Book 5 – Chapter 4 Physical prowess

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Physical prowess:

              “Watch carefully, Riddick.” Void probed as Riddick stood facing Yama. “Watch every movement of your opponent. His breath, his eyes, his intent…everything is a key guiding you to your victory. Learn from your observations, and never reveal anything which may be useful to your opponent.”

              Riddick’s eyes shrank as he completely focused his vision on Yama. Yama, who stood at attention, suddenly raised his hoofs and broke into a run. Yama’s speed was fast. So fast that Riddick couldn’t even follow him with his eyes. However, Riddick had been cautious so he almost instinctively moved aside as he his senses picked up Yama’s movement.


       An air pressure hit Riddick just as he moved aside, and Yama’s figure flashed as he appeared in Riddick’s previous position. Cold sweat ran down Riddick’s back as he saw Yama. He hadn’t even taken three steps and Yama was already beside him. Just how could he fight against such speed?

       But, Riddick calmed his beating heart and retreated further. Even if he didn’t have an advantage in speed, he had an advantage in size. With his small body he should be able to manoeuvre at complex angles.

              Yama’s eyes followed Riddick as he moved further away. Riddick was carefully considering his next move, but his face paled as he saw the glint in Yama’s eyes.


         Two wind blades rushed at him, as Yama’s tails whipped the air like thunder. Already at a breakneck speed, Riddick couldn’t possibly increase his speed any more. With no way to dodge them, he raised his hand and summoned his Fire Core Sword, which had been gifted to him by Vera.


        A loud sound rang out as Riddick flew like a broken puppet. The sword managed to save him from becoming mincemeat, but the terrifying force transmitted from the wind blades fractured his hands.

           Using the force of the attack, Riddick rolled like a log. His body screamed in pain, yet he wasn’t injured. The wind blades held a terrifying force but fortunately weren’t imbued with divine power.

          Riddick lifted his hand and stabbed the ground with his Fire core sword to stop his momentum. Standing up, he once again stood facing Yama. The situation hadn’t changed much, except he now knew what to expect.

        Yama laughed smugly as he saw Riddick covered in dust and light wounds. This time however, Riddick initiated the attack. Since he knew about Yama’s speed, naturally he knew that he had no way of achieving victory simply by dodging his attacks. So Riddick instead decided to launch a surprise attack.

         Yama gazed at Riddick as he darted towards him with an amused expression, as if he was watching an interesting performance. The instant Yama entered into his attack zone, Riddick jumped sideways and suddenly twisted his body in a weird direction.

          Yama, who saw this, bellowed loudly and said, “For God’s sake, you never learn do you, Your Majesty? Just because you think I can’t move faster, you start to get cocky and do such foolish manoeuvres.

        Looks like you don’t understand how much a foolish idea, implemented without proper planning, will cost you, unless I let that body of yours experience it!”

              Yama’s body, which was eight metres tall and weighed more than tens of thousands of tons suddenly turned illusory. His body became as light as a feather as his speed reached it’s limits. Riddick, who was still moving at his maximum speed, couldn’t even react as Yama slammed into his body with his head.


             Loud cracking sounds resounded in the hollow world as Riddick’s bones were smashed to bits. His body once again flew like a kite; only this time he didn’t stop until he rolled for an entire kilometre.

          If what he suffered from Rowen’s attack could be called horrible, then his current condition was multiple times worse. Most of his bones were broken in multiple places, and all of his organs were punctured by the arrow-like splintered bones.

            Blood flowed from all his orifices as he, for the first time, suffered a serious attack from Yama. Riddick’s mind was drowning in pain, but his consciousness was held by Yama, preventing him from passing out.

         With majestic steps Yama strode forward and said, “This is just the beginning, Your Majesty. Did you think that you could win so easily? Naive……. So naive. Unfortunately for you, I have no kindness built in me to let you rest.

             Don’t worry, no matter how bad you end up from fighting, I will fix you up in no time. Now, let’s get back to training… Haha….” Yama laughed viciously.

         Riddick could only stare with bulging eyes as his injuries were healed at an astonishing speed, and within a few minutes, after Yama strode forward, he was already completely healed.

      Thus, Riddick’s training began. He was deprived of Yama and had to fight against him in close combat. No matter how he thought, he saw no possibility of beating Yama. Yama was stronger, faster, and much more experienced than him. Even worse, he was in a completely biased environment.

         Yamaloka was Yama’s world, nothing could happen here without his consent. And although Yama did not use his powers against Riddick, he could definitely see every tiny movement made by Riddick. In front of Yama, Riddick was completely exposed. He couldn’t even lift a finger without escaping Yama’s attention.

          That first day, Riddick was squashed a hundred times. He couldn’t even retaliate, no matter how he tried to attack. In front of that illusionary speed and indestructible body, he couldn’t do anything.

         Days passed in this manner. At first, Riddick kept a count but soon, he lost it as his days were filled with nothing but pain, torture, broken limbs and almost fatal wounds followed by instant healing. Everyday, Riddick tried whatever method he could think of to counter Yama. He used his body, he tried to attack, he tried to defend, he tried to dodge and finally he tried to escape. It was of no use; he was beaten every time thoroughly and without exception.

        That day Riddick sat down thinking about the previous fights. He was frustrated and angry at the same time. He was angry at himself and frustrated with Void. No matter how he tried to probe, Void maintained his silence and only repeated that unless he realise the meaning of this training and complete it by himself, there would be no end to this torture.

           Riddick sighed in his heart as he understood that he had to get out of this constant torture by himself. So he began to think of ways to defeat Yama. He had thought of countless methods till now but no matter what he did, he couldn’t even touch Yama.

        Suddenly Riddick eyes flashed as he began to think about Void’s words. Void’s test was make Yama retreat by one step. He never said that Riddick had to defeat Yama.

         Confused, Riddick started to meditate as he thought about Void’s words… Make Yama retreat. Wasn’t that the same as defeating him? Riddick fought Yama countless times so he knew, there is no way Yama would cover in fear. Also, it was impossible to defeat Yama in a head on fight. Then, how was he supposed to win?

        Suddenly Riddick realised something. Yama, from the very beginning, never used his divine power. He used his incredible speed and pure physical strength to crush Riddick, again and again, but he never used his divine power.

     Why? Riddick began to wonder. As far as he could understand, Yamaloka had no restrictions, so Yama would have been able to treat him even if his body was at the border of collapsing. Then why didn’t he use divine energy? Was he giving him a handicap?

           No, Yama wouldn’t do something like that out of his own will. Then was he ordered to do so. By whom? Obviously, the only one with such authority was Void.

      Then did the answer lie in the use of divine energy? Yama wasn’t using divine energy but Riddick could use it. Divine energy? Riddick had no such thing. He only had Void energy in his body. All of his divine energy and spiritual energy had long since been converted to Void energy.

         “The answer to victory lies within your body.” Void had said, and Riddick considered it seriously.

         His body had Void Energy but what good would that do? Even before realising this, Riddick had used Void energy to launch material attacks and even spiritual attacks but Yama wasn’t hurt in the least. No matter how Riddick amplified his attacks, Yama stood like a pillar.

        Then what was he supposed to use? Pure physical strength. Can he fight a monster like Yama with pure physical prowess. Suddenly Riddick opened his eyes as he remembered the words Void spoke a long time ago.

        “Void attribute strengthens your body considerably, but this is just the tip of iceberg. You will experience pure power burst after you enter Immortal level.”

         If Void attribute can strengthen his physical prowess then couldn’t Void Energy do that. No, wait. Physical prowess was decided by the life energy supplied by the body. How can Void energy replace life energy?

       Riddick stood up abruptly as he understood what this training was all about. Void did say from the very beginning that every energy in his body was converted to Void Energy. Then, wasn’t life energy in his body a type of energy as well? Then could it be possible that his body no longer had life energy? Did his body now have a single large pool of Void energy?

              His physical prowess could be increased if his muscles could get more life energy. Then if he just simply replaced his life energy with Void Energy…then what would happen?

              Riddick knew that thinking any more was a waste of time. Since he had failed so many times, the worst that could happen would be one more failure.

“Yama.” Riddick called out.

            Yama, who was observing Riddick from afar, instantly materialised before him. With a laugh he asked, “What is it? Are you ready for some more training, Your Majesty?”

            Riddick kept a plain face and said, “Just get on with it, Yama.” He had learnt enough to not let Yama read his plan by keeping a leash on his emotions.

              Yama bellowed loudly and broke into a run. Unlike before, Riddick didn’t try to attack Yama, nor did he try to defend himself. He simply stood there without moving.

         However, inside his body some terrifying changes were going on. Void Energy flowed like a thick stream, and layers upon layers of thick pillars were laid around his vertebral column.

         Making this layered structure as support. Thin streams of energy passed through his shoulder joint, into his arm, into his forearm, around his wrist and into his palm. This powerful network of energy then suddenly sank into his muscles.

         There was no change in the outer structure, but the triad connection within those muscles suddenly expanded, and those synapses connecting with his brain shone with brilliance. This was Riddick’s ideal condition. His body was now incredibly receptive, incredibly perceptive and incredibly tough.

         Yama charged like lightning, and directly clashed with Riddick’s raised hand.


           A terrifying sound rang out, as cracks appeared on the ground. Riddick’s feet dug into the ground, until his knees disappeared. Then, he stood still. Yama, who boasted his unstoppable charge, was brought to a stop. Riddick stood like an iron pillar, as his hand received that thunder-like force. The muscles in his hand twitched violently, but they finally managed to withstand the force.

         The force which flowed into his hand flowed into his waist and then finally to his legs. Cracks spread throughout the surrounding ground and finally it broke the limit.


         The earth trembled and unable to withstand any longer, the ground collapsed making a large crater.

          However, every action will have an equal and opposite reaction. The force transmitted to Riddick’s palm was not only transmitted to the ground but it was also transmitted back to Yama who was in contact with it.


        A low moan erupted from Yama, as he shook his head which was now vibrating violently under the impact of his own charge. This forced him to unconsciously take a step back.

         As a small smile lit his face, Riddick felt at ease, having finally made progress against Yama. He withdrew his hand and clenched it tightly. The pain he experienced in these past days was mortifying, but the result was worth it.

         He didn’t gain anything new, but he now understood the limits of his body. He understood the nature of his body, and he now understood what changed in his body after being reconstructed by the blood drop.

      From the very beginning, he had a unique body nurtured by the Void attribute and energy, but the reconstruction changed it from the core. He no longer just had a body suitable for Void Energy, it was now a body tailored just for it.

          The change may not sound very astonishing, but one day Riddick would understand the reason why his body changed so much due to a single drop.

     It wasn’t as simple as reconstruction, nor was it so simple as a power up. That drop of blood brought something back into the world which should have been obliterated by the Heavens. It brought something which could make the hearts of heavenly experts tremble in fear. It was a seed of disaster which would once again rise to strike the Heavens.


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    • Hmm, now we are going back to reality. Indeed from the point of commonsense he can simply say that but would Riddick be satisfied with such power up.
      Wouldn’t he again forget about it in the future. This training was done so that he understands his body and his physical strength himself. This is the most ideal way he can evolve further.
      As they say, “Hard earned food is always tasty even if it is just plain rice”


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