Book 5 – Chapter 18 I Love you

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“Remove the soul binding on my master, Riddick, else I will be forced to kill you.” Priam warned in a cold voice.

Riddick stood still with narrowed eyes. He knew that Priam was completely serious, and then he also knew that Priam was going against Sylvie’s decision. That moment time froze around him. Every living thing stopped in its tracks, but inside his mind palace various scenarios began to play out simultaneously at high speed. Two people, Riddick and Void began to review them all at an even higher speed.

Riddick didn’t want a scenario where he would have to fight, and yet he wanted to be make a scenario where Priam would have to accept Sylvie’s decision. However, considering Priam’s prior words, his ideal scenario wasn’t achievable.

Then he was forced to make a decision. Either accept Priam’s every word and send Sylvie with him after removing her soul binding, let Sylvie decide her own future, or make a decision on behalf of Sylvie and force her to follow it.

Needless to say, Riddick chose the second decision. He wanted Sylvie to make her own decisions. One reason was that he wasn’t selfish enough to steal her life from her, and the second reason was that she would actually be safer with the Venus family. Riddick was currently being hunted by every possible immortal, and he wasn’t too keen on exposing Sylvie to such difficulties.

Now that his decision was made, he had to find a way to achieve it. The situation where Sylvie can make a choice of her own was only possible when Priam wouldn’t oppose her, and that was only possible if he was made to stay put with force. He isn’t someone who can be bent with words and he also isn’t someone who can be fooled either.

“Can you win against him in a head-on fight?” Void inquired now that the decision was made.

“Negative. The energy reserves are scant to face such an enemy, and I can’t even transform Void Energy with my current cultivation. No use trying to think about useless scenarios. I can’t die, nor can I kill him. I also can’t surrender, but I should make him surrender. The situation is tricky, and I am in an extremely disadvantageous position.

In this situation, the only possible way to achieve victory is through a gamble. I have to find an advantage in my disadvantage.” Riddick said in a calm voice.

By the time the words left Priam’s mouth, and a split second had passed, Riddick had already come to a decision. It will be an all out fight and he will have to fight Priam with a huge disadvantage.

“I am afraid I can’t do that unless Sylvie wishes otherwise.” Riddick said in a calm voice.

Priam was literally stunned with this answer. He had seen a lot of people; courageous, tricky, foolish and even extremely strong people. Yet, in front of absolute power, all of them without exception would decide to side with power to save themselves. Riddick very casually slapped him in the face by refusing to comply with his request.

Priam’s face then changed as he saw Sylvie for a second. Then he waved his hand and a blue spear appeared in it. With a cold voice he said, “Then forgive me for killing you. I have no more reason to keep you alive. My lady may think otherwise, but as far as I am concerned, you just happened to find her and have no right upon her. I can’t let you have her. She is my master who will one day be a Sovereign.

You are nothing but a mere human who will always drag her down. I will not tolerate her being a slave any longer. My kindness has a limit, Riddick. Remember, even if I bow my head to my master, I am more used to beheading people who won’t comply with my master’s wishes. You made your decision, now face the consequences of your foolishness.”

Riddick’s face didn’t change, as if he didn’t register Priam’s talk at all. He was completely focused on finding something which may help him take down Priam with the least amount of spent energy.

Arthur broke into a cold sweat as he saw this. Sebastian was even more alarmed, and Sylvie was in a state of loss. She wanted to ask Riddick to release the soul binding, but at the same time she didn’t. She wasn’t like others. Being with Riddick all this time, she knew about him much more than anyone else.

She knew that she would lose to Vera the second she becomes distant to Riddick, and she wasn’t willing to lose. Even if Riddick never saw her as a love interest, he never put her aside either. Sylvie’s reason for being so abstinent about maintaining a soul bond was more of a selfish reason. She wanted to be connected to him in some form. People may laugh at her and even find it amusing, but for her it was more important than anything.

Her mother went through all that to give birth to her. True, she may have loved her, but the reason she went through all that in the first place was because of her father. She wanted to bear his child. She wanted to take a part of him and give him a part of her through a child as his woman. Sylvie was the same, her love towards Riddick had gradually evolved from a parent, to a friend, to a lover.

She was no longer at a position where she would ever forget about Riddick. She would inherit her mother’s legacy, but she would one day come back to Riddick. She was currently very weak. Every day, every hour, she thought about that. The current Riddick far surpassed her in power, intelligence and wisdom. Her most potent rival, Vera, was the same. The current her would lose to Vera for sure, and inheriting her mother’s legacy will give her a way to improve her own power and status. It will give her a way to support Riddick in his time of need.

The life span of Immortals was eternal, and a few decades or even a few centuries of separation can be fulfilled with few more millennia of love. This was Sylvie’s decision. However, she was currently facing a choice as well. She knew that life was unfair and sometimes we have to sacrifice some things to gain even more. So, Sylvie made her decision.

Priam’s eyes lit up as he disappeared like a flash along with Riddick. Their speed was so extreme that no one, including Arthur, could see them. Loud collisions resounded in the air, as space caved in at several places due to their exchanges.

Savage smiles lit their faces as their inner warrior instincts were drawn out by the heat of fight. The previous uneasiness disappeared in Priam’s eyes, and the calculative expression disappeared from Riddick’s eyes. That instant they were going to fight with all their might, but suddenly a earth shattering voice stopped them in their tracks.

“PRIAM, I, CHARLOTTE HEIMLICH VENUS, ORDER YOU TO WITHDRAW THIS INSTANT. Don’t you dare speak another word. COME HERE, BOTH OF YOU.” Sylvie roared with all her might.

Priam was stunned, and so was Riddick. He knew that Sylvie was not to be angered, but still, it was his first time being ordered like this, and that too in front of everyone. So, he exchanged glances with Priam and descended in front of Sylvie.

Sylvie stared at both of them with red eyes and said in a resolute voice, “Priam, you will do everything I ask of you and will shut your mouth until I say otherwise.” Turning towards Riddick she said, “Master, I have decided what I want to do. Will you honour my decision?”

Riddick’s eyes froze for a second. He understood what she was implying, and a hint of pain stabbed his heart, yet he still nodded his head. Even if he was a old soul who experienced everything in the world many times over, it didn’t still dull the memories of seeing Sylvie crawl out of her egg.

The memories of her calling him master with a shy voice. The little girl in his memories had now grown so much, and this filled Riddick’s heart with happiness and sadness. It was the bitter feeling of seeing your child grow up and your love leaving you.

However, If Sylvie wished for something then he would naturally comply with it. Priam, who was ordered by Sylvie, bowed his head to express his assent.

Sylvie nodded with red eyes and said, “Master, please release the soul binding on me.” The instant the words left her mouth, her connection with Riddick’s soul was lost. An indescribable pain stabbed her heart as if she lost a life long friend of her. Riddick was beside her ever since the beginning. His soul was like a support, like a gigantic tree under which she found solace. Now that the connection was lost, she felt alone, like a log drifting in a turbulent sea.

Riddick’s eyes were filled with concern  as he saw the depth of sadness within Sylvie’s eyes. However, before he could console her, Sylvie closed her eyes. The next second she opened them, but her eyes no longer held those turbulent feelings. All they held was unshakable resolution.

With a calm voice she then asked, “Priam, you said that you would do anything for me right?”

“I will, My Lady.” Priam replied with happiness. He no longer held any anger towards Riddick. He understood that Riddick cared about Sylvie as much as he did, and now that he released the soul binding on Sylvie he can consider him a trusted ally.

“Become my slave.” Sylvie spoke her words with resolution.

Those words shook the people around them. They then understood why Sylvie changed her mind. A slave doesn’t have the right to have a slave for themselves. Earlier, Sylvie was technically a slave and thus she can never possess a slave of her own, but now she can. This was her way of showing her intentions. Even if what Priam told her was true, she wasn’t going there to be thrown around like a doll and to be a puppet empress. If she was going to be an empress, then she will be an empress in her own way.

All eyes turned towards Priam as Sylvie said those words. Riddick’s eyes were fixed searching for a least bit of hesitancy in his eyes, but he found none. Priam smiled lightly and said, “That was my intention all along, My Lady. The Empress will need a right hand and a sword to control her subjects. I will be your whip, your sword and your everything. I was your slave the moment I was entrusted with your safety.”

The instant Sylvie formed a contract with Priam, Riddick stared at Sylvie and she stared at Riddick. Neither of them spoke a word for a full hour. Eyes are the mirrors of our mind, and they speak much more than words. They both shared their love and their concern for each other, until finally Sylvie turned around to leave.

She only said four words as she left, “I love you, Riddick.”

Riddick stared stupidly as he gazed at her flying figure. That was the first time Sylvie ever spoke his name, and that will be the first of many more times that she expressed her love for him.


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  1. gonna stop reading this series here mostly since you said near the start you wouldn’t make this like stellar transformations …. well guess what…. you pretty much just did that this chapter o.o


    • Stellar is quite different from this deadlybell. Also, you don’t the reason why Sylvie is currently gone from the story. I don’t think I will make you wait for ten whole book before her re-entrance. There is a reason behind everything. If you think this is a bad move then wait for more chapters. AND PLEASE DON’T LEAVE ME deadlybell. Don’t dump me please.

      By the way, I am not gay for anyone curious. No offence intended towards anyone.


      • The whole premise of someone you love being forced away from you and the mc has to get stronger is the whole shtick of stellar transformations, which in fact you did here….. its generic and to be quite honest irritatingly cliche …. ;~; not to mention waiting a whole 5 books…..


      • This is not the premise of someone you love forced away deadlybell rather it is the premise of someone you love going away for getting stronger for your sake. Sylvie was to have a very unique background and I had this in my mind from the very beginning. This books shows the first part of her background and do not worry, more is to come and in furture it will be much better


      • It still leaves a bad taste in your mouth….so to speak. .. guess ill come back around book 10 and see how i feel about it then [giving you the benefit of the doubt]


      • Common deadlybell think of it as Xia Qinyue leaving for training and after two hundred chapters Yun che meets her. Don’t you get excited about it. It’s the same. If you still aren’t satisfied, I can only make you satisfied with time and chapters.


      • i understand what you were going for and im not saying its wrong just too many series have used that trope that coupled with the whole bad feeling it leaves you makes you a bit …. eh, ill wait for the whole happy reunion and marathon to that point once its out this way i can at least fight back the pit it left inside of me XD since its something you wouldn’t want to let fester while waiting for chapters 😛

        P.S it also happens to be my birthday 😀


  2. I knew it. I knew since chapter 16….. i even brace myself for this yet here i am feeling all emotional and shit *sniff sniff*

    Really hoped Sylvie will stay with Riddick….. Well for now i say goodbye Sylvie….

    Also, when will she return to riddick? (obviously stupid question) 😀

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  3. well this is better decision, after all he got a lot of enemy and still cant use his full power yet. either way, in the end an OP Sylvie will emerge hope she will rival Vera or surpass? ..hahaha

    Thanks for the Chapter!


  4. Personally I’m very satisfied. I try not to compare one story to another as they are quite different. For all those people comparing this to stellar transformation… this series is in it’s is just a few chapters short (553 exactly) compared to that series; cool your jets. There will be similarities but that’s all. I’m looking forward to the next chapter.


  5. The way the story was going, something like this was bound to happen. Even Vera left Riddick in the beginning so that he could get stronger and now Sylvie left so she could get stronger.


  6. i will forgive you if you bring back rachel or vera.I don’t want my MC to be surrounded by only dudes.
    PS.. gsreddysama please accept this wish for faithfully following your story.

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