Book 5 – Prologue

Author note : Hi guys, GSD REDDY here and I am back with an another chapter.

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This doesn’t count as a chapter. The chapter 1 of Book 5 will be up tomorrow. For now enjoy this brief cliffhangery prologue.


“Lord Priam, Lord Henry seeks your audience.” An old looking butler announced in a faint voice.

A man was kneeling in front of a majestic throne, which emanated an aura filled with power. However, a woman depicted above the throne in all her majesty was beautiful, beautiful enough to overshadow the throne itself. She looked like a goddess who had descended from the heavens, but in the depth of her eyes, she held the wisdom and power of a great ruler. The man was kneeling with his head down as if seeking forgiveness, however, there was no one on that throne to answer his call.

Though one could see that this middle aged man was currently unarmed and inattentive, they would never have the nerves to go against him, for his entire body was like a sword: sharp, decisive, lethal and unforgiving. He was Priam, the guardian of the Venus Family.

As he heard the butler’s announcement, he rose without any sound. He was like a ghost without any presence. His face was pale and his mouth was dry, yet, his eyes were sharp. Visitors were rare in his prison. Twenty years had passed and he had yet to leave this room. He was mourning, he was begging, he wanted his master to punish him for his fault but his master had been long dead for twenty years.

This was the punishment he had implicated on himself. He failed in his endeavour, he failed his master and he failed to fulfil his purpose. He swore that he would find and kill the person who was responsible for his master’s death, but no evidence was found for twenty years.

Lord Henry knew about him very well. He knew that Priam swore his blood, soul and his everything to the Venus Family. His loyalty was unquestionable and his ability was unsurpassable. He was a monster among monsters and above all, he had the ability to go against anyone as long as he was ordered. However, the family didn’t dare use him, for he was not a servant of the family. He served the queen and her alone. He was Priam, the guardian of Venus Family.

Lord Henry sighed inside and said, “Priam, I don’t know for certain, but a recent investigation by our spies revealed that Lord David in his last moments decided to escape. However, he seems to have met with some trouble and thus, he escaped to a material plane.

The possibility is low, but he might have survived and if he has….” He was cut short by Priam’s deadly eyes.

With a low voice Priam said, “Don’t you dare, Lord Henry? It isn’t your duty to predict. Which material plane is it?”

Lord Henry wiped the sweat off his forehead and said, “It’s a small material plane at the edge of the universe, named Asgard.”

Priam turned around and said, “Lord Henry, do not forget that whatever this family is or will be, it belongs to my master and her alone. I will be leaving now. However, if I do find that you, or any of the elders have exceeded your limits in any way, I will kill you all.”

Lord Henry’s face was pale. He knew very well about Priam’s power. Priam was the one existence whom none wished to offend. If Priam wished, then he had enough power to overpower the entire family and grasp it in his hands. However, Priam wouldn’t.

He was a dog, a loyal servant raised by the previous head. He was incorruptible and uncontrollable. With no choice, the entire family had to bow before his words. Twenty years had passed, yet no-one sat on the throne.

That day, Priam flew away from the inner palace. The Venus Family ruled over the area of the Great Northern Seas, an area covering over a hundred million square kilometres. Their headquarters was located in the heart of the Northern Seas, in the sixth higher plane.

That day, a Deva started his journey towards Asgard. The Asgard had Devas, but could any one contend against Priam, who was a tyrannical existence even in higher realms?


With no choice and no reason to decline, Riddick sighed in his heart and slowly withdrew his weapon. Riddick didn’t want to agree, but he knew that he only had a slim chance to gain victory against Rowen, and that too if he goes all out and use an another divine token.

However, he had to admit that Rowen had been good and Riddick could see no ill intent in his words. So he decided to take his invitation and follow him. Soon Sylvie arrived, followed by Caesar. Injured and overwhelmed psychologically, Randall was no match against Ceasar, who had abundant battle experience.

Both of them had been shocked by Riddick’s sudden breakthrough, but they were even more shocked by Rowen who stood there smiling gently. No matter how they tried to think, it was impossible for them to remove the possibility that Rowen had ill intentions towards them, considering that he invited them now of all times.

With no choice and no alternative, Riddick followed Rowen, along with Sylvie and Caesar. Their journey will lead them to the heart of the Taurus Family, the tyrannical ruler of over a thousand sects.


At the same time when Priam started a journey, in the fourth higher plane, a man flew at high speed and bowed before a vicious looking woman. With a respectful voice he said, “Your Highness, we found him.”

The woman, who was petting a giant worm by her side, stopped for a second and asked in a chilling voice, “Where?”

The man gulped and said, “Your highness, It’s a material plane called Asgard. I just sent a message to our disciple in that plane. He is fairly strong and should be able to take care of this matter quickly.”

The woman bit her lips and said, “I don’t care who he is. All I want is that artifact. That motherfucker dared to steal it from us, now he will die along with everyone associated with him. Obtain it even if you have to kill a million Immortals. Also, we can’t depend on that disciple alone, find some capable soldiers and lead a unit. My Violet Sect will obtain it at any cost.”

The man bowed deeply and said, “Understood, Your Highness.”

Three people started on a journey that day. They were unaware of each other and their objectives were different, but would the chains of fate bring them together? Only time would answer that question.


17 thoughts on “Book 5 – Prologue

  1. I say, this chapter. Unlike the previous one… This chapter is… Monotone. Maybe because of the three different scene? Really, I can’t get any feeling from it. Oh well, I know it hard to ‘imbued’ feeling to your chaptet. Now complain there. Anyway, Thanks for the Chapter, G.Red.


  2. Let’s see:
    1. Riddick and his family are descendants of the Venus Family.
    2. Riddick has shown his OPness and now the Taurus Family want him.
    3. Riddick has or is going to end up with the artifact that they want.


  3. So basically riddick is the reincarnation of the master of this Priam fellow because 20 years is how old riddick is I believe and also that beautiful woman depicted on the throne who else is that but Vera and really venus=Vera how easy. plus that statement in the chapter about the drop of blood with the mystery man with yama and Vera about he is the only one that can make the heavens kneel because he is the master of void.and the the black masses are supposed to be his powers which has to unlock as he gets stronger.reddy I hope I didn’t spoil anything this is just my deduction of all the events that have happened because I have picked this thought long ago when he first released that king aura in that battle with the abomination thing forget his name but any and you dropped alot of hints along the way up to now but I didn’t say anything until I was sure that I was right which I am right. Any looking forward to more of you story keep up the good work.


  4. thanks for the chapter
    nice prologue
    now with devas from other realms coming to asgard
    riddick already having doubts about the heavens
    the origin of the memory riddick saw in that drop of blood
    the hints in void and the dragon speech
    book 5 will be insane
    awesome story


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