Book 5 – Chapter 3 One step


Author note : Hi guys, GSD REDDY here and I am back with an another chapter.

Edited by : Fez tastic.

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One Step:

Riddick’s body began to profusely bleed as soon after he entered Yamaloka. Although most of the damage was negated, Rowen’s attack was too powerful, and its remnants was enough to crush several internal organs to pulp. With just his will, Riddick managed to keep his consciousness from fading, but as soon as he reached Yamaloka, Riddick fainted due to sheer pain.

If it was in any other place, Riddick would have definitely lost his life unless treated immediately, but in Yamaloka, everything followed Yama’s will. So, as soon as Riddick lost consciousness, Yama stopped his bleeding. All the wounds on Riddick’s body were enveloped in a red glow, and were healing at an amazing pace.

Even if Yama can defy fate inside this world, he cannot change Riddick himself. Yama did stop the bleeding and heal his injuries, but the damage done to his vitality had to be healed by Riddick himself. All Yama could do was to provide a little assistance.

One week later.

Riddick had completely recovered and his body was in peak condition, but his eyebrows were creased as he couldn’t help but think of the recent incidents. Having an enmity toward a Crimson ranked sect was one thing, but being the enemy of a Black ranked power was utter insanity. Riddick knew his limits, and thus was thinking deeply.

Ronald Taurus won’t forget about Riddick, he will hunt them down the moment they return to the real world. This made everything more difficult. The Mist Valley Sect, The Rodriguez Family, The Taurus Family. Three powers were searching for Riddick with all their might,  worse, they probably knew that he was hiding inside Yama.

Riddick spent all of his time trying to find a way out of this. He was already gambling when he challenged the Mist Valley Sect, but now he unintentionally made two more enemies. This was not within his calculations. No, there was no way to guess that he would be trapped in this situation.

He was surrounded by enemies on all sides. The only one who could possibly help him out of this situation was Arthur. However, Ronald had a deep enmity towards Arthur, and he most probably was related to the death of Sebastian’s father. This made it difficult for Riddick to consult Arthur. Arthur was a prominent figure in the Sky Continent, and he cannot simply disregard the rules to charge into the Forbidden Isle.

With no choice and no alternative, Riddick decided to use the twenty thousand Immortals to achieve another breakthrough. This was his only choice. Here, he was on his own and gaining more power was definitely the first priority.

“You are walking on the wrong path again, kid.” Void interrupted Riddick’s thoughts.

Riddick sighed inside as he answered, “Void, you know that I cannot delay any further. I have to do this.”

Void sighed loudly and said, “Riddick, I have been pretty much supportive of your decisions even if I knew that you would suffer from them, because I wanted you to learn from failure. But, what you are now trying to do will disrupt your entire future, so I have to interfere.”

Riddick eye brows creased again, as he started trying to decipher Void’s words.

Void explained further, “Hell Devour is indeed a heavenly technique, which can indeed increase your cultivation, but be aware that your cultivation was stolen from others.

That makes your own cultivation unstable. Furthermore, you are jumping the gun and trying to cultivate further and further. Why? I am asking you, why are you in such a hurry?

Have you ever tried to use your abilities to their limit? Have you ever explored their limits? When? I don’t see the true power of Void Energy in your attacks. I don’t see you using the Hell devour as an efficient attack. I don’t see you using a single spiritual attack. Your body is tough, far tougher than your peers, but after being reconstructed, you now possess a monstrous body.

Are you really using all your powers to the best of their abilities? No, you aren’t. Riddick, I will tell you something. Listen closely.

You can achieve more by running faster and further, but sometimes you have to look back to achieve even more.

You have run enough, and you have suffered enough. I once guided you in your childhood when you were but a tiny little mage. and now I will once again guide you to build yourself so that you can be who you want to be.” Void said in a serious voice.

Riddick stood still as he heard Void. He didn’t say anything. He couldn’t. Everything Void said was the truth. He had been working hard, running hard. How many years has it been since he slept peacefully? How many years it had been since he trained while peacefully interacting with Void?

True, he had much to do, but can’t he take a break? Void Energy, he had been granted an ability which could very well he the only unique energy in this universe. Was he using it to Its limit? He didn’t even know everything about his own body.

Why was the lightning dragon coiling around his soul? Why didn’t he lose consciousness even after receiving the spiritual attack of a deva? Questions popped up in his mind continuously, but he hardly knew the answer to any one of them.

With a thud, Riddick sat on the ground. His face which always held a serious expression eased slightly as he took a deep breath. His stiff shoulders eased, as if a burden was lifted off of them. His body, which had been experiencing life and death situations, finally eased the tension as he contently closed his eyes.

With a clear voice Riddick answered, “You’re right, Void. I have been running too hard, and never looked back at who I was. The last time, I almost died twice within three days. Though I don’t know for certain, I feel that the drop of blood is related to you. You have been saving me for so long and you have been my ally, my first teacher and my most trusted friend.

This time I will listen to you. I want to gain strength. That didn’t change, but now I will gain it the right way. So, Void. I will ask you again, please guide me.”

Void laughed and said, “Don’t be sad, Riddick, and don’t ever think that your suffering was a waste. This is life, kid. You will laugh,  cry, you will experience love and you will at one point lose your loved ones. Betrayal, friendship, sufferings and happiness are all a part of your life. Experiencing and knowing them all will make you strong.

A young eagle wouldn’t learn to fly unless it leaves the protection of its mother. You have once been in a similar situation, you were saved again and again. Now, you have suffered much, but you gained something from each of your sufferings.

Thousand Hell Prison, Aura, Hell Devour, Little Lightning, Void Energy and finally The King’s Blood.

Everything you possess is something you gained by your own efforts. They are the rewards of your success, and they are the mementoes of your life.

After a young eagle learns to fly, it is taught the art of hunting by its mother. Now it’s my turn, as your guardian and as your teacher, I will teach you how to hunt. I will teach you how to use these claws of yours. I will let that body of yours understand why you are destined to be a king.

Prepare yourself, Riddick. Then, I was lenient as you were nothing but a little chick who just broke through its egg, but now you have developed enough to fly. I will push you off the cliff but it’s your duty to fly.”

With a raised voice, Void shouted, “Yama.”

Yama materialised in his bull form. He had a strange expression on his face. Riddick instantly understood what Void was getting at. With a surprised voice he asked, “You want me to fight Yama? But, when will you teach me? If it is simply fighting then I will achieve victory one day but that will be the same as before. Won’t it?”

Yama, who heard Riddick, bellowed loudly and said, “Win against me? Now, now, don’t joke around, Your Majesty. The way you are now, even if there were a hundred of you, you won’t be able to win against me.”

Riddick was startled as he heard Yama. Yama had always been a subservient type and rarely voiced his opinion, but now he was directly looking down on Riddick.

Void laughed and said, “Riddick, your first task is to conquer your own body. Forget about winning against Yama. Your task isn’t to win.

“One step”

If you can make Yama take one step back then you will complete this stage. However, let me warn you, Riddick. You have never unleashed Yama’s seal, so you wouldn’t know.

Yama literally means ‘God of death’. Do you really think that such a kind, thoughtful bull would be named as Yama? His true nature is usually hidden, and since you are in his realm, you won’t die even if he crushes you to a pulp. Don’t forget my warning, and remember, the key to victory lies in your body and body alone.”

Riddick once again stared at Yama, who was for some reason bellowing happily. Smoke began to emit from its nostrils, as Yama’s body began to glow red. Intense fire elemental essence began to cover the entire dimension, as his breathing rate increased rapidly.

With a loud bellow he said, “Yama, guardian of the First Jade pays his respects to his master. With your permission, I shall now reveal my true form.

Pardon me, Your Majesty, but I can hardly control my strength in my true form. So, if possible, please be on your highest alert. At your current strength, my breath can very possibly kill you.”

Riddick felt a very bad premonition, so he rapidly retreated back just in time to witness the earth cracking below Yama. Yama’s face was covered in veins thick enough to be visible on his black skin, his muscles suddenly expanded to three times their usual thickness, and his stature grew more than twice. He now stood at a height of eight metres.

A loud bellow erupted from his mouth, as the ring on his nose grew red hot. The horns on his head grew longer, and with a ripping sound, a second tail grew from its back. But then, a terrifying tremor swept past Riddick, as the ring on Yama’s nose finally melted under the tremendous heat.

At that instant, Yama’s eyes turned completely red, while his body – which now stood at a whole eight metres height – trembled lightly. The melted red hot liquid from the ring unexpectedly rose into the air, and surrounded his horns. Mist rose, as the liquid cooled off revealing a black coat of metal on the grey horns

Yama bellowed loudly and said, “I will give you some advise, Your Majesty. Stay away from my horns. Usually, my true form is hidden, so you may have underestimated me. Forget about you. Even I, with my near indestructible body, won’t escape unscathed if I touch these horns of mine.”

Yama’s pupil suddenly narrowed, as he laughed loudly and said, “However, I thoroughly enjoy the power of my horns. My apologies, but the chances of your victory are zero.”

Riddick’s forehead was drenched with sweat as he gazed at Yama. He had seen Yama’s fury before, but now it was sheer dominance. He knew himself that at present, he had no chance of victory, but Void’s words still reverberated in his mind, “The key to victory lies in your body and your body alone.”

At the same time when Riddick stood facing Yama, in the air above the Mobe Mountains, Priam stood with a complicated face. He couldn’t sense the aura he felt three days ago. He was beginning to doubt the Immortals of the Forbidden Isle.

Finally, after a day of waiting, his eyebrows furrowed as he raised his hand and punched the air.


A loud explosion shook the Forbidden Isle, as the outer parts of the Mobe Mountains, housing tens of weaker sects controlled by Taurus Family, were obliterated. The earth was scorched, as the energy of the punch made a crater stretching for thousands of metres.

That day, a monster had set his foot into the territory of the Forbidden Isle.




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  1. Priam mind “Whr my new toy”
    Immortals in prima mind “we destroyed it nanana” prima “arghyygfggff” destroys the mountain”that was my toy”


  2. I can say for sure that if it published gsreddy you gonna earn more than you think.I think it is one of the best story so far & good luck to you.i am rooting for you & riddick!!!!!!!!


    • Thank you Rohit. I am trying to rewrite book 1 but most of my schedule is already tightly packed and when ever I get some free time, I spend it writing the current book. Sigh! Even I don’t know when I will be done rewriting book 1.


  3. Well, thanks for the chapters so far.
    So, like before, i came to beat you down,so that you rise stronger.
    Today i came with 2 things to talk about.
    1, you starts a plot and then a bigger enemy immediatly. Like, the school arc, then the brother and sister where kidnaped. Now, he beat down and takeover the sect, and a bigger guy comes in. It get’s boring. It’s like you never finishes the part of history. From the reader point of view, it’s like you change your mind before endind. It’s kind like Tenge toppa gurren lagann. Everytime the robot beats an enemy, an even Bigger robot appears. There gotta be an end, bro. A few slower chapters. When you do put in chapters like that, you immediatly timeskip. The novel gets harder to read. Tiresome.
    2, Riddick is like a DOLL. He just relies on others. Damn, it’s like he can’t think for himself. And even after something that could become a breaktrought out of the umbrella from others, when he doubted everything, he turns back as soon as he sleeps a little!!!
    Well, i spoke the 2 biggest issues, in my opnion. And remember, i love this novel. And this is the reason i am speaking the bad stuff. To get it better.
    Thanks for the chapter, and i look foward to next.

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    • Hmm, let me give you my honest opinions Long Hu for both your questions.

      1) Basically I can’t show you a good antagonist, that is the core of the issue.

      A) These kinds of stories i.e XianXia genre can never give you a good antagonist. Reason being, think about it, I spent four books writing about Riddick and still people aren’t satisfied with his character. If I want to have a good antagonist then I have to spend even greater time on him. That turns the whole book into the classic Fantasy genre with one or two antagonists.
      People like to see progress in this kind of story so there can never be only one antagonist who can beat MC many times until the final finale where our MC magnificently wins. Isn’t that the core story of all novels and many English movies.

      Take spiderman, superman, batman, any kind of English fantasy genre mainly has this kind of formula twisted with some quirks and re-released as a new story.

      2) Coming to the second issue, Riddick doesn’t make any decisions. This is something which I had always wanted to clarify.

      Riddick does makes decisions. If you want him to make entirely own decisions like in ISSTH, XIAN NI or in ATG. That won’t happen.

      Reason – My MC has an elder. Yes, Void is an elder in my story. An elder’s job is to guide the younger generation.

      You see, I always considered BTTH a weird novel because I couldn’t understand why Yan Lao would let MC suffer when he had the power to protect him. I thought it was silly and an obvious plot armour or hole.

      Here Void doesn’t have the power to help Riddick directly but he can guide him through his knowledge. I don’t want to create a “I know everything, I can do anything on my own MC”. What I want to show is an MC with mind set, “I can be arrogant in front of others but it is foolish to not listen to Void, Caesar, Sylvie. Why would they tell me something which isn’t for my good? If they did tell me something, then I would definitely benefit from it. Better follow their ideas, there is no reason to turn a deaf ear towards our own allies.” Kinda.

      Long Hu, I know you love this novel and are trying to encourage me to develop. Also, please know that I am not criticising you, these are just my thoughts on character development.

      Riddick will be Meng Hao if I imitate Er gen, no, he will be half a Meng Hao. Riddick is Riddick because he is unique in his own way. I may have started writing ATH due to CD and other CN XianXia novels but I am not planning to make an another CD or ISSTH, I am planning to write ATH which in its own way is different from others.


      • I love your work, and will continue to support it. But I’m going to be brutally honest here. The reason you spent 4 books writing about Riddick and people still aren’t satisfied with his character has nothing to do with antagonists or the xianxia genre – it’s basically because he has “no” character. I suggest for future improvement in the story to take extra time into character development, because at the moment non of the characters have any kind of unique flair or attractive personality. Yama is just an overpowered cow, we know nothing about void, and Riddick has had so many personality changes he might as well be institutionalized. And no other characters have had any character building whatsoever.


  4. Yay, Riddick’s new babysitter has arrived. As much as Riddick hates it, he really does need someone with him who can take some of the pressure off of his shoulders so he can do exactly what Void is forcing him to do right now… He also needs someone stronger than him around to avoid things like the current situation with Taurus Family in which Riddick is pretty much an infant against a dragon. Stupid, arrogant, overconfident child who believes he can deal with everything as long as he plans for them… someone needs to spank him.


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