Book 5 – Chapter 5 The Blood mark

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Well, what should I say? I am confident that none of you have expected this turn at least not at this point but just wait. I said before didn’t I, this book is gonna be a rollercoaster. Well, you will understand why in this chapter.

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The blood mark:    

Surrounded by golden clouds, and supported by pillars made from the sinews of Yaksha dragons, a translucent globe holding a magnificent palace within it. It flew slowly. It’s pace was majestic, like that of a king.

The palace flew through the skies, and wherever it passed, people knelt down in respect. The Golden Fog was a type of defensive spell, and it could be replicated by some experts…but one thing about that palace could never be replicated by anyone no matter who they are.

That was the seemingly ordinary translucent barrier which surrounded the palace. Legend had it that this barrier was gifted to the Kinkara Lords who ruled the Yaksha Realm by the King of the Southern Seas, and it was said to be one of the strongest barriers within the Yaksha Realm.

In that magnificent palace, four men sat opposite each other, while tens of experts stood behind them. The four elders were in a heated discussion. Their faces were aged, but their souls were like knives. No matter how profound one’s courage was, one could never stand against these four men.

In the air above the golden fog stood a lady. Her eyes were ice cold, and her demeanour emanated power surpassing those four men.

She glanced at her arm. Her jade-like arm had a single blood mark etched into it. This mark appeared when she was in her indefinite meditation. This mark shook her soul. This mark renewed her vigour, and this mark was an order; a sign that her master was calling for her.

Her eyes suddenly turned white, as her body began to emit an incredible amount of energy. Her outstretched arm was completely covered in ice, as if wanting to preserve the blood mark for eternity.

Her ice cold face changed, as an expression of ecstasy appeared upon it. Licking her lips, she muttered, “One hundred million years. I, June, waited a whole one hundred million years and finally you appear before me, My Lord.”

Her ecstatic eyes suddenly turned towards the palace floating below her. With a snort, she thought, “Now that you have revealed yourself, I assume that it’s time. These little kids down here shall be my first prey.”


She flew down like a meteor, and her arm covered in ice struck the translucent globe like thunder

Inside the palace, the four elders were discussing something when the palace shook, and a loud sound resounded throughout the palace as the roof cracked and June drilled into the hall.

Her eyes were cold as she gazed at the four elders. With a snort she said, “Four punks over there. Who gave this palace to you?”

The elder all stood up with creased eyebrows. The surrounding warriors drew their weapons almost simultaneously as they saw June. An elder raised his hand and said, “Stay your hands. She isn’t an opponent you can beat.”

Turning towards June, he said, “Fellow Yaksha, I don’t know who you are, nor do I remember doing anything to incite your wrath. I can guess that your strength is similar to mine, but we have an advantage in numbers. However, I do not want to fight you.

All of us are at an equal level of strength, so let us solve our differences verbally.” He continued in a friendly voice.

June smiled lightly and said, “Well spoken, cunning brat. Smooth talking me while trying to surround me from all sides. Your plan is as plain as day.

Also, how did you come the conclusion that your strength is similar to mine? What a worthless analysis. Looks like people will forget death itself as long as they manage to stay alive by hiding in a hole for a long time. My name is June, remember that brat.”

The elder eyes turned sharp as he sensed danger. He knew that the Yaksha Realm was like a never ending ocean, and that there were countless powers hidden within it, but he had never heard of June.

June laughed and raised her hand. The ice covered hand began to emit white mist, as she slowly began to emit energy. “No need to waste my time against worms like you. Let’s begin.” June said coldly.

The elder who was talking to June suddenly disappeared, and a sabre appeared in front of June. The power of the sabre caused the space to crack, and spatial ripples followed.

June’s eyes held a mocking expression, as she raised her hand and caught the sabre. A chilling coldness spread through the sabre and froze the elder’s arm.


The elder cried loudly as he tried to free himself, but it was of no use. The chilling coldness seeped through his arm and entered into his body. Finally, his mind was attacked by the seeping chill.

Finally unable to withstand it, he shouted loudly, “Don’t you dare attack me, bitch. I work for a Kinkara Lord. He will kill you!”

June smile broadened as she heard that. “A Kinkara Lord. A mere Kinkara dares to fight me, June.”

Finally, an elder who was watching the fight with an opened mouth fell on his butt as he heard June’s name again. He thought about one person who was indeed named June, but she had been long dead. Could it be possible… was it possible that that the person in front of him was ‘that’ June?

“You… you can’t possibly be… ‘that’ June?” He finally muttered out.

June’s face suddenly lit up as she heard this. With a pleasant laugh she said, “Ara… There was someone who remembered me after so long!”

Her laugh faded as she said, “Yes, I am that June. My name is June Soleus, the former Queen of the Ice Continent.”

The chilling coldness suddenly increased as she gazed at the far east. A mutter escaped her lips, as she said, “Looks like I was not the only one who received His Majesty’s summons. Sorry, brats. I would have liked to play with you a little longer, but I really don’t want to be left behind. This is goodbye.”

Following her words, her forehead creased and a slit appeared on it


An intense cold swept past everyone, as the slit opened up slightly. June, who watched them, sighed as she muttered, “And here, I was waiting to use my power a bit. Worthless, I have to find someone more powerful.”

June disappeared like a mist as she said those words. Silence returned to the palace as she left, but none of the elders or the guardians behind them moved. A gale swept past them from the broken formation, and just like dolls everyone fell on the ground lifelessly.

Nothing changed in their appearance, but rather in their minds, within their sea of consciousness’, there was no movement. The soul within it was covered in a light ice layer, but inside the soul world, ice covered each and every part of it. A small exposure to her divine ability killed a hundred Yakshas.

That instant when June was in the palace, a hundred million kilometres east of her, a volcanic range stood spreading over a million kilometres. In the centre of that volcano range, a large reservoir of magma boiled with intense heat.

Suddenly, the boiling magma rose like a geyser and sprayed over a hundred kilometres. From the depths of that red liquid, a hand large enough to cover ten mountains rose, followed by another.


A large roar resounded, as a Rock Giant rose from that magma. His eyes crimson red, his body deep red, and his breath hot enough to melt mountains. His shoulder had a bright glowing blood mark, which amazingly warded off any magma from reaching it.

The instant he rose from the magma, he transformed into a ten foot giant. His upper body was bare, muscles twisting like snakes as his hand clenched tightly. His eyes held happiness as he raised his hand.

From the depths of the magma lake, a large golden staff shot out and arrived before him. With a loud shout, he raised his hand and hit the earth with it.

A wave spread like a tsunami from that point. The mountains, which spread like a never ending dream, trembled as the tectonic plates below them shook violently.

A giant had declared his authority, and anyone who couldn’t defeat him had to follow his orders. The Rock Giants followed the strong, and now the strongest King in their history had returned. He returned because it was time. He returned to bring them their former glory.

The muscle giant gazed to the west. Three hundred million kilometres away, June gazed at him. They couldn’t see each other, but they could feel the other’s presence.

“You haven’t changed, June.” The muscled giant murmured with a smile.

“Neither have you, Roger.” June muttered lightly.

Neither of them could hear each other, but they could feel what the other wanted to convey. They could feel because of one mark which connected them all.

Both of them touched their blood marks and smiled lightly, before disappearing like a mist.


Inside Yamaloka, Yama was asleep as Riddick had finished his first task. As he sensed something, he opened his eyes and said, “Now, what are you planning to do, Void?”

Void sighed deeply and said, “It is better this way, Yama. I can’t explain anything, and even if I did, it would only make matters worse.”

Yama rose to his feet. He shouted loudly, “Even if you think this is the best way. You still fooled Riddick and let him suffer by saying shit like ‘Physical prowess training’ and such. I won’t accept your methods.”

Void sighed again. He knew that this would happen sooner or later. Yama was too devoted and wouldn’t think of anything else. So, he said in a sad voice, “No need. You have already done your work. The constant healing has multiplied the blood drop in his body to an appropriate level.

I assume his blood has already been converted by ninety percent. It’s just a bit more. Even without your help, the process will be completed in a few weeks.”

Yama’s eyes radiated a deep hatred. He, Yama, was called the “Ruler of Hell” because of his tyrannical strength, but that was just one side of a coin.

Yama was not only known for his tyrannical strength, but also for his immense loyalty. Ever since his birth, he had never betrayed a master. Unlike other godly weapons, Yama had a will, and thus could freely betray anyone, but he never deceived any because of his loyalty.

Here, Void was forcing him to do something which he hated the most. Even if he was doing it for his master’s well-being, that didn’t change the fact that he betrayed Riddick’s trust by lying about the training.

The training was a lie. Riddick had no use for such a thing, nor would he benefit from it in the future. It was done solely to increase the conversion rate of the blood within his body. Unknown to Riddick, his blood was being completely converted, and unknown to him, his soul was being locked away by the lightning dragon.


What will happen to Riddick? What is Void planning? Who are June and Roger? And why would Void lie to Riddick?
Find your answers in the next chapter of ATH!


23 thoughts on “Book 5 – Chapter 5 The Blood mark

  1. AAAAARRRRGH!!!! TOO MUCH MYSTERY!! *sigh* there we go, stress released. Anyway, out of all this, i just hope that Riddick doesn’t become a puppet of some sort. I would rather if he took all the power he had from the past and used it himself instead of turning into whoever he was in the past, created by Void.
    Thanks for the chapter!


  2. intense chapter
    hope void is doing all this to help riddick
    im curious about what “his soul was being locked away by the lightning dragon” means
    thanks for the update


  3. Since June used ice and roger was in magma, is riddik gonna have four followers that are the kings of the basic elements? Or something like that


  4. Hey reddy in the beginning of the chapter you mentioned that June is stronger than the 4 guys which takes away the suspense of her attack.

    This chapter also mentions ‘Yaksha’ and other words primarily from the Hindu culture but we as reader wouldn’t know that unless we use a dictionary. I suggest you ‘*’ (star) those words and make a foot note about those specific words at the end of said chapter.

    It only needs to be made a note of once for each new work.

    Thanks for the chapter


  5. I think void is preparing riddicks body to be taken over but the lightning dragon is locking his soul so he can’t be fully taken over,cause if the dragon wasn’t locking his soul his soul would be like what was going to happen to his friend that got taken over(completey forgot those two friends names) after a amount of time the origanl owner of the body’s soul would get destroyed.

    Well that’s what I think but it’s probally wrong


  6. I started reading this a few weeks ago, really enjoyed the first book but somewhere between the middle/end of second book up to this chapter, I have absolutely no idea of what is happening here, no idea On character relations, power level comparisons, world origins and relations to the previous worlds/continents, mc’s goals, all these new groups with no differing characteristics that come out of the blue. Every time I read a chapter it’s like starting a brand new novel. Is this just me that’s having trouble following this?


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