Ladies and Gentleman, I, GSD REDDY am glad to inform you all that I have successfully finished all my exams. The past two months have been Hell for both of us and I am glad that you still haven’t abandoned me.

Now, for today’s main topic. Recruitment.

          I am now inviting personal to join forces with me to make my work more presentable. I did receive offers from a few people before but believe me, I never accepted any not because I am unwilling to cooperate but rather because I was hesitant to drag everyone around with my tight and irregular schedules.

         Now that I am done with my exams, I can most probably do everything regularly.

Now, what do I want?

      To be truthful, I don’t expect much response to this post, I mean, would any one be willing to be my editor/proofreader. I don’t know but if you are then please send me an email at

          What I want from you guys is simple. What I lack most is English grammar. Thus, I want you to be to knowledge enough to edit and even enlighten me about various things. I would prefer if you have some prior experience but if you don’t have any, its fine. Everyone starts at some point.

           So, taking the above matters into consideration, I want us to be clear of all facts before we start working together. You can send me a mail, informing me about yourself and about your requirement.

Q) What are your requirements?

                Now that my exams are done, it is highly possible that I would be writing a chapter each day or may be more depending on the generous sponsors. My  average word count is 2000 words per chapter. Taking these into consideration, I want you to inform me, how many chapters are you willing to edit and which days, time and method would you like the most.

          You can ask me about various issues as well. I am quite ignorant about the editor/proofreaders community and do not know the unspoken rules so if there are any, please feel free to ask me the most basic of things you would expect from any other author.

     Every editor who edits a chapter will of course be honoured at the beginning of that chapter. When I do publish a book which I intend to do, I will honour you again as one of its editor. This will be final and no matter how many revisions, the chapters or the books itself may have, your name will always stay on it.

                  Thank you for reading and if you willing to participate. Don’t worry, I am fine, if you can edit only only on weekends, if you can only edit only two chapters per week. If you can only work leisurely with no possible time limit or you want something in return from me for your work. I am fine with all the conditions so please contact me and let’s hope we will be working together.

        Ah! I know what you want to know. Yes, my exams are finished and I am technically free but my day is really packed. I am going to a movie now with my buddies followed by a small party to celebrate our successful completion of first year. ( the results aren’t up yet but do we care? No, we don’t )

         I will try, I mean I really will but sigh… I think, the possibility is slim but still, you can put about 25% of your hopes on me. Anything more is not advisable.



17 thoughts on “IMPORTANT and RECRUITMENT

  1. Congratulations on finishing your exams, If I was confident of doing a good job for you I would volunteer, however my punctuation and grammar are not the best.


  2. Good job on surviving the hell. Alas though I would apply but I am busy with schools and sports so I wouldn’t have time and on top of that I suck at punctuation.


  3. You should put this post on RRL as well. At least there isn’t any reason not to, more people will see it (probably) so you will get more applicants…


  4. Yo reddy:
    I would like to proofread as i’m quite poor as a pupil and can hardly donate, BUT…
    I’ m starting my second to last year of school next week, meaning i’ll not have that much time.
    Even tho i’m no native speaker i’d say i’m quite good with english.
    I’m bad at editing tho… πŸ˜‰

    So… If you find someone else, i wouldn’t have any problem with that, but IF you miss a proofreader (who will try his best to edit^^) i can help you out, at least till someone more experienced/bettrr finds.

    Keeep up the great work.


      • Great πŸ˜€
        If you run low on pr’s anytime you can still pn me on RR πŸ™‚
        Z Ade there, too

        And thanx for that great story, personal NR1 together with chronicles of the tiger immortal πŸ˜€


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