Hello guys, GSD REDDY here.

         Today, we are going to invite our editors. So please welcome Fez and Haku abroad team reddycreations. *claps* *claps* *claps*
      Bow before them, worship them, for they are the gods who decided to volunteer for the poor me who have yet to prove himself in this perilious, tough and competitive world of authors. Thank you guys.
            Firstly, I want to apologise to all those who didn’t make it. I am sorry but I was put in a hard position and had to make a choice. Hope that you take this in a sportive way.

         Now, for the questions.

Q) What changes can we expect from now on?
* Nothing major. Except I hope that this move of mine will improve the readability of my stories. Also, Fez and Haku will act as my editors and beta readers, they can tell me whether a plot is a good decision or not before it comes before you all.

Q) Why are the chapters late and all over the time?
* I am currently trying to work on three different things everyday. RL stuff, College stuff, Riddick stuff and a little bit of enjoyment. Between these, I can sometime get diverted and lose track of my schedule also, I cannot write without a good amount of inspiration.

Q) When can we expect the next chapter?

* Hmm, tough question but I think I will be able to produce a chapter by Friday or Saturday.

Q) Why??????? Don’t you ever write something unless it is sponsored?
* No, that’s not it. I am currently brain storming the plot of book 5. I need to at least decide on the direction I am going to take before I start writing. This will take time. As I said before, I was done planning most of book 4 in my hiatus but now I am back to brainstorming.

       Don’t worry, even with a friday release I will complete my promise of 2 regular Riddick chapters per week. Also, I think that will be a edited chapter.

            Well, this will serve as my break and will also let me watch and read some awesome things across four different languages. Soon I will be back and hope that you will all like the book 5 in which I once again trying to do something new and awesome.



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