Hey guys,

           I am pleased to inform you that I am finally done with all my homework. I know you aren’t very interested in my shitty RL. That being said, I will be going back to my university day after tomorrow and this is actually a good news. I will be spared from all that mind boggling research.

           I was unable to release many chapters this week and I know that this week was kinda irregular for both of us. But, thank you for your support and patience.

         The next chapter will be released tomorrow and expect two consecutive chapters in the next two days and maybe more.



13 thoughts on “Update!!!!!

  1. RL is important but Health more so. balance in everything makes perfect.
    your site had pretty big reader and some people link to your site to get more hit maybe just maybe its right time to add 1 google ads (just suggestion)


    • I have a wordpress.com site. Basically, I can’t use google ads and I don’t really earn much from WordAds. Still I will contact them, The WordAds is currently undergoing revamp and will soon release Word Ads 2.0 version then, I will put ads on my site.
      Thank you tkg_es for your suggestion.


    • Happy birthday Darkly. I really want to gift you two chapters but I said that there would be two chapters in two consecutive days. However, you will have fun with the single chapter realising tonight for this is an epic chapter. Hehehe… I have much expectations from this chapter. The chapter is already done and I will release it when the editing is done.

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