Book 5 – Chapter 20 Angel Essence

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Angel Essence:

Sounds of frantic footsteps rang out in the silent corridors as a beautiful woman ran by, eyes red from despair. Her breath was rough and her legs were sore as she checked her back every other second. Her eyes were filled with anxiety. Everytime she heard a noise in those ghostly corridors, her body would tremble as if it was hit by a jolt of lightning. Her eyes finally revealed a little hope as she reached the deserted inner gardens of the Mist Valley Sect, but then, again despair rooted itself to her core as she saw three men waiting for her.

Golden threaded patterns adorned their black robes, and the silent atmosphere of the gardens enhanced their invincibility as they stood before her like unbeatable titans. Before them, she was a little girl, unable to resist and unable to change her fate. They were once her protectors, as the elders of the sect; they once protected her from all harm… but fate is a terrible thing. Old friends are good allies, but when things go wrong, they are even worse enemies.

Hectar, her brother, was the Sect Leader and she was his only sister. Naturally, she was adored and pampered by any and all, but when fate decided to kill Hectar, it didn’t set up an alternative life for Jane. She was forced to be the sect’s prisoner, and now, when the Head Elder finally decided to take over the Sect, she had become his sacrificial pawn.

“You bastards, why are you doing this to me? Did I demand anything, anything at all from you? I only want to live in peace. My brother, he died as a Sect Master, and you, his closest elders, are killing his only sister. Don’t you have any shame? Are you really men born and bred by your own mother? If you are, then leave me alone. I don’t want anything, I just want to live.” Jane shouted as she looked at the three men in front of her.

The head elder sighed lightly as he walked towards her. He then looked at her trembling self and said in a sad calm voice, “Jane, look, this isn’t personal. Let me tell you a story.

Once, there was a powerful king who ruled over his subjects with absolute strength, but unfortunately… suddenly… he died leaving behind a young prince. The throne naturally fell into the hands of his little son. The king’s minister was a good man, he looked after the kingdom until the kid became a man.

Now, what do you think happened? Do you think the prince rewarded the minister? No, he killed him. Why do you think he did that? The minister was loyal and he was a good man who didn’t plot anything against the prince. So why do you think he did that.

Let me tell you the correct answer. The prince killed the minister to show his people, the minister’s supporters and his country, that he was no longer the useless prince. He was now their king, their lord, and opposing him would lead to the same result. The prince was intelligent, one move and he had all the control he could ever gain over everything the minister had built in all his years.

Jane, I don’t want to be the minister. You are still young, but you share the blood of that man and you can very possibly become a second Hectar. Unfortunately, I can’t allow that. Sometimes, it is better to weed out seedlings before they become an oak. You understand that logic, don’t you dear? Die peacefully, and believe me, everything is for the sake of our sect.” The man said in an emotional voice and then he raised his arm pointing at Jane.

“That’s a good speech for your old ass, old ass.” A voice interrupted the elder, stunning and then petrifying him.

The elder didn’t petrify because of the voice. He was petrified because he could see two beheaded bodies flying soundlessly above his head only to fall before him. Two of his fellow elders, who were also in the Deva realm, died just like that.

“I don’t know what I did to incur your wrath, dear sir. Whatever I did, I assure you that I can rectify my mistake, but please give me a chance.” The head elder said in a low voice, and raised his hands above his head while turning back to see the source of the voice.

Jane, who was shocked to see the unexpected turn of events, saw to her dismay that the man who killed the two elders was actually playing with their heads, while completely ignoring the shocked head elder.

“Enough of your game, Jedi. Kill him, now.” A voice rang out like a silent whisper, and the next instant the head elder fell to the ground, only, his head was missing from his slumped body. Jedi, who casually beheaded him, was playing with three heads now.

“How are you related to Hectar?” The ghostly voice rang out again, startling Jane out of her shock.

Jane swallowed her fear as she turned her head around and replied in a respectful voice, “I am his sister, Sir.”


A man appeared in front of Jane in a flash.

“My name is Bailey. I am the head elder of the Violet Sect and I was your brother, Hectar’s, master while he was still in the Sect.” The man looked around the garden and then said in a calm voice, “I am here to investigate the death of my sect’s disciples who were sent here on a mission. Do you happen to know anything about it?”

Jane was still in a shocked state, but her mind did register the words uttered by Bailey and she suddenly began to cry. Her face was filled with extreme sadness and despair, but inside her mind, she was calculating at high speed.

Jane’s life had been a nightmare since the day Hectar died in Riddick’s hands. Neither Jane nor the sect elders knew how he died, but they did know that he died completing a mission on behalf of the Violet Sect. Thus, the head elder waited patiently without acting at once, as they were not sure if the disciples of the Violet Sect would come back looking for Hectar.

However, recently they found the battle location and determined that none lived to tell the tale of Hectar’s death. Thus, the head elder decided to kill the last of the Hectar’s siblings to grab the sect for himself. Sadly, fate decided to push his death forward by sending Bailey.

Jane cried like she was in bitter pain for a while, and then said in a pleading voice, “I don’t know who killed my brother, Sir, but he would come to kill me as well. First, he killed my little brother, and then my elder brother. That man has a grudge against my family. All my cousins, my brother’s children, they all died in a sneak attack and now only I am left of our family.

Please save me, Sir. Please… please… ” Jane cried as she pleaded with a trembling voice.

Bailey’s eyes narrowed as Jane cried her heart out, but Jane was instead praying inside that they would take her under their protection. Everything she said was of course a lie. Hectar’s children were killed in a power struggle between the sect, and although it was true that Riddick was responsible for both Hectar and Julian’s death, she had no idea about it.

Jane had no way to protect herself now that her brother was dead and her had Sect betrayed her, so she was trying to make Bailey take her under his protection. She knew it that it was a bold move to lie to him, but in front of death, she took the path with the highest chance of success. Even if that meant she had to cross that bridge through deception.

Bailey sighed in his mind as he looked at Jane. He wasn’t a fool. He had lived far longer, and had seen far too many things to be fooled by a girl’s tears, but he was obliged to listen as he felt guilty for sending Hectar off to his death. Hectar loved his family, and as his master he knew that much. This made him feel all the more guilty.

So he sighed in his heart and said in a calm voice, “Don’t worry about that, Jane. We are here to do exactly that. If your brother’s killer is here, in this plane, then rest assured, I won’t leave until he will dies. However…”

“Lord Bailey” Jedi interrupted urgently.

Bailey narrowed his eyes in irritation and continued, “However….”

“Lord Bailey!”

“What do you want, Jedi?!” Bailey answered in a loud voice.

“Look!” Jedi probed in an urgent voice.

“What?” Bailey turned around but then he froze as he saw Jedi holding a small jade bottle with muddy brown liquid in it. The liquid was glowing and revolving inside the jade bottle at high speed.

Bailey instantly waved his hand and produced a similar jade bottle. It too had a muddy brown liquid within it, only this one was a little brighter.

“Oh my god!” Bailey thought aloud as he saw the revolving liquid.

“Looks like we caught ourselves a whale while looking for a shrimp. To think he would be hiding in this little plane.” Jedi laughed aloud and then he slowly poured the brown liquid out of the jade bottle.

There wasn’t much, only three drops, but it was enough.

Those drops of liquid rose into the air and then they began to revolve in circles around the garden,  as if under the influence of some kind of energy.

That was Angel essence. Albeit highly diluted, it was still the same. Silver distributed her blood, and a year later it was in the hands of a majority of the sects.

Bailey and Jedi stood staring at the drop of angel essence floating in the air, but before they could move a step aside, the liquid’s radiance dulled and lost its power.

All this happened as Riddick killed Requiel in the northern wilderness far from the Mist Valley. Since then, Riddick never used the Void energy again, but Bailey patiently waited in the Mist Valley Sect hoping for another opportunity.

Bailey still remembered the orders from his Sect master, “If you are able to kill the person this drop will lead you to, then our Sect will be promoted to an unprecedented level. These words were said by someone who could easily uproot us from the face of this universe, so be careful and never miss an opportunity.”

So he waited patiently and kept a low profile as he stayed within the Mist Valley Sect investigating about the matter. A month passed and on that day, Riddick was flying towards the Mist Valley to enact the final part of his plan.

Supernatural forces of fate once more brought unpredictable things into the equation of Riddick’s life. Angel essence to repel his powers, and prowess strong enough to directly obliterate him. Life led him to complete his final task in the plane of Asgard, but fate decided to make it the final journey of his life. What would be in store for Riddick as he face the deadliest enemy he had ever encountered in his current life?



12 thoughts on “Book 5 – Chapter 20 Angel Essence

  1. It’ll be difficult, but an MC can’t die so no worries.He’ll be something like half-discovered or something. Good chapter thanks.


      • There are many ways and means of half-discovering, that Ornald guy is a decoy so there is a chance he may join forces or something with one of these other guys. Even if Ornald is killed by them they will notice the star mark has not disappeared and who knows there may be a way to read the thoughts of a dead guy. There are no limits to imagination but this story belongs to GSDReddy so it is up to him what happens and what does not.


    • I am sorry mohsin but currently I am extremely busy with my work. Unfortunately I have been posted to some rural hospitals and commuting is taking over four hours every day. Thus, even I have no idea when I would be able to write some more. Sorry about thatm


  2. I actually really like how you ended this chapter in the form of a question. It really reminded me of the ending of a DBZ episode lol.


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