Book 4 – Chapter 22 A drop of blood

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A drop of blood :

        In the midst of the battlefield Riddick stood with a blood dripping sword, raising his head he gazed upon thousands of enemies who were ready to pounce upon him like wolves. His face, smeared with blood, his muscles, strained by heavy blows and his chest, scarred with sharp sword energies, he stood there awaiting his fate.

          His logic told him that he had no way to escape or reverse this situation but life is a strange thing. As soon as he understood that he will die regardless of his struggle, he should have discarded struggling and choose an easy death but he didn’t, he choose to struggle, struggle until death, struggle until the last ounce of strength leaves his body.

              His experiences, his life, his struggles, his suffering, his sorrow, his
love, his hate, his family, his comrades, Void and Yama, everything he ever gained with his own hands stood with him as he decided to defy his prefixed fate.

         Riddick stood tall and adamant to kneel towards his fate because he was not yet ready to die, he was not yet ready to admit because he was not yet ready to accept his fate. The heavens were cruel to him and the fate spitted on him when Ji appeared before him. At this exact moment Riddick remembered the words Void spoke a long time ago.

    “The Heaven will be cruel to you and it will always try to shatter your dream. It will do all it can to make you kneel before it, it will shatter you hope and throw you into despair. However, you won’t be alone if you accept my offer. Say kid, Will you form a contract with me? Together, we shall oppose and conquer the heaven itself.”

            A savage smile appeared on Riddick’s face as he remembered Void’s words. Void warned him before but never in his wildest dreams did he ever think that someone can manipulate the fate itself but if they can do it, it only proved that fate can be manipulated.

       If fate can be manipulated then wouldn’t he able to escape fate. Was there a way to escape it, was there a way to live. If there is one, then Riddick decided that he would grab it, he only had minutes left but one second is enough to change his fate.

        Elder Ji who stood high in the skies observing Riddick began to frown as he saw Riddick smiling savagely. He originally wanted to enjoy Riddick drowning in despair and finally kill him with his own hands but a strange feeling suddenly enveloped his heart.

        He raised his head and saw the violent skies, he couldn’t pinpoint it but his soul was trembling as seconds passed. He felt as if he was an insignificant insect in front of that magnificent presence who was observing him from unknown heights.

      He involuntarily gazed back at Riddick who was fighting tens of Immortals at the same time. With a thoughtful face he said, “Does Heavens want me to kill him? Why?”

       At the same time, inside Riddick’s sea of consciousness. The Great lightning dragon slowly opened its eyes and gazed at the sea surrounding it. The sea was filed with white fog which rolled like waves, occasionally, golden yellow specks of light could be seen among the white fog.

           Suddenly a single green speck entered the sea of consciousness. This single green speck started to multiply and began to invade the sea of consciousness. However, it covered away from the soul world as the great lightning dragon coiled and stood guard. These specks of green light was the Deva power of the divine token which was beginning to invade and corrupt Riddick from inside.

      If it was any other beginner disciple then he would have died as soon as his body touched deva class power but Riddick’s body survived this violent energy. However, Riddick body had a limit as well and soon this limit would be reached.

       Riddick knew this and yet, decided to use the divine token because he was confident that he can take care of Elder Ji or in the worst case scenario escape with the help of the Yamaloka but the situation reversed and now his body was going to receive a severe recoil strong enough to kill him.

          The dragon who observed this green specks in the sea of consciousness narrowed its eyes and whispered, “Father, we have no other choice. Neither of us can help him now.”

       Deep inside a dark dimension, a huge presence which was in slumber slowly opened its eyes. A dark Crimson light escaped from its opened irises. With wisdom and power rivalling the ruler of Heavens, the being bypassed an entire universe to see the fight going on in an insignificant planet on the edges of the life ring.


        A small growl resounded throughout the entire dimension as this mighty being’s face twitched in anger. The two limbs which laid on one another for unknown eons of time slowly moved as it rose to its feet. It’s eyes which held inconceivable wisdom opened widely as it uttered a single word, “Break”

             That single word reverberated throughout the entire dimension until it reached the depth of its entirety. There thirteen huge balls of unknown entities stood guard around a single speck of black light. Among the thirteen balls, two balls which were among the smallest and the least intimidating of all were cracked and a single line of power flowed from them into the ground.

      The power which travelled throughout the entire space in the form of a single word, “Break” finally came to this corner and bombarded with the last of the thirteenth spheres. This sphere was big, too big, big enough to contain the entire plane of Asgard within it. This enormous sphere trembled violently and a single crack formed on its surface out of which, a single drop of blood leaked out and flowed like a drop of water on its surface until it fell on the floor only to be absorbed by it.

       In Riddick’s sea of consciousness, the lightning dragon turned its head and observed the soul world. He knew what was going to happen, he knew that Riddick wasn’t ready for this yet, he had to do it because he was afraid to lose Riddick again.

        Riddick’s body which was already on the edge of collapsing started to spasm as it couldn’t take the recoil caused by using a divine token. Taking advantage of this the the mercenary leaders attacked him without any hesitation.

        Riddick eyes were bloodshot as he tried to regain his balance. Elder Ji who was observing the skies as if he was in a stupor shook his head. He didn’t understand why a lord of such power would observe this insignificant fight but if the lord was interested then he couldn’t let him wait. So he ordered, “Enough, kill him now.”

         Riddick pupils contracted as he heard Ji. Suddenly Kallied accelerated without any warning and tightly grabbed Riddick in his arms. With a low whisper he said, “I can at most stop them for ten seconds, run now. No matter what you have to live and if possible avenge me.”

         Elder Ji who was watching Kallied intently from the very beginning snorted coldly before he transformed his energy into a ray of light and pierced the escaping Kallied with his arrow. The arrow was drawn with the full power of his cultivation base and within a span of a second, Kallied face contracted as his body spasmed and slowly collapsed.

      Riddick stood before Kallied as he fell on the ground, dead. His eyes were bloodshot as he thought about how Kallied kept his promise even in this situation. Kallied never wanted to betray him and when he finally listened to Ji’s order. He made an attempt to save Riddick yet, the fate was cruel to him as he died an unjust death.

           Riddick’s heart ached at Kallied’s death and his helplessness. His whole life Riddick had never been in a position to save others, he watched as his enemies controlled him, tortured him, drowned him in despair. After becoming an Immortal he finally felt that he had enough power to protect his loved ones and himself but Kallied died right in front of him proving that he was wrong yet again, He was still weak.

         Elder Ji laughed coldly and said, “Don’t be so sad kid, this is just the beginning. Soon, I will kill that girl of yours as well. She is really pretty so many men here would love to taste her.

        You exceeded your station and tried to acquire something that is not within your reach. A servant can only be a servant, he shouldn’t dream to become a king. You, a mere kid with a little power tried to eliminate my entire sect so this is your punishment. This is the will of Heavens, you will die and there is nothing in this entire universe which can change this fact.”

           Riddick body started to visibly spasm and his internal organs began to rupture as they could no longer sustain the violent energy of divine token. Right at this moment, in his soul world where, the thirteen black masses stood silently, a single drop of blood leaked from the thirteenth and the final black mass.

         This drop of blood was very mild but as soon as it touched the walls of soul world, a terrifying stream of energy passed through the entire soul world and reached the sea of consciousness.

     That crimson light streaked past the Golden lightning dragon who bowed its head in respect and fear. As soon as the Crimson drop reached the body, it dissolved completely and an image was transmitted to Riddick’s mind which was occupied with bitterness and anger.

           The image was of a man and a woman who stood on top of a great hill, surrounded by hundreds of thousands of beheaded warriors.

       Riddick mind blanked out as he saw the image because he was not focussed on the man itself but rather he was stunned by the woman who stood behind the man, she was Vera. He was again stunned as he gazed at the sword in the man’s hands, it was Yama.

             He didn’t understand, rather he couldn’t understand anything more because the image disappeared but a single script of words were imprinted in his mind. It stated one thing, “The Heaven is the ruler who rules over everything. The Heaven is the creator who creates everything but you, you are the one entity who can make the Heaven kneel because you are the master of Void.”

          That second, the drop of blood released the energy contained within itself.

“Whoosh!” “Whoosh!” “Whoosh!”

               Wind blew violently as the plane of Asgard trembled, the land shook while the sky cracked. The Forbidden Isle which housed hundreds of devas began to cover in fear as a terrifying presence covered it.

        Riddick who opened his eyes was a completely different being, with Crimson hair and Crimson irises extremely similar to the presence in that dimension. He coldly gazed at Ji and said, “You……Who are you?”


Note : Firstly, I understand your reactions. This chapter according to me is an astonishing chapter which holds several secrets within it. It’s upto you if you can see through them all.

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28 thoughts on “Book 4 – Chapter 22 A drop of blood

  1. Thanks for the chapter, found a few things here which i hope i can make some correct assumptions.
    The man who stood beside Vera is Riddick’s former self.
    Riddick also controlled Void and Yama in his pervious life.
    The 13 Entities inside Riddick(soul?) is 12 Zodiak animals + 1 commander(?)


  2. Reddy I believe you should hold off on the 1 ‘new’ project (side project right?) Till you are finished with tag.

    When I say hold off I mean don’t publish any chapters just save them. The reasons being is one, it doesn’t stretch you too thin. Two we can focus on riddick. Three I’m selfish and I want more riddick T.T Four we all get 3 rev chapters of riddick instead of two. hehe.

    You should write the chapters of your side story and save them so when riddick is finished you’ll have a bunch of chapters to give us. I told you I’m selfish

    Also AWESOME chapter! But it makes me suspicious of void even more….it seems like he is cultivating riddick to snatch his body =-0


    • Hmm, I will think about your suggestion. The reason I came up with 2 ATH + 1 side project chapter is because people are asking for it. However, if you are not interested then there is no meaning for my efforts so I will decide anything based on your interests only.


    • Hi Jack, welcome to reddycreations. I know this chapter has too much content and believe me it has much unexplained content hidden within it as well. It took me a lot of time to figure out how to present this chapter and make it look understandable.


  3. Wait just being sure so you’re going on another hiatus/break for 20 days and it’ll start tomorrow or what? also the that chapter though…


    • No, I am not going on a hiatus. I am currently enjoying my holidays or at least that should have been the case but I am packed. At the end of the chapter was my schedule for the next 20 days.


      • Oh okay i just didn’t really registered in my mind because sometimes i go in stupid mode. Also thanks for the chapter!


  4. epic chapter
    epic plot
    that quote about them not wanting to lose riddick again
    and that riddick is the master of void
    the flashback that showed vera and yama in sword form
    so many speculation enought to give a headache
    awesome story
    hope that riddick is the reincarnation of the man on the hill
    thanks for the chapter


  5. When Vera first kissed Riddick I thought (ohh they were lovers in his past life), then they started talking about his grandpa and I was like (ohh his grandpa is op and people see the same potential in Riddick 2, thinking the past life thing is wrong). Now this chapter came and im thinking (arrgg is it that him and his grandpa are the same after his grandpa died he is reincarnated into his grandson??!!) I just don’t know anymore, which is good, I don’t like it when novels make the end game so obvious, as long as it makes sense with no loop holes.

    Really loving everything your doing, and I hope you keep at it your really good.


  6. Why, why, why the cliff, greatRed? TT_TT… It broke my total immersion, it was good until Riddick become crimson peprson… my feeling when it end, “Thats it? Where the rest?” Urghh!!!! Haih~~~~~ no matter, wish for a new chaps in next few days… Oh! By the way, G.Red. Thanks for the chapter!! It is so good that I can Immerse it in my head as if there a movie scene….


  7. Some possible adjustments?:
    Does Heavens want me to kill him? -> Do the Heavens want me to kill him?
    The Heaven*s* will be cruel -> see the last section of this post
    However, Riddick body -> However, Riddick’s body
    Riddick yet, the fate was cruel to him -> Riddick yet, fate was cruel to him
    as it touched the walls of soul world, -> as it touched the wall of his (or “the”) soul world
    The Heaven is the ruler who rules over everything. The Heaven is the creator who creates everything but you, you are the one entity who can make the Heaven kneel because -> Not sure if you are referring to Heaven as an individual or in a broader sense.

    Loved the chapter 🙂


    • People…. From my university. This type of combined project is done by randomly selecting people so I may have to work with some shit head I never talked to or some girl with high heels and a pushy boyfriend in her lap. Well only God knows who was selected in my group of nine. Hope they are good else I would be compelled to do more work than necessary.


  8. Hey Pleeasse give me another chapter I beg you…! Lol also CHECK OUT A SOFTWARE CALLED “GINGER SOFTWARE” this will greatly improve any spelling or gramatical errors you have when you want to proofread. After that you will barely need any fine tuning or it will be really minor. Hope that helps you.


    • Currently I am half done writing the chapter. I am late today but I will definitely release a chapter in a few hours. Sorry for the delay and thank you for the advice. I will definitely check it.


  9. Can’t understand the viewpoint of Riddick suffering under cruel fate and elder Ji being the bad guy. It was Riddick who scheemed, plotted and murdered without being provoced due to greed. Now his plans didn’t work out and he starts whining. ntw can’t he use hell devour anymore and replenish his power and heal? in the long run he should be able to outlast even a peak disciple.


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