Book 5 – Chapter 8 Shattered Dream

Author note : Hi guys GSD REDDY here and I am back with an another chapter.

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Here comes the storm.



Shattered Dream:

“I am just a person who once gambled against the so called ‘Dao of the heavens’.” Riddick said in a gentle voice.

Caesar’s eyebrows creased, as he didn’t understand Riddick’s statement. He couldn’t help but ask, “And what does that mean?”

Riddick stuck his tongue out and said, “Boo… You didn’t win, so I’m not telling you anything!”

Caesar put his hand on his forehead, as if he was fed up with Riddick, and said, “If you don’t stop making that irritating face, I will be seriously tempted to punch you in the face.

Leaving this topic aside, how did you breakthrough again? I can’t see your cultivation.”

Riddick put on a dumb face and said, “No, I didn’t even start cultivating yet. I am still in the most basic Absorption stage.”

Caesar was fed up completely and shouted, “Why don’t you ever answer anything seriously? Do you want me to kill you?”

Riddick raised his hand and said, “Ah! You mean according to this universe’s levels! Hmm… I’m not sure, but I should be somewhere around the peak disciple stage. Hehe… Sorry, I forgot… hehe…”

Caesar’s face became serious as he understood Riddick a bit further. Riddick was playing with him, that much he understood from the beginning; but Riddick was still giving him a series of hints to him everytime he answered his questions.

Caesar sighed as he understood a bit more. Riddick was like a kid, yet with an unimaginable experience of life. He was enjoying it while he teased Caesar. His eyes held intelligence in his humour, and he knew the true meaning of life so he didn’t bother to be serious without reason.

Riddick shook his hands and asked, “Yama, where are we?”

“Hmm. I am not too sure, but we are about a million kilometres from the coast of the chaotic sea.” Yama answered.

Riddick put on a musing face and said, “I would have liked to relax a little, but I have to collect ‘her’. Well, no point in waiting. Let’s go.”

The next instant, Riddick appeared back on Forbidden Isle. Yama glowed and became a ring which Riddick wore on his right ring finger. Inhaling deeply, he gazed at the horizon and thought, “Here I come, Asgard.”

With an explosive burst, he disappeared as he flew at high speed. A smile was on his face as he saw the thick undergrowth of trees, the people and the Immortals disappearing beneath him. Riddick knew the worth of life, and thus he enjoyed it wherever and whenever he could. A million lives could ruin someone, but it could also change someone. It depended on your approach.

As Riddick flew at high speed, Yama sat on his butt ruminating sadly. It was obvious that he was in a bad mood, so Sylvie couldn’t help but ask, “What happened, Yama? Why are you in such a bad mood?”

Yama turned his face away and said, “What are you saying, Sylvie? I am not in a bad mood. Why would I be? Did you know, Sylvie? His Majesty’s dominant hand is his left.”

Sylvie didn’t understand why Yama would bring up the topic of a dominant hand at this time. She didn’t undersand, so she kept quiet while Yama began to mumble quietly without caring about her.

“It’s not like I don’t want big sis to come here. It’s not like I don’t want to see her. But she is scary, and his majesty wouldn’t use me any longer. I knew that this would happen, but this is still too early. Void… You bastard, were you the one who gave this idea to his majesty?”

“Don’t force your crazy assumptions on me, Yama. We both know how that guy is. He is crazy, and in the spur of the moment he decided to go collect her. Well, there isn’t anything we can do about it, so suck it up.” Void said with a sigh.

Yama began to dread his future as he lay on the floor. If there was someone he feared in his life, it was her. He respected Riddick, Vera and Void, but he dreaded her existence. She was the one person he never dared to irritate.

For any weapon, their greatest sense of pride was to be used in a life and death situation. To trust in them and to use them wholly to the best of their capabilities. Riddick loved Yama, but he never held him in his left hand, nor did he ever convert him to his most suitable weapon form, a short sword. That place and that form belonged to her, and her alone.

Riddick was now going to claim her back. She was an existence carved out from his own body, forged with his own blood and Void Energy. She was the only weapon in the entire multiverse who could completely control the tyrannical flow of Void Energy. She was the Fairy Sword, Elaine.


In the air above the Elsevier Royal Palace, Hectar stood staring at the bustling royal capital. He held a jade glowing pendent in his hands, as he began to scan the city

“Who would have thought that you were hiding here of all places. A mortal dwelling is nothing but a hell hole for people of our status, Kennedy.” Hectar mused inwardly.

“What is it, Hectar?” A voice resounded in Hectar’s mind through the jade pendent.

“I found him, Senior Lu. He is in Asgard. Should I take action?” Hectar asked in a respectful voice.

“No, it’s too risky. You may win against him, but we aren’t ready to accept failure. Wait for me, I will be there soon. With all of us surrounding him, he will be like a rat trapped in a cage.” Senior Lu said seriously.

“Understood, I will monitor him myself. I won’t let him escape at any cost.” Hectar said in a cold voice.

While Hectar stood guard in the air above the royal palace, Kennedy sat on his chair drinking his wine. He was staring at his daughter Rachel as she practised her sword stances.

Raising his held, he sighed inwardly and thought, “So the time has finally come. Twenty years, I lived happily because of you Lady Vera, but now, my enemies have finally found me. However, I am still happy. Even though it was a short one, my daughter lived a happy life. Finally, it’s time to wake her up from this dream.”

“Rachel, come here.” Kennedy ordered in a gentle voice.

Rachel stopped her practice and appeared before Kennedy within a second. She sheathed her sword and asked, “What is it, Father? Was my stance incorrect?” She asked in a gentle voice.

Kennedy smiled gently and said, “No, you are a great warrior, Rachel. For the past five years, you have worked hard and even became a late stage beginner disciple. Yet, above all, you have become a splendid woman. I am proud of you.”

Rachel immediately blushed and said, “Father, what are you saying?”

Kennedy put his hand on Rachel’s head and rubbed her lovingly. “Rachel, I never told you anything about your mother or myself. The time has come, and I don’t want you to hate me for my selfishness as I tell you everything.”

Suddenly his hand emitted a bright glow, and a similar glow erupted from Rachel’s chest. Kennedy had a sad smile on his face, as he understood what Rachel was going through.

Rachel’s face which was blushing with happiness, suddenly froze as memories of the past slammed her mind. She trembled as she remembered about her mother. Raising her head, she saw her father. She remembered her sin which destroyed her life, her family and her clan. Once she died repenting her choice which destroyed everything she ever loved. Yet, she was here alive.

Knowing that she was shown mercy despite her grave sins, Rachel asked in a weak voice, “Why did you save me, Father? Haven’t you suffered enough because of me? Mother died protecting me, and you lost everything you built in your life. Our entire clan was annihilated due to my foolishness. Why won’t you hate me? Why won’t you curse me? Why would you still sacrifice your life for me, Father?”.

Kennedy hugged Rachel lightly and said, “I won’t hate you even if I lose my everything, Rachel. You are the most dearest thing to me after your mother, and I can see her spitting image in you. You are everything she left to me. Rachel, what happened to us wasn’t because of you. It was because of the Violet Sect. I have lived enough, and now, I did whatever I could to give you the life you deserved from the very beginning.”

Rachel’s hands trembled as she looked at her body. She trembled as she remembered Riddick. She couldn’t help but cry bitterly as she asked, “This body isn’t mine, nor is the potential hidden within it. I died a long time ago, but I was still living in a paradise just a few minutes ago.

I fell in love. I waited for Riddick like a princess waiting for her prince. So this is my fate. Father, why did you allow me to love him? Why, Father? You knew that I could never return his love. I can’t live with him forever, I can’t bear his children. I can’t even hold his hand. I am a dead soul forcibly held in this body. I am nothing but a relic of the past, that never even had a chance to live happily. You knew this, Father. Yet, why did you let me live so happily? Why did you let me dream so foolishly? If you wanted me to die peacefully, then why did you let me regain my memories, Father?”

Kennedy kissed Rachel on her head as he understood her unimaginable pain. He held her tightly as he said, “Rachel, I am going to die soon and I don’t want you to die without knowing who you were. Sorry, Rachel. I am sorry that I didn’t have enough power to save you and your mother.

However, even if I die. You will live on. Rachel, you love Riddick and I let you love him, because he will be with you even if I can’t. For he is an existence who can’t be bent by the cycle of life and death.”

Rachel cried as she remembered Riddick. The days they spent together were short, but they were also the most beautiful days of her life. Everyday she lived in bliss in his embrace. The days they spent in this very mountain, the hours they spent under the stars, and the minutes they spent in each other’s embrace were her solace in the last days of her life. Rachel lived knowing that death was coming for her, she lived without any worries thinking about Riddick.

Kennedy prepared for the inevitable fight, knowing that he would die in it. He didn’t try to do anything. He spent the days drinking wine while staring at his glass. With a sad voice, he murmured to himself, “Mary, I gave our daughter the peaceful life you wanted to give her. However, it seems like our peace is coming to an end. Rachel won’t be with us, but I found a man who will take good care of her. I have fulfilled all my responsibilities, and now I can join you without any worries.”

At that instant, heavenly lightning descended from the skies, shaking the entire plane of Asgard. It descended as Hectar stood guard, and Elder Lu of the Violet Sect was flying at high speeds above the Sky Continent followed by tens of devas. The fates of Kennedy and Rachel were sealed by the Heavens, but a fate-transcending power was unleashed at the same time.


35 thoughts on “Book 5 – Chapter 8 Shattered Dream

  1. Another interpretation of this chapter is that Ceasar is actually us the readers and riddick is gsReddy and now his toying with us !! GIMME THE TRUTH ALREADY REAL GSREADDDDDDYYY !!!!!


      • Yeah and thrs that one he seemed to forgot about which was the reason he started to fight the mist valley sect in the first place also what happened to he brother you know the only human friend riddick had lol u forgot to write about a bunch of stuff mate


      • shadowmouse you can’t throw everything about one thing until it’s finished i don’t know what reddy is preparing but this flow of action from my point of view still amazing this what other authors do too it’s a must to let a bunch of “screw loose” in the story that are may even not be completed after 1 or 2 arcs of the original appearance of that character/event etc… or else it would be boring


  2. shadowmouse46 is not that girl you are wrong rachel is the girl that is in the realm which the family of riddik controls
    Instead the girl and the brother you speak met them when he goes in the academy on the continent of the immortals


  3. It’s like I’m reading a completely different story with a new MC. Thanks for all the chapters up til now, and I hope you the best in the future. Unfortunately for me this will be the last chapter I read – there are zero characters I can root for, and now Riddick is a new person but I could not care less since his entire personality has changed.

    I’ll keep this site bookmarked maybe further down the line I’ll check out your new works. Thanks once again for the story.


    • yijunding. I remember that you have complained before about Riddick’s personality. You said something like, he should be institutionalised.

      Yijunding. This is to the whole reader community of mine as a whole. No one can show you the entire personality of one person and I hardly can show Riddick in his entirety in two chapters. Simply because there is something new in this story doesn’t mean that the old stuff has been discarded. It only means that now, I have much more to entertain you.
      This turn may be the most needed development of the story. Riddick has gone through enough mental torture and now, it would be silly if he was as stiff as before with such experience.

      Anyway. Thank you for reading till now and remember, “Words can actually deceive someone.” and, you may have deceived yourself that ‘Riddick has changed’


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