Book 5 – Chapter 15 Most Vulnerable

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Most Vulnerable:

    Yaksha realm, Baja continent, Isle Morta.

             A silver haired women sat behind a chair facing a dozen men wearing similar clothes bearing the mark of a man eating tiger on their backs. Many would live their lives without gazing at the symbol of the tiger, but almost everyone who faced them head-on would be obliterated, for they were the elite Kinkara lords serving directly under Krum, the sovereign of the Baja continent.

         Kinkara lord is a status symbol given to the most powerful of Yakshas. The minimum requirement to be a Kinkara lord was that you should have stepped into the realm of Dao – reforming. A Dao you have gained insight into will indeed increase your battle prowess, but the Dao by itself is like an inflexible sword. The strongest sword isn’t the hardest, nor is it the sharpest, but it is the most flexible of all. Thus, a Yaksha who has stepped into the realm of Dao – reforming has successfully reformed his own Dao into a shape fit for him.

         Silver, who wore a robe covered in gold flower patterns, looked at the Kinkara lords in front of her. The five continents of the Yaksha realm ruled by the five sovereigns shared a treaty that they were not to disrupt the peace of the deva realm, but Silver wasn’t a fool to follow these orders when her prey, her master’s prey, was alive somewhere within her grasp.

          It would be huge problem if a Sovereign broke the rule himself, but nothing major would happen if a bunch of Kinkara lords broke the treaty. At most they would be executed, so Silver decided to use a dozen of her most trustful servants to immediately trap her prey before he can possibly resist.

       Silver rose from her seat and waved her hand. Immediately, a dozen flasks filled with silver fluid fell into the Kinkara lord’s hands. With a cold voice she said, “That is my blood. Filled with the might of the Heavens, it is the strongest seal which can seal the Void Energy. But, the amount I can procure is limited, for I am the only angel who has descended into this plane.

         However, I still managed to squeeze as much blood as I could. In total, the dozen flasks have a little above two litres of my blood, so each should get about a hundred millilitres. Treasure it, but do not be too moderate as well. Though the effect will be reduced, you can dilute it and give it to anyone. The faster you capture the fiend, the better your rewards will be.

     Head to the Deva realm, and be careful. Do not fall into the hands of other sovereigns, and do not fight amongst yourselves. Each of you will be responsible for one plane, and the three strongest lords among you will be able to roam freely between the planes. Now, leave immediately and send at least three diluted drops to any sect with moderate strength, understood?” Silver asked in a cold voice.

        The Kinkara lords each were thoroughly trained by Silver, and thus were aware of her identity. They each stood on their feet and bowed deeply before flying away at high speed. Silver, who was standing with dignity, suddenly staggered back, but Krum caught her before she fell. His eyes were filled with determination as well as he said, “Endure, Silver, endure. We are within the reaches of our prey. We will catch him at any cost.”

       Silver laughed inside, as she knew that she required no such words of encouragement. This was the third batch she dispatched since she found that Riddick had resurrected. Her blood, though the effect would be infinitesimally small when used in diluted quantities, will still produce the same effect through which she would be able to identify Riddick’s location.

     The angels serving under the Heavens are the war mammoths created to protect the heavens from evil. Evil is proclaimed as something which opposes the Dao of the universe. Who in the universe can be a greater evil than Riddick, who doesn’t follow the Dao at all? Their bodies blessed by the archangels, who in turn directly possess the Seals which can seal the evil, are the most powerful weapons the Heavens has managed to create to confine and destroy Riddick.

           Down in the Deva realm, twelve more Yakshas set foot carrying the deadliest of poisons which can work against Riddick, while twenty four had already seeped their roots into the depths of the sects and various organisations, patiently waiting for the day Riddick would inevitably arrive. However, they weren’t fools, nor were they dolls dancing in Silver’s hand. Each, unknown to others, sent people of their own into hundreds of material realms carrying the diluted blood, trying their luck. None can master fate, for it is unpredictable, thus they were willing to test their luck.

Welkin Castle, Royal Dining Room:

             Arthur sat laughing loudly as he conversed with Riddick’s parents. A week ago, Kain showed up leading them to the Welkin Castle as per Kennedy’s orders. Arthur was first surprised, but then he was delighted. Riddick’s family was his own family, as he considered Riddick as his own grandson.

        Being very open and very fond of kids, he was instantly delighted to converse with Gates and James. Sebastian, who was with the Elsevier family before, was even more delighted to receive them.

           Thenadier and others were aware of Arthur’s status, as well as the difference in power level between them. He knew that he was like a pebble in front of Arthur, who was like a cloud piercing mountain, yet he was delighted and almost overwhelmed inside when Arthur treated him with utmost respect.

     He couldn’t help but admire his own son, as he managed to acquire such a powerful supporter… He didn’t know where his son was, but he was no longer worried. The years he lived as an emperor were short, but he didn’t crave power anymore. Seeing Arthur, he understood that  true power laid within oneself. Thus, after a long time, he was once again determined to train and improve his strength.

         Time passed by slowly, as Thenadier and Catherine, along with James and Gates, roamed the enormous Welkin Castle. Welkins are the emperors of the sky, and being the guests of their master, each and everyone was very respectful towards them to the point that Thenadier was moved to his core.

         That day, Arthur was dining with everyone. He was happy seeing the completely filled seats. For years, he longed to have a family. He was old, and had once experienced many things, but he was never able to forgive himself. His son died when he was elsewhere, leaving Sebastian to him. Arthur was hell bent on killing his bitter enemy but he stopped himself as he knew that he had to raise Sebastian before he could do anything.

       Time passed and the rage inside him subsided. Now, as long as he could peacefully spend his days seeing this family, his two grandsons and their own families grow before his eyes, Arthur truly felt that he needed nothing more.

         A loud rumbling rang out, startling Arthur and Sebastian. Sebastian rose from his seat, but Arthur raised his arm stopping him. With a stern voice he said, “Sebastian, do not come out at any cost. If the situation demands, run along with them. The one outside is powerful, much more powerful than me. Remember, you are a son of the Welkin bloodline, and you will act as one. Family comes before anything, and they have been our family since the day Riddick called me his grandpa.”

       Sebastian’s eyes narrowed, but he gripped his fist tightly as he nodded his head. He knew what he had to do in case the things didn’t go well, and he would do it. Like Arthur said, he was a man of the Welkin bloodline, and he will protect his loved ones at any cost.

     Arthur, who saw Sebastian, nodded slightly to Thenadier and disappeared from the hall, leaving a tense Sebastian and pale servants. Thenadier, who heard every word, had no hint of fear within his eyes, all he held was concern.

        Arthur, who appeared before Priam, bowed slightly as if expressing his respect to an elder generation and asked with a clear respectful voice, “Sir, I am Arthur Welkin and am a member of the Silicon Sect of First Deva realm. Would you please state your reason to grace us with your presence?”

       Priam, who saw Arthur, nodded his head in appreciation. He was pleased with Arthur’s respectful attitude. He, Priam, wasn’t someone who would go killing people indiscriminately, but if someone acts disrespectfully, then he would show no mercy either. Unlike Ronald Taurus, Arthur clearly knew his own status was far inferior, and thus was clever enough to be respectful to him.

        Priam nodded his head and asked in a calm voice, “Arthur of the Silicon Sect, I, Priam, am searching for a man named Riddick and his God beast named Sylvie. I would be grateful to you, if you can point me to his location. I have tracked his origins back to the Sky continent, but am unable to track his exact origin.”

          Arthur, who was calm as ever, knew that the worst had come. He was still calm as he answered, “I, Arthur, give Lord Priam my word that I neither shelter the two you mentioned, nor do I know their location.”

         Priam nodded his head and Arthur sighed in relief. He was tense that Priam may not believe his word, but seeing Priam calmly nod his head removed his worries.

       Priam who saw Arthur glanced back at the Welkin Castle and a spark passed through his eyes. However, he still asked in a calm voice, “Indeed, that man isn’t here as you say, Arthur, but would you care tell me why I can smell similar scents, which may be closely related to that Riddick, from your residence?”

     Arthur’s face froze, as he remembered the smiling faces of Elsevier family. He suddenly roared spiritually in Sebastian’s mind, “Fleeeeeeeeeeeee!”

                Priam’s calmness finally disappeared, as a savage smile lit his face. With a cold voice he roared, “You are dreaming! None of you will take a step out of here!”

     Above the Chaotic sea separating the Asgard and the Sky continent.

            Riddick was flying at moderate speed, his face was calm, but he wasn’t so calm inside. He was beginning to get anxious as he observed his dantian. Void Energy, which was once like a rich congregating hurricane, was beginning to dry up.

             Void, who noticed Riddick’s mood, said in a calm voice, “The energy reserves will soon be used up, Riddick. This time, you have awakened even before you stepped into deva realm, thus you are at a severe disadvantage. I can understand your anger before when dealing with Li, but you should have at least conserved some energy when fighting Ornald. This way you will be at your enemies mercy if something unexpected happens.”

         Riddick’s face didn’t change as he responded in a calm voice, “The majority of the energy was utilised to catalyse the seed in Ornald’s body. I could have left it to grow, but I can’t take a risk. My family and my friends reside in this plane, and any kind of laid back attitude on my part may eventually lead to uncorrectable consequences. Thus, I had to do it.

         Oh well! Though I have a limited amount of Void Energy at my disposal, I can at least take care of another Ornald. I don’t think this plane has anyone capable of pushing me into dire straits now. Even if there are, they have no reason to come looking for me. I will keep a low profile, and stay with Grandpa Arthur and my family until I recover my energy.”

       Void sighed as he heard Riddick. He knew that Riddick was right. He had to use the seed, and thus was at a loss now. Their major problem, which impended them since eons unknown, was this lack of Void Energy. All he could now wish was that nothing unexpected happened when they were most vulnerable.


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    • Unfortunately, that can’t be avoided. If I answer everything then what is the point in me, writing this book. No one will come to read the next chapters.

      I don’t care much about money and stuff but I will be very unhappy and depressed if they aren’t anyone who want to read my book. So I am doing everything I can to make this as interesting as I can. Don’t worry, by the time I finish the book I will answer every question I ever raised. Just like how I answered the question about Riddick’s identity and the various other reasons after I made you wonder for four whole books.


  1. I’m not trying to be mean or anything, but I don’t get the whole thing with Priam. It’s never explained how he knows about Riddick or his divine beast.

    It kinda feels like he was thrown in there to try to create drama with no real explanation behind it.


    • I actually wrote half a chapter about that but finally I decided to remove the part as it is too conventional and people already know the end result. Hmm, I will try to explain it if I can in the next chapter.

      Also, don’t worry about complaining. I like complaints as they give me confidence that people are reading my work. Else, I get super depressed.

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  2. damn when i Red the part about arthur sitting when reddick family it was like a slap in my face cuz of the question i gave in the last chapter about them :D, oh and Priam is the guy that was bowing to the picture of his master no ?


    • No. I honestly do not have a stack of completed chapters. I release as I write, my editors are gods as they do not complain at all. So sorry, I have fulfilled my promise of two chapters this week and thus you have to wait.


    • I want to but people aren’t happy that I would be working on something else ( They think that I may sideline Riddick ) so I put my interests aside. As I always say, if you, readers, the masters of my universe aren’t happy then there is no point in me doing anything.

      Unless you want I wouldn’t do anything and if you want I will do everything.

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  3. I think I know why he could never get back to his original power….. He Is a idiot.
    If anyone wants me to explain why he is a idiot I will tell you.


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