Book 4 – Chapter 23 Change due to a memory

Author note : Hi guys, GSD REDDY here and I am back with an another chapter.

       This chapter is sponsored by our suuuuper sweet and very generous donor, BLUEBALA of U.S. So guys, join me in a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig round of applause to thank Bluebala for his generosity.

         I was just able to barely complete this chapter on time. According to my calculations, this chapter is important for the setting of the next book. I don’t know if you have guess correctly but yup, the next book will be interesting for you and challenging for me as I am going to touch upon a different shade of Riddick. ( I don’t know but I think you are going to like the future Riddick and beware, for you will fully understand the reason why I put the mature tag for this novel in the next book. )




Change due to a memory :


               Riddick gazed coldly at Elder Ji and said, “Who are you?”

           Elder Ji stood stunned at the spot, he was trying to link Riddick with the weird energy which suddenly descended on the Forbidden Isle. However, he couldn’t find any link as Riddick still had the power of a divine disciple only but he failed to notice that no deva class power was emanating from Riddick.
      Riddick continued and said, “Who the fuck are you to determine my fate?” The question was not only directed to Ji but rather it was directed to the will which was observing the situation from heavens.

              Elder Ji awoke from his stupor and backed away a hundred metres before he began to estimate the current situation. He didn’t understand how Riddick managed to survive that backlash but Ji only smiled as he calculated the cultivation level of Riddick.

               Even if Riddick had a weird power unknown to him, it didn’t change the fact that Riddick was still in divine disciple stage while he had the cultivation level of a peak disciple. So Ji relaxed a little and his gaze immediately turned cold.

     Riddick who had awoke from his anger and suffering was like a new person. His mind was no longer thinking about Ji or any of the thousands of Immortals before him, it was thinking about Vera. His complete soul was drowned in the love he felt towards her.

       He was just a boy who didn’t even completely understand love when he was kissed by her. His first love, his first mentor, his first protector, Vera was an existence who can never be separated from Riddick.

       However, what Riddick felt was not only love, he felt jealously, he felt anger and finally he felt bitter. He saw a man beside Vera, at first he didn’t mind it but soon he began to wonder his Identity. The man was tall, strong and had an air of a tyrannical strength which can rule over the heavens.

          The other thing he didn’t understand was why was he carrying Yama. Riddick was no fool, he knew who Yama was and could understand that the man was most probably Yama’s previous master. This arouse suspicion in his heart. Why was he given Yama who can definitely be ranked as a heavenly treasure.
     Was he a replacement?

     Was he a fooled by Void? Or
      Was he fooled by Vera? Was her love a facade to win him over?

     Who was Void?

      What is happening to my body? What is that drop of blood which invaded my entire body? Whose blood is it?

        Questions sprouted like a cyclone in his heart yet, he was afraid to ask Void about them. Why? Because he knew that in his life, in his dreams and even with all entire soul, Riddick believed in Void. What would be remaining in his life if he had been living in a lie all his life?

        He didn’t know, no, he didn’t want to know. He wanted to believe in Void, he wanted to believe in Vera and he wanted to believe that trust existed in this world. Kallied died for him, he died for a single promise. Didn’t this prove that trust can exist? Riddick wanted to believe that Void was the same, he wanted Void to be the person whom he thought he knew about? He decided to believe that Vera truly loved him and decided that his life was not a lie.

             Drowned in his thoughts he didn’t notice the growing impatience in Ji’s eyes. Ji was cautious because he didn’t want to be ambushed but anger began to replace his cautiousness as he noticed that Riddick had completely ignored his existence.

       Who was he? Even before he became a peak disciple he was a venerable elder of the Mist valley sect and with his hidden status as the sect’s trump card, he was never ignored even by Hectar himself but here, Riddick was ignoring his existence.

          Anger began to roll like waves in heart and power began to emanate from him in correspondence. He had given enough time to Riddick and was no longer in a mood to argue with a fucking divine disciple.

         All his power congregated into one arrow as he raised his hand and threw it without any warning or sign. His intention was clear, he was going to kill Riddick then and there.

        Riddick who was immersed in his inner thoughts suddenly raised his eyes as he felt an enormous surge or energy. The arrow was fast and it contained within it an incredible amount of power. 

        Usually Riddick would have been thrown into a deadly situation if he encountered a power of such magnitude but now he simply raised his hand and caught the arrow just before it pierced him.

       “What the fuck?” Elder Ji involuntarily shouted as he saw Riddick stopping his most powerful attack with his bare hand.


         Several gulping sounds reverberated throughout the battlefield as the Immortals who knew Riddick well enough to understand the implications of this  exchange. Riddick was cruel. That was the only definition they knew about him.

         With cold eyes Riddick glanced at the arrow struggling in his hands and as soon as he saw the arrow, his mood shifted entirely. His mind filled with confusion and jealously was enveloped with anger. He suddenly remembered Kallied and his death which was caused by that very arrow.

       Riddick would have been afraid of Ji if he was the same he had been an hour ago but now even the thought didn’t cross his mind. He didn’t understand why but he knew that this had to do with the Crimson drop of blood.

             That Crimson drop not only consumed the entire deva class power within his body but it reformed his body from atomic level. However, the major change wasn’t related to his body but to his psyche. That drop of blood completely changed his psyche because of the one memory it implanted in his mind.

        True, Riddick was more focused on the Vera and the man before her but his mind registered everything that was in the memory. He knew that battlefield as if he had seen everything with his own eyes. What was the most eye-catching thing in that entire battlefield?

         It was not Vera, it was not the man before her nor was it the blood dripping Yama. It was the corpses of hundreds of thousands of Immortals who covered the entire battlefield and piled up like mountains. Each and every corpse within that battlefield had one thing in common, they were all beheaded and that too without any exception.

        They were beheaded by the man who stood alongside Vera. Riddick who always thought that he knew the true nature of people and the way to survive was enlightened by this memory. This memory not only served to remind him of Vera, it served him as a scale.

      Riddick had to gain the power of that person, no, he had to surpass that person if he wants to take back Vera from his grasp. That one memory showed that he was no where at his level. Can he win against hundreds of thousands of Immortals alone? Can he behead them without blinking an eye? Did he have the resolution to do that?

        He didn’t but, Riddick eyes emanated a never before seen coldness. Why should he care about the world? Why should he care about lives? Why should he even care about anyone? His life is the only thing that was important in this universe, he will let all those who love him live and anyone who threatens him will die.

       Let the world ridicule him, let the world fear him, let the world judge him. Everything will be resolved and every sin of his shall be called a boon as long he wins in the end. That was the truth he learnt from that one memory.

          With a crunch sound, the power filled arrow dissipated like mist in his hands. Raising his head Riddick said, “One minute.”

               Elder Ji felt a chill go down his spine as Riddick crushed his arrow. However, he had no time to recover as Riddick disappeared right in front of his eyes.

        A hand suddenly appeared in front of his eyes and tightly grabbed his face. Enraged with anger Ji shouted loudly and said, “Ahhhh! Don’t think that it will work twice you motherfucker.”

     However his complaint was cut short as Riddick’s pressed Ji’s eyeballs with the force of a mountain and crushed them like eggs.

   “Ahhhhhhhhhh!” Ji screamed in pain. He could still feel Riddick standing before him but he couldn’t feel any signs of pity in his actions. He just knew that he would lose his life if he delays any further so he shouted, “Kill this bastard.”

         A mercenary leader who stood closest to Ji instantly released a surge of energy towards Riddick. This huge blast of energy did finally force Riddick to release Ji but in that second he disappeared again.
      The mercenary leader, Kelvin of Iron sand clan scanned the surroundings with absolute concentration yet his eyes didn’t detect Riddick until a elbow appeared just inches away from his chin.

     Riddick was fast, astonishingly fast. His body reformed by the drop of blood was like a killing machine. His entire entity was redesigned to kill and his mind sharpened by desire was like a raging fire which would never show any mercy or consideration to anyone in its way.

            Blood splattered as Kelvin’s chin became a paste under the hellish strength of that elbow. Despair entered Kelvin’s eyes as he saw Riddick. He didn’t utter a single word but his eyes spoke of a thousand emotions. They spoke of his life and his future yet, Riddick’s eyes only spoke of coldness.

         Why should he care about someone who tried to kill him? Riddick hand which blasted the chin of Kelvin turned around and grabbed his head within it.


           A clear crack sound resounded throughout the silent battlefield as Riddick twisted his hand, twisting Kelvin’s head. Life seeped out of Kelvin’s eyes as he fell dead.

      Riddick turned towards Ji who was frantically trying to cure his eyes and said, “30 seconds”

       This time Riddick didn’t disappear, instead he slowly flew towards Ji. Eight mercenary leaders, twenty commanders, thousands of Immortals watched with opened mouths, dried throats and shivering hearts as Riddick arrived before Ji.

     Ji had never feared anyone all his life. He never dreamed that he would see himself shivering in his own sect that too before a mere kid who just reached his twenties. Ji always had the confidence that he would win but he suddenly began to dread Riddick.

         The current Riddick wasn’t even releasing his aura, he wasn’t using Hell devour and he even left out Yama. This was his raw power, this was the raw anger hidden within him and he wanted to unleash it with his own hands. He wouldn’t be satisfied without letting his hands crush Ji by themselves.
     Ji shivered and asked, “How? Why? Why am I shivering?”

      Riddick started coldly at Ji and grabbed his head with both hands. He brought his head closer and whispered, “Now, don’t tell me you don’t know what fear is?”
        Before Ji can think again, his mind was electrocuted. Tossing his body aside Riddick glanced at the terrified Mist valley sect. His eyes were bright red and paired with his Crimson hair, he was truly like a devil who was going to drag them all to Hell.







48 thoughts on “Book 4 – Chapter 23 Change due to a memory

  1. epic
    each chapter this story only gets better and better
    awesome story
    riddick badass
    nice touch with the crimson hair
    it make riddick look even more epic
    thanks for the chapter

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  2. I already have an idea of what its going on(if I am right this isn’t going to happen) bit just in case plz no NTR. I love your story but if you write NTR then I will stop reading it.

    -thanks for the chapter


  3. This chapter was…… well, imo thw twist is good and all the memory is thing is better but…. I don’t know why and my self dont even know why I felt this chapter was… Too regretful, too… disappointed. (Try yourself reading this chapter and immerse with it.). Oh well, the feeling aside. THANKS FOR THE CHAPTER, GREAT RED!!


      • Nope, I respect everyone’s opinion and you know, I knew that some people wouldn’t like this turn.
        Then do you know why I still continued with this idea?
        First, I think I did a pretty good work depicting my world. Here, people die and people kill without any major reason.
        So I had to make my MC suffer and understand that being a greenhorn wouldn’t save his life.
        Q) Why does my world have so much violence?
        * What do you expect from people with unlimited powers, do you expect them to be saints and let people live. Na, I don’t.
        One thing I never understood in CD is why would people stronger than linley get away until he becomes strong Enough to kick their assess. No, in my novel did I ever show you a scenario where the future enemy leaves Riddick alive without any specific reason. No they don’t, here people kill even if they aren’t sure of other person’s Identity just as an insurance.

        Thus, Riddick had to change but don’t you worry. Nothing is permanent including hatred and cruelty.

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      • Hahaha, I knew. Just saying my feeling I felt when Im immerse in reading. The feeling was to be blunt ‘too dramatic” on some readers perception. Including me. But the chapter still good none the less. To be precise, Too Good with the emotions in it. If there any readera out there that “Immerse” in their own world during reading someone story, while in that state, Each world was used to “construct” the world within our (my) Imagination. Like watching action movie, anxious, anticipation, mostly… wonder… “Where would this world lead me to?” Everytime at the end of chapter… Hahaha, sorry G.Red. Just want to emphasize that your story “depth” almost like an abyss, with those emotion at every (or certain) chapter..


      • Hmm, I think having depth is good. It gives my story a uniqueness among other similar works. One of the reasons for such dramatic words or scenes is because I first imagine my chapter and write down everything I think is worth mentioning including the facial expressions.


      • Agreed. Every story have their own unique-ness. (^_^) Lol to me flr the word. Still, that what I love your story. With those emotion at every chapter.. As a reader, salute.. I know it hard to describe the feeling of every emotion with word (Had tried before). With every chapter have those thing almost impossible (for a newb like me) yet you did it, cheers.


  4. thnks a lot BLUEBALA of U.S & gsreddy.I also feel a little bit of regret after reading this chapter.i felt like that their should be some revelation about that dragon & the 13 black masses,especially abt dark crimson dragon.


    • Hi Rohit and welcome to reddycreations. Now if I reveal all my cards then would you come back to read more. Nope, unfortunately this is how a story is written and I think I already revealed a good number of things in this book so sit back and relax. You will soon see some interesting things in the next book.


      • i didn’t meant to say reveal all ur’s just that a little bit abt dragon , for eg relationship with riddick or who r they/ abt void ?something shocking information although there r already many shocking info.


  5. Well , i have been following the series for a long time. First, thanks for the great novel, it is a great history, and it have a great potential. Second, dont take me wrong, i love the novel. The most important is that it is interesting, the rest you can fix. So, i am sayng is that there is a lot you can fix. You jump time too much and sometimes leave important stuff out(It’s not bad to skip time, expecially on this kind of novel, but be careful, sometimes it does more harm than good). Other than that, you made the characters personality and plans too unstable. Sometimes, when things(their plans) go wrong, it just seems wrong that it did not work. Like, too forced, you know.(Maybe it’s the Heavens#author Will. But it shows too much)
    Another thing, Riddick does dangerous stuff, and is then saved by something which was not in the plot, like, you made something new JUST to save him that moment. (Like a fucking Lighthing Dragon. Sorry, i love dragons, but the timing…)
    Also,The power stuff is too inconsistent. Like, Divine Disciples thrashing everyone else, and then being thrashed. Just do some more throught explanations during the story about it.
    Now, this is my opnion on the lastest chapter and RIddick Future.
    Damn. great chapter, bro. Riddick now is going to have one hell of an Identity crisis, and i recomend you to study novels and other stuff that talks about this(Evangelion. Sorry, joking.)
    But be careful, this is a hardy thing to make work. But i am looking foward to the novel future. If i was Riddick, i was going to be extremely pissed of by Yama, vera, cause i think (by what the novel showed so far) that they are doing something close to what Caesar did, taking over the body, and Riddick is the vessel to the OP Master of the Dragons(i don’t know if they are all dragons) and Yama. I think he might destroy the remanants of soul from the guy, taking full control or something. I mean, he has the way to do it,right?
    Well, just guessing. I am looking foward to the future, and , please don’t be pissed with me cause of what i said. I am giving my opnion hoping that you improve. You can ignore what i said, but please at least read it, and think about it. It might give you some ideas to improve.(sorry for being too long)
    Ahh, one more thing. Sorry for never donating so far, i am a simple poor highschooler.
    Thanks for the novel, and for reading my comment. Also, sorry for meddling .


    • Thank you for your opinion LongHu. You may not know it but I really really value every reader’s opinion. Think about it, did I improve from the beginning? How did I do it? The secret, I learn from my mistakes and you, are the one who point those mistakes out so I read every comment with Max concentration and open-mindedness.

      Don’t worry about donations and yes, I admit that I have flaws in my work and when I do rewrite every book as I publish them, I am going to build a concrete story line. So by the time Riddick is completed, my dream is to have a few books long novel with a good strong story line.


  6. … Am I The only one who thinks that Void is most propably Riddick… please, say it’s not true… i really don’t like that overused (not sure If i read it anywhere in quite long time, but still) shit…
    Anyways thanks for The chapter and The series as whole.


    • Welcome to reddycreations Dream_Ing. You have a pretty good imagination, however this is an original story so the only one who can give true spoilers is me and don’t you know yet,

      I, GSD REDDY never deny or accept a story plot suggested by anyone. The only way to know my inner self is to wait. Hehe.


  7. Can you explain, why on earth is Riddick madly in love with Vera? Like other her putting him in a dangerous place and giving him Edward(hope i remembered the name right, been a time since the hawk was last mentioned) what else did she truly do to for him? The only sensible explanation i can think of is, Riddick is the man he saw next to Vera and this is him reincarnated or Void is the man and he is just prepping Riddick macking him strong enough to take over his body/soul. Sorry for the grammar -.-.


    • I can’t explain the story line. As for his love with Vera, I didn’t truly explain my imagination due to my inexperience as a writer. In the upcoming rewritten book, I will explain properly. Think about it, a young adult stays with the most attractive woman he met in his life and that too alone for years and somehow she loves him as well. What would it result to? According to my calculations, anyone would fall for her unless he is a retard and I think Riddick isn’t one.


  8. … Love your story so far, but you forget a few caracters as Rachel, the woman who riddick fell in love before going to immortal Sky Continent, also Edward and his sister, well the sister is still missing but Edward was normally saved. Riddick loves Vera, ok but what about Sylvie not once (I think) did he truely say his feelings about her. Many more question can be asked, but only those torment me for now


  9. WTF since when was Riddick in love with Vera? There’s more mention of Vera in this chapter alone than the last 100 chapters combined. Did he fall in love with her just because she kissed him once? Am I missing something????


    • As for his love with Vera, I didn’t truly explain my imagination due to my inexperience as a writer. In the upcoming rewritten book, I will explain properly. Think about it, a young adult stays with the most attractive woman he met in his life and that too alone for years and somehow she loves him as well. What would it result to? According to my calculations, anyone would fall for her unless he is a retard and I think Riddick isn’t one.


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