Book 5 – Chapter 7 A Hint of truth

Author note : Hi guys GSD REDDY here and I am back with an another chapter.

Edited By : King Haku and Fez tastic.

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A little light hearted yet, a good chapter with small hints to the real mystery.



  A Hint of truth

Riddick stood still, gazing at the skies, but he diverted his attention as Sylvie and Caesar arrived. The heavenly lightning which shook Yamaloka would surely attract their attention.

Riddick gazed at Caesar and said in a surprised tone, “Oh, Caesar! You have already broken through to peak disciple level! That’s a monstrous improvement within two months.” Then he saw Sylvie, and put on a dumbfounded expression. He couldn’t help but ask, “How come you have broken through to divine disciple level as well, Sylvie? The last time I saw you, you were only at late beginner disciple stage.”

Caesar gazed coldly at Riddick and said, “Don’t act a fool, Riddick. Who cares about our cultivation levels? What happened here just now? What was that heavenly lightning? And, as far as I can say, you were the only one here at that time, so its target should be you.

Why would that lightning target you? And, how are you still alive if it did target you?” Caesar asked in a serious voice.

Riddick sighed inwardly, as he understood Caesar’s curiosity. He knew that Caesar had been interested in him ever since he first took control of his soul, but the time wasn’t ripe to explain it all yet.

So Riddick smiled lightly and said, “Nothing happened to me, really. I just gained a bit of my memories back, that’s all.”

Caesar’s eyebrows creased as he heard Riddick. He wasn’t a fool so he understood that Riddick was lying to him. With a snort he said, “So you won’t answer my question, Riddick.”

Riddick sighed and said, “It’s not that I don’t want to tell you, Caesar. Just that my story is long and it would take too much time to explain it all.” Riddick said as he thought inwardly, “Honestly, it’s too long to explain.”

Caesar still had an angry expression on his face. He wasn’t satisfied with Riddick’s explanation. But, he knew that arguing anymore wouldn’t do any good, so he sighed inside and calmed his heart.

Sylvie only stood by the side with a complex expression. She knew that Riddick would explain it to her if he ever decided to do so, so she kept quiet.

Suddenly Riddick raised his voice and said, “Ah! It’s just the right time. I want to regain my reflexes, and you both have broken through in power as well. How about we have a friendly match?”

Caesar laughed and said, “Unless Sylvie uses her trump card, it would be too difficult for her to defeat you, Riddick. So, I assume you want to fight against me? At my current level of power, I don’t think I will lose to you, though. Unless you are willing to take risks.”

Caesar casually glanced at Riddick and tried to see his cultivation. But, his face changed as he couldn’t determine Riddick’s cultivation. “Something is wrong. Just what happened here?” Caesar thought inwardly.

Riddick laughed and said, “No, no. I was asking both of you to fight me at once. Also, you can use your trump cards.”

Sylvie, who stood silently, asked in a serious voice, “Aren’t you getting too ahead of yourself, Master? You want to fight both of us at the same time? You will end up in mud, Master.”

Riddick smiled and said, “That’s good as well. An occasional defeat will teach me a lot more than an easy victory.”

Caesar sighed and said, “Very well. I will fight you as you wish. But, if I win, you will tell me everything about yourself.”

Riddick’s eyes became serious as he gazed at Caesar. Their eyes met, an indescribable feeling passed over Caesar as he gazed into Riddick’s eyes. They were like a deep ocean which held an unbelievable amount of emotions within.

Riddick gently smiled, as he withdrew his gaze and said, “Alright, if you win, then I will tell you everything about myself.”

The instant Riddick agreed to his condition, Caesar withdrew his sword and glanced at Sylvie. A huge golden snake had already appeared behind her. Both of them reacted within a split second after Riddick’s agreement, showing their incomparably keen battle instincts.

Suddenly, Sylvie watched in horror as she glanced at Riddick. Both Sylvie and Caesar had reacted at the same instant, but Riddick had reacted a split second earlier. The range of her Dao Domain was only one kilometre, and Riddick was already eight hundred metres away from her.

“Do it now.” Caesar roared loudly, as he kicked the ground and followed Riddick at high speed. The number of times Sylvie could use her divine ability was limited. She could, at most, use her ability three times in a row. It was essential to make something out of every usage.

Caesar followed Riddick, but an intangible force swept past him at terrifying speed as the Dao Domain released. Riddick’s face was as calm as ever, as if he sensed this intangible force. His legs touched the ground, and an illusionary figure appeared in his place, while he himself appeared a hundred metres away, outside the range of the Dao Domain.

Caesar clicked his tongue as he gazed at Riddick. With a bitter smile he asked, “Since when did you learn Yama’s movement technique?” This illusionary movement technique wasn’t in his equation. A new variable will always change everything it is associated with, and this time, this movement technique was an obstacle obstructing him from a clear victory.

Riddick turned around and said, “You are mistaken. It was I who taught Yama this movement technique in the first place, and he still hasn’t perfected it yet!”

Caesar’s eyes contracted as he heard Riddick’s words. “Riddick taught Yama something.” This conveyed several things to him, and he couldn’t help but gnash his teeth as he realised that Riddick revealed this information knowing that he would realise something.

Caesar had felt that something was wrong the moment he saw Riddick. According to Caesar, Riddick was a very mysterious individual. From the time he met Riddick, he saw many things he didn’t see even as a deva. For example, Yama. Caesar wanted to believe that Yama was a deva class weapon, but he knew deep inside that no Deva class weapon can possess such astonishing power.

That led to only one conclusion, Yama was a much higher class weapon. But, then again, why would such a heavenly weapon with a consciousness submit to a mortal with no power? Everything about Riddick was a mystery, and thus, he was determined to find the truth behind it. And here, Riddick just revealed a hint knowing his curiosity. This infuriated Caesar, igniting his desire to know more about Riddick.

Riddick retreated, as he kept an eye on Caesar and Sylvie. Suddenly Void sighed and said, “You good for nothing brat. No matter how many lives you live… why can’t you suppress that irritating attitude of yours? A simple fight has just turned into something else because of your mouth.

Riddick laughed and said, “Sorry, Void. It’s just a type of entertainment for me. But first, when will you stop calling me brat?”

Void snorted and said, “In your dreams. No matter how many years pass, it doesn’t change the fact that I am older than you, so you will always be a brat in front of me.”

Riddick smiled lightly and said, “Yes, yes.” Turning back, he muttered lightly, “Looks like he has decided.”

Void sighed and asked, “A gamble, is it?” Riddick laughed and replied, “A gamble, it is!”

Suddenly Riddick halted in his tracks, but the next instant he turned around and dashed towards Caesar. Caesar, who saw this, shouted loudly, “Careful!”

Sylvie halted in her tracks, while Caesar retreated backwards. Riddick laughed inside and followed Caesar, letting Sylvie circle him from behind.

Riddick looked at Caesar and commented, “Good strategy. But can you bind me, Caesar?”

Caesar’s eyes became wide, as his plan was laid bare by Riddick, though he still smiled and said, “I just have to stop you for a split second.” Caesar halted in his tracks and withdrew his sword, making a two point formation around Riddick.

However, Riddick only further raised his speed and dashed towards Caesar, who coldly snorted and said, “You are being too careless, Riddick. There is a limit to my patience!” With that shout, he released his power and slashed at Riddick with all of his strength.

With soft movements like flowing water, Riddick raised his hand towards the slashing sword. A small white magical formation appeared around his fingers.


A sound rang out, as Caesar’s sword was directly split apart by Riddick’s hand, shocking him to the core. But, without any hesitation, Caesar used his other arm to grab Riddick. A force was transmitted like a surging current towards Riddick’s sea of consciousness.

Riddick cast a surprised glance at Caesar, as he said, “Now, this is interesting. I never thought you could use your soul flow ability to attack as well.”

Caesar smiled bitterly as he heard Riddick. He just used his most powerful spiritual attack, and Riddick was praising him without bothering to neutralise it. Just what kind of monster was he? But, it didn’t matter. Sylvie had already launched her domain, and no matter how fast Riddick was, he cannot outrun her now, thus guaranteeing their victory.

At that time, a sigh rang out in a dark dimension as Void mumbled to himself, “Sorry, Caesar boy. But, the current Riddick is far above your reach.”

That intangible force rushed towards Riddick, who was held tightly by Caesar. A smile bloomed on Sylvie’s face as she felt her control over Riddick. The fight ended up in their victory.

Caesar loosened his grip on Riddick. Riddick was bound by Sylvie’s Dao Domain, and he can no longer fight. However, he couldn’t help but frown as he saw Riddick’s expression. There was no worry in it. It was the expression of a winner.

Riddick moved back and shrugged his shoulders. “No… how is this possible?” Sylvie muttered in utter shock, as she saw Riddick moving freely.

Caesar was shocked to the core as well. The Dao Domain was active, and Sylvie was controlling it to restrict Riddick, but he was moving without any concern.

Riddick glanced at Sylvie and said, “Truthfully, this ability of yours is very powerful Sylvie, but it doesn’t work against me. If you guys tried to exhaust me, then you may have had a slight chance but now, the probability of your victory is zero.”

Sylvie released her Dao Domain and sat on the ground. In hopes of controlling Riddick, she expended a lot of energy, but it was of no use. The intangible force was binding him, but it wasn’t able to restrict him at all.

“How did you do that?” Caesar asked in a serious tone.

Riddick smiled lightly and said, “Like I said, the Dao Domain doesn’t work on me.”

Caesar frowned and said, “The Dao Domain doesn’t work on you… No, wait. My soul flow ability has a hint of Dao as well. Are you saying that doesn’t work on you either?

Then, is it possible that the Dao itself doesn’t work on you. How can that be possible? The Dao is the ultimate truth of the Heavens, and it is the ultimate power ruling over everything under the Heavens. If that doesn’t work on you, then what are you?”

Riddick smiled and said, “Hmm, just a person who once gambled against the so called Dao of the Heavens. ”


Editor Side Story. Totally Non-Canon. ( A small comical texts summary between us based on the video-Potion seller )


Haku – The potion seller

Fez – Riddick

me – No Role given due to lack of acting talent.

Start – ………………………. Continuation from the chapter.

Setting –                Caesar was shocked, and said, “That’s immoral!”

Riddick, shocked with Caesar’s claim, left Yamaloka. He proceeded to go to the nearest town. There he quickly found the potion shop.


Fez- He walked up to the potion seller, and said, “Hello Potion Seller, I am going into battle and I need your strongest potions!”

Haku – “Shut the fuck up, I am Haku, The potion seller, and I only sell my potions to the strongest of beings.”

Fez- “Potion Seller. I tell you, I am going into battle and I only want your strongest potions.”

Haku – “You can’t handle my strongest potions traveller, there are only for the strongest of beings and clearly you are among weakest.”
Fez – “Potion Seller, enough of your games. I am going into battle and I want your strongest potions.”

Haku – “My potions aren’t fit for Mt. Tai, nevermind a small mound like you!” Hahahahahhahahha………

(Slightly abridged for your entertainment )

Corner of the screen – Reddy sits with a bitter smile on his face. His thoughts, “No wonder they are my editors, they are so mighty.”


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  1. Hmmm I’m not sure if this a spoiler question or not.
    Since he’s going against the heavens his power levels should be different right? Example Qin Yu in Stellar Transformations he didnt follow other people routes but he can estimate his level to others.


  2. Thank god Riddick went through a personality change because he was lazy, a arrogant jerk, and a fool. But now he may be only a arrogant jerk. Upgrade? I think so.


  3. Tnx for chapter
    Bro u gotta work on fight sequences.try to read some fights from other xinxia and apply .fight doesn’t sound like fight here .


    • If you are referring to this chapter then no, I intendedly made a lighthearted chapter and there would be no reason for me to write a life and death situation between friends.

      If you are referring to my writing as a whole. Then yes, I lack in many things so I will work hard to improve myself.


  4. Sorry, you just did the one thing i expected you to do and did not want.
    You just destroyed your own MC. You just destroied any effort he did before.


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