Book 4 – Chapter 24 An Invitation

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An Invitation

                           Riddick stood still in the air gazing upon the thousands of Immortals who were all too scared to run or retaliate. Killing Elder Ji had clearly eased Riddick’s anger filled heart. May it be for revenge or for the humiliation he suffered at Ji’s hands, Riddick was hell bent on killing Ji. However, Riddick was reluctant to kill every Immortal who took part in the battle.

          He didn’t know how but as soon as his body fused with the drop of blood, his base power jumped an entire realm and entered into the early stage of divine disciple level. This was primarily because of the reconstruction his body went through, this toughened him from inside but still, Riddick shouldn’t be able to break through the beginner disciple stage without gaining a fragment of Dao instilled within his soul.

         However, it happened. Then did it mean that there was no such requirement in the first place. No, this is how people always broke through for eons unknown. No, wait, just who set this law? Heavens? Just what is Heavens? A person, an entity, an intangible will, what is it exactly?

          If it really is evil then why would every creature follow its will. Why would Void oppose it? Why does he have to oppose it? How can Heaven’s law exist without anyone noticing its existence?

       A voice rang out in his mind as Void said, “Don’t think about unnecessary things Riddick. No matter how you try to decipher the meaning behind these issues, you can never reach the truth unless you have the resolution to bear the consequences.

      I won’t elaborate but I will tell you one thing, ‘Any soul who know about Heaven’s law will be vanquished by the law itself’ So if you want to chase down the truth behind the Heaven’s law then you have to be strong enough to oppose the law itself. The law is the Dao, yet, it isn’t. The Dao cannot be controlled by anyone however, a Dao can be replicated to follow one’s will.”

                Riddick mind sank into thoughts as he thought about Void’s words. He didn’t understand much but he found a clue to his answer. Shaking his head Riddick glanced at the horizon. He could  feel the aura of Sylvie through his soul connection, this further eased his soul.

         Glancing back at the mercenary leaders, he said coldly, “Kneel.”

        It was a order which made their hearts tremble. To kneel is to discard your pride and accept the other person as your master. He can order you and he can kill you. It was the position which showed your utmost respect to your master and in front of your enemy, it showed your complete obedience.

        The Immortals had seen enough to understand the level of Riddick’s power. They knew about his cold heart and his cruel methods. Without a single sound, every immortals bowed in front of Riddick.

     If someone asks, “What is more important, your life or your pride?”

          An ideal warrior would choose his pride but the world is a filthy place. There is no such thing as pride in front of your death. Men would be willing to lick your boots if they can stay alive. This is particularly true, after they have been in the mental torture of death for a while. At first you might want to hold your pride but as time passes, you start to treasure your life above anything else.

         This is exactly what happened here. The esteemed Mist valley sect and it’s disciples, the Great Mercenary leaders, everyone who witnessed Ji’s death who was incomparably strong than any of them were scared. A leader less army and that too a scared army was like a livestock waiting to be slaughtered.

      They didn’t have anyone capable enough to rally them into victory or retreat to save their lives. Technically Riddick can’t kill all of them if they systematically split into many groups and retreat in different directions but that didn’t happen. Why? They were too scared to think about escaping. In that silent atmosphere, their stiff legs couldn’t move nor did their dried up throats.

       Riddick saw an army of over twenty thousand Immortals and thought, “I can’t kill them all, it will be an utter waste nor can I let them go. They will inevitably become the force of Mist valley sect. Looks like there is only one choice left.”

       With a wave of his hands, Riddick enveloped the entire battlefield in his spiritual energy so that he can detect the slightest of movements while at the same time, Yama began to glow bright red as he unleashed a never before seen amount of suction force.

         The Immortals who were enveloped in this suction force were shocked but before they could understand what was happening, they were sucked into Yamaloka.

         The once incomparably violent battlefield with overflowing blood and vitality instantly became a desolate plain. Not a single life form remained in the battlefield nor did a single drop of blood. Everything was sucked into Yamaloka.

     Riddick sighed loudly as he saw the battlefield. He still didn’t understood who Yama was. He at first thought that he may be a Deva artifact made by a higher class deva but he was beginning to doubt himself.

      Yama had a consciousnesses, he had a separate realm within him. His power, his flexibility, Yama was able to transport tens of thousands of Immortals into his realm without any problem. Just how powerful was he? Riddick had once thought that he was already using Yama very well but this power raised a question within his heart, Such a heavenly weapon. Is it possible that he didn’t even scratch the surface of power he can draw from Yama?

       As Riddick stood thinking deeply, he suddenly felt the presence of an another individual in the battlefield. Turning his head he observed an elegant man standing above him.

        He was wearing a black elegant coat and had a gentle smile on his face. His expression was polite and he looked like any other gentleman but Riddick immediately retreated back as he saw the man.

           Riddick couldn’t see through the man’s cultivation nor could be sense his presence. He had no idea as to when did this man arrive.

     The man looked at Riddick and said, “You sure took your time to notice my presence Riddick.”

          Riddick narrowed his eyes and gripped Yama tightly and asked, “Since when were you here?”

     The man adjusted his necktie and said, “Hmm, From the start.”

          Riddick pupils contracted by this answer. He immediately understood that since the other party had the cultivation level to completely hide his tracks, then the only reason he found him is because the man wanted Riddick to notice his presence.

        With a cold voice Riddick asked, “What do you want?”

            The man smiled lightly and said, “Hmm, I originally came here for a different purpose but I now find myself very attracted to your sword or what ever it is.”

          Riddick sighed deeply in his heart. This led to the exact thing he feared. Yama was by himself a weapon who can change the power structure of the entire Forbidden Isle. True, they may have trouble gaining his approval but if by any chance they managed to acquire yama, then they would be invincible.

        The man smiled further and said, “Or that would be something I originally would have done but unfortunately I am here as a mere messenger.

        Riddick, my father would like to have a good conversation with you so I am here to invite all of you, including your God beast and Caesar. I am afraid that this invitation is indeclinable.”

         Riddick was cautious as he heard the man, this person even knew about Caesar. Just who was he? So he asked carefully, “You still haven’t even introduced yourself and you talk about invitations.”

        The man’s face changed as he heard Riddick. With a shrug he said, “How rude of me. I really am ashamed of my behaviour. Please don’t tell my father about this.

         My name is Rowan Taurus, you may not know me but I am sure you know about this.” Saying this, Rowan took out a single black coin from his shirt pocket.

         The black coin was small, without any aura and power. However, on it was a single letter. “2”
          Riddick swallowed his saliva as he glanced at this black coin. This coin alone confirmed Rowan’s Identity. He was not a messenger nor was he someone he can fight against. Rowan was a person who reached the limits of peak disciple stage for he is among the strongest of peak disciples in this realm.

      He was the one entity Riddick never wanted to encounter because he knew that this single entity was tens of time stronger, scarier and powerful than the Mist valley sect can ever get.

        He was Rowan Taurus, the second of the three emperors. The ruler of the Taurus family and the emperor who holds the title of Black Tyrant. The mightiest of existence in the Deva palace now stood before Riddick.




         Now ladies and Gentleman. This chapter marks the end of Book 4 in Against the Heavens series. This book had been a wonderful journey and I think I did a pretty good job. Hope, you will like the upcoming book as I am going to work super hard to make it entertaining for all of you.

               As for an another important announcement, The recruitment of editors is almost finalised and probably we are going to welcome them soon. I received about a dozen applications but I am going to select only two of them. Life is a competition in some sorts and I hope that others would take this in a sportive way.

      Now that the editors would be finally selected, my work may increase in quality. Don’t expect too much and  pressurise my editors. However, I will be more than happy if my work lacks punctuation mistakes and silly grammar mistakes as I suck at both of them.

        Finally, I have started rereading the book 1 and soon, I will begin rewriting it. Sigh! I do not get any inspiration at all to write something just to increase the quality. It is more tiresome than doing hard labour. Wuwuwuwuwuuuuuuu…… But I have to do it. So tiresome and so troublesome.



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  1. Awesome! I really can’t wait for the next chappieXD I like your cliffies, they leave me hanging just enough to really anticipate the chapter, but don’t get me banging ‘aghhhhhhhh’. Haha. I sense the emotional pain coming soon – that scene he sees of a male next to Vera is probably him, but I’m guessing it might cause some trouble for him in the future:)


  2. thx for your hard work
    but i don t understand something. why can t riddick fathom his cultivation just a moment ago he gouged a peak diciples eye out ye he become peak with the divine token but even for limited time he is still a peak disciples and why he didn t sensed him. rowen can be at the last bit of bottelneck in peak disciple stage but he is still in the peak disciple stage.
    even if your story has something like fake dan stages like in xian xi. i think it is not believeable he can t sense him and can t sense his cultivation level. is he using some kind of divine item or something.


    • Yes, I wanted to explain this in the chapter but since it would disrupt the flow of the chapter I had to leave it to your imagination.

      Ji was a early peak disciple who just broke through a few years ago. His real power was at the bottom of the peak disciple stage. However, he used divine token to gain a burst of power for a small time. Rowen, he is different, he is real deal. His cultivation is not unstable and he is also an expert of very high level of understanding Dao.

      The best comparison would be high gods from CD. Just think, can an ordinary high God compare to a seven star fiend. This is how it is. Even if a one star fiend uses sovereign might, he can never display the strength of a seven star fiend as he doesn’t understand the profound mysteries involved in various laws.


      • hmm.i thought early mid and late stages didn t have chasms of power differance but that is not the case rowen is at his own lvl.hmm ok now i understand your power stages a bit more. then calling them late stage peak disciples would be a understatement. for them the he could be something like Prime disciple or dao disciple. it would make his stage of power more distinguishable.

        thx for the reply


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