Book 5 – Chapter 10 The Truth behind Everything

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The Truth behind Everything:

A single word resounded in the silent battlefield, “Elaine.”

Elaine… the word resounded like a bell in the hearts of Lu and his subordinates. Lu’s pupils suddenly constricted as he felt movement in the silence of this dead city. The air around them became damp with moisture, the clouds floating in the skies reddened as a thick crimson mist rose from the city.

The silent streams of blood flowing through the gutters stopped in their tracks. The blood left in the dead was sucked out and so were they, themselves. The air above the palace trembled as the ruddy clouds rained to scrub the ground.

The thin streams turned thick, the blood smeared city turned clean. The blood river on the street moved with a consciousness. This river flowed uphill, the air in the vicinity turned like a tornado as it blew around the palace. Every drop of the blood in the city floated towards the palace.

Lu stood like a statue, watching the unearthly event happening before him. His face shook as he noticed his hand. His knuckles smeared with blood were being sucked by an indistinguishable force. The air shrunk, the river drained, and so did all the bodies present in the city. Ten million people died on Lu’s whim and now, ten million corpses vanished due to a single order.

Without a sound, the blood storm made its way towards the corpse lying on the floor and silently, the corpse consumed it. Millions of gallons of blood overflowing the city vanished into a single corpse.

Rachel, who laid on the ground, disintegrated into a pool of blood. The pool of blood flowed like a living river,  rose from the ground, dancing like a phoenix. It coiled around Riddick, like a dragon.

A small stream rose silently from centre of the pool and twisted like a snake around Riddick’s hand. Riddick glanced at the blood stream and smiled lightly. The twisting blood stream transformed into a hand, the pool surrounding Riddick formed a body, the rosy air around them formed her mantle. A woman rose from the blood pool and lightly kissed Riddick.

Riddick smiled as he glanced at the woman. The woman smiled as she saw Riddick. Her lips opened as she slowly said, “Welcome back.”

Riddick raised his hand and touched her face. With a soft voice he asked, “Is she fine, Elaine?”

Elaine smiled as she looked at herself. With a sweet voice, she answered, “She is a good girl, she is fine.”


Blood splashed on the ground as a massive energy wave struck Elaine on the back. Riddick turned his head and so did Elaine. A small smile formed on Elaine’s as she said, “Ararara…… You kids really are impatient. Angering Riddick is a tough task but in a way, it is pretty easy as well. Anyway, I am going to have some fun today.”

Elaine licked her lips as she saw the deva who struck her. She narrowed her eyes and a suction force rose like a cyclone with her as centre.

“Arghhhh! What is happening?”

The deva roared loudly but it was of no use. He was sucked by an astonishing force and directly entered Elaine. His roaring voice continued as Lu and Hectar watched in horror. A deva… A mighty Immortal who had the power to rule millions of lives was being killed without even batting an eyelid.

“‘Fuck! This is wrong. There is something wrong with you bastards…. I am leaving.” A Deva declared aloud and immediately flew into the skies.

Following him two more devas rose into the skies. Lu didn’t notice them, for he was thinking of escaping as well. He knew that the world had many mysterious things but the monsters in front of him were on a different league. A peak stage cultivator who can kill a deva and rip space apart. A woman… no, a monster who can swallow people alive. All of this was buzzing his senses, and his long experience as a veteran warrior warned him to get out of this situation as soon as possible.

Riddick finally glanced at the devas who were flying in the skies. His eyes, which didn’t reveal a single emotion since the beginning, finally narrowed as he said, “Bind.”

Ten kilometres above and ten kilometres below. A spatial rift appeared like an illusion. Usual spatial rifts would be like tears in the space but this rift started leaking a dark miasma, expanding and enveloping its surroundings in a dark world.

With the emergence of the spatial rift, the space in between it started to twist irregularly. Riddick walked forward with smooth steps. His lips parted as he said, “Little dragon.”

One word became two, an unearthly event became a Heaven transcending phenomenon. Riddick walked as golden yellow elemental essence burst out of his body. The ground tore open as a huge belly scraped it, the clouds dispersed as a huge body swept past them, the sun lost its glory in front of an eternal life form emerging from its slumber.

The lightning dragon which once descended from the skies now ascended. The rift became its boundary. Its body spread in the skies like a roof. The sun was blocked and so was the heaven. It blocked the world, shrouding Riddick from heavens.

The elemental essence within the boundary of the spatial rift disappeared and so did the laws of elements. The flying devas fell on the ground being deprived of their cultivation.

Riddick still walked slowly. If before, the steps brought anxiety within them, now they brought despair. Each step changed his aura, each step changed the world, the world they knew as it was collapsed before them, and the elemental laws they cultivated in vanished into thin air. Their almighty powers granted by the natural laws waned, dazed and confused. Darkness descended, replacing everything.

Riddick closed in as the world shook. The space completely collapsed and all that was left was an empty world. Devoid of life, devoid of energy, devoid of light and devoid of hope. They couldn’t see an end in this world nor could they find the courage to move.

Then, a crushing pressure enveloped them as Riddick moved further. The blood inside their veins boiled with each of his steps, the tendons in their body snapped, unable to withstand the pressure. Blood overflowed from their five orifices as the pressure grew. Some bowed, others crawled on the ground. Eyes which couldn’t see anything were crushed under that pressure.

Riddick finally came before them, the time he took was less than ten breaths. Ten breaths changed the world, the cheerful happy world became a world of despair under him. The dragon above had long since vanished from their views. The blood woman became a crimson sword in his hands.

Riddick opened his mouth and said in a serious voice, “Did you know? Everything in this universe must have an opposing force. That means that when there is life, there should be death. When there is hope, there will be despair. When there is creation, there will be destruction.

However, there is a single exception to this rule. Do you know what it is? It is Void. Void means emptiness, it means that nothing is present in it. If there is nothing, then what would be its opposing force?

Some think that filling a Void will counter its existence. But, they fail to notice. You are not countering Void, you are IN the Void. The Void can never be filled, for it is everywhere. Everything surrounding you was once born from Void.

Let me tell you a story, Lu. You train under the Heavens. Basically you are borrowing the elemental essence and unleash the laws… Ruling them to gain power. Now, tell me. The universe has an opposing force for everything, right? Then what can oppose the heavens. What can oppose the heavenly laws? What can oppose the so called Dao of the Heavens?”

Lu stood petrified on spot. His mind had already given up on resisting, now all he could do was to beg for mercy. He didn’t understand Riddick but he wasn’t going to piss him off, as well. With difficulty, he opened his mouth and said, “I Don’t know.”

Riddick lips rose slightly as he said, “Let me tell you another story, Lu. It is the oldest of tales, hidden from the world. Unknown to any Immortal of this age.

A long time ago before everything began… Before the Heavens existed… Before this universe formed… Nothing was in this space, except nothingness. Billions of years passed by and finally this nothingness gained consciousness. He was the only existence in this universe. No, he contained it within himself and thus was the master of it. He called himself Void.

Now this Void became curious after he learned more about his powers. He created elemental energy, life, and sentient beings. He gave them powers. However, Void had no idea that life is a strange thing. The longer you live, the longer you want to live. You will try to defy death. You will try to defy the one ruling death.

Now, how can you do it? Simple, take control of everything. Take control of this world, dispose of Void. Fill it with worlds. Fill it with higher realms. Fill it with life, and rule over them. Make new laws, dispose the old laws, kill everyone who opposes you. Make a new word. “Dao”… or the truth of the universe.

Name yourself the Heavens, the rulers of this universe, the servants of the truth which never existed in the first place. Fool everyone, and make them live in a world of constant fear. Fear of the Heavens. Make a world where none can reach you, where everything dances on your palm. Make a world where the truth is hidden behind the world of lies. This the truth of this universe.

The Void was a kind creature, and it watched as the Heavens conquered its territory. It watched as they became rulers, it watched as they chained and captured it. It still accepted everything with a smile as it considered all of them as his own children.

Then something happened. First, the Heavens declared themselves the rulers. Then, they called themselves gods. Finally, they decided that life can happen only if they willed it to happen. This infuriated Void. He didn’t mind being chained, but he didn’t like to see the pure life he created to be bound in chains of the law created by the Heavens. This so called “Fate.”

But, it was already too late. He no longer had the power to oppose them, nor was he in a state to regain his powers. They were dispersed, and he was chained, prevented from using them. Years passed and the Heavens gave the world a method to cultivate. It gave them a method to gain a part of its strength for its own amusement.

So Lu, tell me. They say that the sky is the limit for cultivation. No matter how strong you are, there will always be someone stronger than you under the Heavens. Then tell me, just what would happen if a person by chance decided to defy Heavens and cultivate in a much older, much purer, much more ancient of all laws? The law of Void.

What would he gain from Void? What do you think will happen when this person reaches the limit of his power? Let me tell you, he can never reach his limit for there is no limit to Void. The Heavens was born from Void, then can’t another Heaven be formed from it?”

Riddick face twisted as he licked his lips. With a small voice he said, “I live in a universe defying everything stated by it. I live to prove the truth. I live to realise my dream and I live to fulfil a promise made a million life times ago.

So, Lu. In this long journey of mine, I am often lonely. I am often disappointed and I often find myself in despair. The one who drags me out of that despair are my friends, my family and my love for them. Life becomes a hassle if you live as long as I did, but you can enjoy it if you live it for someone.

If you wanted to kill me, I wouldn’t have minded. But you, you decided to touch someone I care about. This is wrong Lu, this is the worst crime committed by the Heavens a long time ago and you have committed that crime once again.

Those who defy Heavens will face its wrath but those who defy me will face oblivion. Void contains everything but Void can swallow everything as well. The Heavens gave you life, it gave you an existence but, I rule over the law of Void which defies all laws.” Riddick waved his hand without taking his eyes off Lu.

Lu immediately sensed that something was wrong. So he opened his mouth to beg mercy but the darkness which swallowed the world crept inside him and swallowed him from inside. Muddles cries rang out in the empty space as everyone died only to to be replaced with silence.

Riddick raised his head to look at the skies. The curtain wrapping the world of darkness opened a little revealing the world of light. As if waiting for this moment a heavenly lightning descended from the Heavens trying to destroy everything in its way. Riddick twisted his neck and said, “It’s time to retaliate.”


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