Book 5 – Chapter 6 Resurrection

Author note : Hi guys GSD REDDY here and I am back with an another chapter.

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Resurrection :

                      Inside the soul world, in that blank space which held the thirteen black spheres, a small flash of lightning passed as the lightning dragon outside the soul world locked Riddick’s soul away. This lightning flew past the twelve globes and struck the thirteenth one.

        The thirteenth globe trembled as it received the lightning. It was already cracked from when it secreted that drop of blood, but that crack deepened as the lightning hit it. A moment of stillness passed, and then suddenly the thirteenth globe began to emit a gravitational force, which started to pull the remaining twelve globes towards it.

         The process continued while Riddick fought Yama. A month passed, and the thirteenth globe within the blank space had already engulfed the first nine globes. The closer a globe was to the thirteenth globe, the more resistance it put up against that gravitational force.

          One more month passed, and the tenth and the eleventh globes were engulfed by the thirteenth globe as well. The twelfth and the only remaining globe however didn’t merge, and the thirteen globe, as if respecting its decision, withdrew its gravitational force.

        By the time Riddick’s blood was completely converted, this fusion was done. Riddick’s blood had the same composition as that of the drop of divine blood. This conversion wasn’t a simple change in the blood’s nature, it was a change in the nature of the entire body itself.

          A drop of blood reconstructed Riddick’s entire body. What would happen if all of his blood was replaced with such divine blood? Theoretically, something amazing should happen, but it didn’t. The blood flowed normally, and Riddick didn’t even notice the changes in his body.

           At that instant, the thirteenth globe withdrew its gravitational force and started to emit an intense black glow. This intense black glow spread throughout the blank space, and reached the soul world outside it. Riddick, who was training with Yama, sensed something wrong in his soul world, but it was already too late.

         The black glow enveloped him in an instant, and he lost consciousness the next. Yama appeared before Riddick and caught him from falling. His face had a sad expression. Yama didn’t want Riddick to suffer, but he had no choice.

          A hundred times they failed doing this. A hundred times their king perished, unable to withstand the wrath of the Heavens. A hundred lifetimes his soul suffered, and he had yet to achieve his goal. He went through the cycle of life and death countless times trying to reach his goal.

      Every time he died, he was born anew. He forgot his life, he forgot his ambition, he forgot his past. However, sometimes he managed to reach this stage. But, he had never been lucky.

        Once, he was. But then, he suffered defeat. He suffered pain, and then lost his life, unable to win against the Heavens. Then he again continued his journey through lives, his soul was reincarnated numerous times since then. A hundred million years passed, but the woman he loved in his last life still waited for him. His comrades waited for him.

       They waited, knowing that he may not again descend for a trillion more years. In this life, he was born as Riddick. He didn’t care much about names. A million names later, you wouldn’t treasure a name so much, but for some reason, he liked the name Riddick.

           He liked it so much that he allowed this soul of his to acquire a small part of his original soul through struggle. His present self struggled, while his original self saw this struggle while trapped within his cage. His only way to communicate with his other self was through his trusted friend, ally and his only companion in all his years of suffering, Void.

           His memories were trapped, and so was his potential. His body was weak; it was like glass. The humans of this realm were weak. Their bloodline was simply feeble. Thus, he had to first change his body if he wanted to successfully unlock his cage.

       That drop of blood stored within his soul was an initiator. It slowly converted the entirety of his  blood and then the body itself.

            Blood is the currency of our body. Through blood, our body performs all its functions. A change in blood will ultimately cause a change in every aspect of our body. He watched Riddick- No, he watched himself as he struggled in this life.

       Finally, twenty years after this body was born, he decided that the time was ripe. The thirteenth globe trembled, as a small ripple spread on its surface.

       A small ripple became a huge ripple, and soon it was replaced by intense vibrations. The coiling dragon outside the soul world gazed at the sea of consciousness. Yama gazed at the ceiling of Yamaloka, looking towards the skies outside .

          The moment when the thirteenth globe emerged from the blank space and entered into the soul world, a bolt of lightning descended from the skies.

       The lightning pierced reality, as it unleashed its fury on the small speck of black dot in the air. Yamaloka trembled as the lightning entered into it.

       Yama knew this would happen. He knew it from experience. This lightning wasn’t something he can stop with his will. This lightning didn’t follow the will of the Dao, so he didn’t have the power to obstruct it. Yet, his huge body bellowed as he charged straight at the lightning and unleashed his withheld fury.

         His two horns trembled as they managed to stop the lightning for just a second. But, this only extinguished about thirty percent of lightning’s power. The remaining energy blasted Yama off as it pierced Riddick.

           Just like a spear, it pierced through his body. The power held within the lightning was enough to cause injuries to Yama. How can a normal body withstand such power? No, a normal body definitely can’t. Any divine body will become ashes the instant this lightning touches it, but Riddick’s body didn’t.

         Lightning passed through his energy channels, but nothing happened. The blood within his body started to glow, as it began to crazily absorb the energy within the lightning, but nothing happened to his body.

        Then, the lightning entered into the sea of consciousness. Inside the sea of consciousness, the lightning dragon opened his eyes widely, as it roared like thunder.


             A loud explosion occurred inside the sea of consciousness, as the lightning dragon collided with the heavenly lightning. The collision caused ripples which dispersed the surrounding sea of spiritual energy.

           The lightning dragon’s body was beginning to collapse under the might of this heavenly lightning. Yet, it still held on, as it knew that the soul world of Riddick would collapse the instant this lightning touches it.

         Inside the blank space, the twelfth black globe saw the lightning dragon and its struggle. It saw Yama’s struggle, and finally it cracked a little. A small blue drop escaped from this crack.

         Following the path of the thirteenth globe, it came out of the blank space and then out of the soul itself. The instant the blue drop emerged out of the soul world, it evaporated and the mist surrounded the heavenly lightning.

        Sparks flew from mist, but it was of no use. The heavenly lightning was contained within it. A minute passed and the mist was already on the verge of dispersing, but the lightning dragon had recovered a part of its strength by then, and once again it stood tall, coiling around the globe. It would protect the soul world at any cost.

            Inside the Soul world, the huge black globe which emerged from the blank space silently melted into a liquid, which completely began to merge with the existing soul world.

           He moved with the liquid, as he began to assemble his present self into his original self. Riddick was not a different person, he was a part of him. He was not an intruder, he was a part of Riddick. He had the memories of his past and an image of his goal, but Riddick didn’t.

       He didn’t, because he wasn’t ready to survive the tribulation lightning passed by the Heavens. The Heavens wouldn’t allow him to reincarnate, and would kill him at any cost. This present life of his already suffered from this fate, and now he was going to merge with his present self.

        The black liquid silently merged with the walls of the soul world. There was no rejection from the soul world. It accepted the black liquid as if it was welcoming a past friend. The complex world of Riddick’s soul changed like a living creature. It grew to accommodate its past self.

             Images transferred between the past and the present souls. He remembered his life, he remembered about his love, he remembered about his comrades, but above all, he remembered everything that was known only to Void. He remembered the secrets unknown to Vera, he remembered his name, and he remembered the reason for his birth.

        The past changed him. It didn’t invade him, the past and the present were one to begin with. They were the same, they shared one soul world and they shared one fate. Seconds passed, and the heavenly lightning outside the soul world trembled as an aura spread out of Riddick’s soul.

       It was the same aura which Riddick had once acquired from the blank space, but it was different at the same time. The instant the soul world absorbed the black liquid, an intense glow radiated throughout the sea of consciousness with the soul at it’s centre.

        A soothing feeling spread throughout the lightning dragon’s body, while an unbearable pressure crushed the heavenly lightning, dispersing it to nothingness. This black glow was majestic, radiant and powerful.

      The lightning dragon bowed before it, and so did Yama who was outside. The blood mark on Roger and June intensified, until a symbol of a complex triangle was formed in its place.

        Lying on the ground, Riddick’s body trembled slightly. His hand rose and touched his face. His eyes opened slightly and saw Yama before him. A smile lit his face, as he felt the connection he had with Sylvie.

        His face was filled with delight as he thought about Vera. Raising up he glanced at Yama. He raised his hand to pet Yama. Yama was a companion he acquired the last time he managed to unlock his soul.

              Feeling the deepest and also the most powerful of his soul connections, Riddick smiled lightly.

      “Welcome back Riddick, or do you prefer a different name?” Void asked lightly.

           Riddick smiled a little and said, “No, Riddick will do. I like it. You haven’t changed at all, Void. Sorry, you had to take care of me for so long.”

            Void laughed lightly and said, “A million lives. I lived in this cycle of fate along with you. A million more wouldn’t matter, and why are you acting all sentimental now? Leave it.”

         Riddick chuckled as he heard Void. He raised his head, gazing at the skies outside Yamaloka. A million lifetimes, a trillion years and through countless sufferings, Void accompanied him without a single word of complaint. Words cannot express the gratitude he felt towards Void. Nothing in this life can repay him, for the bond between them was the most valuable of all bonds, “Friendship”.

        His eyes gazing at the skies saw the thundering and the rumbling skies. They became serious as he thought aloud, “Now, let’s not get careless. Those guys above are watching us. It’s time to repay our debt.”


59 thoughts on “Book 5 – Chapter 6 Resurrection

  1. I have a question regarding Riddick and his new self. Is this the same Riddick from the rest of the story with memories from his previous life or is this the person from the previous life now in control of Riddicks mind and soul? Is this the same Riddick since chapter one or is that Riddick no more?


      • nope if you refer to how a personality is and if ones self is an aspect of the personality then our riddick is dead absorbed/eaten by the new riddick


      • Hmm, well. A single change won’t ruin everything. If you truly think that this change ruined the series then this series was meant to be ruined from the very beginning. I thought about this plot at the very beginning and thus, I wouldn’t have changed it ’cause it will ruin all my leads.

        However, I will tell you something. You will never know about the future if you live in past. Similarly, you won’t enjoy the present if you can’t accept the reality. Instead of worrying about past accept the change. It may be a lot more entertaining than you think it will be.


  2. You know Red? Though this chapter was awesome and all. Why do I have impending feeling that this book going to end up much sooner than expected? I get the feeling after around fifth to tenth arc, the story *boom* end.

    I surely hope it was not and just my flickering feel of the depth.


    • Na, it won’t. Let me tell you why? Riddick did gain memories but he didn’t gain back the powers of his past life (i.e of Vera’s time ) then what do you think lies past this life. I mean who do you think Riddick was a trillion years ago? Did he have any more lives?

      Stay tuned for your answers.


      • When you put the “trillions” word in it, fuh…. this is just estimation with the known informations, you story going to fairly larges if you did write the timelines with few years time skip. Unless you write like IET wrote CD where Linley in the blink an eyes has trains for more than 500 years in single chapters (refer to amethys mountain arc).

        My safe esitimate it will be around 35 to 40 arc, or longers. As for each of the arc, my safe bet around 25 chapters no less probably more…. You Building an entire universe man. An entire universe….

        Well more read for me so i guess, Fight Oh!!!


    • …I think that reincarnation is the problem in itself. He was so powerful that even after death he retains his memories and that is against the will of the heavens. If you reincarnate only your soul and not your memories are supposed to come with you. The heavens didn’t care about Riddick until he got Void energy and then they only were a little annoyed, but now they will try to eradicate him….poor Riddick just regained his memories and already going to have to worry about being destroyed….


  3. I started reading ATH friday night finished the last chapter out this morning, in two words “i’m MINDBLOWNED” i dunno how you did it by constantly making a chapter a day minimum but your stuff is rivaling the top LN’s a read so far (about 47) trus from today i’m a big fan the only thing i will say to you is keep the good work and i hope one day you become a renown author (if that’s your goal of course 🙂 ) and having some romance in the future will be nice even tho somehow i got the feel that some big fight between vera/sylvie/june and the others will start for getting Reddick CAN’T WAIT :3


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