXia writer when I am trying to bring something new to the XianXia genre to which I am no newbee.

      Forget about it, as long as I get even a single thanks from my loyal readers. I am happy to write for y’all. I may be imperfect and average at best but as he said himself, I am loyal and I am devoted to my work so sooner or later I will develop to a level where he would return for me as well.

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      • My first thought was, WOW what did gsdreddy to him to get soo much hate. I know some points of him are wrong and false. I mean, I read too CD,ATG,MGA,BTTH,… and whatever. But ST, I hate it sooooooooooo much (IET’s so called greatest work). In a translation process a lot is lost (feelings / authenticity). Thats why i rate new creations higher than translation of stuff that already exist.

        Keep up the hard work and stay the course.


      • man i don’t care who hates it ,I love the story,I sometimes even imagine myself being Riddick and think what i would have done during various situations.


  2. Very interesting i only read this a few weeks back but this is becoming one the best Fiction’s i’ve been reading sadly i saw this when it was only in book one but didn’t bother reading but now i’m happy i read this.

    Great stuff reddy!


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