About today’s chapter and a small announcement

Hello guys, GSD REDDY here.
           Somewhere in my comments, I mentioned two days ago that I would be taking an another leave from 8th September to 10th September but sorry, I wouldn’t be able to release a chapter today as well.

            Why? Because I have a exam tomorrow and I just did a self soul examination. The result was that I am super late in my studies according to my study schedule. So sorry.

          I would first like to apologise to Bluebala who generously donated for today’s chapter and all the readers who have been waiting for the chapter.

        I will try my level best to release the next chapter on September 10th but that would be the last day of my exams so I will definitely be dragged around by my buddies. So no promises.

      Yup, you heard right. September 10th will be the last day of my exams which in your opinion should have been going on for eternity ( mine too ). I would have preferred a break to go on a tour or something but I have already lived off your kindness for a long time so I will work my ass off in the upcoming post exam and pre-result period to deliver you guys as much Riddick/ Against the heavens I can produce on a quality basis. Also, expect a few chapters of the new novel as well.

    Thank you for the understanding and support.



12 thoughts on “About today’s chapter and a small announcement

  1. This might be too personal but I am really curious so I will ask anyway, if you don’t want to of course don’t respond. Anyway, what are you studying? You seem to work your ass off quite a bit…


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