Book 5 – Chapter 16 Charlotte Heimlich Venus

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I was distracted all week. Well you will know why in the next week. This chapter was fun to write and Oolala…. Hope you enjoy it.

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Charlotte Heimlich Venus :

Arthur’s divine energy rushed out as he exploded into a dash.

“Space cube”

A silent whisper reached his ear and everything within the radius of a kilometre turned into stillness. Priam was the only one who could actively move, everyone else was trapped in a low magnitude space magic that slowed down the flow of time within it.

Arthur lips moved as he shouted loudly, “Please don’t kill them. They have nothing to do with this. Even if you have enmity towards Riddick, they are his family and are mere mortals. Please… Lord Priam.” He tried to convince him as much as he could.  But he could only watch as Priam waved his hand. Space trembled, and the Welkin castle turned into dust in an instant.

Like dolls connected by strings, Elsevier’s family flew through space and arrived before Priam followed by Sebastian. Priam still had a cold expression on his face but his coldness slightly lessened as he saw mortals before him.

“That depends on your answers. Please answer my questions carefully and truthfully. Your answers will decide your fate.” Priam said directing his attention towards Thenadier.

Out of every man involved in this, Thenadier had the least amount of strength. He may be petty little man in terms of power but he wasn’t a small man in terms of courage. Faced with such monstrous power, he still kept his calm and said, “I will.”

“How is Sylvie related to your Riddick who I presume is your son?” Priam asked in a cold voice.

“Sylvie is my son’s God beast and in a way she is my daughter.” Thenadier said in a confident voice.

Priam eyes narrowed dangerously as he listened to this but he still continued on with his cold attitude and asked, “Why would you treat a God beast as your daughter? Isn’t she your son’s slave?”

Thenadier looked straight into Priam’s eyes and said in a loud voice, “Sylvie isn’t a slave we brought in a market. My son found her when she was an egg and raised her from day one. She may have matured now that she is a beginner disciple but in our heart, she is still a ten year old girl. Don’t you dare call her a slave. She is my son’s God beast and more of a his friend than a slave.”

Priam eyes visibly softened as he heard Thenadier. He then asked in a calm voice, “Where is your son?”

Thenadier smiled lightly and said, “I don’t know.”

Priam saw truth in his eyes and turned  towards Arthur. With a cold voice he asked, “What about you?”

Arthur too shook his head. Priam eyes narrowed for a second and then he spread his spiritual energy as far as he could stretch. With a loud sigh he was about to give up but then he thought about something.

Priam knew about Riddick and Sylvie from the very beginning. How could be miss them when he was using the Deva palace strongest force, a black badge to search for them and they just happened to cause the biggest commotion in the Deva palace’s history but what Priam found to be unbelievable was that he was unable to pinpoint them.

That was originally impossible. He knew their scent, their energy signature and yet, he was unable to find them. Priam always thought that something was wrong. Unless they disappeared from the plane itself or died, they wouldn’t be able to escape his senses.

Now Priam thought about a different possibility. In some way, Riddick was able to change his energy sign and for some other reason he changed Sylvie’s as well. Then, there was something that didn’t change in all this, didn’t it? Arthur’s energy sign.

After pinpointing Riddick, he naturally would investigate everything about him. He knew about his absurd power and also knew about the divine feather he used during his last fight in the Deva palace. Now, he can use Arthur to pinpoint Riddick, can’t he?

As soon as Priam realised this, he looked at Arthur and asked in a calm voice, “Did you give your divine tokens to Riddick, Arthur?”

Arthur was momentarily stunned but that second of hesitation gave away his secret and the next instant, he found himself turned stiff as a power invaded his body and then invoked his own divine energy.

Divine energy resonates wherever it is. This resonation is slight but for someone of Priam’s level, it is child’s play to find it.

Priam turned his head and stared into the distance. His spiritual energy spread out in a straight line and locked Riddick who was flying at high speed towards Sky continent.

Riddick’s eyes lit up as he sensed a spiritual energy locking on him. His own spiritual energy flowed like a tsunami and enveloped the entire Sky continent. Priam was momentarily stunned by this counter attack but the next instant, he smile as he saw Riddick’s face. The calm expression from before was nowhere to be found on Riddick’s face, instead it was replaced with fury.

“He is coming.” Priam mumbled.

The space around Riddick trembled as Void energy exploded out. Ripples spread in the space as he dashed out at an extreme speed. Half a million kilometres passed away in a blur with in an hour.

Priam was stunned inside but he wasn’t too started. Even if the power displayed by Riddick far surpassed his estimation. It wasn’t at a level where he would be suppressed by it. The space around his slightly shifted as the spatial freeze condensed until it was now only a hundred metres around him.

Priam face lit up as he witnessed Riddick almost in front of him. However, he had a smile on his face. The spatial cube around him would freeze him before he can come any where near him.

Riddick approached Priam at high speed but upon approaching him he found the unusual spatial fluctuations in the space. A sneer formed on his lips inwardly but he kept his calm. Just as he was about to touch the cube, he extended his palm and touched the cube as if it was a existent physical object.

Priam was stunned again, his spatial cube wasn’t something that can be found easily by even his rivalling power but a mere peak disciple in front of him did it. He had such strength and yet was in peak disciple stage. Priam was beginning to think, how is that possible? With a cold voice he asked, “What are you?”

Riddick locked his eyes with Priam’s and asked in a colder voice, “Who are you?”

Silence saturated the place as Riddick maintained his silence and Priam refused to give up first. However at last, he asked in a much colder voice, “Where is your God beast Sylvie? If you did something to her.. I will kill everything here without an exception.”

Riddick eyes narrowed as he glanced at Priam and then he asked in a cold voice, “Do you know anyone by the name of Ornald?”

Cold light flickered in Priam’s eyes and a snarl began to form in his throat. Canines appeared as he lifted his lips. He snarled as he said, “Is he here? Where?”

Riddick eyes narrowed however, he saw the cruelty in Priam’s eyes and sighed inside. He had seen enough to see that Priam held no malicious intentions towards Sylvie. So he waved his hand and Sylvie appeared outside along with Caesar.

Priam’s eyes which were filled with rage froze as he saw Sylvie in front of him. He lost control of his heart so much that the spatial cube around him collapsed. With hesitancy he strode forward until he reached Sylvie.

Sylvie stood there looking back at Priam. She couldn’t take her eyes off as she could see concern in Priam’s eyes. She never met him but she could feel that he knew her a lot well than she knew herself.

Priam’s steps halted before Sylvie before he bent down on his knees. Then he lifted Sylvie’s leg gently and put it on his head. This was his way of showing his status. He was someone beneath her foot, he will do anything for her and his everything belongs to her. He was her slave and she was his master.

Bending down, he said in a weak voice, “How long have I waited to see you my lady? You have grown so much in my absence. I can’t even imagine the dangers you faced these past years? I can’t imagine how much you suffered in my absence? I am your slave, I am the one who was responsible for your mother’s, my master’s death. I am a weak man who couldn’t kill himself for his terrible wrongs. My lady, my master, my everything belongs to you including my life. Please punish me for my sins.”

Sylvie stood there mutely for a second before she bent down and lifted Priam. With a concerned voice she said, “Sir, you must be mistaken. I don’t know who you are. I am just a normal girl. Riddick is my master and he has raised me since I was a little girl. I don’t know…..”

Priam stood up listening to her. He then turned towards Sylvie and said, “My lady, your name is Charlotte Heimlich Venus. The daughter of my master, Paulina Heimlich Venus. The sole heir of Venus family, my master and the Empress of the Heimlich empire of the sixth Deva realm.

You have always been the empress. Never think that you are an orphan. Your mother cared for you dearly but she wasn’t in a position to hatch you herself. She died protecting you and I, her servant couldn’t protect her.

I swore to gods that I will find the one responsible for her death and peel his skin alive but before that I have to fulfill the last order of my master. I have to raise you until you can inherit her legacy. I have to raise you until you can stand as one of the six Sovereign of the the plane. That was the last order my master gave me, my lady and now after twenty years I finally found you.”

Sylvie face was filled with shock and so were everyone who heard this. Sixth Deva plane, empress, sovereign everything Priam said was awe inspiring to them. The only one who stood calmly was Riddick. None could see his inner thoughts, none could.

Priam bent down until he was bowing as deeply as he can and asked in an extremely respectful voice, “My master, Charlotte Heimlich Venus, The mighty Empress of the Heimlich empire and the family head of the Venus family. I ask you, please come back to us. I, Priam now swear upon heavens that I will protect you with my life and will follow your every word until I breathe my last.”

Sylvie’s mind was filled with raging thoughts as she heard about her family, her mother and her everything. Who wouldn’t think about her parents, everyone would. She did too from time to time but now that she was faced with a choice she couldn’t help but turn towards the one person who was everything to her, her family, her friend, her master and the man she loved, Riddick.

Riddick looked at her and she looked at Riddick. Priam looked at Sylvie and then at Riddick. He then clenched his jaw and said, “Riddick, I feel immensely grateful that you have taken care of Sylvie until now but the Empress of the Venus family cannot be a slave. I ask you, no, I implore you, please release the soul binding on her.” Priam’s face was calm but Riddick could see the threat behind that. Priam would do anything to release Sylvie from bondage.


11 thoughts on “Book 5 – Chapter 16 Charlotte Heimlich Venus

  1. I hope Sylvie choose Riddick over being an empress but at the same time if she choose to be the empress she could help Riddick even more……

    Now i can’t wait for the next chapter 😀

    Thanks for the chapter btw


  2. His void energy was running empty, how is he going to get more when there is none? His enemies seems to be growing and his allies are either going away or shifting sides. Nothing looks good for him right now. Let’s hope for some positive developments. 🙂


    • Welcome to reddycreations vsananthu. I got inspired from Genghis khan the Great film. There the follower/protector of Genghis khan does this. It’s an old film, probably eighties.


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