Book 5 – Chapter 14 Ideal Decoy

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Ideal Decoy:

             The darkness seeped slowly as the light faded away. The dark city stood silently as it witnessed the most terrible disaster of the Asgard continent. Meanwhile, Riddick stood facing Ornald, deep in thought. His face was calm, but he still tightly grasped Elaine.

     The Star manifesting on Ornald’s hand was a sign that the Heavens were moving much faster than Riddick anticipated, and this disturbed his plans. Initially he thought that a lot of time would pass before they could find him, and thus he was aiming to silently strengthen himself. Yet, now the situation had changed. Mainly because Ornald was here, and his disappearance would eventually lead his sect and then others back to Asgard.

        Riddick sighed inside, as he used his spiritual energy to inspect his dantian. In the dantian, white coloured Void Energy was rotating at moderate speed, but Riddick wasn’t concerned about its quantity. He was concerned about it’s replenishment. One of the major setbacks of his cultivation was the lack of Void Energy in nature. This limited the amount of energy he could use, and in turn limited his battle prowess.

          Ornald was careful enough to silently observe Riddick without interrupting him, mainly because he himself was deep in thought about the Star Mark which manifested on his arm. He wasn’t sure what it was, but it was subtly probing him in the direction of Riddick as if asking him to eliminate him.

           Ornald had enough experience from the previous encounter to know that Riddick wasn’t as simple or foolish as he appeared to be. His voice, his rage and even his words were said for a purpose. The previous fight, when seen from the eyes of a third person, may appear to be a fight to the death, but Ornald had a very different opinion.

           At first he himself thought that he was winning, then he became aware that he was fighting a dangerous foe, but now he was wondering why he was even alive. He himself knew the answer, and this terrified him further. Riddick appeared like a savage, and used brute force because he wanted to test his own power. Simply put, Riddick was toying with him all this time.

         With a loud sigh, Riddick finally lifted his left hand and pointed his left index finger towards Ornald and said, “Seed.”

        A small white ball flew like a bullet and struck Ornald before he could do anything. His face was first stunned, and then became pale as he coughed up blood. Ornald’s face was filled with anxiety and confusion because he wasn’t sure what happened.

           Riddick walked slowly towards Ornald, while muttering to himself in a low voice, “It hasn’t been a month since my resurrection and the news has already spread to the core of the universe. An angel should be here in this galaxy, and that too should be within the reaches of classified information. This is becoming troublesome.

          Originally I would have liked to slowly train until the time was ripe, but now that the cat is out the bag, I have to speed up my plans. Che… I can’t stay in this plane for long, or else people like this guy will flood in and that would only expose my weak points.”

      Ornald, who saw that Riddick wasn’t paying any attention to him, was angered to the core. Ornald was someone who had inherited the bloodline of Primordial beasts, and thus was always held in high regard. Yet, Riddick wasn’t even paying attention to him when he was still conscious and had control over his body. This infuriated Ornald.

           Riddick lifted his head and gazed at Ornald. His eyes narrowed as he gauged his strength. With a low voice he said, “Deva realm, 4th level. Strong physical body and a divine ability. Low level Primordial beast bloodline. Not preferred, but you will do the trick.”

      Ornald finally roared loudly, “What the fuck are you talking, you bastard?”

         Riddick waved his left hand and Elaine, who was like a short sword, rose into the air and hovered there. “Go” Riddick signalled lightly.


         A crimson blur flashed, and in the next instant Ornald coughed up more blood. His face was pale as he saw his own chest. A blood red spike was piercing out of his chest, directly stabbing through his heart. Ornald let out a fierce roar as he tried to push her back, but the next instant his body started to convulse as Elaine melted away, mixing with his own blood.

      Ornald understood the situation, and knew that Riddick could now kill him with just a word, and yet Riddick wasn’t even paying attention to him, and was surveying the terrain.

        “You fucker! Just what do you want from me!? What are you doing to me!?” Ornald roared with difficulty.

       Riddick finally selected a distant mountain peak, and flew towards it carrying Ornald. By now Ornald had completely lost control over his body, and was only able to shout.

        “This isn’t good, but I can’t be choosy now.” Riddick sighed lightly and lifted his hand.
         Riddick put down Ornald and sat before him. His hand suddenly shot towards Ornald head and caught it in its grasp. “Grow” Riddick muttered slowly.

         A faint glow transmitted from Riddick’s hand, and it resonated with the white seed within Ornald’s body. The seed began to sprout roots inside his chest, which began to head towards his dantian. Though Riddick couldn’t absorb any more Void Energy, for it was non-existent in nature, that didn’t mean that he was at his wit’s end. A trillion years teaches you the trick to deceive even Gods. Even if there are unlimited barriers to prevent his growth, there ought to be a few loose ends where he can take advantage of his constitution.

         Time passed by, and slowly the roots which infiltrated the dantian covered the entirety of it. Riddick then began to focus on the seed, which now began to sprout tender leaves. The tender leaves slowly grew like a young plant, and soon the entire body was covered with leaves.

       Riddick slowly opened his eyes, as he saw the now unconscious Ornald. He then focused his power on his head again, but this time the entire process repeated in the sea of consciousness. Ornald had already lost consciousness at some point of time due to the severe pain of the procedure. Riddick’s seed not only infiltrated the dantian and the sea of consciousness, but also the soul world.

        The soul world is definitely the most mysterious place of his body, but Riddick wasn’t concerned about his mysteries as he wasn’t aiming to understand them.

                  Riddick had once done this procedure, but at that time he didn’t know how it should be performed, so Void guided him through the magic formulas. Normally it was a spell that would automatically control a person by simply inducing a seed inside their consciousness, making them believe that Riddick was their master, but now Riddick wasn’t aiming for that.

         Riddick introduced a seed of Void Energy into Ornald’s body and completely grew it. The seed is a non-existent source of energy, and thus can never be detected by anyone, while the roots and the leaves are the same. Even Ornald wouldn’t find anything wrong with himself. He can’t find a single speck of Void Energy within his body, and of course nobody else can find it either, but the star mark could.

         Riddick slowly rose from the ground and withdrew Elaine from Ornald’s body. Riddick had only interfered with a single memory, and that was concerning his own identity. Ornald wouldn’t remember who Riddick was, or why he was fighting him. He would only remember that he was almost killed fighting him.

         Several hours passed, and Ornald slowly recovered consciousness. He was first disoriented, then he saw his own injuries and came to the conclusion that he was saved by Riddick’s carelessness, who didn’t check whether he died or not before leaving.

        His pride as a warrior was hurt, but he was also thankful that he didn’t die. Dragging his tired body, he slowly flew towards the ends of the chaotic sea where the teleportation portal was located.

          Riddick was flying away from Asgard as Ornald returned back to the Deva realm. Riddick remembered the star mark, and then smiled lightly. The seed wasn’t planted to control Ornald, nor was it planted to absorb him. It was planted as a precautionary measure.

       The Star didn’t have actually have the  ability to Identify Riddick. It only had the ability to identify an energy of unusual nature, the Void Energy. Riddick had complete control over his own emission, and thus would never emit the Void Energy unless absolutely necessary.

       However, now Ornald would become a decoy in case he ever used the Void Energy. Void Energy was the original source of all energies, and thus when the elemental essences are purified and combined, it will result in Void Energy. No Immortal is capable of this feat, for they haven’t trained in the Dao of Void. However, the seed was a fragment which was instilled with the Dao of the Void, and thus was capable of cultivation.

       Riddick had personally cultivated it by supplying the energy from his own body until it matured into a tree. Now, it will bloom flowers.

        The ideal decoy would be one who can easily travel between various galaxies, and this was far harder to catch, so Riddick didn’t have any choice but to choose a temporary substitute. Ornald wouldn’t be aware of the tree inside him, nor would he be aware of the small tiny flowers on his skin’s surface. These flowers are like pods. Occasionally when a huge power is emitted near Ornald, they would open up to gobble the energy of the surroundings, and in turn would release the Void Energy into the air in the form of their pollen.

      None can sense these pollen, and none can track them back to Ornald, but the Heaven’s mark would sense them. Even if it can sense it, it can’t pinpoint it back to Ornald as he doesn’t actually have Void Energy. The pollen, which is the first original source, is dispersed in the air. However, if by any chance they track it back to Ornald, it would be nothing but a false signal as Ornald is only a common cultivator.

      This was a decoy. Riddick set up a decoy which will soon throw the Deva realm into chaos, but amidst the chaos, he will instead find peace. The Heavens have no way of knowing his Identity unless it can sense Void Energy, and Riddick had just set up a trap which will make a fool out of everyone, while he himself can proceed with his plans.

        Riddick flew away with a smile, but he knew inside that Ornald was just a toy he can use to prolong the inevitable situation, but can’t stop the inevitable from happening. His face held a mysterious smile as he thought aloud, “Kids, if you can try to trap me with these tricks, then I have my own ways to trip you into the hole you dug for me.”

           Riddick’s thoughts were slowly becoming a reality in the deva realm, but even he wasn’t aware that on the other side of the world, his everything was at stake as Arthur stood in the air facing a man wearing a violet robe, Priam.


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