Book 5 – Chapter 20 Angel Essence

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Angel Essence:

Sounds of frantic footsteps rang out in the silent corridors as a beautiful woman ran by, eyes red from despair. Her breath was rough and her legs were sore as she checked her back every other second. Her eyes were filled with anxiety. Everytime she heard a noise in those ghostly corridors, her body would tremble as if it was hit by a jolt of lightning. Her eyes finally revealed a little hope as she reached the deserted inner gardens of the Mist Valley Sect, but then, again despair rooted itself to her core as she saw three men waiting for her.

Golden threaded patterns adorned their black robes, and the silent atmosphere of the gardens enhanced their invincibility as they stood before her like unbeatable titans. Before them, she was a little girl, unable to resist and unable to change her fate. They were once her protectors, as the elders of the sect; they once protected her from all harm… but fate is a terrible thing. Old friends are good allies, but when things go wrong, they are even worse enemies.

Hectar, her brother, was the Sect Leader and she was his only sister. Naturally, she was adored and pampered by any and all, but when fate decided to kill Hectar, it didn’t set up an alternative life for Jane. She was forced to be the sect’s prisoner, and now, when the Head Elder finally decided to take over the Sect, she had become his sacrificial pawn.

“You bastards, why are you doing this to me? Did I demand anything, anything at all from you? I only want to live in peace. My brother, he died as a Sect Master, and you, his closest elders, are killing his only sister. Don’t you have any shame? Are you really men born and bred by your own mother? If you are, then leave me alone. I don’t want anything, I just want to live.” Jane shouted as she looked at the three men in front of her.

The head elder sighed lightly as he walked towards her. He then looked at her trembling self and said in a sad calm voice, “Jane, look, this isn’t personal. Let me tell you a story.

Once, there was a powerful king who ruled over his subjects with absolute strength, but unfortunately… suddenly… he died leaving behind a young prince. The throne naturally fell into the hands of his little son. The king’s minister was a good man, he looked after the kingdom until the kid became a man.

Now, what do you think happened? Do you think the prince rewarded the minister? No, he killed him. Why do you think he did that? The minister was loyal and he was a good man who didn’t plot anything against the prince. So why do you think he did that.

Let me tell you the correct answer. The prince killed the minister to show his people, the minister’s supporters and his country, that he was no longer the useless prince. He was now their king, their lord, and opposing him would lead to the same result. The prince was intelligent, one move and he had all the control he could ever gain over everything the minister had built in all his years.

Jane, I don’t want to be the minister. You are still young, but you share the blood of that man and you can very possibly become a second Hectar. Unfortunately, I can’t allow that. Sometimes, it is better to weed out seedlings before they become an oak. You understand that logic, don’t you dear? Die peacefully, and believe me, everything is for the sake of our sect.” The man said in an emotional voice and then he raised his arm pointing at Jane.

“That’s a good speech for your old ass, old ass.” A voice interrupted the elder, stunning and then petrifying him.

The elder didn’t petrify because of the voice. He was petrified because he could see two beheaded bodies flying soundlessly above his head only to fall before him. Two of his fellow elders, who were also in the Deva realm, died just like that.

“I don’t know what I did to incur your wrath, dear sir. Whatever I did, I assure you that I can rectify my mistake, but please give me a chance.” The head elder said in a low voice, and raised his hands above his head while turning back to see the source of the voice.

Jane, who was shocked to see the unexpected turn of events, saw to her dismay that the man who killed the two elders was actually playing with their heads, while completely ignoring the shocked head elder.

“Enough of your game, Jedi. Kill him, now.” A voice rang out like a silent whisper, and the next instant the head elder fell to the ground, only, his head was missing from his slumped body. Jedi, who casually beheaded him, was playing with three heads now.

“How are you related to Hectar?” The ghostly voice rang out again, startling Jane out of her shock.

Jane swallowed her fear as she turned her head around and replied in a respectful voice, “I am his sister, Sir.”


A man appeared in front of Jane in a flash.

“My name is Bailey. I am the head elder of the Violet Sect and I was your brother, Hectar’s, master while he was still in the Sect.” The man looked around the garden and then said in a calm voice, “I am here to investigate the death of my sect’s disciples who were sent here on a mission. Do you happen to know anything about it?”

Jane was still in a shocked state, but her mind did register the words uttered by Bailey and she suddenly began to cry. Her face was filled with extreme sadness and despair, but inside her mind, she was calculating at high speed.

Jane’s life had been a nightmare since the day Hectar died in Riddick’s hands. Neither Jane nor the sect elders knew how he died, but they did know that he died completing a mission on behalf of the Violet Sect. Thus, the head elder waited patiently without acting at once, as they were not sure if the disciples of the Violet Sect would come back looking for Hectar.

However, recently they found the battle location and determined that none lived to tell the tale of Hectar’s death. Thus, the head elder decided to kill the last of the Hectar’s siblings to grab the sect for himself. Sadly, fate decided to push his death forward by sending Bailey.

Jane cried like she was in bitter pain for a while, and then said in a pleading voice, “I don’t know who killed my brother, Sir, but he would come to kill me as well. First, he killed my little brother, and then my elder brother. That man has a grudge against my family. All my cousins, my brother’s children, they all died in a sneak attack and now only I am left of our family.

Please save me, Sir. Please… please… ” Jane cried as she pleaded with a trembling voice.

Bailey’s eyes narrowed as Jane cried her heart out, but Jane was instead praying inside that they would take her under their protection. Everything she said was of course a lie. Hectar’s children were killed in a power struggle between the sect, and although it was true that Riddick was responsible for both Hectar and Julian’s death, she had no idea about it.

Jane had no way to protect herself now that her brother was dead and her had Sect betrayed her, so she was trying to make Bailey take her under his protection. She knew it that it was a bold move to lie to him, but in front of death, she took the path with the highest chance of success. Even if that meant she had to cross that bridge through deception.

Bailey sighed in his mind as he looked at Jane. He wasn’t a fool. He had lived far longer, and had seen far too many things to be fooled by a girl’s tears, but he was obliged to listen as he felt guilty for sending Hectar off to his death. Hectar loved his family, and as his master he knew that much. This made him feel all the more guilty.

So he sighed in his heart and said in a calm voice, “Don’t worry about that, Jane. We are here to do exactly that. If your brother’s killer is here, in this plane, then rest assured, I won’t leave until he will dies. However…”

“Lord Bailey” Jedi interrupted urgently.

Bailey narrowed his eyes in irritation and continued, “However….”

“Lord Bailey!”

“What do you want, Jedi?!” Bailey answered in a loud voice.

“Look!” Jedi probed in an urgent voice.

“What?” Bailey turned around but then he froze as he saw Jedi holding a small jade bottle with muddy brown liquid in it. The liquid was glowing and revolving inside the jade bottle at high speed.

Bailey instantly waved his hand and produced a similar jade bottle. It too had a muddy brown liquid within it, only this one was a little brighter.

“Oh my god!” Bailey thought aloud as he saw the revolving liquid.

“Looks like we caught ourselves a whale while looking for a shrimp. To think he would be hiding in this little plane.” Jedi laughed aloud and then he slowly poured the brown liquid out of the jade bottle.

There wasn’t much, only three drops, but it was enough.

Those drops of liquid rose into the air and then they began to revolve in circles around the garden,  as if under the influence of some kind of energy.

That was Angel essence. Albeit highly diluted, it was still the same. Silver distributed her blood, and a year later it was in the hands of a majority of the sects.

Bailey and Jedi stood staring at the drop of angel essence floating in the air, but before they could move a step aside, the liquid’s radiance dulled and lost its power.

All this happened as Riddick killed Requiel in the northern wilderness far from the Mist Valley. Since then, Riddick never used the Void energy again, but Bailey patiently waited in the Mist Valley Sect hoping for another opportunity.

Bailey still remembered the orders from his Sect master, “If you are able to kill the person this drop will lead you to, then our Sect will be promoted to an unprecedented level. These words were said by someone who could easily uproot us from the face of this universe, so be careful and never miss an opportunity.”

So he waited patiently and kept a low profile as he stayed within the Mist Valley Sect investigating about the matter. A month passed and on that day, Riddick was flying towards the Mist Valley to enact the final part of his plan.

Supernatural forces of fate once more brought unpredictable things into the equation of Riddick’s life. Angel essence to repel his powers, and prowess strong enough to directly obliterate him. Life led him to complete his final task in the plane of Asgard, but fate decided to make it the final journey of his life. What would be in store for Riddick as he face the deadliest enemy he had ever encountered in his current life?



Book 5 – Chapter 19 The Devil’s Wrath

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The Devil’s Wrath:

Reindlich volcanic mountain range, Northern Wilderness of Forbidden Isle.

A man ran swiftly like the wind and opened the door leading to the heart of the volcano. He then flew inside at high speed until he reached pavement, from where he could see the sight of a huge tail floating atop the magma.

He bowed deeply and stood still. Even when he was in complete anxiety, he didn’t forget the absolute rule for staying alive in his master’s presence. Stay silent.

A minute passed, and then ten, and finally the tail atop the magma moved slightly. A pair of dark evil eyes emerged from the magma’s surface and asked in a cold voice, “What is it?”

“Sir, A merchant has come to meet you. He says that it is an important business deal so he wants to meet directly with you, my lord.” The servant trembled as he said those words.

“To trade with me…” Those evil eyes repeated the words and then spoke in a colder voice, “You came here to disturb my sleep for some piece of shit…

“Sir, everyone who blocked his way died by his hands. Of all the guardians in your castle, now only one lives, me.” The servant said in a trembling voice but then a sudden red blur passed through his body which then suddenly trembled like a leaf in the storm and tumbled down the pavement into the lava.

“You sure take a lot of time contemplating, don’t you, Requiel.” Riddick spoke as he dusted his shirt. He then sneaked a glance at the drowning corpse of the servant and said in a calm voice, “I waited for ten whole minutes and this piece of shit kept me waiting to explain shit to you. Well, he had it coming. Even if they are afraid of you… still your servants really are fools. So many died because they weren’t capable of assessing the situation.

Just before, I visited Melissa, the earth style deva, and her servants actually survived with minimum casualties because they weren’t fools like yours are…”

“Who are you, bastard?” Requiel interrupted Riddick’s talk as he raised his body slightly out of magma.

Riddick eyed Requiel slightly and said in an indifferent voice, “I am just a merchant roaming all of the Northern Wilderness for trade purposes. Only, I trade with kings like you, Requiel, the Infernal scorpion king of the Forbidden Isle.

You also happen to be the last king I am visiting in this Northern Wilderness and if this deal ends successfully. You may as well be the only king left in this wilderness. How about it?”

Requiel’s eyes turned red as he realised the meaning behind those words, he however didn’t move as he also realised one more fact. If the trade was something they could comply with, then wouldn’t all the remaining kings do that instead of dying in Riddick’s hands. So he asked in a cold voice, “What do you want?”

Riddick’s smiled innocently and said, “Your cultivation.”

Riddick’s smile and then his words shocked Requiel to the core. He couldn’t understand what Riddick was talking about. If he gives up his cultivation, then what would he be? He would be a beginner disciple, that was the cultivation he was born with. He, an illustrious God beast in the second level of Deva realm would become nothing.

No, he would never do that. He would rather choose death over being stripped of his cultivation. Requiel’s thoughts raged inside his mind and then, he came to a conclusion. Since he can’t do what Riddick had asked him to, he naturally had to do something the other kings resorted to as well. He will kill Riddick.

Silently like a snake, he moved his eyes. Even if they held extremely sinister feeling of cruelty within them, those were still his natural eyes and no matter who they were, they could never see through them. Riddick couldn’t either.

As silently as he plotted, he silently wriggled his tail and the sting at its end. He was an Infernal scorpion, a divine beast but he was still a scorpion. His sting was his strongest weapon and it was the source of his divine ability, “Infernal Poison”.


A ear piercing sound rang out as the sting moved like a whip and pierced Riddick right in the chest. The speed was so extreme that it would exceed Priam’s but then an ugly look surfaced on Requiel’s eyes. The sting did pierce Riddick or rather, he thought he did, but he knew that he messed up the minute he reached Riddick. There was no body there to attack, it was nothing but Riddick’s energy projection.

“Looks like this trade also went wrong. How come people always chose death instead of a peaceful life. Funny.” Riddick muttered to himself as he hovered in mid air looking down on Requiel.

“Dieeeee………..” Requiel roared loudly but before he could even raise his tail a spear like Void energy pierced his head and then his entire body like a tofu.

Riddick sighed in his head as he waved his hand. Requiel’s corpse was instantly transported into Yamaloka but Riddick’s didn’t have a smile on his face. He instead held a bit of worry.

“Five more strikes. With my remaining reserves of the Void energy, I can only use it for five more strikes. This is so tiring. Haaaa…” Riddick procrastinated in his mind as he slowly flew all the way back from the heart of the Reindlich volcanic range.

One year had  passed since Sylvie left with Priam, and in this past year. Riddick swept through the entire Wilderness, killing an astonishing number of two hundred and thirty five devas cultivating in every element. Since he had very low reserves of energy, Riddick was forced to complete his plan the hard way.

Assuming the identity of a merchant, he began to cause riots, fights and even killed the sons of the various devas and threw the blame on the others to make them fight each other. All he wanted was their corpses which held the essence of their cultivation base, so he didn’t mind them killing each other and even if they didn’t, in their weakened state, they were an easy prey to him.

Riddick flew back at high speed towards the Welkin castle. Since the day, Sylvie left him, Riddick decided to stay in Welkin castle as long as he could because he knew that he would have to leave everyone behind eventually. This pained his heart and sometimes he even thought of taking them along with him, but he knew that the nature should flow on its own course. They had their own lives to live and taking them along would disrupt it. Thus, Riddick decided to stay as long as he could to make up for the inevitable separation.

However, Riddick now had two objectives he had to achieve before he could proceed with his path. Usually, every time he regained his memories, he would already be at the peak of Absorption stage or even past the Absorption state, but this time, he was only at the mid level of Absorption. This was the reason why he was so desperate enough to collect the bodies of those devas.

Absorption was the first stage of Void cultivation, and it was also the stage where he can’t even use the most basic feature of Void energy, which was highly useful in surviving and cultivating. Thus, he had to break past the Absorption stage before he could proceed with his plans.

There was a reason why the first stage is named Absorption. He needed a large amount of cultivation resources, in his case, Void energy and since he had none, Riddick instead decided to instead use devas as cultivation resources. Their bodies, filled with thousands of years of cultivation, were basically more of energy wells than corpses.

Riddick descended from the skies as he arrived at the Welkin estate. A large estate was used by the Welkin family as the castle was now destroyed. Even with the Welkin family resources, it would take a while before they could build another castle.

Riddick had a smile on his face as he gazed at the gardens where he saw Caesar fighting Arthur in a battle of intellect and wisdom. Everyone in his family was around them cheering as each eliminated the other in an ultra high speed match where one had to make a move within a split second of the past move. It was a chess board, only this one was eight boards long and two chess boards wide (8×2). One would need tremendous ability to simultaneously play in eight chessboards with a rule that each piece can cross it’s borders to attack another piece on the adjacent board.

“They keeping going at it all day, they are really competitive about this for some reason.” A voice resounded behind Riddick as he stood watching them from afar.

“Here take this.” The voice pleasantly handed over tea as Riddick turned around to face him.

Riddick smile became wider as he saw the smiling face of a young man in front of him. He had seen this face everyday five years ago for a whole year and then, he had seen that face lying lifelessly on the ground for four more years. Then, he had asked Caesar to save him and a year ago, with his Caesar’s help, he finally managed to save him. He was Edward, the first prince of Mystic empire, and the friend whom Riddick once swore to save that day six years ago.

“Have you become accustomed to this environment, Edward? Are you sure, you don’t want to go back to your family?” Riddick inquired in a calm voice.

Edward sighed as he drank his tea. He then said in a calm, pleasant voice, “I don’t have a father and my sister is still tied to that monster, Jane. There is nothing more for me out there, in that empire, Riddick. I like being here, with your family. I like everyone here, they treat me well and I will one day be able to repay your kindness if I stay here.”

Riddick was startled by the phrase, ‘Repay your kindness’. What was Edward talking about? Seeing Riddick’s startled expression, Edward smiled lightly and continued, “I am not blind Riddick. I can see what you are planning to do. Actually most of uscan. I am also sure that none of us can stop you from changing your decision. I don’t know how long you will be here but when you leave, your family will lose a son.

I will be your replacement. I promise you Riddick, I may not have a family of my own and I may never be as good as you but believe me, I will take care of your family as my own, now and forever.” Edward smiled with a kind face and said, “That’s how I will repay the kindness you have shown me Riddick. Even if my sister does come back to me, I don’t think she will be mad at me for what I have chosen to do with my life.”

Riddick’s face was frozen still as he gazed at Edward. The time, they spent was too short but the bond between them had already surpassed the bond of ordinary friends. Even if they weren’t related by blood, Riddick knew that he wouldn’t gain a better brother in all his life. So he closed his eyes and made a firm resolution.

The other objective of his before he can continue on his path was to fulfill the remaining half of his promise. Bring back Bella and finish the task he had decided to do before he even regained his memories. Obliterate the Mist valley Sect.

Fortunately for Riddick and unfortunately for Mist Valley Sect, both his targets were related to each other. Riddick was a man of his word. He wouldn’t break his word easily and he wouldn’t needlessly kill innocents but that was only one side of his character. One should never forget that he was called a devil in all of the multi universes, and unless he really was one, he would have never gained that title. Two objectives and one location, the Mist Valley Sect would soon become the first sect which would face the wrath of the Devil king after his resurrection.


Book 5 – Chapter 18 I Love you

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“Remove the soul binding on my master, Riddick, else I will be forced to kill you.” Priam warned in a cold voice.

Riddick stood still with narrowed eyes. He knew that Priam was completely serious, and then he also knew that Priam was going against Sylvie’s decision. That moment time froze around him. Every living thing stopped in its tracks, but inside his mind palace various scenarios began to play out simultaneously at high speed. Two people, Riddick and Void began to review them all at an even higher speed.

Riddick didn’t want a scenario where he would have to fight, and yet he wanted to be make a scenario where Priam would have to accept Sylvie’s decision. However, considering Priam’s prior words, his ideal scenario wasn’t achievable.

Then he was forced to make a decision. Either accept Priam’s every word and send Sylvie with him after removing her soul binding, let Sylvie decide her own future, or make a decision on behalf of Sylvie and force her to follow it.

Needless to say, Riddick chose the second decision. He wanted Sylvie to make her own decisions. One reason was that he wasn’t selfish enough to steal her life from her, and the second reason was that she would actually be safer with the Venus family. Riddick was currently being hunted by every possible immortal, and he wasn’t too keen on exposing Sylvie to such difficulties.

Now that his decision was made, he had to find a way to achieve it. The situation where Sylvie can make a choice of her own was only possible when Priam wouldn’t oppose her, and that was only possible if he was made to stay put with force. He isn’t someone who can be bent with words and he also isn’t someone who can be fooled either.

“Can you win against him in a head-on fight?” Void inquired now that the decision was made.

“Negative. The energy reserves are scant to face such an enemy, and I can’t even transform Void Energy with my current cultivation. No use trying to think about useless scenarios. I can’t die, nor can I kill him. I also can’t surrender, but I should make him surrender. The situation is tricky, and I am in an extremely disadvantageous position.

In this situation, the only possible way to achieve victory is through a gamble. I have to find an advantage in my disadvantage.” Riddick said in a calm voice.

By the time the words left Priam’s mouth, and a split second had passed, Riddick had already come to a decision. It will be an all out fight and he will have to fight Priam with a huge disadvantage.

“I am afraid I can’t do that unless Sylvie wishes otherwise.” Riddick said in a calm voice.

Priam was literally stunned with this answer. He had seen a lot of people; courageous, tricky, foolish and even extremely strong people. Yet, in front of absolute power, all of them without exception would decide to side with power to save themselves. Riddick very casually slapped him in the face by refusing to comply with his request.

Priam’s face then changed as he saw Sylvie for a second. Then he waved his hand and a blue spear appeared in it. With a cold voice he said, “Then forgive me for killing you. I have no more reason to keep you alive. My lady may think otherwise, but as far as I am concerned, you just happened to find her and have no right upon her. I can’t let you have her. She is my master who will one day be a Sovereign.

You are nothing but a mere human who will always drag her down. I will not tolerate her being a slave any longer. My kindness has a limit, Riddick. Remember, even if I bow my head to my master, I am more used to beheading people who won’t comply with my master’s wishes. You made your decision, now face the consequences of your foolishness.”

Riddick’s face didn’t change, as if he didn’t register Priam’s talk at all. He was completely focused on finding something which may help him take down Priam with the least amount of spent energy.

Arthur broke into a cold sweat as he saw this. Sebastian was even more alarmed, and Sylvie was in a state of loss. She wanted to ask Riddick to release the soul binding, but at the same time she didn’t. She wasn’t like others. Being with Riddick all this time, she knew about him much more than anyone else.

She knew that she would lose to Vera the second she becomes distant to Riddick, and she wasn’t willing to lose. Even if Riddick never saw her as a love interest, he never put her aside either. Sylvie’s reason for being so abstinent about maintaining a soul bond was more of a selfish reason. She wanted to be connected to him in some form. People may laugh at her and even find it amusing, but for her it was more important than anything.

Her mother went through all that to give birth to her. True, she may have loved her, but the reason she went through all that in the first place was because of her father. She wanted to bear his child. She wanted to take a part of him and give him a part of her through a child as his woman. Sylvie was the same, her love towards Riddick had gradually evolved from a parent, to a friend, to a lover.

She was no longer at a position where she would ever forget about Riddick. She would inherit her mother’s legacy, but she would one day come back to Riddick. She was currently very weak. Every day, every hour, she thought about that. The current Riddick far surpassed her in power, intelligence and wisdom. Her most potent rival, Vera, was the same. The current her would lose to Vera for sure, and inheriting her mother’s legacy will give her a way to improve her own power and status. It will give her a way to support Riddick in his time of need.

The life span of Immortals was eternal, and a few decades or even a few centuries of separation can be fulfilled with few more millennia of love. This was Sylvie’s decision. However, she was currently facing a choice as well. She knew that life was unfair and sometimes we have to sacrifice some things to gain even more. So, Sylvie made her decision.

Priam’s eyes lit up as he disappeared like a flash along with Riddick. Their speed was so extreme that no one, including Arthur, could see them. Loud collisions resounded in the air, as space caved in at several places due to their exchanges.

Savage smiles lit their faces as their inner warrior instincts were drawn out by the heat of fight. The previous uneasiness disappeared in Priam’s eyes, and the calculative expression disappeared from Riddick’s eyes. That instant they were going to fight with all their might, but suddenly a earth shattering voice stopped them in their tracks.

“PRIAM, I, CHARLOTTE HEIMLICH VENUS, ORDER YOU TO WITHDRAW THIS INSTANT. Don’t you dare speak another word. COME HERE, BOTH OF YOU.” Sylvie roared with all her might.

Priam was stunned, and so was Riddick. He knew that Sylvie was not to be angered, but still, it was his first time being ordered like this, and that too in front of everyone. So, he exchanged glances with Priam and descended in front of Sylvie.

Sylvie stared at both of them with red eyes and said in a resolute voice, “Priam, you will do everything I ask of you and will shut your mouth until I say otherwise.” Turning towards Riddick she said, “Master, I have decided what I want to do. Will you honour my decision?”

Riddick’s eyes froze for a second. He understood what she was implying, and a hint of pain stabbed his heart, yet he still nodded his head. Even if he was a old soul who experienced everything in the world many times over, it didn’t still dull the memories of seeing Sylvie crawl out of her egg.

The memories of her calling him master with a shy voice. The little girl in his memories had now grown so much, and this filled Riddick’s heart with happiness and sadness. It was the bitter feeling of seeing your child grow up and your love leaving you.

However, If Sylvie wished for something then he would naturally comply with it. Priam, who was ordered by Sylvie, bowed his head to express his assent.

Sylvie nodded with red eyes and said, “Master, please release the soul binding on me.” The instant the words left her mouth, her connection with Riddick’s soul was lost. An indescribable pain stabbed her heart as if she lost a life long friend of her. Riddick was beside her ever since the beginning. His soul was like a support, like a gigantic tree under which she found solace. Now that the connection was lost, she felt alone, like a log drifting in a turbulent sea.

Riddick’s eyes were filled with concern  as he saw the depth of sadness within Sylvie’s eyes. However, before he could console her, Sylvie closed her eyes. The next second she opened them, but her eyes no longer held those turbulent feelings. All they held was unshakable resolution.

With a calm voice she then asked, “Priam, you said that you would do anything for me right?”

“I will, My Lady.” Priam replied with happiness. He no longer held any anger towards Riddick. He understood that Riddick cared about Sylvie as much as he did, and now that he released the soul binding on Sylvie he can consider him a trusted ally.

“Become my slave.” Sylvie spoke her words with resolution.

Those words shook the people around them. They then understood why Sylvie changed her mind. A slave doesn’t have the right to have a slave for themselves. Earlier, Sylvie was technically a slave and thus she can never possess a slave of her own, but now she can. This was her way of showing her intentions. Even if what Priam told her was true, she wasn’t going there to be thrown around like a doll and to be a puppet empress. If she was going to be an empress, then she will be an empress in her own way.

All eyes turned towards Priam as Sylvie said those words. Riddick’s eyes were fixed searching for a least bit of hesitancy in his eyes, but he found none. Priam smiled lightly and said, “That was my intention all along, My Lady. The Empress will need a right hand and a sword to control her subjects. I will be your whip, your sword and your everything. I was your slave the moment I was entrusted with your safety.”

The instant Sylvie formed a contract with Priam, Riddick stared at Sylvie and she stared at Riddick. Neither of them spoke a word for a full hour. Eyes are the mirrors of our mind, and they speak much more than words. They both shared their love and their concern for each other, until finally Sylvie turned around to leave.

She only said four words as she left, “I love you, Riddick.”

Riddick stared stupidly as he gazed at her flying figure. That was the first time Sylvie ever spoke his name, and that will be the first of many more times that she expressed her love for him.

Book 5 – Chapter 17 Decisions of the Past and the Present

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Decisions of the past and present :

“Please, Riddick. Release the soul binding on my master.” Priam repeated his request.

Riddick’s face didn’t change, nor did his expression. He still looked at Sylvie who was stunned by this sudden request. Her eyes turned frantic as she said, “No, I…”

“I am sorry, Your Highness, but I can’t follow your words as far as this matter is concerned. Riddick will remove the soul binding on you today, I will make sure he of it and will do whatever it takes to make it happen.” Priam interrupted Sylvie before she could voice her opinion.

Riddick turned his head and gazed at Priam. With a cold voice he said, “After all that demonstration of your exaggerated extreme sincerity, you aren’t even allowing your own master to voice her opinion.” A red glint appeared in his eyes as he said, “Are you really who you say you are, Priam?”

Priam felt a piercing aura lock onto him. Those crimson eyes weren’t like anything he has ever seen before. He knew that he can still crush Riddick with his strength, but defeat isn’t always physical. Even if he was superior in strength, it didn’t mean that he would win in the war of words. Those words pierced his heart like a spear, as he understood the hidden meaning behind them.

Priam’s eyes however didn’t show the least hint of his inner turmoil. He still stared straight at Riddick and said in a cold tone, “No matter what, the empress of the Venus Family can not be a slave to a man. It is one thing for her to be a your woman, but it is entirely another thing if she can be bent against her will to be your doll.

You are dangerous. That power, those eyes, that aura… none of them belong to a mere peak disciple. Somehow I feel that you would become even more dangerous with time, and I can’t let you drag her highness into it.

Riddick, don’t force my hand Riddick. Do it now else…”

“Answer a question of mine, Priam. I will decide based on your answer.” Riddick’s calm voice interrupted Priam.

Priam’s eyes clearly held anger buried underneath, but he was trying to be as respectful as he can towards Riddick who was essentially the one who took care of Sylvie in his absence. Truthfully, he envied Riddick and his position. No matter what he does now, he knew that he will never be able to erase Riddick from Sylvie’s heart, so he had to do all he can to at least erase the contract between their souls.

The current bond between them is very blissful, but with time it may eventually become a burden to Sylvie who may grow out of her will to be a slave. By then, it may be too late to act and thus, he was willing to be the bad guy now for the sake of his master’s future.

Riddick eyes became exceedingly cold as he stared right into Priam’s and asked in a extremely cold voice, “You are someone who wasn’t able to protect Sylvie’s mother before, there is no saying you won’t fail again. Tell me, why should I trust a loser like you with her safety, Priam?”

Those heart crushing words wrenched Priam’s mind like a twister. The words he always kept hidden within his inner consciousness burst open as Riddick plied away the barrier. This was what he feared the most; he failed once, he may fail again. What would happen to him if Sylvie didn’t trust him anymore?

Riddick twisted his neck and continued in a colder tone, “At the time of her death, Sylvie’s mother Paulina should be someone who is at least on the same level as you, right? If even she died, how can you guarantee Sylvie’s safety when she isn’t even a deva?

I have been itching to ask about something for a while. You continuously said that Paulina died because of you, what do you mean by that, Priam? Did you kill her? What happened to the Venus Family? What is happening in the sixth Deva plane? Tell me everything you hid behind your words, Priam?”

Riddick’s eyes radiated an intense killing intent as he said, “Regardless of your answer, I will tell you one thing, Priam, so listen carefully. You aren’t the only one here who wishes for Sylvie’s safety and you aren’t the only one capable of protecting her. Where were you when Ornald attacked us? Were you there ready to interfere if I lost to him? Don’t you dare order me, Priam. I am not an ordinary man, one who would fear your prowess.”

Priam’s eyes turned red but he kept silent. He hung his head down and stood still for five whole minutes. The coldness of Riddick’s words silently crushed his heart. Behind him, Thenadier, Arthur, Sebastian and the others stared with open mouths as they saw Riddick standing tall against someone who they couldn’t even talk to.

Five years. Only five years passed since Riddick left his home. Only Five years passed and he was contending against the second strongest person he had ever seen. Arthur stared in mute silence. He remembered back to a figure who once said that it would happen, he remembered back to the time when Vera came to him and ordered to protect his future king. At that time he wasn’t completely convinced, but now he understood the difference between them. It was larger than heaven and earth. Riddick was in a completely different league from him, and he achieved all that in just five years.

If this was his power level after five years, then what would happen in fifty? Where would he be in five hundred years? Arthur began to tremble in excitement even in that situation.

Priam finally lifted his head and said in a sad voice, “My master, Paulina Heimlich Venus was one of the six sovereigns of the sixth Deva plane. As you know, for each higher level of Deva plane there would be one additional sovereign. The first has one sovereign while the ninth has nine sovereigns.

Everything was fine until six hundred years ago. My master was a very powerful God beast, with a dense lineage of Primordial blood. She had a powerful divine ability and ruled over the empire with absolute strength. Everything should have been fine and everything would have been, but everything changed on that fateful day she went into seclusion.

No one knew what happened, and no one knew where she was. Not even me. She only left a single message that she would be back soon, and no one should search for her. There was no time specified. At first everyone, including me, thought that she just went to finish some work so we kept quiet. An empire without an Empress on the throne attracts the rats who try to snatch it. So, I protected the empire from any and all in her absence.

Five hundred years passed and yet she didn’t return, nor did she even send a single message to us. People began to speculate; some said she was dead, some said that she deserted us, and some even thought that she was held captive by some power.

I was frantic. Unlike others, I lived all my life with her. For millions of years I served her, and knowing that she may be in danger, I began to search for her despite her order to stay away. Fifty years later, I found her in a forest of fourth Deva plane coiled around a gigantic tree with my strong innate ability to detect scent. She looked so fragile, so weak that I thought that she would die that very instant.

I cried seeing her being so weak and so vulnerable. She opened her eyes and said that I was a bad kid who didn’t follow her orders. That instant I understood why she was so fragile. She was pregnant, with you, my lady. The more powerful a God beast is, the more difficult it is get pregnant. I don’t know who your father is, my master said that it isn’t important. She only said that she had been pregnant the whole time.

Five hundred years of pregnancy, she was reduced to such a weakened state. No God beast has to go through such dangerous perils to deliver a child. However, she did and the only thing I understood that time was that your father was an extraordinary man. My master was a proud woman, she was a Sovereign. Incorruptible and unyielding and yet, she yielded to a man and bore his child. This alone proved many things.

But I was foolish. I thought that I took every precaution possible. I never thought that I would be so foolish enough to lead the enemies to the forest. That was my sin. My master clearly ordered me to stay away and if only I had followed her orders, she would have been alive now. That day she died, but I wasn’t there. The enemies were strong, but they were just small fries. I don’t know who their leader was, but your mother knew so she still delivered you and transported both of us to another plane.

People followed behind us, and I had to give you to a trusted servant of mine, who in turn gave you to his own servant. Gerald, who was given the egg, died, and his life jade inside Venus palace was shattered. We had no clue where Gerald led you and we had no proof that you were alive. For twenty years l kneeled before your mother, and for twenty years I repented the sin I made on that day.

This is what happened on that day. I know I am ineligible for asking forgiveness. I killed her, I killed my own master, I took away the family you were entitled to have, from you. I don’t have any excuses, no, I am not eligible to make one. Please punish me however you like my lady, I will bear it all without a word, but please listen to this one’s selfish request. I can’t allow you to have a soul binding with another person. I can’t allow that.

You won’t be a free woman until you are free of that contract. I promised my master, your mother to make you a strong empress capable of maintaining your dignity. That isn’t possible as long as there is someone who can influence you beyond your will. Please ask Riddick to remove the soul binding on you. If you ask him yourself, then he would surely do it for you.”

Sylvie stood like a statue as she heard Priam. Everything Priam said flooded her heart with emotions. The way her mother kept her in her womb for five hundred years, the way she died protecting her. Her father who was someone great enough to win her mother, and Priam who was loyal enough to be a servant even after her mother, his rightful master, had died.

Sylvie understood it all in her mind, and she understood why Priam wanted her to be a free woman. She wasn’t Sylvie in his mind, she was Charlotte Heimlich Venus, his master, the Empress of the Heimlich Empire. He wanted her to inherit her mother’s legacy, and she can’t do it without being a free woman. Sylvie’s eyes then turned towards Riddick and stared at him for a minute.

She then remembered everything about her life till then. True, she was the daughter of her mother. True, she had a family. True, she had a father. True, she had a legacy to continue and true, she would do it, but it was also true that Riddick was still the only man she would ever bow to. The bond she felt with him through the soul binding between them and without it, she would be a distant soul who can’t see through him. She lived all her life with him and without him she wouldn’t be Sylvie.

“Priam.” Sylvie called out in a slightly trembling voice.

Priam lifted his head and said, “Yes, Your Highness.”

“I can’t grant your wish. I don’t want to be separated from my master. I don’t want to be an empress, I want to be by his side.” Sylvie said in a calm voice as Priam’s face turned pale with every word, but she continued and said, “But, I have a duty to fulfill and so I will follow in my mother steps, so please spare me this one time. Please don’t take away my last connection with him, Praim.”

Priam’s face trembled and so did his whole body. His face contracted as if he was in pain. His eyes turned red as Sylvie said her feelings aloud, but he thought back to the last order of his master. The last order he has to fulfill even if it means Sylvie will hate him to death.

So he resolutely clenched his fists and said in a extremely respectful voice, “Please don’t ask me to fulfill the one wish I can’t, my lady. I will do anything you ask of me but there is one thing that takes priority above yours, my master’s words. I can’t trample upon them, never again. Even if you hate me to death, I have to fulfill them. Today, I will free you even if I have to kill Riddick.”

Book 5 – Chapter 16 Charlotte Heimlich Venus

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Charlotte Heimlich Venus :

Arthur’s divine energy rushed out as he exploded into a dash.

“Space cube”

A silent whisper reached his ear and everything within the radius of a kilometre turned into stillness. Priam was the only one who could actively move, everyone else was trapped in a low magnitude space magic that slowed down the flow of time within it.

Arthur lips moved as he shouted loudly, “Please don’t kill them. They have nothing to do with this. Even if you have enmity towards Riddick, they are his family and are mere mortals. Please… Lord Priam.” He tried to convince him as much as he could.  But he could only watch as Priam waved his hand. Space trembled, and the Welkin castle turned into dust in an instant.

Like dolls connected by strings, Elsevier’s family flew through space and arrived before Priam followed by Sebastian. Priam still had a cold expression on his face but his coldness slightly lessened as he saw mortals before him.

“That depends on your answers. Please answer my questions carefully and truthfully. Your answers will decide your fate.” Priam said directing his attention towards Thenadier.

Out of every man involved in this, Thenadier had the least amount of strength. He may be petty little man in terms of power but he wasn’t a small man in terms of courage. Faced with such monstrous power, he still kept his calm and said, “I will.”

“How is Sylvie related to your Riddick who I presume is your son?” Priam asked in a cold voice.

“Sylvie is my son’s God beast and in a way she is my daughter.” Thenadier said in a confident voice.

Priam eyes narrowed dangerously as he listened to this but he still continued on with his cold attitude and asked, “Why would you treat a God beast as your daughter? Isn’t she your son’s slave?”

Thenadier looked straight into Priam’s eyes and said in a loud voice, “Sylvie isn’t a slave we brought in a market. My son found her when she was an egg and raised her from day one. She may have matured now that she is a beginner disciple but in our heart, she is still a ten year old girl. Don’t you dare call her a slave. She is my son’s God beast and more of a his friend than a slave.”

Priam eyes visibly softened as he heard Thenadier. He then asked in a calm voice, “Where is your son?”

Thenadier smiled lightly and said, “I don’t know.”

Priam saw truth in his eyes and turned  towards Arthur. With a cold voice he asked, “What about you?”

Arthur too shook his head. Priam eyes narrowed for a second and then he spread his spiritual energy as far as he could stretch. With a loud sigh he was about to give up but then he thought about something.

Priam knew about Riddick and Sylvie from the very beginning. How could be miss them when he was using the Deva palace strongest force, a black badge to search for them and they just happened to cause the biggest commotion in the Deva palace’s history but what Priam found to be unbelievable was that he was unable to pinpoint them.

That was originally impossible. He knew their scent, their energy signature and yet, he was unable to find them. Priam always thought that something was wrong. Unless they disappeared from the plane itself or died, they wouldn’t be able to escape his senses.

Now Priam thought about a different possibility. In some way, Riddick was able to change his energy sign and for some other reason he changed Sylvie’s as well. Then, there was something that didn’t change in all this, didn’t it? Arthur’s energy sign.

After pinpointing Riddick, he naturally would investigate everything about him. He knew about his absurd power and also knew about the divine feather he used during his last fight in the Deva palace. Now, he can use Arthur to pinpoint Riddick, can’t he?

As soon as Priam realised this, he looked at Arthur and asked in a calm voice, “Did you give your divine tokens to Riddick, Arthur?”

Arthur was momentarily stunned but that second of hesitation gave away his secret and the next instant, he found himself turned stiff as a power invaded his body and then invoked his own divine energy.

Divine energy resonates wherever it is. This resonation is slight but for someone of Priam’s level, it is child’s play to find it.

Priam turned his head and stared into the distance. His spiritual energy spread out in a straight line and locked Riddick who was flying at high speed towards Sky continent.

Riddick’s eyes lit up as he sensed a spiritual energy locking on him. His own spiritual energy flowed like a tsunami and enveloped the entire Sky continent. Priam was momentarily stunned by this counter attack but the next instant, he smile as he saw Riddick’s face. The calm expression from before was nowhere to be found on Riddick’s face, instead it was replaced with fury.

“He is coming.” Priam mumbled.

The space around Riddick trembled as Void energy exploded out. Ripples spread in the space as he dashed out at an extreme speed. Half a million kilometres passed away in a blur with in an hour.

Priam was stunned inside but he wasn’t too started. Even if the power displayed by Riddick far surpassed his estimation. It wasn’t at a level where he would be suppressed by it. The space around his slightly shifted as the spatial freeze condensed until it was now only a hundred metres around him.

Priam face lit up as he witnessed Riddick almost in front of him. However, he had a smile on his face. The spatial cube around him would freeze him before he can come any where near him.

Riddick approached Priam at high speed but upon approaching him he found the unusual spatial fluctuations in the space. A sneer formed on his lips inwardly but he kept his calm. Just as he was about to touch the cube, he extended his palm and touched the cube as if it was a existent physical object.

Priam was stunned again, his spatial cube wasn’t something that can be found easily by even his rivalling power but a mere peak disciple in front of him did it. He had such strength and yet was in peak disciple stage. Priam was beginning to think, how is that possible? With a cold voice he asked, “What are you?”

Riddick locked his eyes with Priam’s and asked in a colder voice, “Who are you?”

Silence saturated the place as Riddick maintained his silence and Priam refused to give up first. However at last, he asked in a much colder voice, “Where is your God beast Sylvie? If you did something to her.. I will kill everything here without an exception.”

Riddick eyes narrowed as he glanced at Priam and then he asked in a cold voice, “Do you know anyone by the name of Ornald?”

Cold light flickered in Priam’s eyes and a snarl began to form in his throat. Canines appeared as he lifted his lips. He snarled as he said, “Is he here? Where?”

Riddick eyes narrowed however, he saw the cruelty in Priam’s eyes and sighed inside. He had seen enough to see that Priam held no malicious intentions towards Sylvie. So he waved his hand and Sylvie appeared outside along with Caesar.

Priam’s eyes which were filled with rage froze as he saw Sylvie in front of him. He lost control of his heart so much that the spatial cube around him collapsed. With hesitancy he strode forward until he reached Sylvie.

Sylvie stood there looking back at Priam. She couldn’t take her eyes off as she could see concern in Priam’s eyes. She never met him but she could feel that he knew her a lot well than she knew herself.

Priam’s steps halted before Sylvie before he bent down on his knees. Then he lifted Sylvie’s leg gently and put it on his head. This was his way of showing his status. He was someone beneath her foot, he will do anything for her and his everything belongs to her. He was her slave and she was his master.

Bending down, he said in a weak voice, “How long have I waited to see you my lady? You have grown so much in my absence. I can’t even imagine the dangers you faced these past years? I can’t imagine how much you suffered in my absence? I am your slave, I am the one who was responsible for your mother’s, my master’s death. I am a weak man who couldn’t kill himself for his terrible wrongs. My lady, my master, my everything belongs to you including my life. Please punish me for my sins.”

Sylvie stood there mutely for a second before she bent down and lifted Priam. With a concerned voice she said, “Sir, you must be mistaken. I don’t know who you are. I am just a normal girl. Riddick is my master and he has raised me since I was a little girl. I don’t know…..”

Priam stood up listening to her. He then turned towards Sylvie and said, “My lady, your name is Charlotte Heimlich Venus. The daughter of my master, Paulina Heimlich Venus. The sole heir of Venus family, my master and the Empress of the Heimlich empire of the sixth Deva realm.

You have always been the empress. Never think that you are an orphan. Your mother cared for you dearly but she wasn’t in a position to hatch you herself. She died protecting you and I, her servant couldn’t protect her.

I swore to gods that I will find the one responsible for her death and peel his skin alive but before that I have to fulfill the last order of my master. I have to raise you until you can inherit her legacy. I have to raise you until you can stand as one of the six Sovereign of the the plane. That was the last order my master gave me, my lady and now after twenty years I finally found you.”

Sylvie face was filled with shock and so were everyone who heard this. Sixth Deva plane, empress, sovereign everything Priam said was awe inspiring to them. The only one who stood calmly was Riddick. None could see his inner thoughts, none could.

Priam bent down until he was bowing as deeply as he can and asked in an extremely respectful voice, “My master, Charlotte Heimlich Venus, The mighty Empress of the Heimlich empire and the family head of the Venus family. I ask you, please come back to us. I, Priam now swear upon heavens that I will protect you with my life and will follow your every word until I breathe my last.”

Sylvie’s mind was filled with raging thoughts as she heard about her family, her mother and her everything. Who wouldn’t think about her parents, everyone would. She did too from time to time but now that she was faced with a choice she couldn’t help but turn towards the one person who was everything to her, her family, her friend, her master and the man she loved, Riddick.

Riddick looked at her and she looked at Riddick. Priam looked at Sylvie and then at Riddick. He then clenched his jaw and said, “Riddick, I feel immensely grateful that you have taken care of Sylvie until now but the Empress of the Venus family cannot be a slave. I ask you, no, I implore you, please release the soul binding on her.” Priam’s face was calm but Riddick could see the threat behind that. Priam would do anything to release Sylvie from bondage.

Book 5 – Chapter 15 Most Vulnerable

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Most Vulnerable:

    Yaksha realm, Baja continent, Isle Morta.

             A silver haired women sat behind a chair facing a dozen men wearing similar clothes bearing the mark of a man eating tiger on their backs. Many would live their lives without gazing at the symbol of the tiger, but almost everyone who faced them head-on would be obliterated, for they were the elite Kinkara lords serving directly under Krum, the sovereign of the Baja continent.

         Kinkara lord is a status symbol given to the most powerful of Yakshas. The minimum requirement to be a Kinkara lord was that you should have stepped into the realm of Dao – reforming. A Dao you have gained insight into will indeed increase your battle prowess, but the Dao by itself is like an inflexible sword. The strongest sword isn’t the hardest, nor is it the sharpest, but it is the most flexible of all. Thus, a Yaksha who has stepped into the realm of Dao – reforming has successfully reformed his own Dao into a shape fit for him.

         Silver, who wore a robe covered in gold flower patterns, looked at the Kinkara lords in front of her. The five continents of the Yaksha realm ruled by the five sovereigns shared a treaty that they were not to disrupt the peace of the deva realm, but Silver wasn’t a fool to follow these orders when her prey, her master’s prey, was alive somewhere within her grasp.

          It would be huge problem if a Sovereign broke the rule himself, but nothing major would happen if a bunch of Kinkara lords broke the treaty. At most they would be executed, so Silver decided to use a dozen of her most trustful servants to immediately trap her prey before he can possibly resist.

       Silver rose from her seat and waved her hand. Immediately, a dozen flasks filled with silver fluid fell into the Kinkara lord’s hands. With a cold voice she said, “That is my blood. Filled with the might of the Heavens, it is the strongest seal which can seal the Void Energy. But, the amount I can procure is limited, for I am the only angel who has descended into this plane.

         However, I still managed to squeeze as much blood as I could. In total, the dozen flasks have a little above two litres of my blood, so each should get about a hundred millilitres. Treasure it, but do not be too moderate as well. Though the effect will be reduced, you can dilute it and give it to anyone. The faster you capture the fiend, the better your rewards will be.

     Head to the Deva realm, and be careful. Do not fall into the hands of other sovereigns, and do not fight amongst yourselves. Each of you will be responsible for one plane, and the three strongest lords among you will be able to roam freely between the planes. Now, leave immediately and send at least three diluted drops to any sect with moderate strength, understood?” Silver asked in a cold voice.

        The Kinkara lords each were thoroughly trained by Silver, and thus were aware of her identity. They each stood on their feet and bowed deeply before flying away at high speed. Silver, who was standing with dignity, suddenly staggered back, but Krum caught her before she fell. His eyes were filled with determination as well as he said, “Endure, Silver, endure. We are within the reaches of our prey. We will catch him at any cost.”

       Silver laughed inside, as she knew that she required no such words of encouragement. This was the third batch she dispatched since she found that Riddick had resurrected. Her blood, though the effect would be infinitesimally small when used in diluted quantities, will still produce the same effect through which she would be able to identify Riddick’s location.

     The angels serving under the Heavens are the war mammoths created to protect the heavens from evil. Evil is proclaimed as something which opposes the Dao of the universe. Who in the universe can be a greater evil than Riddick, who doesn’t follow the Dao at all? Their bodies blessed by the archangels, who in turn directly possess the Seals which can seal the evil, are the most powerful weapons the Heavens has managed to create to confine and destroy Riddick.

           Down in the Deva realm, twelve more Yakshas set foot carrying the deadliest of poisons which can work against Riddick, while twenty four had already seeped their roots into the depths of the sects and various organisations, patiently waiting for the day Riddick would inevitably arrive. However, they weren’t fools, nor were they dolls dancing in Silver’s hand. Each, unknown to others, sent people of their own into hundreds of material realms carrying the diluted blood, trying their luck. None can master fate, for it is unpredictable, thus they were willing to test their luck.

Welkin Castle, Royal Dining Room:

             Arthur sat laughing loudly as he conversed with Riddick’s parents. A week ago, Kain showed up leading them to the Welkin Castle as per Kennedy’s orders. Arthur was first surprised, but then he was delighted. Riddick’s family was his own family, as he considered Riddick as his own grandson.

        Being very open and very fond of kids, he was instantly delighted to converse with Gates and James. Sebastian, who was with the Elsevier family before, was even more delighted to receive them.

           Thenadier and others were aware of Arthur’s status, as well as the difference in power level between them. He knew that he was like a pebble in front of Arthur, who was like a cloud piercing mountain, yet he was delighted and almost overwhelmed inside when Arthur treated him with utmost respect.

     He couldn’t help but admire his own son, as he managed to acquire such a powerful supporter… He didn’t know where his son was, but he was no longer worried. The years he lived as an emperor were short, but he didn’t crave power anymore. Seeing Arthur, he understood that  true power laid within oneself. Thus, after a long time, he was once again determined to train and improve his strength.

         Time passed by slowly, as Thenadier and Catherine, along with James and Gates, roamed the enormous Welkin Castle. Welkins are the emperors of the sky, and being the guests of their master, each and everyone was very respectful towards them to the point that Thenadier was moved to his core.

         That day, Arthur was dining with everyone. He was happy seeing the completely filled seats. For years, he longed to have a family. He was old, and had once experienced many things, but he was never able to forgive himself. His son died when he was elsewhere, leaving Sebastian to him. Arthur was hell bent on killing his bitter enemy but he stopped himself as he knew that he had to raise Sebastian before he could do anything.

       Time passed and the rage inside him subsided. Now, as long as he could peacefully spend his days seeing this family, his two grandsons and their own families grow before his eyes, Arthur truly felt that he needed nothing more.

         A loud rumbling rang out, startling Arthur and Sebastian. Sebastian rose from his seat, but Arthur raised his arm stopping him. With a stern voice he said, “Sebastian, do not come out at any cost. If the situation demands, run along with them. The one outside is powerful, much more powerful than me. Remember, you are a son of the Welkin bloodline, and you will act as one. Family comes before anything, and they have been our family since the day Riddick called me his grandpa.”

       Sebastian’s eyes narrowed, but he gripped his fist tightly as he nodded his head. He knew what he had to do in case the things didn’t go well, and he would do it. Like Arthur said, he was a man of the Welkin bloodline, and he will protect his loved ones at any cost.

     Arthur, who saw Sebastian, nodded slightly to Thenadier and disappeared from the hall, leaving a tense Sebastian and pale servants. Thenadier, who heard every word, had no hint of fear within his eyes, all he held was concern.

        Arthur, who appeared before Priam, bowed slightly as if expressing his respect to an elder generation and asked with a clear respectful voice, “Sir, I am Arthur Welkin and am a member of the Silicon Sect of First Deva realm. Would you please state your reason to grace us with your presence?”

       Priam, who saw Arthur, nodded his head in appreciation. He was pleased with Arthur’s respectful attitude. He, Priam, wasn’t someone who would go killing people indiscriminately, but if someone acts disrespectfully, then he would show no mercy either. Unlike Ronald Taurus, Arthur clearly knew his own status was far inferior, and thus was clever enough to be respectful to him.

        Priam nodded his head and asked in a calm voice, “Arthur of the Silicon Sect, I, Priam, am searching for a man named Riddick and his God beast named Sylvie. I would be grateful to you, if you can point me to his location. I have tracked his origins back to the Sky continent, but am unable to track his exact origin.”

          Arthur, who was calm as ever, knew that the worst had come. He was still calm as he answered, “I, Arthur, give Lord Priam my word that I neither shelter the two you mentioned, nor do I know their location.”

         Priam nodded his head and Arthur sighed in relief. He was tense that Priam may not believe his word, but seeing Priam calmly nod his head removed his worries.

       Priam who saw Arthur glanced back at the Welkin Castle and a spark passed through his eyes. However, he still asked in a calm voice, “Indeed, that man isn’t here as you say, Arthur, but would you care tell me why I can smell similar scents, which may be closely related to that Riddick, from your residence?”

     Arthur’s face froze, as he remembered the smiling faces of Elsevier family. He suddenly roared spiritually in Sebastian’s mind, “Fleeeeeeeeeeeee!”

                Priam’s calmness finally disappeared, as a savage smile lit his face. With a cold voice he roared, “You are dreaming! None of you will take a step out of here!”

     Above the Chaotic sea separating the Asgard and the Sky continent.

            Riddick was flying at moderate speed, his face was calm, but he wasn’t so calm inside. He was beginning to get anxious as he observed his dantian. Void Energy, which was once like a rich congregating hurricane, was beginning to dry up.

             Void, who noticed Riddick’s mood, said in a calm voice, “The energy reserves will soon be used up, Riddick. This time, you have awakened even before you stepped into deva realm, thus you are at a severe disadvantage. I can understand your anger before when dealing with Li, but you should have at least conserved some energy when fighting Ornald. This way you will be at your enemies mercy if something unexpected happens.”

         Riddick’s face didn’t change as he responded in a calm voice, “The majority of the energy was utilised to catalyse the seed in Ornald’s body. I could have left it to grow, but I can’t take a risk. My family and my friends reside in this plane, and any kind of laid back attitude on my part may eventually lead to uncorrectable consequences. Thus, I had to do it.

         Oh well! Though I have a limited amount of Void Energy at my disposal, I can at least take care of another Ornald. I don’t think this plane has anyone capable of pushing me into dire straits now. Even if there are, they have no reason to come looking for me. I will keep a low profile, and stay with Grandpa Arthur and my family until I recover my energy.”

       Void sighed as he heard Riddick. He knew that Riddick was right. He had to use the seed, and thus was at a loss now. Their major problem, which impended them since eons unknown, was this lack of Void Energy. All he could now wish was that nothing unexpected happened when they were most vulnerable.

Book 5 – Chapter 14 Ideal Decoy

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Ideal Decoy:

             The darkness seeped slowly as the light faded away. The dark city stood silently as it witnessed the most terrible disaster of the Asgard continent. Meanwhile, Riddick stood facing Ornald, deep in thought. His face was calm, but he still tightly grasped Elaine.

     The Star manifesting on Ornald’s hand was a sign that the Heavens were moving much faster than Riddick anticipated, and this disturbed his plans. Initially he thought that a lot of time would pass before they could find him, and thus he was aiming to silently strengthen himself. Yet, now the situation had changed. Mainly because Ornald was here, and his disappearance would eventually lead his sect and then others back to Asgard.

        Riddick sighed inside, as he used his spiritual energy to inspect his dantian. In the dantian, white coloured Void Energy was rotating at moderate speed, but Riddick wasn’t concerned about its quantity. He was concerned about it’s replenishment. One of the major setbacks of his cultivation was the lack of Void Energy in nature. This limited the amount of energy he could use, and in turn limited his battle prowess.

          Ornald was careful enough to silently observe Riddick without interrupting him, mainly because he himself was deep in thought about the Star Mark which manifested on his arm. He wasn’t sure what it was, but it was subtly probing him in the direction of Riddick as if asking him to eliminate him.

           Ornald had enough experience from the previous encounter to know that Riddick wasn’t as simple or foolish as he appeared to be. His voice, his rage and even his words were said for a purpose. The previous fight, when seen from the eyes of a third person, may appear to be a fight to the death, but Ornald had a very different opinion.

           At first he himself thought that he was winning, then he became aware that he was fighting a dangerous foe, but now he was wondering why he was even alive. He himself knew the answer, and this terrified him further. Riddick appeared like a savage, and used brute force because he wanted to test his own power. Simply put, Riddick was toying with him all this time.

         With a loud sigh, Riddick finally lifted his left hand and pointed his left index finger towards Ornald and said, “Seed.”

        A small white ball flew like a bullet and struck Ornald before he could do anything. His face was first stunned, and then became pale as he coughed up blood. Ornald’s face was filled with anxiety and confusion because he wasn’t sure what happened.

           Riddick walked slowly towards Ornald, while muttering to himself in a low voice, “It hasn’t been a month since my resurrection and the news has already spread to the core of the universe. An angel should be here in this galaxy, and that too should be within the reaches of classified information. This is becoming troublesome.

          Originally I would have liked to slowly train until the time was ripe, but now that the cat is out the bag, I have to speed up my plans. Che… I can’t stay in this plane for long, or else people like this guy will flood in and that would only expose my weak points.”

      Ornald, who saw that Riddick wasn’t paying any attention to him, was angered to the core. Ornald was someone who had inherited the bloodline of Primordial beasts, and thus was always held in high regard. Yet, Riddick wasn’t even paying attention to him when he was still conscious and had control over his body. This infuriated Ornald.

           Riddick lifted his head and gazed at Ornald. His eyes narrowed as he gauged his strength. With a low voice he said, “Deva realm, 4th level. Strong physical body and a divine ability. Low level Primordial beast bloodline. Not preferred, but you will do the trick.”

      Ornald finally roared loudly, “What the fuck are you talking, you bastard?”

         Riddick waved his left hand and Elaine, who was like a short sword, rose into the air and hovered there. “Go” Riddick signalled lightly.


         A crimson blur flashed, and in the next instant Ornald coughed up more blood. His face was pale as he saw his own chest. A blood red spike was piercing out of his chest, directly stabbing through his heart. Ornald let out a fierce roar as he tried to push her back, but the next instant his body started to convulse as Elaine melted away, mixing with his own blood.

      Ornald understood the situation, and knew that Riddick could now kill him with just a word, and yet Riddick wasn’t even paying attention to him, and was surveying the terrain.

        “You fucker! Just what do you want from me!? What are you doing to me!?” Ornald roared with difficulty.

       Riddick finally selected a distant mountain peak, and flew towards it carrying Ornald. By now Ornald had completely lost control over his body, and was only able to shout.

        “This isn’t good, but I can’t be choosy now.” Riddick sighed lightly and lifted his hand.
         Riddick put down Ornald and sat before him. His hand suddenly shot towards Ornald head and caught it in its grasp. “Grow” Riddick muttered slowly.

         A faint glow transmitted from Riddick’s hand, and it resonated with the white seed within Ornald’s body. The seed began to sprout roots inside his chest, which began to head towards his dantian. Though Riddick couldn’t absorb any more Void Energy, for it was non-existent in nature, that didn’t mean that he was at his wit’s end. A trillion years teaches you the trick to deceive even Gods. Even if there are unlimited barriers to prevent his growth, there ought to be a few loose ends where he can take advantage of his constitution.

         Time passed by, and slowly the roots which infiltrated the dantian covered the entirety of it. Riddick then began to focus on the seed, which now began to sprout tender leaves. The tender leaves slowly grew like a young plant, and soon the entire body was covered with leaves.

       Riddick slowly opened his eyes, as he saw the now unconscious Ornald. He then focused his power on his head again, but this time the entire process repeated in the sea of consciousness. Ornald had already lost consciousness at some point of time due to the severe pain of the procedure. Riddick’s seed not only infiltrated the dantian and the sea of consciousness, but also the soul world.

        The soul world is definitely the most mysterious place of his body, but Riddick wasn’t concerned about his mysteries as he wasn’t aiming to understand them.

                  Riddick had once done this procedure, but at that time he didn’t know how it should be performed, so Void guided him through the magic formulas. Normally it was a spell that would automatically control a person by simply inducing a seed inside their consciousness, making them believe that Riddick was their master, but now Riddick wasn’t aiming for that.

         Riddick introduced a seed of Void Energy into Ornald’s body and completely grew it. The seed is a non-existent source of energy, and thus can never be detected by anyone, while the roots and the leaves are the same. Even Ornald wouldn’t find anything wrong with himself. He can’t find a single speck of Void Energy within his body, and of course nobody else can find it either, but the star mark could.

         Riddick slowly rose from the ground and withdrew Elaine from Ornald’s body. Riddick had only interfered with a single memory, and that was concerning his own identity. Ornald wouldn’t remember who Riddick was, or why he was fighting him. He would only remember that he was almost killed fighting him.

         Several hours passed, and Ornald slowly recovered consciousness. He was first disoriented, then he saw his own injuries and came to the conclusion that he was saved by Riddick’s carelessness, who didn’t check whether he died or not before leaving.

        His pride as a warrior was hurt, but he was also thankful that he didn’t die. Dragging his tired body, he slowly flew towards the ends of the chaotic sea where the teleportation portal was located.

          Riddick was flying away from Asgard as Ornald returned back to the Deva realm. Riddick remembered the star mark, and then smiled lightly. The seed wasn’t planted to control Ornald, nor was it planted to absorb him. It was planted as a precautionary measure.

       The Star didn’t have actually have the  ability to Identify Riddick. It only had the ability to identify an energy of unusual nature, the Void Energy. Riddick had complete control over his own emission, and thus would never emit the Void Energy unless absolutely necessary.

       However, now Ornald would become a decoy in case he ever used the Void Energy. Void Energy was the original source of all energies, and thus when the elemental essences are purified and combined, it will result in Void Energy. No Immortal is capable of this feat, for they haven’t trained in the Dao of Void. However, the seed was a fragment which was instilled with the Dao of the Void, and thus was capable of cultivation.

       Riddick had personally cultivated it by supplying the energy from his own body until it matured into a tree. Now, it will bloom flowers.

        The ideal decoy would be one who can easily travel between various galaxies, and this was far harder to catch, so Riddick didn’t have any choice but to choose a temporary substitute. Ornald wouldn’t be aware of the tree inside him, nor would he be aware of the small tiny flowers on his skin’s surface. These flowers are like pods. Occasionally when a huge power is emitted near Ornald, they would open up to gobble the energy of the surroundings, and in turn would release the Void Energy into the air in the form of their pollen.

      None can sense these pollen, and none can track them back to Ornald, but the Heaven’s mark would sense them. Even if it can sense it, it can’t pinpoint it back to Ornald as he doesn’t actually have Void Energy. The pollen, which is the first original source, is dispersed in the air. However, if by any chance they track it back to Ornald, it would be nothing but a false signal as Ornald is only a common cultivator.

      This was a decoy. Riddick set up a decoy which will soon throw the Deva realm into chaos, but amidst the chaos, he will instead find peace. The Heavens have no way of knowing his Identity unless it can sense Void Energy, and Riddick had just set up a trap which will make a fool out of everyone, while he himself can proceed with his plans.

        Riddick flew away with a smile, but he knew inside that Ornald was just a toy he can use to prolong the inevitable situation, but can’t stop the inevitable from happening. His face held a mysterious smile as he thought aloud, “Kids, if you can try to trap me with these tricks, then I have my own ways to trip you into the hole you dug for me.”

           Riddick’s thoughts were slowly becoming a reality in the deva realm, but even he wasn’t aware that on the other side of the world, his everything was at stake as Arthur stood in the air facing a man wearing a violet robe, Priam.