Book 5 – Chapter 11 The Seed of Chaos

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People have been asking and wondering if Riddick/ATH will end soon and the thought that I was too hasty in revealing many secrets at once. Well, I did say at the beginning of the book 5 that this is gonna be one hell of a ride. This chapter will show you the exact extent of my imagination and where we are in my imaginary world of ATH. I really doubt you will again wonder if ATH is going to end soon after this chapter and Fellas, I was just getting started.



The Seed of Chaos


“Lord Silver” a man called out in a weak voice.

The man in question, Silver, was looking at the reports in front of him with shock evident in his eyes. His hands were almost trembling as he read them. With a bang, he rose from his seat and ran like the wind, ignoring the bewildered gazes of his assistants.

His legs didn’t touch the ground, nor did he make the slightest sound as he moved like a phantom in the magnificent corridors. Within seconds, he reached the one place which was considered the holiest of all places in the entire Yaksha Realm, the grand chamber of the their ruler, Krum.

“Come inside.” A voice rang out in Silver’s mind as soon as he reached the door.

Silver entered the chamber and bowed deeply before a man. The man stood by a window gazing at the skies. He turned around and asked, “What is it, Silver?”

Silver nodded slightly and said, “My Lord. In the past month, over a thousand Kinkara lords and their clans have been obliterated by unknown forces.”

Krum’s face didn’t change in the slightest as he heard Silver. However, he turned around and gazed at a painting. His eyes were clear as he looked at it.

With a clear voice, he said, “I waited a hundred million years for your answer. I waited, despite knowing the choice you would make. I waited because I believed that for once you would accept my love, and yet you chose him, even after the suffering he brought upon you.

He is an abnormality. An offshoot of our evolution. A criminal bred by the darkness. An Immortal who has deviated from the path of righteousness. This is the truth he has hidden from you.

His path deviates from us, yet he is fundamentally the same as us. He is an Immortal just like us, and like us he has to cultivate. But, he cannot. The world born by the will of the Heavens protects us from him, for he will definitely ruin us one day.

The world despises the Void, for it is the same as death. The world despises the Void Energy, for it is born from death and suffering. Thus, the world is devoid of Void energy.

The Dao doesn’t work on him, but he is vulnerable in every other aspect. Your king will die again, for he has no hope. He will die because he took you away from me. He will die because of the suffering he brought upon you. He will die because of the foolishness he implants upon the followers of the Dao.

I, Krum, swore that I would kill him with my own hands. Now, come before me, you mongrel. I will kill you to reclaim what is properly mine.” Krum’s voice turned colder as he spoke.

His expression grew crueler as he spoke, and his aura turned more oppressive as he remembered the events of the past. Once he lost his friend, a woman he loved, to him. He lost everything he loved to him. And now his arch enemy had come forth to bring suffering to everything in existence. He would kill him, and reclaim what he had lost a hundred million years ago.

Krum’s eyes pierced the painting, as he stared at the woman in it. The painting was of a man and a woman, who were cheerfully smiling in each other’s arms. She was his fiancé, his love, and his eyes turned red as he imagined his love in his enemy’s arms.

Riddick might not recognise this man, for a hundred million years had passed, and time had been rough on the man, but the woman in the painting was someone he always dreamed of since his childhood. She was Vera.

Silver, who stood behind listening quietly to Krum, slowly moved forwards and hugged him. Krum turned around and caught Silver’s slender neck in his hands. His eyes, which held immeasurable agony, slowly eased as he saw Silver. With a loving voice he said, “No need to use this fake form in front of me, Silver.”

Silver nodded, before his shoulder length hair grew until it reached his hips. His face changed, and his body transformed until he became a beautiful woman. With a sweet voice, Silver said, “Don’t be angry, Krum. You will soon meet him, then he will die in your hands.”

Krum nodded his head and lowered his lips to touch hers. His body moved rhythmically, as his hands clenched her hips. He breathed near her ears as he licked her neck. With a flip of his hand he pinned her on his desk.

His eyes held intense desire, while her ragged breath showed her consent. Unlike a sensual display of love, Krum flipped her, exposing her pert rear. The clothes on their bodies had long since shattered under the incredible pressure of their auras.

Krum’s face filled with desire fell on the symbol of wings on Silver’s back. His deep desire instantly dissolved, but his hands still pinned her down. His eyes now held a cold expression.

He didn’t care about Silver, nor did he crave her. He cared for only one woman in the entire world, Vera, but Silver was his trump card to achieve his mission. She was his most valuable asset, and his most powerful weapon capable of destroying any kind of evil in the universe.

She was the weapon gifted to him by the Heavens themselves. She was an angel, a servant of the true Gods.

With joy, he thrust into her with all his might. His face held neither love nor lust, it was simply his way of controlling her. Silver herself moaned with every single stroke. Her voice held absolute delight. No one would ever think that this was the holy maiden who stood before Krum a second ago.

But, a game can be played either way. Silver didn’t watch Krum’s expression, and truthfully she didn’t care. Her eyes didn’t hold any love either. Her caring expression had long since disappeared. She submitted her body so that she could gain his trust, and fool him into believing he was in control of her.

She was an angel, a servant who pledged herself to the true Gods. She didn’t have any emotions, nor did she care about Krum. Her mission was to find the fiend, and she moaned in happiness only because she had to. Her face only held a cruel smile as her lips murmured.

“Target identity confirmed – destination – Odin galaxy – Yaksha realm. Target status – Unconfirmed.”

Those words murmured by her left the Yaksha Realm. and then the Odin Galaxy itself. The silent universe, which slept in peace, would awaken to the eve of war. The one who once threw the entire universe into chaos had come forth to reclaim his position as the King.

That day, Krum didn’t know what happened behind his back, nor would he ever know about it. That day, Silver knew what she did, but she didn’t care about the consequences. That day, two people betrayed each other, but who would burn in the end would be decided by time alone.

As Krum laughed in ecstasy and Silver moaned in Joy, Riddick sat on a rock gazing at the heavenly lightning which he now held in his fist.

Countless times he died, unable to confront this heavenly lightning, but now he held it in his hands. Countless times he died, unable to oppose his fate, but he lived many times as well. The Heavens did anything they could to kill him. They abolished the presence of Void energy to prevent him from cultivating. The Void energy in nature reduced with every plane he ascended. Thus, he will find it hard to cultivate with every level he climbs.

Any being will find despair in this situation. Countless enemies on all sides, unable to cultivate, unable to breakthrough, unable to reclaim his lost powers. Anyone would find themselves in despair, but Riddick sat there smiling lightly.

His face didn’t hold a bit of confusion. He simply gazed at the skies and said, “When there is will, there is a way. When there is way to prevent me from cultivating, then there must be a way to surpass that limit.”

His eyes saw the sky, but his consciousness pierced reality as it gazed at the realm beyond Asgard. Asgard was but one of the countless planes in the material plane ring, which surrounded the nine Deva planes constituting the Deva plane ring. The Deva ring surrounded the Yaksha Realm, which was the great plane of this galaxy. At the centre-most point of this galaxy was the Great Odin Realm. Every plane and realm in these four rings were a part of this galaxy, and combined they formed the Odin Galaxy.

Outside the Odin Galaxy – which was like a closed structure – was the nothingness of the universe, but in that nothingness stood countless galaxies similar to Odin. Several galaxies together formed a giant ring which stood at the edges of the universe, with Odin being one of them.

The Odin Galaxy stood proudly, but at the same time it enviously stared at a galaxy greater than itself, which stood in a ring before it. This galaxy stared at the galaxy before it, and so on. Countless trillion light years away, in the centre of the universe, stood an incomparably large galaxy.

It’s brightness blinding others, while its extent a million times greater than its predecessor. It was the lord of this universe. In the centre of that universe, in an indescribable palace, a man sat as he read his reports. His eyes were like crystals and on his back was a mark of wings. However, unlike Silver, this mark was somehow different. It wasn’t different in size, shape or colour, yet, one could never watch it with their eyes. The mark could be almost called a holy symbol.

The man’s eyes suddenly froze, as the quill in his hands fell on the table. He froze, as a message was transmitted to him by his subordinate.

“Target identity confirmed – destination – Odin galaxy – Yaksha realm. Target status – Unconfirmed.”

This message passed the scrutiny of a hundred angels before it came to him. His hands which dropped the quill slightly trembled, as he remembered a scene of his childhood. He had been an angel all his life; he had lived for trillions of years before  he became an archangel. He earned the trust of the gods. He earned the respect of others, he was feared by others. He was Michael, one of the great archangels, and yet he couldn’t forget the one person who once walked in this very palace.

He was like a terror which could not be understood. He was like a plague which could not be vanquished. He was like a phoenix who would rise every time he was burned to ashes. He was the lord whose name would give birth to terror in the hearts of the Gods themselves.

Michael rose from his seat, knowing that he wouldn’t be able to sit in peace for a long time. He knew that his message would change everything in the universe. He knew that he would very well be delivering the worst news of his life, and yet, he had to. He had to search for the Odin galaxy’s whereabouts. He had to search for it in the countless galaxies present in the universe. His mind already started to work, as he weakly walked to report the news of the reincarnation of the worst enemy faced by the Heavens.

Riddick who sat staring at the skies, crushed the lightning in his hands and said, “This galaxy is quite small and indistinct. It will take an awful lot of time before they find me. Don’t you think so, Void?”

In the epicentre of the universe, hundreds of thousands of trillions of light years away from Asgard, a voice laughed and said, “Indeed.”



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