Book 5 – Chapter 17 Decisions of the Past and the Present

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Decisions of the past and present :

“Please, Riddick. Release the soul binding on my master.” Priam repeated his request.

Riddick’s face didn’t change, nor did his expression. He still looked at Sylvie who was stunned by this sudden request. Her eyes turned frantic as she said, “No, I…”

“I am sorry, Your Highness, but I can’t follow your words as far as this matter is concerned. Riddick will remove the soul binding on you today, I will make sure he of it and will do whatever it takes to make it happen.” Priam interrupted Sylvie before she could voice her opinion.

Riddick turned his head and gazed at Priam. With a cold voice he said, “After all that demonstration of your exaggerated extreme sincerity, you aren’t even allowing your own master to voice her opinion.” A red glint appeared in his eyes as he said, “Are you really who you say you are, Priam?”

Priam felt a piercing aura lock onto him. Those crimson eyes weren’t like anything he has ever seen before. He knew that he can still crush Riddick with his strength, but defeat isn’t always physical. Even if he was superior in strength, it didn’t mean that he would win in the war of words. Those words pierced his heart like a spear, as he understood the hidden meaning behind them.

Priam’s eyes however didn’t show the least hint of his inner turmoil. He still stared straight at Riddick and said in a cold tone, “No matter what, the empress of the Venus Family can not be a slave to a man. It is one thing for her to be a your woman, but it is entirely another thing if she can be bent against her will to be your doll.

You are dangerous. That power, those eyes, that aura… none of them belong to a mere peak disciple. Somehow I feel that you would become even more dangerous with time, and I can’t let you drag her highness into it.

Riddick, don’t force my hand Riddick. Do it now else…”

“Answer a question of mine, Priam. I will decide based on your answer.” Riddick’s calm voice interrupted Priam.

Priam’s eyes clearly held anger buried underneath, but he was trying to be as respectful as he can towards Riddick who was essentially the one who took care of Sylvie in his absence. Truthfully, he envied Riddick and his position. No matter what he does now, he knew that he will never be able to erase Riddick from Sylvie’s heart, so he had to do all he can to at least erase the contract between their souls.

The current bond between them is very blissful, but with time it may eventually become a burden to Sylvie who may grow out of her will to be a slave. By then, it may be too late to act and thus, he was willing to be the bad guy now for the sake of his master’s future.

Riddick eyes became exceedingly cold as he stared right into Priam’s and asked in a extremely cold voice, “You are someone who wasn’t able to protect Sylvie’s mother before, there is no saying you won’t fail again. Tell me, why should I trust a loser like you with her safety, Priam?”

Those heart crushing words wrenched Priam’s mind like a twister. The words he always kept hidden within his inner consciousness burst open as Riddick plied away the barrier. This was what he feared the most; he failed once, he may fail again. What would happen to him if Sylvie didn’t trust him anymore?

Riddick twisted his neck and continued in a colder tone, “At the time of her death, Sylvie’s mother Paulina should be someone who is at least on the same level as you, right? If even she died, how can you guarantee Sylvie’s safety when she isn’t even a deva?

I have been itching to ask about something for a while. You continuously said that Paulina died because of you, what do you mean by that, Priam? Did you kill her? What happened to the Venus Family? What is happening in the sixth Deva plane? Tell me everything you hid behind your words, Priam?”

Riddick’s eyes radiated an intense killing intent as he said, “Regardless of your answer, I will tell you one thing, Priam, so listen carefully. You aren’t the only one here who wishes for Sylvie’s safety and you aren’t the only one capable of protecting her. Where were you when Ornald attacked us? Were you there ready to interfere if I lost to him? Don’t you dare order me, Priam. I am not an ordinary man, one who would fear your prowess.”

Priam’s eyes turned red but he kept silent. He hung his head down and stood still for five whole minutes. The coldness of Riddick’s words silently crushed his heart. Behind him, Thenadier, Arthur, Sebastian and the others stared with open mouths as they saw Riddick standing tall against someone who they couldn’t even talk to.

Five years. Only five years passed since Riddick left his home. Only Five years passed and he was contending against the second strongest person he had ever seen. Arthur stared in mute silence. He remembered back to a figure who once said that it would happen, he remembered back to the time when Vera came to him and ordered to protect his future king. At that time he wasn’t completely convinced, but now he understood the difference between them. It was larger than heaven and earth. Riddick was in a completely different league from him, and he achieved all that in just five years.

If this was his power level after five years, then what would happen in fifty? Where would he be in five hundred years? Arthur began to tremble in excitement even in that situation.

Priam finally lifted his head and said in a sad voice, “My master, Paulina Heimlich Venus was one of the six sovereigns of the sixth Deva plane. As you know, for each higher level of Deva plane there would be one additional sovereign. The first has one sovereign while the ninth has nine sovereigns.

Everything was fine until six hundred years ago. My master was a very powerful God beast, with a dense lineage of Primordial blood. She had a powerful divine ability and ruled over the empire with absolute strength. Everything should have been fine and everything would have been, but everything changed on that fateful day she went into seclusion.

No one knew what happened, and no one knew where she was. Not even me. She only left a single message that she would be back soon, and no one should search for her. There was no time specified. At first everyone, including me, thought that she just went to finish some work so we kept quiet. An empire without an Empress on the throne attracts the rats who try to snatch it. So, I protected the empire from any and all in her absence.

Five hundred years passed and yet she didn’t return, nor did she even send a single message to us. People began to speculate; some said she was dead, some said that she deserted us, and some even thought that she was held captive by some power.

I was frantic. Unlike others, I lived all my life with her. For millions of years I served her, and knowing that she may be in danger, I began to search for her despite her order to stay away. Fifty years later, I found her in a forest of fourth Deva plane coiled around a gigantic tree with my strong innate ability to detect scent. She looked so fragile, so weak that I thought that she would die that very instant.

I cried seeing her being so weak and so vulnerable. She opened her eyes and said that I was a bad kid who didn’t follow her orders. That instant I understood why she was so fragile. She was pregnant, with you, my lady. The more powerful a God beast is, the more difficult it is get pregnant. I don’t know who your father is, my master said that it isn’t important. She only said that she had been pregnant the whole time.

Five hundred years of pregnancy, she was reduced to such a weakened state. No God beast has to go through such dangerous perils to deliver a child. However, she did and the only thing I understood that time was that your father was an extraordinary man. My master was a proud woman, she was a Sovereign. Incorruptible and unyielding and yet, she yielded to a man and bore his child. This alone proved many things.

But I was foolish. I thought that I took every precaution possible. I never thought that I would be so foolish enough to lead the enemies to the forest. That was my sin. My master clearly ordered me to stay away and if only I had followed her orders, she would have been alive now. That day she died, but I wasn’t there. The enemies were strong, but they were just small fries. I don’t know who their leader was, but your mother knew so she still delivered you and transported both of us to another plane.

People followed behind us, and I had to give you to a trusted servant of mine, who in turn gave you to his own servant. Gerald, who was given the egg, died, and his life jade inside Venus palace was shattered. We had no clue where Gerald led you and we had no proof that you were alive. For twenty years l kneeled before your mother, and for twenty years I repented the sin I made on that day.

This is what happened on that day. I know I am ineligible for asking forgiveness. I killed her, I killed my own master, I took away the family you were entitled to have, from you. I don’t have any excuses, no, I am not eligible to make one. Please punish me however you like my lady, I will bear it all without a word, but please listen to this one’s selfish request. I can’t allow you to have a soul binding with another person. I can’t allow that.

You won’t be a free woman until you are free of that contract. I promised my master, your mother to make you a strong empress capable of maintaining your dignity. That isn’t possible as long as there is someone who can influence you beyond your will. Please ask Riddick to remove the soul binding on you. If you ask him yourself, then he would surely do it for you.”

Sylvie stood like a statue as she heard Priam. Everything Priam said flooded her heart with emotions. The way her mother kept her in her womb for five hundred years, the way she died protecting her. Her father who was someone great enough to win her mother, and Priam who was loyal enough to be a servant even after her mother, his rightful master, had died.

Sylvie understood it all in her mind, and she understood why Priam wanted her to be a free woman. She wasn’t Sylvie in his mind, she was Charlotte Heimlich Venus, his master, the Empress of the Heimlich Empire. He wanted her to inherit her mother’s legacy, and she can’t do it without being a free woman. Sylvie’s eyes then turned towards Riddick and stared at him for a minute.

She then remembered everything about her life till then. True, she was the daughter of her mother. True, she had a family. True, she had a father. True, she had a legacy to continue and true, she would do it, but it was also true that Riddick was still the only man she would ever bow to. The bond she felt with him through the soul binding between them and without it, she would be a distant soul who can’t see through him. She lived all her life with him and without him she wouldn’t be Sylvie.

“Priam.” Sylvie called out in a slightly trembling voice.

Priam lifted his head and said, “Yes, Your Highness.”

“I can’t grant your wish. I don’t want to be separated from my master. I don’t want to be an empress, I want to be by his side.” Sylvie said in a calm voice as Priam’s face turned pale with every word, but she continued and said, “But, I have a duty to fulfill and so I will follow in my mother steps, so please spare me this one time. Please don’t take away my last connection with him, Praim.”

Priam’s face trembled and so did his whole body. His face contracted as if he was in pain. His eyes turned red as Sylvie said her feelings aloud, but he thought back to the last order of his master. The last order he has to fulfill even if it means Sylvie will hate him to death.

So he resolutely clenched his fists and said in a extremely respectful voice, “Please don’t ask me to fulfill the one wish I can’t, my lady. I will do anything you ask of me but there is one thing that takes priority above yours, my master’s words. I can’t trample upon them, never again. Even if you hate me to death, I have to fulfill them. Today, I will free you even if I have to kill Riddick.”


11 thoughts on “Book 5 – Chapter 17 Decisions of the Past and the Present

  1. I have to say I never understood the whole “yours parents, who you never met, is more important then your current life with someone you love” situation.

    While sometimes both sides can be somewhat merged/overlap, it’s usually the “pick one, abandon another” route.

    And it’s one thing if it was a situation where their birth family comes to get them (though still bad), but another if it’s overzealous servant, that puts his late master command (that didn’t account for later circumstances) over current master wishes.

    Long story short: Riddick, put him in his place, and let Sylvie decide whatever she wants to do. After all, she is family rather then servant. Besides, in their current circumstances, no matter how bad the whole Venus family situation is, it can’t be that bad compared to our MC’s. Literally whole universe is gunning for his head.


    • Personally, I thought it was quite reasonable for Sylvie to decide what she decided. I don’t think her decision was to the point of “yours parents, who you never met, is more important then your current life with someone you love.” I think her decision was more to the point of “I will respect the will of my parents, who I never met, that is still important, but not more than my current life and bond with someone that I love.”

      Also, at this point, I can’t see Sylvie becoming the empress of the 6th Deva plane, since it will probably be known that she has a connection to Riddick and it’s probably safer for her to be next to Riddick than away from him.


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