Book 5 – Chapter 1 Ronald Taurus

Author note : Hi guys, gsd reddy here and I am back with an another chapter.

Edited by : Fez tastic.

                  A new start and hopefully a good start. This book is going to be a roller coaster and I hope you will all like it. I am going to touch a topic I never touched before in this book. Well, just sit back and enjoy the ride.

         This is a regular chapter and the first  regular chapter of the week. One more to go.





Roland Taurus:

           Riddick flew alongside Rowen, and after an uninterrupted flight of three days, they reached their destination: The Mobe Mountains.

              Located at a distance of a hundred thousand kilometres from the Deva Palace, this entire mountain range was covered with countless buildings, castles, gardens and even palaces. A light coloured barrier covered the entire mountain range and separated it from the outside world.

          The mountains, their surrounding forests, the valleys between them and the sky above it, they were all a part of the massive estate which housed the countless experts of the Taurus Family.

       As soon as Riddick approached the Mobe mountains, he could feel the gazes of countless experts focus on him. The entire mountain range was like a guarded castle and experts were everywhere, however, they all were wondering who Riddick was.

          Rowen might not be the strongest among the forces of the Taurus Family, but he held a very high position next only to his father due to his high achievements. Being a peak disciple at his age was already impressive, but they were more impressed with his management skills.

          With such a high position almost equalling the elders of the clan, no one dared to be rude or impudent in front of him, but Riddick was flying alongside Rowen. This raised the question, who is Riddick?  
           Riddick didn’t know much about the Taurus Family so he felt a chill as he saw the extent of their power. This sensation was the same as the one he got when he saw the extent of Grandpa Arthur’s power.

           However, Riddick had long since decided that if anything goes wrong, then he would instantly escape to Yamaloka. Escaping to Yamaloka was risky because he had to be still for a few seconds, which is more than enough time for an ultimate expert to traverse ten of miles.

          However, the risk has now doubled due to Rowen’s unexpected presence. Rowen knew about Yama’s unique ability and without a doubt he wouldn’t let Riddick get away easily.

        In the gardens of a palace, an elderly looking person with sharp eyes sat opposite another person with long eyebrows. With a sigh he asked, “Eizen, why do you want me to capture your own son?”

         Eizen, who was the elder with long eyebrows, drank his tea and said, “Don’t play a fool, Sir Ronald. You know about the recent activities of the Rodriguez Clan, don’t you? Did you know that I haven’t approved any of them? Usually I want that kid to make his own decisions, but this time he has long exceeded his limits so it’s time to let him pay the price.”

        Ronald laughed as he heard Eizen. With a light smile he asked, “Oh! That’s interesting. What kind of price are you going to make him pay? Take the badge away?”

     Eizen smirked and said, “Unfortunately, I only have one son so that kid wouldn’t believe me. However, I thought of a wonderful punishment.” Taking out a jade bottle, Eizen said playfully, “I am going to make him drink this. Do you know what it does?”

      Ronald shook his head in amusement.

      Eizen laughed and said, “He will be impotent for a year or two.”

        Ronald couldn’t help but burst out laughing as he heard this. A father who makes his own son impotent for punishment. Amusing, he thought. Ronald was a man of great nature and he rarely ever threatened others with his power. However, no one dared to take advantage of his gentle nature because everyone knew that a demon was hiding behind his gentle mask.

       As they sat sipping their tea, Rowen flew into the garden. Bowing slightly he said, “I have brought your guest father. However, I must inform you about something.”

       Eizen laughed lightly and asked, “Ho… Rowen is it? You have a wonderful son, Sir Ronald. So what is this news, young man? Did my son start a war or something?” Eizen asked in a playful voice.

        Rowen brows creased a little as he heard Eizen, but he still replied without the slightest delay, “Yes, Lord Eizen. Rodriguez did indeed start a war against the Mist Valley Sect, and the result was that the entire Mist valley sect was eliminated- No, they were obliterated.”

          Eizen froze in his tracks as he heard Rowen, he couldn’t help but repeat, “Mist valley sect was obliterated?”

     Rowen nodded his head and said, “Yes, not a single disciple is alive. The entire sect was destroyed beyond recognition.” Rowen didn’t reveal anything about Yama, for he knew Yama’s worth.   

      As soon as the words left Rowen’s mouth, Eizen’s face became pale. With lightning fast speed, he dashed out like an arrow. Ronald looked at the shrugging Rowen, and followed behind Eizen with an amused expression on his face.

    Rowen, who saw Eizen’s retreating figure, quickly informed Ronald about all the facts. Ronald didn’t care about Mist Valley Sect itself, but he was interested in Riddick who achieved the task. However,  he was mostly interested in Yama.

       Ronald moved like wind. Each of his steps were light, and his effortless short steps let him reach Eizen who took off before Ronald.

      As soon as they reached the waiting hall, Eizen moved towards Caesar while Ronald concealed his presence. Eizen was more than enough to deal with Riddick and others, so he didn’t bother revealing himself.

        Eizen’s face, which was filled with anxiety, was replaced by extreme anger as he saw Caesar. With a loud shout he erupted, “Who are you? How dare you impersonate my son? Where is my son, you motherfucker?”

       Riddick who was carefully observing everything reacted purely out of instinct and pushed Caesar away with his hands. As soon as Caesar left his position, a deep fissure opened on the ground, as an intense energy erupted from Eizen.

     Caesar who saw Eizen immediately understood that the situation was bad. Since he took over Rodriguez’s body, he naturally knew who Eizen was. He might have been able to fool others into believing that he was Rodriguez, but it was impossible to fool Eizen’s eyes. How could he fool a deva, who was Rodriguez’s father, and also the person who knew Rodriguez the most?

       It was simply a feat to prevent a deva from recognising a soul, and here Caesar was trying to fool a deva about his own son.

      Riddick brow creased as he sensed another presence above him. Since he was caught unaware by Rowen, he had been extra careful and thus naturally sensed Rowen, who didn’t particularly try to hide his approach.

         Sylvie who was beside Riddick instantly crouched as she started activating her Dao domain. There was simply no other possibility to escape from a deva and a peak disciple at the same time, so Sylvie instantly decided to use her ultimate technique. However, she stopped in her tracks as Riddick put a hand on her shoulder.

     “Stop, Sylvie. The backlash will kill you.” Riddick messaged through their soul connection.

     “What are you talking about, Father? I am your son. If you aren’t satisfied, ask me anything known only to two of us. I still don’t understand, why would you even doubt me?” Caesar, who understood the grim situation, started talking to ease the situation.

        Eizen’s brow creased as he scanned Caesar up and down. His tight fist loosened as he began to doubt his judgement. With a sigh, he lifted his head to look at Rowen. With a respectful voice he said, “Lord Ronald, I am weak in the matters of the soul. Can I trouble you to look through this kid. I somehow feel that he is different. Maybe it’s some kind of soul parasite.”

       Riddick was startled as he heard the name, there was another expert in the room. A man appeared in the room, as if he was materialising, and stared directly at Caesar. Riddick, Caesar and Sylvie immediately knew that yet another Deva appeared before them.

         With just that glance, Caesar understood that Ronald was an expert whose power even he, a former Deva, cannot fathom. Ronald, who scanned Caesar with his eyes, smiled lightly and declared, “True, he isn’t your son. I cannot find even a shred of a link between your souls, however, this kid’s soul is very interesting.”

       Eizen’s face contracted with anger, and a mace simultaneously appeared in his hands. With a loud shout, he gathered energy in that mace. Riddick instantly signalled, and Caesar withdrew a feather while Riddick himself held a feather in his hands. Now that he was a divine disciple, the risk was far less in using a divine token.

        Their plan was simple. They can never defeat two devas, so they would instead use the divine token to form a barrier, and in the few seconds it takes to break the barrier, they would escape to Yamaloka.

       But in that instant, an incomparably strong force struck them like a hammer, and all of them fell to their knees. Following which an intense killing intent spread through the room. Eizen was stunned, as well as Rowen. Ronald Taurus, who always kept a smile on his face, was emanating a terrifying killing intent.

           With a ice cold voice capable of shaking their souls, Ronald asked, “That feather, it belongs to Arthur. You fuckers, how are you related to that motherfucker?”

       Riddick felt his scalp go numb under that pressure. It was terrifying, and Ronald himself closed the little distance between them at high speed. Raising his hand, Ronald grabbed Riddick by the collar. His predator like eyes closed in and stared directly into the depth of Riddick’s soul. That instant, Riddick couldn’t help but think, “Is this how I am going to die?”

       Against two devas, what could a group of two divine disciple do? What can save them? Nothing, except for mercy.

        Riddick was stranded in the Taurus territory, facing its most terrifying monster, while in the first higher plane, a commotion arose.

         A man sat meditating atop a man-made mountain, he had been in that spot for twelve years. For an expert it was common to meditate for countless years, however, this man was an abnormality as he sat at a spot overseeing the Interspatial transport formation.

      This formation was under the control of the ruler of the first higher plane, The Red Devil Sect. Usually, the clan forbids anyone from staying near this formation, however, they had no choice but to make an exception.

           This man Ornald very casually defeated any and all experts who tried to move him from this position. The Red Devil Sect were no fools,  and knew that this person was probably an ultimate expert waiting for someone, so they left him alone.

       Twelve years passed, and Ornald very rarely opened his eyes. Every time he did, people felt dread seeping into their hearts from those eyes. This happened rarely, but the effect was enough for the Red Devil Sect to fear his existence.

       That day, Priam flew at high speed and after a month of journey, he reached his destination. With a flip of his hand, Priam threw a grey shade coin to the captain, whose unit was guarding the interspatial transport formation.

    The guard captain pocketed the grey coin and opened the formation. With a respectful voice, he asked, “Which plane, Sir?”

     Priam answered coldly, “Asgard.”

        With a glow of light, Priam left the higher plane. As soon as he Priam said the word Asgard, Ornald opened his eyes. A cold light flashed in his eyes, as he too disappeared into the formation.

        The Red devil clan and the other major powers appointed spies to track Ornald’s movements. Twelve years later, Ornald left for Asgard. What did this little material plane possess? What secrets did it hold? The powers of the first plane licked their lips in anticipation, as they too started assembling their forces.


31 thoughts on “Book 5 – Chapter 1 Ronald Taurus

  1. Aaaaahhh, man I really cant take this cutting edge feeling, it’s like if one thing goes wrong all hell breaks loose! If it was just regular immortals it’ll be fine, but deva after deva are coming out of no where lol, Riddick is getting deeper and deeper into a really desperate situation.

    Thanks for the new chap!!!


  2. Thanks for the chap. Seeing the intersection between realms made me think of something. If this question consider as spoiler, no neef ti answer it.

    How many realms within you story? Like CD countless realms within multi-universe?


  3. nice chapter
    i am curious about which topic is it that you will touch in this book
    and now there is even more devas going to asgard not to mention people who will go because they think there is some secret there
    and i am really looking forward to the meeting between prim and riddick
    depending on prim reaction it will answer a few questions


  4. Nice going bro
    Tnx for the chapter.
    Enjoying your novel.start was not that good but as books progressed it became v good story and to the point.
    Don’t believe and bother comments of people like Eklavya123. He is simple jealous with fellow countrymen for doing something which he can’t.some people never appreciate good things.
    Keep it up bro…


  5. great chapeter, it is just one thing you should make clearer in my opinion and it is the level people are on. right now it is hard to get a feeling how strong someone is, when in one chapter there is someone how is like a god in the world and in the next there is someone 1000 times stronger and know body did know he existed. Also in book 1 imortal was like a god but now there is super imortal and super hyper deva. Is there a limit? or can you always go higer?


    • I can give you the level of these people later. As for the power level see, it is decided by our community. We are at mortal there, Immortals were super individuals. In Sky continent, devas are super individuals. In Forbidden Isle, devas are rare. In higher planes, devas are common. Thus, the power description and the level change along with our MC’s level and environment.
      Thanks for the suggestion and welcome to reddycreations Dyslektikern.


  6. It’s nice and all that he is getting into desperate situation and struggling his way through it but it’s somehow annoying, he too dependent on others, sure he made some breakthroughs and such but it isn’t really helping him much, i agree that overpowering him is a killjoy but simply making him dependent on others too much is no fun either.

    That aside there is also the fact Mc didn’t really lose throughly to anyone, at the end of the day someone always managed to save his ass,for once it could be nice to see him suffer long time without anyone saving him (maybe just my sadist side speaking)

    Point is he is either depending on the void power or few other mysterious once inside him, not like I need to develop anything new but to err I don’t know how to put it, have a enlightenment or something, I know it was there but it somehow doesn’t feel right, it was like he was handed candy on a silver platter.

    The above is just my ramblings, you don’t really have to pay attention it, just saying it somehow doesn’t feel right.

    now onto the parts that I am really sure about

    he is being arrogant bitch, that it self might be badass but adding stupid to the mix makes it pathetic, there is nothing wrong with that too but his lack of attention to certain things make it extremely stupid, the following things that were ignored.

    *the plan to screw around with crimson badges with no apparent plan or power to deal with them.

    *Ceaser who previously knew all of Rodriguez memories failed to plan any sort of contingency against the said persons father who is a deva, surely nobody isn’t going to act nice when he finds his son is dead and someone else is occupying his body, what exactly was he planning to do anyway.(I understand the current situation is sudden but shouldn’t they have prepared something for times like this, surly someone that smart should know others are watching him too right, not to mention what exactly is the use of focusing solely on a single enemy when there are multiple unknowns)

    I am not saying that they should for brilliant plan and defeat everyone ever so easily but it kinda socks big time to have no plan at all.

    The there is the question why exactly did he rush everything, he may have been pushed into taking action but surly with that mighty sneaking methods and Yama he sure could have waited till he power up decently.

    There is also that tiny bit lack in decision making, what exactly was he expecting following a troublesome guy, surly nothing good could come of it, if he was planning on escaping anyhow why not implement when there is only 1 deva instead of 3 instead of stupidly following him into a suicide trap.

    There also other things but that’s negligee

    using the plot Armour too much kinda ruins it unless there is perfect err intervention reason for it.

    While realistic mess is fun and all being too real is…..


    • Hmm, what you have said is true tempstom. There are many ways to improve my work. I’d there aren’t any, then I would be a legendary writer.
      Truthfully, I knew many plot holes myself including Eizen, using divine token before etc but here comes a controversial topic.
      Did any of us always make a correct decision, a fail proof strategy all our lives? No, then how can my characters make something like that. Riddick can be a fool sometimes, he can be sharp, he can be weak, he can be strong, he can be cruel, he can be kind, he can experience love or heart break. I am trying to show you everything he experiences by showing you his imperfect life.

      Let’s just think of a completely fail proof strategy. In my opinion, the fail proof strategy is steal the Crimson badge and stay in Yamaloka for 100 years. Everyone would forget about you. Complete success.
      I am not trying to complain or anything. I respect everyone’s opinion and I will think deeply about every comment to come up with a better work. Thank you tempstom.


      • Sent a message in royal road, please do read it if you have some time

        and no I am not asking for fail proof strategy just that for them to have some counter measure even if it fails miserably.


  7. i don’t know if someone beside me recognised it, but you’re using Roland and Ronald for the same person
    thanks for writing this story btw


    • No, I won’t. I will publish a book but no, I will never make a PDF. Why? The only encouragement I get is the increasing number of readers and if they decrease I receive a heavy blow psychologically.
      I don’t even have ads on my site so directly reading from site shouldn’t be too difficult.


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