Book 4 – Chapter 21 No where to run

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No where to run :

             Elder Ji who stood on the ground gazed at Riddick with cold eyes. He then started to laugh coldly as he noticed the betrayal of the mercenary clans. With a flip of his hand he retrieved a small jade slip filled with Mist.

    “Do you really think you are the only one who has a Divine token Riddick?” Elder Ji said with a small smirk on his face.

        Riddick face always held a type of majestic expression but that was just a facade. Inwardly he was afraid of Elder Ji because he knew that even with the help of Divine token he was no where near powerful enough to trample upon him and now Ji revealed his own trump card. A divine token as well.

        The various mercenary leaders along with Kallied who were all in the peak stage divine disciple level sucked in a cold breath as they saw Elder Ji using the divine token.

        Elder Ji laughed maliciously and said, “Riddick, I will now show you the might of a peak disciple using a divine token. You humiliated me and my sect” pointing at the mercenary heads, “These punks decided to side with you. Today, let’s see how any of you will escape from me alive.”

        Riddick facial expression didn’t change much, he still maintained his neutral expression. However, inwardly he was alarmed but still cool enough to think effectively. He had done all he can and now he had no more trump cards left. Since Riddick had nothing to turn the situation around, he decided to use his brains to win against an unwinnable enemy.

          With a loud voice Riddick ordered, “Leaders of the mercenary clans, you have allied with me and in accordance with the blood oath you made to me, you will now lend your powers to me.

      Today we may either win or lose but this man here should be dragged to the hell even if we have to lose our lives. Mark my words friends, we all have people we wish to protect and this man here will surely kill them all unless we stop him now. None shall be spared by his heart and even if you escape now, he will come to haunt you later.”

       Mercenaries always see profit in their work but they also value their comrades above anything. Riddick first bought them with wealth but he knew that he couldn’t convince them to stay with him and fight Ji to death with wealth alone so he trapped them into a predicament by forcing the fear of loosing their loved ones upon them.

       This was indeed a cunning strategy and the mercenaries as well as Elder Ji both realised it but they couldn’t shake off his words from their minds because, Riddick spoke the truth. Elder Ji will definitely kill them all to avenge his sect’s humiliation so the mercenary clan leaders sighed deeply in their hearts and rose into air. They were already sunk into the pit and thus they had no way left to escape.

          Elder Ji smiled lightly as he gazed upon the Mercenaries. All of them were in the peak stage of divine disciple level and were a force powerful enough to rival him at his original level of power but now, they were nothing in front of him. He was in the late stage of peak disciple level after using the divine token and the power of a late stage peak disciple was enough to wipe out a hundred divine disciples.

         Riddick sighed in his heart as he gazed at the mercenary leaders. He might have enticed them into joining the fight but he had no way to control their actions. They were all divine disciples and he alone was a beginner disciple and in this situation, it was easy to estimate who is going to be the leader.

         Elder Ji who stood at the opposite side laughed lightly and said, “True, I would have killed you all for your atrocities but that thought is a matter of past. Friends, your mercenary clans have killed thousands of my sect’s disciples but fear not, I am not so narrow minded to oppose you and increase my own losses.

         We both suffered much due to one person, Riddick. He enticed you and made you my sect’s enemy so it is only natural that we, the Mist valley sect would only forgive you after you brought us the head of the instigator behind this incident.”

       Riddick’s heart pounded wildly as he heard Elder Ji. The mercenary leaders immediately started to discuss between themselves and when they raised their heads, their eyes shined with determination and coldness. Their decision was obvious. Anyone could see who was going to win the war and as battle hardened veterans, they chose to believe Ji who had a higher chance of killing Riddick.

         Elder Ji noticed their decision and so did Riddick. With a laugh, Elder Ji said, “You betrayed and betrayed, killed and killed, now it’s your turn kid. Never think the heavens are favourable to only you, today, you will die without even lifting a finger against me.

     This is the true betrayal, the true form of wisdom. The mercenary leaders and the mercenary clans you hired to slaughter my sect will now slaughter both you and the forces of the Rodriguez clan.”

            Riddick who stood opposing ten peak divine disciples and a single late stage peak disciple gripped Yama tightly. No matter how much intense pressure he felt inside, his expression remained normal. However, his body still tensed and his eyes turned sharp as the silent air of death enveloped the surroundings.

      One out of the ten mercenary heads was Kallied but Riddick knew that Kallied will most probably abandon him in this situation because Kallied himself didn’t have the power to escape this predicament. If he foolishly chooses Riddick then he will die and so will his entire clan.

      With a bitter laugh, Riddick swallowed the immense danger closing on him and whispered lightly, “Sylvie, how is it on your side?”

      Sylvie who was still chasing the last Elder answered, “Caesar has just joined me master, I will come back soon so hang on.”

         Riddick smiled and said, “I see, then I will wait for you.”

          Riddick did indeed reply without a slightest change in his voice and his reply was very normal as well but Sylvie was connected to Riddick’s soul. She had always found Riddick’s soul to be exceedingly difficult to understand as it was like a complex maze with no exit but still, that few words alone transmitted a feeling of loneliness and helplessness to her.”

             Sylvie’s eyes brightened and an incomparable Golden glow spread around a diameter of one kilometre enveloping herself and the other Elder in it. Caesar was startled as he saw the image of an enormous Golden serpent appearing in the air. When the enormous serpent hissed, the Golden area of light was cut off from the world.

      Caesar was inside the Golden light but he wasn’t being targeted by it so he stood still dumbstruck as he understood the true power of Dao domain. The Dao domain wasn’t an attack but a realm, a deadly realm created by the power unique to Sylvie and in this realm the laws of heavens bowed to her.

       In it, she was the queen, in it her word was absolute and in that realm, when she utters the word, Kill, life bowes to her and leaves its host. This was Sylvie’s innate ability, the Dao domain where the truth of the universe, Dao itself bowes to her.

         Elder who held Randall in his arms collapsed like a broken puppet from the skies and Randall stood still in the air gazing stupidly at Sylvie who was now pale with exhaustion.

           Dao domain is indeed an innate ability which can shake the heavens but such great power does indeed have many restrictions. Sylvie was a mid stage beginner disciple and since she used Dao domain against the elder who was a late stage divine disciple, the recoil on her was very powerful. Technically, Dao domain doesn’t have any restrictions, even a beginner disciple can kill a deva but the recoil will kill her instead.

         Caesar who recovered from his stupor gazed at Sylvie who was panting heavily. With a shout she declared, “Caesar take care of Randall, I have to go.”

       Caesar knew Sylvie very well, though she may sound spoiled from time to time. In reality, she was very concerned and was almost like a mother when it comes to Riddick. The only one who can persuade her from ignoring Riddick’s orders was Riddick himself.

      With a snort Caesar drew his weapon and gazed coldly at Randall who was already injured. The chase did give him time to heal his injuries but they were certainly still painful. With such a disadvantage Randall knew that he cannot outrun Caesar so he too withdrew his weapon and decided to confront Caesar in a head-on fight.

      As Sylvie hurried back and as Caesar took the stance to kill Randall, Riddick waved his hand and drew Yama who transformed into a long sword signalling the start of the inevitable battle.

         Ten divine disciples who stood before Riddick were no kids, they were veterans who stood by themselves in the battle hardened world of Forbidden Isle. They knew the power Riddick grasped was unfathomable and also knew that simply engaging him in hand to hand combat was suicide.

          Thus, they all decided almost intuitively without any signal or a word of announcement. All of them unleashed their spiritual attacks simultaneously and bombarded Riddick from all sides.

         Spiritual attacks by themselves were lethal and according to normal logic, they should be able to kill Riddick who was technically still a beginner disciple. Yet, Riddick didn’t falter. An intense white energy emitted from his own body and formed an invisible shield around him.

“Bang” “Bang” “Bang”

             The shield was bombarded by multitude of attacks yet, it didn’t collapse. It was as sturdy as steel and any of the spiritual attacks attacking it dispersed like mist in front of that shield.

         In midst of that storm of attacks, Riddick stood pale faced as he faced these attacks. True, he was blocking them all but the strain on him was equally powerful. Suddenly he felt a gust of wind and Void called out loudly, “Careful.”


             A loud exposing rang out as Riddick flew like a cannonball and struck a tower on the other side of battlefield.

“Crack” “Crack” “Crack”

        Cracks spread through the tower and it collapsed with a loud noise. Everyone present sucked in a cold breath as they saw Elder Ji’s raised leg. They knew what kind of strength Riddick had and yet, a casual kick from Elder Ji blasted him off without letting him put up any resistance.

        A minute later, Riddick walked out of the collapsed ruins with a pale face. Amazingly he was still intact and alive but anyone could see that it was only limited to his exterior appearance.

            With a cold expression he gazed upon Elder Ji who only laughed and said, “Don’t look at me kid, I said that you will die today and won’t be able to lift a finger against me however, when did I say that I wouldn’t join the fight.

         No matter how you act, its obvious. Why don’t you open your mouth and spit the blood you cough up when I pummelled your lungs.”

           Riddick laughed bitterly as he heard Ji, no matter how he acts it was indeed a waste because everything Ji said was true. He was hurt and the injury would have been only worse if not for void’s timely warning.

          Elder Ji raised his hand and withdrew a long sword, with a smug face he said, “It hurts doesn’t it, getting pummelled by someone. You always act snobbish and arrogant but now look at your self. Let’s see how you would escape from this predicament. Surrounded by my army, my sect, my territory, overpowered and alone, today, here, you will die just like a dog you called us to be.”




25 thoughts on “Book 4 – Chapter 21 No where to run

    • Well, fate was cruel. Life always doesn’t go the way we want it to. He was lucky with Lyon, with Rodriguez but now………. Guess what? Wait for the next chapter. It is going to be epiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiic. Hehe……


    • I like CD and I won’t lie, it inspired me to write this novel. Recently however, I am quite pleased with ISSTH and honestly I am fed up with BTTH. I have yet to reach a conclusion about ATH. One thing I don’t understand is that why would I get the comments complaining that everything is going as my MC wants it to happen when my story has tragic stories in every book excluding book 1. XiaoYan is by far the luckiest guy who gets everything he wants in his courtyard, not that I am complaining but I wonder what are your thoughts about the way the other authors write their works.

      Your opinions may help me as a fellow author who is trying to walk in their steps.


      • All this complaining about “lucky bastard Riddick” are false.

        About Xiao Yan. I read the raws till chapter 900 and it will be pretty hard for him. ;_;


      • I see, well then I am sorry for my complaining as well. I always feel jealous when I see people who can read Chinese. Ahhhhhhhhhh! I could have read so much of only I knew Chinese. However, I tried to read MTL and did indeed read upto volume 39 of LMS a long time ago which pretty much ruined my brain so I never dared to try it again.

        Good for you Johnny.


      • I didn’t like BTTH… Anyway, I have read most xianxia that are translated in English so I do have some food for thought. I am fed up with MGA, it always does the same thing all the time (He is underestimated, does something “bad ass”, everyone goes OMG HE ISN’T HUMAN!! Power ups, rinse and repeat..) Don’t do that, seriously I have read quite a bit of MGA and I don’t think it’s a bad novel it is just the worse xianxia imo. I don’t see any problem with your work really, especially as it isn’t finished. When people say everything goes the MC’s way it is like that everywhere. For example CD (I love CD) everything went Linleys way, he found the coiling dragon ring super fuckin easily and for a while it is never explained why the hell it was there. Until later on where we know that it was the clan founders ring. Your MC meets Void and gets powers which some can say he got too easily from my point earlier thats bull shit because we have no idea who exactly our MC is yet (Story isn’t done) same for why he gets help. Well this was a long post… Btw I am LegacyBot on a different computer. I don’t know why that matters but yeah…


      • People are just complaining to complain now. It wasn’t a big problem until a few people mentioned and then all of a sudden everyone was saying it. Even I was just enjoying xianxia and then one day, I read that and I was like “Ya, that’s true, it is a bit too easy for these guys”, but I realized, I wasn’t complaining about it until then?

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  1. Ok there is something i don’t understand which is that when Riddick tested Kallied’s loyalty by threatening him Kallied didn’t betray him even though he was in a similar hopeless situation as this yet now he doesn’t hesitate for a second to betray Riddick???


  2. nice chapter
    next chapter will be awesome
    riddick has to revert the situation
    and show them why they should not underestimate him
    awesome story
    thanks for the chapter


  3. ok, dont get me wrong i like the story, but it seen it is always the same with him always going against people way more powerful than him, doesnt matter how much he progress


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