Book 4 – Chapter 19 The Final Betrayal

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The Final Betrayal :

8 days later

             Randall was on edge anticipating the upcoming war. He decided to prepare believing that he would be attacked as even if Vernaut lied, he had nothing to lose. Since Riddick himself was considered a traitor, all commanders were called individually and different orders were given to each of them.

       Jedi was working like a machine.  Preparing for war is no ordinary task. Even if it may sound simple, in reality many factors should be taken into consideration when preparing for war. The first and the foremost of all things were defences.

     Even if it is an obvious win, you should never underestimate the enemy. Thus, defence should be given the maximum priority.

             The next most important thing needed to be done was to appoint a second in charge who can lead the army in the absence of the general. A army without a head was the same as a sheep herd. It is weak and it can be dispersed easily.

      Jedi who was the general in charge appointed Nicholas as his vice general and made Riddick as his key advisor. This was done after being probed by Randall. Keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer. Treat your men with warmly, treat you enemies with much more warmth.

      By appointing Riddick as an advisor, Randall wanted to put chains to his legs. No matter how great of an actor Riddick was, he would have no way to act independently when he should directly answer the calls of Jedi.

        Praised by Randall and appointed by Jedi, Nicholas was full of pride. He knew that he wasn’t a match for Riddick in head on combat but did it matter, now as the vice general he held the power to directly order Riddick.

   “Riddick, Take these files and study them by tomorrow.” Nicholas handed a huge pile of files with a smirk of his face.

        Riddick put on a blank face and said, “Oh! Nicholas. I was thinking that I never interacted with you properly, we should probably meet tonight. Ah! These files, sure, sure I will do it for you?”

     Nicholas smile broadened before it became a smirk, with a proud voice he said, “Pathetic, as soon as I gain power you lower yourself to win my favour.
This is why you will never transcend me. You, a being of low birth can never transcend me, a true elite born in a noble family.”
       Riddick laughed and said, “I see, well let’s continue our talk tonight. I am sure we will have a LOT to discuss.”

        Nicholas was confused but he soon forgot about this incident as he was absorbed in the celebrations. That night Nicholas returned to his room and locked the door. His foot steps were heavy and his face was red with wine. He was heavily drunk but not enough to leave his reason behind.

         He wanted to enjoy tonight so he ordered two of his best mistresses to be present in his bedroom and ordered all the guards out. However, as he walked in he was stunned by the scene.

          Two women were on the floor, they were not breathing and were likely dead for a while while two men stood before their corpses smiling. Jedi and Riddick stood in the shadows watching Nicholas.

     Nicholas instanly understood that something was wrong so he turned around to run but stopped in his tracks as he saw a beautiful girl blocking the door, Sylvie.

       “What do you want and why are you betraying our master Jedi?” Turning around Nicholas shouted like a mad man.

      Ceasar shook his head and said, “I would have liked to explain everything to you in detail but we are short on time so let’s begin immediately.” Turning his head towards both Riddick and Sylvie he said, “No blood should be spilled here.”

        As soon as Caesar said these words, Sylvie rushed towards Nicholas with a ice cold sword in her hand. It was the deva class weapon, “Glacial soul sword”

        Nicholas maybe considered weak but that is only when comparing him with abnormality, Riddick but unlike Riddick other Beginner disciple will die like moths in his hands. Diplomatic skills may play a part but without actual strength to back it up, you can never become a commander.

      Nicholas twisted his body in mid air and moved his hand like a javelin. A sharp tearing sound was heard as his hand pierced the air and flew towards Sylvie.


      Sylvie let out a snort and her sword trembled spreading ice cold chillness around her, enveloping herself in the rising mist, she dodged the attack and her left elbow flew like like a hammer striking his chin with tremendous force.

      Nicholas staggered back but before he could regain his balance two pairs of hands held him in iron grip.

   “Don’t force me to be rough, Nicholas. We have to take you back intact so stay put.” Riddick whispered in Nicholas ear.

    “Enough of this, do it.” Caesar barked from behind.

    With a single stroke Nicholas was sent into a stupor and in the next instant was transported out of this world.

        Handing over Yama to Sylvie, Riddick and Caesar returned to their stations while Sylvie headed towards Rodriguez clan.

  That very night.

      “How dare you bastard?” A furious roar shook the entire strong hold as the inner chambers exploded under the mighty power of a divine disciple.

      Nicholas flew like a broken kite out of the rubble while Rodriguez followed at high speed. However, one could see that his entire right arm was bleeding and was most probably severely injured.


   “Block all exits.”

    “Who is he?”

         Loud angry shouts reverberated throughout the clan as one by one, all the major figures gathered near Rodriguez. Nicholas was unconscious and was as good as dead after talking the full brunt of damage from Rodriguez’s attacks.

      The commanders and the Crimson kings may all be at divine disciples level but the level of disparities between them was unimaginable. For example Riddick was able to easily over power Nicholas however, this is an impossible feat to achieve against Randall. This is because, all kings without exception are in the peak of their stage and some have even entered into the false breakthrough stage by forcibly stopping their own breakthrough.

     Against such power, forget about Nicholas even Riddick would be heavily injured. Caesar snorted coldly and shouted, “Identify him.”

        As ordered people began to identify Nicholas and as expected his Identity was confirmed immediately. Nicholas was a commander of Mist valley sect, this sent ripples through the camp.

     If the assassin is an ordinary member of the sect then none would dare to blame the sect but Nicholas was a commander. How couldn’t anyone not understand the consequences of harming a king. The Crimson contract signed by all the Crimson kings says that all internal struggles between themselves are prohibited and any breach to this rule would result in annihilation of the contract breacher.

     Caesar began to laugh madly as he saw Nicholas, with a wave of his hand, he beheaded him. Turning around he said, “Too naive and too rushed, you have dug your own grave Randall.”

    Raising his voice he shouted, “Contact all the kings and show this bastard as evidence. They must honour the contract and no good will shall be shown to the Mist valley sect until they are proven innocent.

       However, I dare say there would be nothing left of them till then. Since they tried to kill me, I will show them what is my true nature. Prepare yourselves fellows for we are going to war.”

     All the soldiers were initially stunned, however, they soon began to shout loudly in excitement. Immortal life is bland if they simply stand guard for decades together. Now they were allowed to rampage and thus, the entire Rodriguez camp came to life.

     But was the Rodriguez clan the only clan which shook that night. No, all the remaining eight Crimson kings were put in a tight spot by Caesar. The contract originally says that they should all unite to crush Randall but these kings knew the implications of going against Mist valley sect so they did the only thing they can do at that moment.

      They feigned ignorance and maintained their neutrality. This is what Caesar wanted to achieve. They wanted to help Randall but with the present circumstances, the best they could do was to remain hidden and let the Rodriguez and Randall fight between themselves.

    Under this circumstances, they were certain that Randall would win but was Caesar so ignorant. No, he wasn’t. Unknown to the eight Crimson kings, Thirty mercenaries clans, each despatched hundreds of Immortals just in time to join with the forces of Rodriguez preparing for war.

    This stirred trouble in the Deva palace, the Crimson kings were stunned and shocked by the hidden strength of Rodriguez. As they say never estimate a book by its cover, never underestimate an unknown enemy.

       If the shock of the remaining kings was huge, then Randall was stunned by a thunder. He had never imagined that he would be cornered in such a way by Rodriguez. He knew that this was a plot and Nicholas was definitely used to plot against him, yet, he couldn’t find anything to prove his theory.

      However, the only relief he had was that he was already done preparing for war. Never in his life, he had been so thankful for a single bit of information. If he wasn’t careful enough to organise his armies and effect barricades and barriers by now, the Mist valley sect would have definitely faced the most deadliest of situations by now.

     Randall forced his anxiety down and muttered, “If I kill Rodriguez when he comes to assassinate me, I will not only get a Crimson badge but will most likely be highly rewarded for my services.”

     “Oh! You already knew that I would be coming for your head Randall.” A voice rang out in the inner chambers and a figure slowly walked out of shadows followed by Riddick.

     Randall stood on his feet and shouted, “Rodriguez, why are you here? Shouldn’t you come tomorrow?”

       Caesar shook his head and said, “Surprised”

          Randall face twisted but soon he began to laugh wildly, with a loud bang he disintegrated the table and said, “Rodriguez, you fool. To think that you would dare come here by yourself. This is quite generous of you, I can kill you today and put an end to this war.”

      Riddick laughed and said, “And, how do you intend to do it Mr. Randall.”

     Randall snapped his finger and four figures flew out of shadows to land beside Randall. They were Jedi, Vernaut and two grey robed elders.

             Together, the hall held seven people of whom, Riddick was the only one who was still in Beginner disciple stage. His power may not rank the least but this hall alone had three monsters capable of killing him. Randall and the two elders of Mist valley sect.

      Riddick sighed and said, “As I thought, you betrayed us Vernaut.”

     Vernaut smiled and said, “Wasn’t that your plan all along Mr. Riddick.”

     “What?” Randall shouted at the top of his lungs.

             Vernaut smiled and said, “Mr. Randall, you indeed are an able king, however, Lord Riddick had been ahead of you from long ago.

     You see, I didn’t betray them technically because, the mission I got from Lord Riddick was to betray them by siding with you.”

             Randall mind was filled with confusion, he was being stunned again and again by today’s events. He could no longer understand the intention of Riddick. Why would they play with him if they simply want to kill him?

         What did Riddick get from Infiltrating his forces? What is the reason for making Vernaut betray him? Just what is the enemy thinking? He had no idea but he knew one thing for certain.

     He will understand anything as long as he survives today. With a shout he yelled, “Elders, be my flanks. Jedi protect my back.”

     The elders and Jedi moved in unison. They were all tensed and silence filled the air. However, suddenly.

   “Ahhhhhhhhhh!” Randall screamed in pain as a long rapier pierced him right through the heart.

        Randall coughed up blood and turned around with a bitter expression he asked, “Why? Why Jedi?”

     Jedi smiled and said, “Hmm, probably because I am not Jedi.”




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  1. for a while i am seeing more politics and less fighting….so i suggest you to pl read Chronicles of Tiger Immortal story in Royalroad to get some ideas….it’s a very popular saga since quite some time.


    • Well, this is the type of storyline I am following for now. As I see it, it should be good turn for both us and the story to have a story line with politics as these chapters immensely develops the character Caesar who is very important for future.

      However, the politics will be over soon. The next few chapters, I dare say you wouldn’t imagine.

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  2. Since they dared to kill me, I will show them what is my true nature. Prepare yourselves fellows for we are going to war.”

    Dared should be “tried” or maybe “dared to try”


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