Book 5 – Chapter 13 The Star manifests

Author note : Hi guys, GSD REDDY here and I am back with an another chapter.

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         This is the third and an extra regular chapter of this week.

           Whew, the story is becoming more and more complex and so will the plot. The story will move at a rapid phase and soon we will see some of the characters introduced by me earlier.




The Star manifests:

           Roaring winds blew like a mask, hiding the inescapable phantom in the depths of the ravines which covered the entire plane of Demicus. Ravines opened the path to the unexplored world of darkness, while the skies trembled under the might of the dragons which inhabit the entire plane.

      Two dragons stood at the summit of this power house. Two enemies, two rivals, two factions, an entire plane to fight to your heart’s content. It was the ultimate situation any war hardened warrior would dream about. Every day and every hour you wait anticipating an attack. This would have perhaps obliterated the weak races, but the ones who stood on both sides were dragons, one of the mightiest races among the primordial beasts in existence.

          It wasn’t that the plane didn’t have any other races, rather the weak races were culled out in the war where only the strong survives. Dragons didn’t care about the ecosystem. That was for weaklings, they didn’t need food, nor did they care about vegetation. They were the at the peak of living creatures who transcended the limits of life.

           That day was the same as any other. The Demicus Galaxy didn’t differ from other galaxies in size or resources, but it differed in level. Any one who enters it without a sufficient level of power dies, and that that moment, an angel was flying at high speed trying to escape from the Demicus Plane, the core plane of the Demicus Galaxy.

         Flying behind the angel were two people: A man and a woman. They were very relaxed and had an aloof expression on their faces. The angel clenched her jaws and shouted, “You bastards, weren’t you bitter enemies!?”

         The man behind her laughed and said, “Hmm, I don’t give a fuck about your assumptions, angel, but as per our master’s order, you will stay here until we say otherwise.”

        The angel suddenly felt an intense sense of danger. The duo behind her were the two primordial dragons who ruled the entire galaxy, and someone ordered them? Just who can accomplish such a feat?

     The plane and the space around the angel suddenly trembled and twisted, trapping her.

       “Ne… I was bored, so I watched this silly chase, but now… I am bored of it.” A ghastly voice rang out.

         “What?” The angel shouted involuntarily, but she couldn’t move any further as an incomparably strong gravity pulled her down. She fell without putting up any resistance. She fell into the ravine below her, and the darkness took her deep into the unfathomable depths.

       The man and the woman who saw this gulped slightly, and followed the angel without any hesitation. The angel struggled hard, but without any success. She was dragged all the way to the end of the ravine.

       With a fearful, bewildered and tearful expression, she saw the only thing in front of her. A small black puddle.

        “I am an angel who has served as the god’s messenger in this realm for more than ten million years. In the name of my lord, please spare me.” The angel begged with a weak voice.
       A hand rose from the black puddle and caught her stopping her plea in mid sentence. The next second, her body evaporated and the vapours were absorbed into the black puddle. The two rulers of the Demicus stood before the black puddle, bowing their heads.

      “Hahaha…” The ghastly voice rang out as soon as he absorbed the angel. The voice further went cold as he said, “You two little kids, listen carefully. Sooner or later, both or you will receive a certain order from your ancestors who have ascended. If you by any chance decide to follow the orders, I will personally kill your kin to the last infant.”

      The man and the woman who stood before the black puddle went pale as they heard the ghastly voice. They knew more than anyone how frighteningly powerful the person in front of them was. A billion years ago, he descended before them and with just a finger, he killed their fathers. This didn’t give rise to hatred in their hearts, but rather they began to admire him. Being primordial beasts, they didn’t have strong familial bonds, rather, they thirsted for power and thus would never bow to anyone.

         A billion years passed and now, they considered him more like a teacher. Though he sounds cruel and acts without mercy, it goes without saying that he was the only one capable of teaching them, the rulers of an entire galaxy. So, the man asked in a weak voice, “My Lord, what can our ancestors possibly ask us? They have already ascended, and are far more powerful than us.”

           The single hand, which was the only thing they had ever seen of their lord, suddenly dissolved as it disappeared into the black puddle. Next, the black puddle began to shrink as the black liquid in it vaporised right in front of them.

             From the black fog, which rose like a unfathomable substance, a vague human figure responded while licking his own face, “Hehe… Don’t worry, it won’t be limited to only you. Everyone in this universe will gain a new mission. Every sect under the Heavens will come together. Everyone in this universe who cultivates under the Heavens will be ordered by their respective elders, who in turn will be ordered by their ancestors to kill one person. My master.”

         The dragons shuddered as they heard this. The entire universe will march to kill one person, and that person is the boss of their own master? Being primordial beasts, their beastly instincts knew that their own master was a primordial beast, and an astonishingly powerful one at that. Such a person was willing to bow before someone? How can that be possible? A primordial beast is a creature who stands at the epitome of God beasts, and it will never bow to someone.

      The ghastly voice no longer cared about them and said, “So, baldy. How many of our brothers do you think will move, now that the time has come?”

     The man and the woman suddenly felt another presence beside them. A bald man sat on a boulder with a calm expression. They gulped as they saw him. They couldn’t even sense him until their lord pointed it out. Just when did this person arrive?

         The bald man rose from his seat, as his chest was set ablaze. A mysterious symbol was etched on his chest as the flame died down. His voice was calm as he said, “It doesn’t matter when or how one decides to make a move. As long as this symbol is present on us, we are all brothers who swore to the same master. We should prepare as well, Ghost.”

        The ghastly figure smiled eerily as it asked, “Are you ordering me as my superior, baldy? You are ranked above me after all.”

       The bald man turned his head away and said, “His majesty has never ranked us, and thus, there is no hierarchy among us.”

       The ghost laughed loudly and said, “Yes, master as a human doesn’t cares about things such as hierarchy, but he didn’t say that there shouldn’t be one at all. How about it, baldy? Will you admit that you aren’t interested in the ranking at all?”

     The bald man eyed the ghost silently for a second and said, “No comment.”

        The ghost laughed loudly and said, “I like this, you are pretty smart even though you sound rigid. I am never bored with your antics, bald demon.”

     The expressionless face finally had a small smile as it said, “I can say the same to you, Ghost.”

          The two leaders of the dragon clan stood without moving as they heard the conversation between the Ghost and the bald man. Every sentence made them more astonished. Their lord, who can kill them with a finger, was ranked below the bald man, and both of them considered a human as their king. This was inconceivable.

     The man finally couldn’t hold it as he asked, “My Lord, I may be at fault but you just said that a human is your master. How can that be? I must have heard wrong, right? Humans are among the weakest of races, they are like ants in our world. What can they do?”

        The bald man smiled lightly and answered instead, “Indeed, our King is a human. He considers himself human, and so will anyone, but kid, we, his servants who have inherited his blood, don’t think that he is one.”

        “Why? Because we know him. We know him much better than anyone else in this universe.” The ghost spoke in a cold voice and continued, “Gods, Saints, Dao Descendants, Immortal Lords, Archangels, Primordial Emperors, Lords of Heavens, Elementals… The universe had many races, many rulers, and a even more terrifying number of experts who wish to kill His Majesty.

        True, they succeeded once. Although caught off guard, he crushed them until they couldn’t recover even after a trillion years. Then after, a million times they killed him, and yet failed to scatter his soul. The terrifying thing isn’t that his soul didn’t scatter, it is that he never recovered a tenth of his power in those million lives. The Heavens doesn’t let him recover, and will do anything to stop him.

       The universe isn’t thrown into chaos by his majesty. It is done by the heavens itself. They will now issue an order; kill the defiant, the rebel, the Devil, the demon lord and any of his followers. If you succeed, you will gain the recognition of the Heavens.

          His Majesty isn’t a human nor can he be classified as any race. He is a monster. It is the only word which can describe him. He won’t die, he won’t bow, he won’t fear anything. He will rewrite any and all laws constricting him. Can any being or any race in existence oppose the Heavens? No, they can’t. Only His Majesty can and thus, he is a king who rivals Heavens.”

             True to his words, a raging fire was spreading in the universe as the Heavens declared its stand against Riddick. They passed down the order for his extermination. From Archangels, it passed on to angels. From the Dao Descendants, to their kin. From the ancestors to their sects. From the kings to their subjects. Everyone who bowed to heavens received the order, and everyone who received the order also received the symbol of the Heavens which will lead them to their target; a Star.

               Scattered sects started to reassemble. Meditating experts smiled in glee. Reigning emperors laughed in anticipation. The universe, which quietly moved like the flow of water, felt the control, the Heavens had over it after a long time. Not many had the power to oppose them, nor will any try to. Millions moved under the orders, and one among them was Krum, who inherited the will of the Heavens as well.

           Orland, who was fighting Riddick to obtain Sylvie, stopped in his tracks as a symbol of star formed on his right hand. He was shocked, but his shock deepened as his mind registered one order; kill the man in front of him at any cost.

         Orland couldn’t understand how or why would such an order came from his sect, but he knew that such a thing cannot be achieved with his sect’s power. Riddick gazed at Ornald and the star on his arm. His face only had a pondering expression as he casually said to himself, “The Star has descended and so has the will of the Heavens, but the star isn’t the only thing which will descend.”

         The bald man, The Ghost, Roger and June. Four people smiled as they felt a tinge from the blood mark on their bodies. They were connected with each other by the blood flowing in their veins. They felt the hostility of the universe, but at the same time, a hundred souls arose from their slumber to face a trillion who will try to oppose their lord.

        Riddick stood before Ornald, facing him as the change began to spread throughout the universe. This kind of change was like a chain reaction. In a second, it spread into various galaxies, In a minute, it spread throughout the higher planes, and within an hour, any sect with a decent ancestor knew about Riddick. They didn’t know about his face nor did they know his identity. They didn’t understand the reason for such an order, nor did they know the depths of the issue. All they knew about was that they should kill a certain individual if he appears before them.

      Riddick knew this and was prepared for it. The Ghost knew this and was prepared for it. Void knew this and was prepared for it, but unknown to them, someone stood among them smiled coldly, he gazed at his right wrist where a star mark was glowing. His face drifted to his left shoulder, where the blood mark was burning. His face twisted as he muttered, “A billion years can change someone, My King.”
        They say that the worst enemy isn’t the one with most power. It is the one unknown to us.


18 thoughts on “Book 5 – Chapter 13 The Star manifests

  1. Thanks for the surprise :D. Just got epilogue idea – Dao defeated, Multiverse shattered, Riddick dead. Just Void, and the billion sentence: “Let’s start anew.” 😀


  2. Someone betrayed him?! How unexpected and horrible. I’m guessing this will make things a million times more difficult than it would have been otherwise


  3. i think even if someone betrayed him and now it will be more difficult because he dont even know about that, but i think now he gaind new allies like Sylvie,Caesar and sebastian even if now they look weak and cant really do anything but when Riddick gorw in power they will grow with him and i am sure Riddick will make sure of that.


  4. Plot hole if beasts don’t have strong family bonds then why is the grandfather of Sebastian care for Sebastian so much?

    Also if he lives for billions of years shouldn’t he not care for his new parents I mean 15 years or a few trillion. I am pretty sure that he would stop giving a s**t about them.

    Also if he only has “really low” cultivation then how is he able to summon his most powerful weapon.

    Why does he go overboard with his fighting and starts having “deep” speeches with enemies that will die as soon as he finishes?

    If he is so powerful then why has he failed so many times? I mean 330 million years worth of tries, yet all of them fail and he still doesn’t learn.


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