Book 5 – Chapter 2 Three Seconds


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Three Seconds :


“How are you related to that motherfucker?” Ronald repeated in a cold voice.

With a light jerk of his wrist, a powerful force invaded Riddick’s body as Roland lifted him off the ground. Caesar who saw this instantly panicked. He couldn’t help but curse in his mind.

Devas were Immortals who lived for tens of millennia, and enmity between them was not rare. How could he guess that Rodriguez’s father would be here of all places, and how did the one person they could never offend in this deadly place happen to have an enmity towards Arthur? This can be nothing but fate.

Riddick’s mind was thrown into chaos, as the energy invaded his sea of consciousness. It was like a spear, which was piercing his consciousnesses apart. Riddick had once faced this type of attack. It was also the time when Caesar took control of his body.

However, after that he never faced a peak disciple. Most of the cultivators below the level of Deva class were weak in soul attacks. The use of spiritual energy was by itself difficult, and using it to attack another person was even more complicated.

Thus, many cultivators with half baked knowledge simply release their spiritual energy to attack others. However, this is the most basic of soul attacks. The real attacks were cruel, lethal and extraordinarily powerful.

Riddick had Thousand Hell Prison, which was essentially a powerful barrier against soul attacks, and thus he rarely had to fear the soul attacks of such a level, but Ronald was different.

His spiritual energy which invaded Riddick’s sea of consciousness was like a snake. It wriggled and struggled against the Thousand Hell Prison protecting Riddick’s soul.

Even though Thousand Hell prison was a powerful technique, the power difference between them was like heaven and earth. The sheer strength of the snake made up for the difference in technique, and the snake broke through it. Though the process took place in an elaborate manner. In reality less than a fraction of a second passed.

The speed of soul attacks were lightning fast. The snake which invaded into Riddick’s soul territory instantly coiled around Riddick’s soul.

In that split second Riddick was lifted off the floor, a bang rang out in his mind, and a weird colourless aura invaded into his soul world as the spiritual snake bit his soul. Ronald, who was monitoring the process, had a hint of smile on his face.

People called Ronald a saint and a good hearted person, but people close to him knew his real nature very well. Ronald was calm, gentle and easy going when everything is going his way, but once the plan deviates, he shows his true nature. He was vicious, cruel and a control freak.

Taurus Family ruled over a thousand sects. They had great military might, and the family had established itself as a great clan countless millennia ago.

Such a powerful, large clan would have many contenders for the position of clan master, and with so much competition, would anyone be soft hearted? No, they wouldn’t be. Ronald Taurus was the same, his true nature was a demon who controlled others in the palm of his hands.

The attacks he just executed was a spiritual snake imbued with his own consciousness. His target was Riddick. He had to find out about Arthur at any cost.

Riddick, who was seeing his own soul world through self perception, was beginning to grow frantic as the snake began to inject its venom into his soul world. This venom had a peculiar aura, and was moving like a living creature to occupy and control his mental facilities.

Right at that instant, the lightning dragon, which was like a huge eagle covering her baby children; in this case, Riddick’s soul, moved and grabbed the spiritual snake by its throat.

Riddick was stunned by this, but the reaction was late and damage was already done. The venom injected by the spiritual snake was spreading throughout his soul world. The numbing sensation lasted for a whole five seconds. Given the speed of that venom, it would have completely taken over any soul world, but unfortunately, Ronald had attacked Riddick.

Riddick didn’t know himself, because he never compared his soul to others, but Caesar knew about it. Riddick’s soul world was humongous. It was like an empire compared to other soul worlds. Caesar was at first shocked by its size, since he couldn’t understand what it contained within. This mystery continued even after Caesar gained control of Riddick’s soul.

He couldn’t find anything in it, but he did find a clue. The total space of the soul world, calculated by its outer structure, and the total space he could access, were different. Yet, he couldn’t find the missing space.

It lead to only one answer, somehow, the soul world was partly sealed from inside. It contained something which shouldn’t be in ordinary souls. What it contained was a mystery. However, Caesar didn’t like to be left in dark. So, he instead chose to follow Riddick, for he was interested in his soul. He only had one question; Just what was this soul?

The time taken for this whole process didn’t even exceed ten seconds. Satisfied with his attack, Ronald released Riddick. Unfortunately for Ronald, he had no idea that his snake was currently being held by it’s throat by an even greater being.

Riddick stumbled back and fell on his butt. His numbing sensation eased slightly, but he was still concerned by that snake. As he was trying to attack the snake with his own spiritual energy, the lightning dragon suddenly opened one of his eyes.

This was the first time Riddick ever saw the lightning dragon’s eyes. At first, he thought this dragon which resided in his body was the remaining power left by the lightning dragon which descended from the Heavens, but now he knew. The lightning dragon inside his body was sentient! He could feel a powerful aura and emotions emanating from those eyes.

They were saying, “Don’t worry, I will take care of this snake.”

Riddick, who fell down, slowly lifted his head. His eyes lacked all emotions, and they were blank. He did the only thing he could do to survive in this situation, Riddick might have by some sheer luck survived the spiritual attack of Ronald but a material attack was out of question. He would be shred to pieces.

Sylvie saw Riddick and immediately cried out loudly as if she lost the most precious thing in her life. This only further strengthened Ronald’s confidence. Women’s tears are a strange thing. To fool or to convince, there is no better strategy other than this.

Sylvie knew about the situation, being connected with Riddick’s soul, but she followed Riddick’s act brilliantly nonetheless. Caesar, however, was left in dark. He had to use his experience to come to the same conclusion.

Though he knew nothing about Riddick’s condition, he knew Sylvie better. If Riddick was really in such a condition, she would have instead used her Dao Domain on Ronald, even if it meant her death, for he knew her guts very well.

Ronald, who was convinced that Riddick was completely in his control, dropped his guard and started questioning Riddick. He didn’t care about Caesar or Sylvie, his only priority was getting to the end of this matter.

“How are you related to Arthur?” Ronald asked in a cold voice. Eizen and Rowen simply stood still, as they were scared of irritating Ronald. There was no need to rush. Riddick was under control, and so was his weapon. Caesar and Sylvie hardly had a chance against any of them.

“I don’t have a relation with Lord Arthur himself, but I have a relationship with his grandson.” Riddick lied in a monotone.

Ronald’s eyes brightened as he heard Riddick. He began to laugh loudly and said, “Good, good. This is better than knowing Arthur himself.

So who is this grandson and where is he? What is his cultivation level? Does he have a family? How many grandchildren does Arthur have?” Ronald threw out a ton of questions.

Riddick still kept his calm and lied, without any change in his voice, expression and even breathing. “Lord Arthur’s grandson’s name is Sebastian. Lord Arthur only has a single grandson, and he is currently in Forbidden Isle. He is in early peak stage, and is currently training in a secret location.”


Ronald began to laugh loudly as he heard Riddick. With a cold smile, he muttered, “That bastard, he sent his grandson to my den without any fear. Did he forget about his son’s death? Early peak disciple, is it? Not good enough for me to intervene personally.”

Turning his head, he said, “Rowen, go find that bastard. Kill him and bring me his head. We will send a parcel to Arthur. I am sure he will be happy. Hahaha…..”

Rowen knew about his father very well, so he bowed his head and said, “Understood, Father.”

Walking forward, Rowen ordered Riddick, “You will come with me.”

Riddick nodded his head and rose from the ground. Without any unnatural movements, he extended his hand towards Rowen for a handshake.

A handshake is a usual greeting; but can a slave under mind control shake hands? A question arose in Rowen’s mind, but his hand had already clasped Riddick’s by then.

A burning sensation was transmitted to his hand, and a foreign power spread throughout the room. In that instant, Rowen understood that something was wrong. He hurriedly withdrew his hand, and there a feather had begun burning its way through his hand.

It was already igniting as he saw it. Rowen was the first to react, but he wasn’t the first one to notice the abnormal power. Ronald’s face contracted as he saw the feather on his son’s arms. He was just about to move when Riddick, who was already backing away, shouted loudly, “Retreat.”

Sylvie, who already knew the entire plan, was already moving back when Riddick withdrew his hand. Caesar, who was closely observing Sylvie, was only a split second late.

“Don’t underestimate us, brats.” Eizen shouted loudly, and lifted his mace.

But at that instant, Ronald and Eizen both stopped in their tracks as six feathers flew towards them like shuriken. They were already glowing, and would explode at any instant.

Individually they can escape, but just what kind of damage would six divine token do if they explode at the heart of the Taurus estate?

Rowen saw this, and roared loudly as he raised his hand, releasing an explosive energy. His mind was calculative, and even in that instant, he understood that Riddick had, by some means, managed to negate his father’s soul attack, so he unleashed a strong material attack.

Though Riddick was already retreating, Rowen was only few metres away, so the energy blast reached him without giving him anytime to react at all. All he could do was to cover himself with his own energy.


A loud explosion rang out, as Riddick was blasted away. Blood sprayed on the floor. Rowen had a hint of smile as he saw Riddick flying away, but it was replaced by instant anger as he saw a hint of smile on Riddick’s face as well.Riddick used the power of the explosion to propel himself faster and further.

Ronald saw this happening right before his eyes, and couldn’t help but roar loudly in utter madness, releasing a terrifying sword energy towards Riddick. Riddick had already activated Yamaloka, but it would take him a second before he can transport everyone away.

The sword energy was like a bolt of lightning as it chased after Riddick, but before it could reach it’s destination, Sylvie blocked its path. Her eyes were instantly filled with golden light, and her hands tightly gripped the energy blast. This was her power, the Dao Domain.

If she wanted to negate an attack by a deva, she would take a severe backlash, but if it was simply delaying the attack for a second, she could do it.

Riddick eyes were barely open as he saw Sylvie blocking the attack. A hint of smile spread on his face as he saw this, but the next instant he coughed up blood. The previous attack had caused severe injuries and some of his internal organs were smashed to pulp.

Ronald, who saw Sylvie blocking the attack, could only grind his teeth in anger while he simultaneously shouted, “Eizen, contain the blasts!” No matter what, he couldn’t allow these divine tokens to blast off in the heart of Taurus estate. This was the result of thousands of years of Taurus family’s efforts, he can’t let a fucking bastard ruin it all.

That instant, he rushed towards his son. Rowen was strong, but not powerful enough to block the explosion of a divine token. Eizen, who knew the importance of the matter, snorted coldly before he spread his divine force and collected the divine tokens. A blast rang out like a boom, but Eizen stood there with a pale face. His hands were bleeding, as he had taken the full brunt of the explosion to prevent the spread of damage.

Ronald grabbed Rowen, and covered him with his own energy, thus preventing the damage from spreading far. Yet, in the next instant, both Eizen and Ronald discovered, to their astonishment, that Riddick and the others disappeared from the room. There was no trace of their souls, and they couldn’t find anything pertaining to their existence with their divine senses.

How could they find them, when Yama had taken a shape of a tiny grain, and hid underneath all the rubble spread throughout the room due to the battle. The entire battle was finished in three seconds. In three seconds, two divine disciples and a single beginner disciple fooled two devas and escaped alive. Ronald’s eyebrows creased, as his heart burned with extreme anger.

At that instant, somewhere above the chaotic sea, Priam stood still as his body sensed the familiar aura. It was only for a single instant, but he felt the aura he hadn’t felt for twenty years. His eyes pierced the skies, as they gazed at the location of that aura. A terrifying glint radiated in the depth of his eyes, as he transformed into a beam of light disappearing into the horizon.



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  1. I found your story on Royalroadl about 3 weeks ago… I read up to the current chapter in 2 days. Since then i have kept up to date with every release of ATH. I will tell you that I am thoroughly enjoying your story and every chapter truly leaves me feeling excited to see what comes next. Keep up the amazing work.

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  2. Woww finally keep up with everything after 2 days of constant reading! This work is amazing i can definitely feel your improvement in every chapter. At first i was a bit put off by the grammar and the pacing of the story but it just gets better and better from there. The inclusion of politics, strategy, and sheer badassness of riddick hahaha.. Just something i want to point out and maybe it was just me but sometimes i found some of the paragraphs hard to understand and have to reread it a few times. But overall it was a very satisfying read. Im amazed at your pace in writing your work (usually only read translated jap LN with very unstable releases) keep up the good work! Looking forward to your work from now on!


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