Book 4 – Chapter 20 The Taste of true power

Author note : Hi guys, GSD REDDY here. I am back with the second chapter of the day.

     This is a regular chapter as well as an extra chapter done to celebrate our ONE MILLION VIEWS milestone. The original plan was to release both of these chapters at once but I didn’t want to keep you guys waiting.

      A Chapter which starts a crazy fight but you will get more dosage of Riddick  who had been sidetracked for a while in the upcoming chapters.




The Taste of true power :

      Jedi smiled and said, “Because I am not Jedi.”

        Randall mind went blank as he heard Jedi. However, before he could ask any further, his body began to contract and scream in pain. Though that heart strike didn’t kill him immediately, it was a lethal attack and any more delay in treatment will definitely lead to his death.

     So Randall screamed at the top of his lungs, “Elder Ji”
      The stunned elder recovered from his stupor and snorted coldly before emitting an intense energy wave from his body. This energy wave alone blasted off the entire inner chamber and threw Jedi on his knees like a rag.

     Rodriguez immediately moved his body and retreated at high speed while carrying Riddick like a cat in his arms. He knew very well that Riddick wouldn’t be able to survive that energy blast.

     Randall was carried by the other elder who immediately flew away. Riddick who saw this immediately sent through his divine sense, “Sylvie, Randall, he is on run. Kill him at any cost.”

          Away from the inner palace a girl stood on a tower looking coldly at the retreating figures. Suddenly her image flickered and she chased at high speed.

    The other elder who was carrying Randall was not as powerful as Elder Ji and being handicapped by Randall his speed was a lot slower. He saw Sylvie in a distance and cursed loudly, “Just who are these monsters? How can a single beginner disciple pressurise me, just what is happening here?”

        Randall who saw Sylvie behind them was immediately scared as he had long since knew of a terrifying God beast in Riddick’s possession who had a mysterious divine ability capable of killing divine disciples.

           Meanwhile in the inner chambers. Rodriguez stood in front of Elder Ji while Jedi and Vernaut stood pale faced behind him. One could see that both Jedi and Rodriguez were pale faced and their breathing was ragged. Caesar could control multiple people with his ability but the strain on him would increase with the level of his puppets. Controlling two divine disciples was already putting him in a tight spot but now, he has to fight with two bodies so his soul was naturally very strained.

        With a angry voice Caesar said, “You are a revered Peak divine disciple. Why would you lower yourself to participate in our trivial fights. Don’t you know the rules of Deva palace?”

            Elder Ji laughed loudly and said, “Enough of your bullshit Rodriguez. True, I am a peak disciple but what can you do about it? I was careless just now. I never thought that Jedi would be corrupted but now that I am serious. There is only one outcome I will accept. All of you will perish today.

           What will Deva palace do about it when there is no evidence that I interfered. Rodriguez, you really are a talented king but you were naive. Mist valley sect didn’t stay as kings among all sects simply because of our strength but because of our precautions. We assimilate whatever we can and if we can’t, we annihilate it.”

           Riddick recovered from his stupor and got up. He smiled bitterly as he gazed upon Elder Ji. Even though he acquired power that would let him dominate most of the divine disciples, it was no where near enough to even stand against a peak disciple.

      Vernaut who stood at the back raised his head and said, “Don’t be conceited Elder Ji. I have concrete evidence to prove that you were a divine disciple not too long ago so you had a breakthrough recently.

         At most you should have stepped into the realm of peak disciple just a few years ago. With three of us here, you will certainly die.”

       Elder Ji began to laugh madly as he heard Vernaut. Caesar began to frown as he heard Vernaut. He knew all too well the difference in being a divine disciple and a peak disciple. Being a former Deva how could he not understand that much.

     The requirements to break into a peak disciple level is that one should perfect a single thread of Dao and integrate it into themselves. This single fragment of Dao would give them power which would be eons apart from a normal breakthrough.

         Elder Ji stopped laughing and barked angrily, “Kid, you dare say that I will be defeated by a pipsqueak like you. Let me show you what is the difference between us.”

     His image flickered and appeared before Vernaut. Caesar immediately shouted, “No” His two bodies moved at high speed and tried to obstruct Elder Ji. However, Ji was too fast and even with Rodriguez’s cultivation of peak stage divine disciple and Jedi’s cultivation of Late stage divine disciple. It was impossible for them to match elder ji’s speed.
      Vernaut eyes constricted as he saw the moving image of Elder Ji. He knew that he cannot escape so he immediately withdrew his prised war hammer and struck him with all his strength. A loud explosion rang out and dust flew every where.

      Amidst the dust, Elder Ji stood laughed cruelly as he pulled out Vernaut’s heart. The war hammer was a mere peak disciple artifact so it couldn’t block the attack effectively and thus couldn’t protect Vernaut.

     Turning his head towards the stunned Riddick and Caesar he said, “One down.” Pointing his head towards Rodriguez he said, “You are next.”

     However before he moved a violent blast of energy enveloped the room and a concentrated blast of power swept towards him. Elder Ji instinctively dodged it.


        A incomparably loud explosion took place and the entire Qilin castle began to tremble under its assault.

       Elder Ji who narrowly escaped damage was stunned as he gazed at Riddick. He was certain about Riddick’s cultivation but that energy blast was already powerful enough to hurt him. Just what on earth was that energy. It was not an energy or technique of which he had the knowledge off.

       Riddick twisted his head and said, “Caesar since it has come to this. I will take care of him by myself but you should know the consequences of that. Send Jedi to control the forces, the Rodriguez army has started attacking and you, go help Sylvie. If Randall escapes alive then this will be all for naught.”

              Caesar nodded his head understandingly and said, “I will try to be back soon. I am sorry.”

       Riddick smiled and said, “No need. You already did more than enough for me.”

     The next instant both Rodriguez and Jedi flew off in separate directions under the control of Caesar. Elder Ji wanted to stop them but he couldn’t as an intense energy gathered around Riddick and an extraordinarily force suppressed his power.

        Elder Ji circulated his cultivation and frowned as he saw Rodriguez disappearing from view. He sighed and said, “Kid, how long do you think it would take me to kill you. I appreciate your courage and am quite frankly surprised by your power but still that is no where near enough to win against me.
           This aura or your unique mage force, all of which are a deadly force against divine disciples but against me they are useless. We have a huge fundamental difference in strength and no matter how talented you are, you can’t surpass that.”

        Riddick smiled and said, “Don’t worry Elder. Even if I am quite reckless, I am no fool to throw my life away. I may not be able to defeat you for certain but statistically speaking this is the ideal choice since I am using this.”

       With a flip of his hand, Riddick took out a single feather. On it was carved one single word, Power.”

        Elder Ji’s face became pale as he saw that feather. He knew all too well what it was, it was a divine token. With an angry shout he said, “Don’t get cocky kid. The minimum requirement to use a divine token is that you have to be a divine disciple yourself. Even then you would sustain great harm because your body cannot contain the power of a deva.

        If you use this with your cultivation base, you will die without a doubt. Don’t you dare?”

    Riddick smiled lightly and said, “Why do you care so much about me Elder Ji? Weren’t you going to kill me? Ah! Are you perhaps scared.”

      Elder Ji’s face twisted with anger, he immediately withdrew a long black sword and took a battle stance. He said, “The amount of power you can extract from a divine token depends on your cultivation base itself. I refuse to believe that your power will exceed mine after using it with your measly beginner disciple level.”

     Riddick lips trembled as he bit on the feather. It instanly flared and disintegrated however, that instant an incomparable amount of energy emitted from it and enveloped Riddick.

         Riddick cultivation base grew at astonishing speed. Mid Beginner, late Beginner, peak beginner and Early Divine disciple.

              It climbed through three levels and stopped at Early divine disciple level. Elder Ji who had been cautious of Riddick suddenly started laughing maliciously and ridiculed, “Ahahaha! Early divine disciple level. This is it! I was cautious of this and you dared to speak so highly of yourself. Now what will you do Riddick. I can still kill you like an ant.”

       Riddick who was immersed in observing his condition lifted his eyes and said in a serious voice, “Elder Ji, do you know how many divine disciples I killed when my power was at Beginner disciple level?”

        Elder Ji face contracted as he heard Riddick. He suddenly understood what Riddick was implying. Commonsense didn’t apply to Riddick. True, he could have killed any other divine disciple easily but can he kill Riddick? So he began to feel uneasy.

       Riddick face twisted as he gripped air within his palm. A loud pop sound rang out as the air inside exploded under the immense pressure. His teeth exposed he barked, “So this is how being overwhelmed by your own power feels like. This is how the cultivation power of divine disciple feels like. Haha….. Now, Ji, its your turn to feel despair.”

       Riddick body tensed for a split second and in the next instant he disappeared from his place. Elder Ji was stunned as he saw Riddick’s speed, his eyes tried to follow Riddick movements. They could indeed see Riddick but his body wasn’t fast enough to react.

     Riddick hand gripped his head and a loud shout emerged from Riddick’s mouth.


        With a force powerful enough to split mountains he threw Elder Ji like a ragged doll.


           The Qilin castle which was already trembling collapsed as Elder Ji flew out like a broken puppet. The entire army camp which was holding back the forces of Rodriguez clan was stunned into silence as an elder flew out of the Qilin castle and the castle itself collapsed.

          With blood flowing from the corners of his mouth, Elder Ji stood up after being thrown and dragged on ground for half a mile. His face was a mess and five finger marks were deeply etched into his white skin further showing the tyrannical strength of his opponent Riddick.

         Riddick flew out of this rubble and gazed at Elder Ji and the forces of the Mist valley sect. He raised his voice and shouted, “Kallied, begin.”

         A man who stood among the various mercenary lords raised his voice and said, “You heard our lord.”

       Instanly, hundreds and thousands of mercenaries mixed in with the army of Mist valley sect stabbed whoever was present before them. It was a revolt of all the mercenary clans who now worked for Riddick mediated through a single mercenary lord, Kallied.

     Gazing at the stunned and shocked Elder, Riddick said, “I am sorry Elder Ji, its nothing personal but I can’t let the Mist valley sect exist anymore. You have to die and so will any dog loyal to this sect.”


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  1. This energy wave alone blasted off the entire inner chamber and threw Jedi on his knees like a rag (sag.)????

    Just who are these monsters? How can a single beginner disciple (pressurise) me,

    Do you mean pressure or pursue.

    Thank you reddy.
    I almost forgot about the feathers.


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