Book 5 – Chapter 19 The Devil’s Wrath

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The Devil’s Wrath:

Reindlich volcanic mountain range, Northern Wilderness of Forbidden Isle.

A man ran swiftly like the wind and opened the door leading to the heart of the volcano. He then flew inside at high speed until he reached pavement, from where he could see the sight of a huge tail floating atop the magma.

He bowed deeply and stood still. Even when he was in complete anxiety, he didn’t forget the absolute rule for staying alive in his master’s presence. Stay silent.

A minute passed, and then ten, and finally the tail atop the magma moved slightly. A pair of dark evil eyes emerged from the magma’s surface and asked in a cold voice, “What is it?”

“Sir, A merchant has come to meet you. He says that it is an important business deal so he wants to meet directly with you, my lord.” The servant trembled as he said those words.

“To trade with me…” Those evil eyes repeated the words and then spoke in a colder voice, “You came here to disturb my sleep for some piece of shit…

“Sir, everyone who blocked his way died by his hands. Of all the guardians in your castle, now only one lives, me.” The servant said in a trembling voice but then a sudden red blur passed through his body which then suddenly trembled like a leaf in the storm and tumbled down the pavement into the lava.

“You sure take a lot of time contemplating, don’t you, Requiel.” Riddick spoke as he dusted his shirt. He then sneaked a glance at the drowning corpse of the servant and said in a calm voice, “I waited for ten whole minutes and this piece of shit kept me waiting to explain shit to you. Well, he had it coming. Even if they are afraid of you… still your servants really are fools. So many died because they weren’t capable of assessing the situation.

Just before, I visited Melissa, the earth style deva, and her servants actually survived with minimum casualties because they weren’t fools like yours are…”

“Who are you, bastard?” Requiel interrupted Riddick’s talk as he raised his body slightly out of magma.

Riddick eyed Requiel slightly and said in an indifferent voice, “I am just a merchant roaming all of the Northern Wilderness for trade purposes. Only, I trade with kings like you, Requiel, the Infernal scorpion king of the Forbidden Isle.

You also happen to be the last king I am visiting in this Northern Wilderness and if this deal ends successfully. You may as well be the only king left in this wilderness. How about it?”

Requiel’s eyes turned red as he realised the meaning behind those words, he however didn’t move as he also realised one more fact. If the trade was something they could comply with, then wouldn’t all the remaining kings do that instead of dying in Riddick’s hands. So he asked in a cold voice, “What do you want?”

Riddick’s smiled innocently and said, “Your cultivation.”

Riddick’s smile and then his words shocked Requiel to the core. He couldn’t understand what Riddick was talking about. If he gives up his cultivation, then what would he be? He would be a beginner disciple, that was the cultivation he was born with. He, an illustrious God beast in the second level of Deva realm would become nothing.

No, he would never do that. He would rather choose death over being stripped of his cultivation. Requiel’s thoughts raged inside his mind and then, he came to a conclusion. Since he can’t do what Riddick had asked him to, he naturally had to do something the other kings resorted to as well. He will kill Riddick.

Silently like a snake, he moved his eyes. Even if they held extremely sinister feeling of cruelty within them, those were still his natural eyes and no matter who they were, they could never see through them. Riddick couldn’t either.

As silently as he plotted, he silently wriggled his tail and the sting at its end. He was an Infernal scorpion, a divine beast but he was still a scorpion. His sting was his strongest weapon and it was the source of his divine ability, “Infernal Poison”.


A ear piercing sound rang out as the sting moved like a whip and pierced Riddick right in the chest. The speed was so extreme that it would exceed Priam’s but then an ugly look surfaced on Requiel’s eyes. The sting did pierce Riddick or rather, he thought he did, but he knew that he messed up the minute he reached Riddick. There was no body there to attack, it was nothing but Riddick’s energy projection.

“Looks like this trade also went wrong. How come people always chose death instead of a peaceful life. Funny.” Riddick muttered to himself as he hovered in mid air looking down on Requiel.

“Dieeeee………..” Requiel roared loudly but before he could even raise his tail a spear like Void energy pierced his head and then his entire body like a tofu.

Riddick sighed in his head as he waved his hand. Requiel’s corpse was instantly transported into Yamaloka but Riddick’s didn’t have a smile on his face. He instead held a bit of worry.

“Five more strikes. With my remaining reserves of the Void energy, I can only use it for five more strikes. This is so tiring. Haaaa…” Riddick procrastinated in his mind as he slowly flew all the way back from the heart of the Reindlich volcanic range.

One year had  passed since Sylvie left with Priam, and in this past year. Riddick swept through the entire Wilderness, killing an astonishing number of two hundred and thirty five devas cultivating in every element. Since he had very low reserves of energy, Riddick was forced to complete his plan the hard way.

Assuming the identity of a merchant, he began to cause riots, fights and even killed the sons of the various devas and threw the blame on the others to make them fight each other. All he wanted was their corpses which held the essence of their cultivation base, so he didn’t mind them killing each other and even if they didn’t, in their weakened state, they were an easy prey to him.

Riddick flew back at high speed towards the Welkin castle. Since the day, Sylvie left him, Riddick decided to stay in Welkin castle as long as he could because he knew that he would have to leave everyone behind eventually. This pained his heart and sometimes he even thought of taking them along with him, but he knew that the nature should flow on its own course. They had their own lives to live and taking them along would disrupt it. Thus, Riddick decided to stay as long as he could to make up for the inevitable separation.

However, Riddick now had two objectives he had to achieve before he could proceed with his path. Usually, every time he regained his memories, he would already be at the peak of Absorption stage or even past the Absorption state, but this time, he was only at the mid level of Absorption. This was the reason why he was so desperate enough to collect the bodies of those devas.

Absorption was the first stage of Void cultivation, and it was also the stage where he can’t even use the most basic feature of Void energy, which was highly useful in surviving and cultivating. Thus, he had to break past the Absorption stage before he could proceed with his plans.

There was a reason why the first stage is named Absorption. He needed a large amount of cultivation resources, in his case, Void energy and since he had none, Riddick instead decided to instead use devas as cultivation resources. Their bodies, filled with thousands of years of cultivation, were basically more of energy wells than corpses.

Riddick descended from the skies as he arrived at the Welkin estate. A large estate was used by the Welkin family as the castle was now destroyed. Even with the Welkin family resources, it would take a while before they could build another castle.

Riddick had a smile on his face as he gazed at the gardens where he saw Caesar fighting Arthur in a battle of intellect and wisdom. Everyone in his family was around them cheering as each eliminated the other in an ultra high speed match where one had to make a move within a split second of the past move. It was a chess board, only this one was eight boards long and two chess boards wide (8×2). One would need tremendous ability to simultaneously play in eight chessboards with a rule that each piece can cross it’s borders to attack another piece on the adjacent board.

“They keeping going at it all day, they are really competitive about this for some reason.” A voice resounded behind Riddick as he stood watching them from afar.

“Here take this.” The voice pleasantly handed over tea as Riddick turned around to face him.

Riddick smile became wider as he saw the smiling face of a young man in front of him. He had seen this face everyday five years ago for a whole year and then, he had seen that face lying lifelessly on the ground for four more years. Then, he had asked Caesar to save him and a year ago, with his Caesar’s help, he finally managed to save him. He was Edward, the first prince of Mystic empire, and the friend whom Riddick once swore to save that day six years ago.

“Have you become accustomed to this environment, Edward? Are you sure, you don’t want to go back to your family?” Riddick inquired in a calm voice.

Edward sighed as he drank his tea. He then said in a calm, pleasant voice, “I don’t have a father and my sister is still tied to that monster, Jane. There is nothing more for me out there, in that empire, Riddick. I like being here, with your family. I like everyone here, they treat me well and I will one day be able to repay your kindness if I stay here.”

Riddick was startled by the phrase, ‘Repay your kindness’. What was Edward talking about? Seeing Riddick’s startled expression, Edward smiled lightly and continued, “I am not blind Riddick. I can see what you are planning to do. Actually most of uscan. I am also sure that none of us can stop you from changing your decision. I don’t know how long you will be here but when you leave, your family will lose a son.

I will be your replacement. I promise you Riddick, I may not have a family of my own and I may never be as good as you but believe me, I will take care of your family as my own, now and forever.” Edward smiled with a kind face and said, “That’s how I will repay the kindness you have shown me Riddick. Even if my sister does come back to me, I don’t think she will be mad at me for what I have chosen to do with my life.”

Riddick’s face was frozen still as he gazed at Edward. The time, they spent was too short but the bond between them had already surpassed the bond of ordinary friends. Even if they weren’t related by blood, Riddick knew that he wouldn’t gain a better brother in all his life. So he closed his eyes and made a firm resolution.

The other objective of his before he can continue on his path was to fulfill the remaining half of his promise. Bring back Bella and finish the task he had decided to do before he even regained his memories. Obliterate the Mist valley Sect.

Fortunately for Riddick and unfortunately for Mist Valley Sect, both his targets were related to each other. Riddick was a man of his word. He wouldn’t break his word easily and he wouldn’t needlessly kill innocents but that was only one side of his character. One should never forget that he was called a devil in all of the multi universes, and unless he really was one, he would have never gained that title. Two objectives and one location, the Mist Valley Sect would soon become the first sect which would face the wrath of the Devil king after his resurrection.



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  1. Say….. though the story becoming more and more interesting… as I’ve re-read from beginning till now to “sees” the world within my mind, it has start to becoming dull, the countless universe, planets, angels, devas, sovereigns… even with the unknown character that shown within the “world” show me that there is still more… sonething crucial that had yet to be revealed… However, just as I reach this chapter the “world” had become grey like as if it “withering”…. I don’t know what happen but make sure your life good first before everything else Reddy. Though nothing is perfect in life, at least make it less than necessary.

    Good Work, Red. Please don’t overwork yourself…. somehow it is “written” on your chapter….

    By the way, Thanks for the Chapter!!


    • The friend Riddick swore to save in book 2. His sister is Bella. Their bodies were taken over by Julian and jane whose brother is Hectar, the Sect master of Mist valley sect. Welcome to reddycreations Ainz.


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