Book 5 – Chapter 9 – A light flashes in the depth of darkness


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Character revision for your better experience –

Kennedy – The man who worked on the orders of Vera and father of Rachel.

Rachel – A girl who loves Riddick, lives in Asgard. 3rd girl after Vera and Sylvie.

Kain – Kennedy’s assistant.

Lu – Remember Prologue.

Hectar – Sect leader of Mist Valley Sect.

Now, Enjoy.


A light flashes in the depth of darkness:


“Kain…” Kennedy called out softly as he sensed Kain appearing from the shadows.

Kennedy looked at Kain and smiled softly. Kain was once a disciple of the Violet Sect, but he was also his most trusted aide. For five centuries, Kain had been a part of his family, and without exception, he proved his loyalty at every possible opportunity. Even when his family was proven guilty for betraying the sect, Kain believed in him and followed him without a second thought.

Kain looked at Kennedy and felt a bad premonition. He was just about to ask when Kennedy said in a soft voice, “Kain, there is a little job I want you to do for me. You will follow my orders one last time, won’t you?”

Kain felt his world tumble as he heard Kennedy. Being an aide so long, he naturally knew that his master was no longer as powerful as he was once was. Thus, Kain trained faster and harder hoping to be of some use when the time comes, but being told to follow his orders at this time made Kain frantic.

Kennedy looked at Kain and said, “Kain, you devoted much of your life for my family. I never had a son, but even if I did, I don’t think he could have done anything more than what you did for us. Life is a precious thing, Kain, and I don’t want you to ruin yours for me.

Kain, you will escort the Elsevier Family out of this empire without raising an alarm. Lady Vera gave me a new life when she brought back Rachel. In return, she asked to simply lead Riddick as he grows up in her absence. I cannot repay her, Kain. We can’t, ever. Keep the Elsevier Family safe from harm, Kain. They are mortals and aren’t involved with any of this. This is the only thing we can do for Riddick, and for Lady Vera.

Kain’s eyes turned red, as he bowed for the last time in front of his master and respectfully said, “Yes, My Lord.”

That night, the royal family of the Elsevier Empire slipped away disguised as a merchant caravan. Hectar didn’t care about mortals, nor did he care about the Immortals residing in the capital. As far as he was concerned, Kennedy was the only one who had the power to oppose him.

Three days later.

Kennedy, who was reading a book, suddenly looked at the skies and disappeared from the palace. Rachel, who was right beside him, had a sad smile on her face. She looked behind her where a big portrait of the entire Elsevier Family was hanging on the wall. Her eyes moistened as she saw Riddick holding her hands.

“Looks like my time has come, Riddick. Goodbye.” Rachel said in a sad voice, before disappearing from the palace as well.

Lu who was flying with a serious expression on his face, was smiling broadly as he saw Kennedy waiting for him. With a laugh he said, “Now, I was almost certain that you would try to escape, Kennedy. This is a surprising turn of events. Well, I don’t care about you. All I want is the Glass Orb, where is it?”

Kennedy’s face was as cold as ice as he saw Lu, with a snort he said, “Lu, the Glass Orb is already bound to someone, and that person is long gone. You can never retrieve it. Pass a message to the Sect Master for me, ‘Fuck off, bitch’.”

“Hahaha… ” Lu laughed as he heard Kennedy. He raised his hand and summoned a jade slip as he said, “Sure, I will pass on your message. This is something I always wanted to give you. Have fun.”

Kennedy grabbed the jade slip, and inspected it with his divine sense. His face which was cold, suddenly twisted as he heard the voice stored inside the jade slip.

Lu’s face was filled with delight, as he stared at Kennedy’s face and he said, “Kennedy, did you know your wife is a whore who can’t stop moaning like a bitch? I always hated you, and when the Sect Master ordered your execution, I instead took the job of cleansing the sect of your family.

I must say, I enjoyed killing those good for nothing bastards in your clan, but your wife was the best of all. I fucked her four days straight, and as expected of a gentle natured woman, she died of over excitement. That jade slip has the entire conversations between us, and if you are willing to listen, you will hear how she begged me and even called me her master.

How about it? Isn’t this the ultimate agony a man can experience? Haha… That face… that anger! I wanted to see them, Kennedy. I wanted you to hate me to death, but you are weak. What can you do? Yes, there is something you can do. Watch silently as I defile your daughter.”

Kennedy’s face turned red, but he controlled his emotions as he knew that he was now in no position to retaliate. But, his face fell as he listened to Lu. They knew about Rachel, this was the worst case scenario.

Lu scanned the city with his senses and roared, “Hey, little whore. I know that you are somewhere in this city. I also know that you can’t live without the supply of energy from the Orb’s master. Now, if you don’t show yourself, I will kill a hundred thousand mortals every minute.”

Turning towards his subordinates, he said, “Don’t let these pests escape. Kill every mortal who tries to escape. Today, these mortals shall be sacrificed to celebrate our victory after three hundred years of searching for this bastard.”

Kennedy’s face changed as he heard Lu. He immediately shouted, “Lu, don’t you dare do it. They are all mortals. How can you, a venerable Deva, kill them? There are over ten million people out there and they all have families.”

Lu put on a cold face as he interfered and said, “What if they have families? Do you really think I give a shit about the mortals in this little plane?” Roaring loudly, he said, “Do it.”

The more than tens of devas behind Lu disappeared, and at that instant, hundreds of thousands of miserable screams rang throughout the capital. What would happen if ten devas went on a killing spree against a mortal population? A massacre.


“Save me, My Lord!”

“Mercy, My Lord!”

“Noooooooooooooooo, don’t kill me! Lord Emperor, save us!”

Screams rang out nonstop, as thousands died every second. In the middle of this slaughter, Rachel stood as she saw the utter despair on the faces of mothers, wives and daughters. She couldn’t contain herself any longer, as she realised that millions will die because of her.

Without any hesitation, she flew into the skies and shouted loudly, “I am Rachel! I am the one your are looking for, so please stop your men! They have nothing to do with this!”

Lu eyed Rachel and said, “Ho, so you are Rachel. Good, good!” Raising his voice, he said, “The prey has been captured, kill them all!”

“You fucker, you promised…..” She couldn’t talk anymore, as Hectar caught her throat in his death grip.

“Rachel…” Kennedy called out, but he too stopped in his tracks as a sword pierced his heart. Lu appeared behind him and said, “I would have really liked to entertain myself a bit longer, but I am on a tight schedule. You sure are a lucky bastard, Kennedy. Dying so peacefully…

“Father!” Rachel screamed as Kennedy coughed up blood. His eyes were dimming as seconds passed. At the last moment of his life, he saw Rachel and smiled. He may have lost his life, but he will ultimately win. A crazed laugh escaped his lips as he fell to the ground.

Lu stared at Rachel dumbly. He couldn’t comprehend what was happening before him. According to the data he received from the sect, the Glass orb should have lost its power when it’s master dies. Therefore, Rachel should have died the second Kennedy lost his life. Yet, she was still alive. Why? How? His mind was bombarded with questions, but the one who can answer them all – Kennedy – was dead.

Lu grabbed Rachel by her head and dragged her on the ground. His face was extremely sinister as he growled, “How are you still alive? Tell me! Where is the Glass Orb!? Who is it’s master!?”

Rachel was bleeding, and her voice was weak as she answered, “I don’t know.”

Lu lost to his fury and banged her head against the ground and stepped on her. Blood flowed under his feet as Rachel cried out in pain.

Without caring about her, Lu began to mutter, “The Glass Orb is a heavenly artifact which can bring a dead soul back to this world, but to activate it, one has to sacrifice his cultivation.

Kennedy lost half of his cultivation, and he lost the right to train under the Heavens as he activated the Glass Orb. This bitch is his daughter for sure, and his daughter died that day in the hands of the Sect Master herself. So, if she has been revived by the Glass Orb, then where is it? I can’t sense it, nor can I sense the origin of the power flowing in this girl’s body. Just what is happening here!?

Burning in anger, Lu kicked Rachel who was moaning in pain. He didn’t let her die, but he didn’t let her go as well. Everything was going his way till a minute ago, but now he was stuck in this puzzle. His own pride ruined his plan, bringing him shame which turned into anger against Rachel. Unable to withstand it any longer, he raised his hand and punched Rachel like a sandbag.


Rachel coughed up blood, as the punch caved in her abdomen crushing everything in its way. Her eyes were clouded as she couldn’t sustain the pain any longer. Her body released her consciousness to prevent a mental collapse.

Lu gritted his teeth as he saw Rachel. Even if he wanted to rip her life apart, he couldn’t. He stood in the air watching the burning city and the streets overflowing with blood. Ten million people died at his whim. Ten million souls were extinguished due to a single order, yet his blood boiled in rage as he couldn’t succeed in his mission. He wanted to burn the city to ashes as it witnessed his defeat, he wanted to break Rachel until she couldn’t breathe, as she was the reason for his defeat.

At that moment, a white light flashed in the skies as Riddick appeared above the Royal Capital. His face full of smiles froze as he saw the hellish view below him. Corpses littered the ground, blood flowed like a stream. The peaceful capital was dyed red with death.

His eyes turned red as he thought about his family. He couldn’t help think of the soldiers who once followed behind him. He couldn’t help think of their families who were in various parts of the empire.

Just at that moment, Lu noticed Riddick’s presence, as did the others. A Deva immediately flew at high speed to dispose of him who somehow escaped their detection before.

Riddick who noticed Lu and the approaching deva saw Rachel in the corner of his vision. His face shook as he saw her face covered in blood, her white pearl like arms torn by wounds, her eyes which held no consciousness within them.

His eyes turned muddy as he understood the pain she must have gone through. His muddy eyes saw the dead figure of Kennedy lying on the ground. He remembered the beautiful image of his family living peacefully under the protection of Lord Kennedy. His peaceful heart which was filled with delight, slowly melted as he saw Lu looking coldly at him.

“You bastard, where are you looking!?” The Deva shouted loudly as he raised his hand.

Riddick’s muddy eyes didn’t leave Lu, but a horizontal light flashed as he raised his left hand. Lu’s eyes contracted as he saw a faint image of Riddick cutting through the air.

“DIEE………” The Deva roared loudly, but his eyes showed disbelief for just a split second before blood spilled from his head. Silently, his head was split into into parts, killing him on the spot.


A hundred metre long cut appeared in mid air behind him, as space collapsed under Riddick’s slash. Terror appeared in Lu’s eyes as he saw this.

Riddick, who watched Lu without batting an eyelid, opened his lips and uttered a single word, “Elaine.”




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      • it’s good but somehow it feels rushed and lack more descriptions specially the face off of kennedy and Lu if you explained the story behind the Orb (details) would’ve been better


      • Ya. I thought about that but I am not free like regular CN authors to waste a chapter simply for a few loose ends so I try to write efficiently and still at a acceptable scale.


      • Reading with immersion, you will feel a boundless “hatred” from this chapters. Love, sadness, but the most noticable was “Hatred”.

        When the chapters end, I got vision of woman with a blonde hair in Ethereal form before changing (transform) into sword.

        And then, I return to reality.

        I must say, thus chapter is amazing though hateful but amazing.

        (P/s:hateful to character Lu.)

        By the way, Thanks for the Chapter, Great Red!! Been while calling you that.


  1. Thanks for the chapter it’s was great and it’s amazing how much i hate Lu now i might strangle the guy right now if he was besides me, i don’t know how much can you go in torture but i’d love to see his eyes getting stabbed, dick cut off and skinned alive !

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  2. You bastard, where are you looking!?” The Deva shouted loudly as he raised his hand.

    Riddick’s muddy eyes didn’t leave Lu, but a horizontal light flashed as he raised his left hand. Lu’s eyes contracted as he saw a faint image of Riddick cutting through the air.

    “DIEE………” The Deva roared loudly, but his eyes showed disbelief for just a split second before blood spilled from his head. Silently, his head was split into into parts, killing him on the spot.


    A hundred metre long cut appeared in mid air behind him, as space collapsed under Riddick’s slash. Terror appeared in Lu’s eyes as he saw this.

    Riddick, who watched Lu without batting an eyelid, opened his lips and uttered a single word, “Elaine.”

    This entire part confused me this made It seem like he killed Lucia because there was no other deva mentioned until he said die. This can be written better to include that it was a separate person who attacked riddick.

    I don’t remember you mentioning Vera ever meeting Kennedy I hope you add chapters to cover up the holes


    • No, there was no chapter directly depicting their meeting but at the end of book 1 Kennedy says that he has completed the work given to him by Lady Vera. It’s a back story which influences the main one.


  3. Thanks for this chapter ! Kennedy is truly dying like a boss, trolling that bastard who tortured his wife and was going to kill his daughter. However I somehow sympathize with Lu, what i mean is that he did a great job (searching for the artefact) by finding Kennedy then bringing 10 deva (not underestimating his ennemy). However he got trolled then he contracted a serious variant of “bad luck” ! One without a cure, the terrible “Metting and angering a billion year old heaven challenger”… What a sad fate.


    • Hello bomba. First, welcome to reddycreations. Now, I will take this opportunity to tell you guys why I missed the deadlines and why there were no regular chapters since 5 days.

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      • thank you for clarifying if you could just put a small announcement every time you won’t release will be great it will avoid us to check every minute :x, and of course i understand your position i kinda know what you’re dealing with anw good luck with your homework 🙂


      • I agree it would be for the best if you put in the front page or on the side something saying like “Today chapter release : Yes/No” no need to justify why unless you wanna take a break or will not release for days or something


      • Are you exaggerating when you said a 200!!!! page project. If your not 1. I cant help but feel scared at the major your in, and 2. who the hell would think “Even though this work might not sound too much” I am shivering in my boots just thinking about a 53 page project… the only time I did anything close to that was a 20 page project with 35% of it pictures lmao… I dont think anyone can blame you for being late.


      • No, I am not exaggerating. It’s true. The project is 204 page long and is done by 9 person group. Well, I am responsible for writing half of 40 pages and reviewing the other half written by my partner. A collaborator works on collaborating everyone’s work. Thank god, I am not a collaborator.

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        Ah! My major. ( crying sadly at the corner of the room ) nothing can happen now, I am half way into it so I have to swim through it.


  4. Thank you so much this story is my drug. I check for an update everyday until I see it and feel empty when I have to wait for more! Please continue developing the story!


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