Book 5 – Chapter 12 Primordial Blood line

Author notes: Hi guys, GSD REDDY here and I am back with an another chapter.

Edited by: Kidyeon and King Haku

This is a regular chapter and the second promised chapter of this week.

Well, get ready for a fast paced action chapter. Hmm, nothing much going on now with my life. I am back in my university and life has restarted. Also, anticipate next chapter as this is a prelude for a set of events which will open the path for one of the checkpoints of this book.



Primordial Blood line :


Riddick rose to his feet looking at the stars, but suddenly his face lost all aloofness as he turned around and said, “So you aren’t going to reveal yourself, Mr. whoever you are.”

In the sky right in front of Riddick, a man materialised. He was wearing a green coloured robe and had sharp  features. With a serious voice he said, “I didn’t think that I would be seen through. Not that it matters to me how and when you noticed me, but kid, surrender peacefully, and this won’t end painfully.”

Riddick tilted his head and raised his eyebrows. He lips formed a smile as he said, “Hmm, I see no malice in your eyes directed towards me so you aren’t here for me on your own accord… Or you aren’t here for me at all. Care to tell me who you are and why you are here, mister?”

The man’s face twitched slightly as he said, “Kid, I am very well aware that you have some weird technique which gives you an immense power boost, but the devas you killed were all in first level of the deva realm except one. I could have killed them all without raising my hand.

So don’t get cocky in front of me and surrender. Don’t worry, I have no intention of harming you. All I want is that God beast of yours. If you give her to me, I promise you that I won’t go back on my word.”

Riddick eyes narrowed as he heard him. His voice lost all coolness as he seriously asked again, “Who are you?”

The man now started to emit an incredible pressure completely incomparable to Lu. His voice was serious as he said, “My name is Ornald. If you are asking about my identity, then it isn’t necessary for you.”

Riddick twisted his neck while he licked his lips lightly, with a calm face he said, “I can’t see any hint of good intentions in your eyes nor am I willing to do as you say. So my answer is FUCK OFF.”

Ornald figure disappeared the instant, the words left Riddick’s lips.


A loud sound rang out as a terrifying punch exploded in front of Riddick.

“Don’t push your luck, kid.” Ornald roared loudly as he fist hit another fist. Riddick’s eyes were lit with rage as he responded with a point blank punch to counter Ornald.

Riddick smiled widely as he shouted, “Oy! Oy! Don’t tell me this is it. If it is, then you aren’t worth my ass.”

Ornald face twisted as his hand muscles twitched.

Sou. Sou. Sou

Series of all burst rang out as small curved blades appeared on his arm. Riddick’s eyes narrowed as he gazed at the blades. Ornald kicked the ground while his left hand covered in a green glow went straight for Riddick’s neck.


Riddick spit out as he retreated back.


An incredible sound rang out as the blades protruding out of Ornald’s arm slashed the wind. Riddick squinted as he eyed the blades.

“Naturally formed blades. A God beast… huh.” Riddick thought aloud.

Ornald’s face showed no response but inwardly he was shocked. A mere peak disciple was fighting him, a fourth level deva without losing ground. If he wasn’t here fighting personally then he wouldn’t have believed that such a thing was possible, even if the gods themselves said it.

Ornald’s image blurred as he dashed forward at high speed. Riddick’s forehead creased as he answered the call. His hands moved as his fist hardened.

Creak. Creak

Four blows and two grunts exploded out at once as Riddick and Ornald both suffered the barrages of the other.

“Ahhh…. Looks like you aren’t much of a fighter, Ornald. Want to call off the fight? Or maybe you aren’t ready to fight at all. Why don’t you go back to suck on your mama’s boobs?.” Riddick irritated Ornald with his words.

Ornald’s face reddened as he tried to swallow the humiliation. He wanted to push his pride aside but the truth was truth. No matter how he convinced himself, it didn’t change the fact that a mere peak disciple whom he should be able to kill with finger was making fun of him and this infuriated his already aggravated mind.

“Shut up, you motherfucker.” Ornald roared loudly as he caught Riddick by the throat and smashed him to ground.


The mountain trembled while cracks spread through the capital as the power of the smash crushed the ground below.


Sounds rang out followed by a painful roar as Riddick twisted Ornald’s hand, crushing the bones inside.

Ornald backed away as he held his twisted hand. His mind was reeling with fear as he sensed the amazing force capable of twisting his arm. Riddick arose from rubble with a crazy expression on his face. With a bang he rushed forward and grabbed Ornald by his head.

“I will show you the right way of crushing someone, kid. Watch and learn.” Riddick laughed madly as he lifted him up and smashed him to the ground.

Anticipating the upcoming attack, Ornald braced from the very beginning so he rose almost instantaneously intending to attack Riddick but his face paled as he saw Riddick’s face at point blank range.

Riddick eyes turned red as he whispered, “I am not done.”


Ornald cursed inside as he saw the incoming fist.

“Bang!” “Bang!” “Bang!” “Bang!” “Bang!” “Bang!” “Bang!” “Bang!” “Bang!” “Bang!”

Explosive burst of punches exploded aiming Ornald. The mountain under Riddick long crumbled to dust while the capital itself started to tremble violently as a crater formed under the assault of terrifying power.

Ornald, who held his face hidden behind his arms, vomited blood with every punch. His face was now shrouded with fear as he saw the faint image of Riddick and his crazed eyes. He instinctively thought, “This guy is dangerous.”

Riddick didn’t stop his barrage until his entire hands were covered in blood and splattered flesh. He turned his head and said, “Are you done resisting Ornald?”


A sharp sound rang out and the next instant, Riddick left arm flew into the air. A look of shock appeared on his face as he instantly backed away just in time to escape a barrage of ultra speed razor sharp sword energies.


Ornald spit the coughed up blood and emerged from the deep crater which now destroyed half the capital. His face was swollen while one of his eyes was half smashed by Riddick. However, he still had a light of victory on his face.

Riddick looked at his severed arm and said, “Divine ability…huh. Good, very good. Now, what would you do Ornald?”

Ornald figure suddenly disappeared as he rushed at Riddick high speed. Riddick smiled lightly as his right hand punched with all his might.


A loud sound rang out but Riddick himself spilled blood as he saw a dagger embedded in his chest. Ornald who saw him smiled lightly and said, “Good reflexes and good fighting instinct’s kid but you are still too naive to beat me. You didn’t even anticipate my attack and blindly believed that I will attack with my fist. Naive.”

Riddick lips broadened as he heard Ornald. He began to laugh as he said, “It’s not that I didn’t anticipate your attack Ornald… but rather, I don’t care about it. Rip my limbs, smash my organs…. Sorry but these childish games won’t work on me.”

Ornald suddenly felt a very bad premonition, so he backed away just as Riddick slashed out with his ripped away arm.


Blood sprouted like fountain as the arm regenerated like a tree. In but a second, the regenerating arm went straight for Ornald.


Ornald cursed loudly as he backed away again. He couldn’t help but curse further, “High speed regeneration, physical strength surpassing realms, battle experience surpassing your age and your heaven defying abilities. You fucker, just what kind of a monster are you?”

Riddick laughed madly and said, “Me? I am a human. Or…  that is  how I classify myself at least.”

Ornald spit blood as he raised his hand and released a terrifying blast of energy towards Riddick.

“Hahaha…. Back to the basics Ornald. But, I won’t let you get away alive. You have a bad fate so you will die tonight.”

Riddick moved like wind as he saw the blast of terrifying energy. His figure suddenly became illusionary just in time to dodge the energy blast and appearing right before Ornald.

Ornald face twitched as he saw Riddick appearing before him but his face paled as he saw Riddick’s raised leg. He couldn’t practically respond at all as a heaven crushing force smashed his head into the ground.


“This is how you do it Ornald. Well,……” His words were cut short as a sword pierced his chest right through the chest.


Riddick grunted in pain as he retreated back. Unlike the small burst strength of Ornald’s previous attacks, this sword was completely different, it was almost like a living creature. That’s how Riddick felt as he saw the sword.

Ornald flew into this skies with a bleeding face but Riddick’s eyes narrowed as he stared at his arms. His arms which were already dangerous with those protruding blades now he had a single additional protruding blade from the back of his elbow. That single balde was covered in a green glow and was constantly trembling with great power surging through it.

Ornald who saw Riddick’s expression smiled lightly and said, “Didn’t think I would be forced to this state, but kid that wound of yours isn’t going to heal.”

Riddick sighed inside as he heard Ornald. With a cold voice he said, “A primordial God Beast’s blood line..huh. A God beast with primordial blood indeed has an edge in terms of potential and I have yet to see your divine ability at full power.

You would have definitely won if it was any other person, but against me, your blade won’t have much effect.”

Ornald eyed Riddick as a red mist began spread in all directions with Riddick as the centre. He had seen the otherworldly phenomenon of Elaine’s resurrection before and this made him hesitate for he was unable to see of what use would a sword made up of blood and flesh of living beings would be in their battle where he definitely had an advantage in prowess.

Riddick licked his lips and eyed Ornald. With a smile on his face he said, “Ornald, I have a faint idea of where Sylvie is from, but currently, she is unable to protect herself. Thus, I can’t let you get away alive to inform others of her existence.

You made three mistakes in your mission. One, you clearly knew that I had no idea about her guardians so you should have instead tried to befriend me as her guardian.

Two, you knew that I was somehow different. Though you couldn’t see anything from the battle, you did see the dark world forming out of nowhere, yet you decided to attack without conforming to my power.

The third and the worst mistake of your life was your carelessness. Since you decided to confront me from the start, you made no effort in concealing your ill intentions.

Ornald, I wouldn’t say that you would have succeeded if you did everything I said but you might have had a chance, for I am usually merciful. But after you revealed your intentions so openly, you can’t blame me for being cruel, can you?”

Ornald laughed smugly and said, “Quit with your haughty statements, kid. What can you do? Yes, I accepted a mission to drag that girl’s ass back to someone. Fuck off kid, I only want that girl but if you are in the way then I wouldn’t mind killing you.”

Riddick’s lips broadened but the smile didn’t reach his eyes. His voice roared as he said, “Hey, I have been wanting to tell you for a while. Stop calling me kid, kid. I was willing to overlook this but you are getting on my nerves. Trust me Ornald, I am not a good man when irritated. You have the whole universe as your proof. Just a bloodline of a mere beast and you talk so big.”

Blood mist around Riddick finally began to saturate as Elaine appeared in his hands. With blood red eyes, Riddick laughed crazily as he said, “How about I show you a bit of the most terrifying monster you encountered in your little life which is me.”



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  1. Thx for the chapter. Things are really starting to heat up. I enjoyed reading the chapter. Keep up the good work, and I wish you the best in your classes.


  2. How Ornald knows that Sylvie is with Riddick?, I don’t remember that Riddick mention her or even that she apear during the combat. It is posible that the informant tells him about that?, if it is so, I think that is a different faction than Priam.
    This is getting bigger and bigger I sugest a index with de name of the caracters and a small description.


    • mortal – beginner disciple – divine disciple – peak disciple – deva – yaksha.
      deva realm – 1-9 levels.
      Riddick has a different cultivation method but people see him as a peak disicple.
      As for the characters, just go with the flow. Don’t worry, some characters are introduced very early and I will revise them when they are going to appear again.

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