Riddick – Book 5 – Chapter 27 Stellar Millennium

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Stellar Millennium :

          The thundering clouds in the sky deformed as a giant Will descended into the material plane of Asgard. The entire plane began to tremble as the Will began to take the shape of a human face. It’s bright eyes opened lightly as thunder roared in the skies.

            The clouds began to crackle with immense lightning and the wind began to howl as storms brew under that man’s gaze. His lips formed a smile as he gazed at Riddick.

            His smile broadened for a second but the next second his face paled as if an enamours pressure was applied on him. Like a spear piecing through an array of barriers, a ray of divine energy shot through the boundaries of the plane piecing the face in the middle of the forehead.

         The ray of light then transformed into a shape of a human. With bright green eyes he gazed at the deformed face.

         The deformed face slowly reformed and gazed at the figure of the person who had attacked him a second ago. His face twisted lightly as he said, “So you have followed my soul to find me, Shazam.”

         The man called Shazam didn’t reply for a while. A minute later he said, “Get out of here Leedrt.”

             The face of the man named Leedrt began to twist as he said, “Old fool, no matter how much you try to protect him. It isn’t enough. One millennium, that is all he has left of his pitiful life. In one millennium I will be here in my physical form and I won’t be alone.

           Shazam, think about it. Help me kill him and I promise you that you will receive half the reward promised by the Sura Clan.”

           Shazam narrowed his eyes and snorted loudly. With a cold voice he said, “Don’t group me with the likes of you Leedrt. I will repeat once again, leave NOW.”

        Leedrt’s face changed slightly as he heard Shazam. He looked like he wasn’t expecting such an outright rejection. However, he still smiled lightly and said, “Foolish choice. You have committed a big mistake Shazam. The location of this galaxy has been compromised.

              This galaxy isn’t a safe haven for him any more. Under the skies of the Sura clan he won’t survive long. This galaxy is entering into the Stellar Millennium as we speak. The underworld, the ten higher planes of this galaxy, they are all fusing to form one Great plane. The Stellar Plane.

               This galaxy is entering into the stage of hibernation. No one will be able to leave it for one millennium and no one will be able to enter it either. This galaxy is sealed off and so is that man’s fate.

         Shazam, I need not remind you. The man you are trying to protect has stolen the karma of Sura Bloodline, his soul is drenched with their blood. His karma can never be accomplished, his soul can never enter the world of salvation.

           He is a lost soul, he can never win against them. The Sura Bloodline won’t let him live, they won’t let him accomplish his karma. He will die, tens of thousands of times and no matter how much he suffers, he will still be the one who will be broken again.

           Shazam, listen to me. Get away from that man. He will bring nothing but suffering to anyone he is involved with.”

         Shazam face finally changed as he listened to Leedrt. His green eyes emitted a blinding glow which encompassed the entirety of Asgard for a minute and the next second everything returned to normal, only Leedrt’s divine sense was abolished from the plane.

            Riddick listened to every word without making a single noise. He then looked at Shazam who was still gazing at the skies. With a low voice he asked, “Who is he, Shazam?”

              Shazam finally lowered his head and looked at Riddick. His eyes lost the bright green glow and a kind green eyes were revealed under them. With a kind voice he answered, “A watchdog. Employed by the thirteen Heavenly clans. I was following him for ten millennia and finally I was able to find you, your majesty.

           However, I am not the only one who found out your location. This Odin galaxy is indeed entering into the Stellar Millennium. A once in a trillion years spatial position which will put the ten higher planes and the underworld in exactly one axis.

             Devas, Yakshas, the forty five sovereigns of the nine deva planes. The Fiends of the Underworld. The Tyrants of the Yaksha realm. The Stellar plane will have them all. For one millennium the entirety of the Odin galaxy will stay together.

        Your majesty, I now swear on my life that I will be here one millennium later. I will do whatever I have to to accomplish that but you must promise me, you have to stay alive. This old man has seen too many tragedies already. I can’t witness your death one more time.”

        Riddick stayed silent for a minute as he heard Shazam. Stellar Millennium. The worlds of the Odin galaxy revolve around its centre. The Yaksha realm is at the centre of the galaxy, the Underworld is the forbidden realm beneath it. These two mighty reals will join the nine deva realms forming a plane with tens of thousands of million kilometres area.

            Riddick could easily imagine the chaos within the Stellar realm. For one millennium, the galaxy is sealed to interact with other galaxies by the Sura Clan, this will prevent Riddick from escaping. In one millennium, the forces of the Sura Clan will be here and then they can personally draw Riddick’s blood.

          Riddick slowly lifted his head and asked, “Shazam, how many years until the actual forces of the Heavens can reach here?”

      Shazam thought for a second and said, “I can’t be certain my lord but they can’t reach to this galaxy within one millennium for certain but that is only if all of them are in the Great Heaven realm.”

           Riddick slightly lifted his face and said, “So we can’t be sure. The Sura Bloodline will be here and so will be the other twelve royal clans. One thousand years.”

            Riddick face finally lit up as he smiled lightly and said, “Shazam, deliver this message to all of the heavens.

            My blood bears the Karma of Sura, my soul taints the ancestors of thirteen clans. Those who died by my hand are trapped in my sword, my sword sows their karma into the edge of its blade.

      I kill and taint your ancestors. I will kill and taint your descendants. Those who stop me will fall prey to my wrath and those who walk in the path of my endeavour shall become my brothers.

           The debt of a hundred trillion years have yet to be paid. One millennium later, I shall start paying it all in blood.”

         Shazam face was filled with great happiness as he bowed deeply and said in a respectful voice, “As you wish, My lord.”




Riddick – Book 5 – Chapter 26 – A Fated Encounter

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A fated encounter:

Void – First stage – Kamsara

             Silent words slowly drifted into the air but the nature reacted violently as if the heavens came tumbling down upon it. Riddick who was watching Bailey with red eyes suddenly lifted his head to stare upon the skies.

        Riddick narrowed his eyes as he saw these changes. The skies began to twist and the space began to tremble as if a superior power was twisting the walls of reality apart with his will. The plane of Asgard began to vibrate in its entirety as the skies began to give way to that unfathomable, invisible presence.

          However, this was not the only change that happened as Riddick uttered the word, Kamsara. Deep inside a blank space, chained by thousands of black chains and bound by innumerable seals, Void slumbered since countless millennia.

              Kamsara is the first stage of Void cultivation. Honing the body as the universe itself, Riddick establishes a connection to the Void. The body becomes the universe, the universe contains his body. This ultimate form of cultivation is used by the Kamsara stage to steal a part of Void from the eternal prison under heavens.

         Slumbering deep inside the Blank space, Void slowly opened his eyes as he heard the word Kamsara. The small point connecting him to Riddick appeared in front of him. The indifferent yet, kind glow in his eyes slowly melted away replaced with deep intensity.

            The space holding Void began to tremble as Riddick slowly lifted his hand and grabbed Bailey. Unable to ascertain the situation Bailey began to struggle but it was all to no avail.

       “It’s time for you to wake up my old friend.” Riddick slowly murmured as he slowly closed his eyes.

        Like a jolt of electricity, an intense flow of energy began to flow out of Bailey into Riddick’s body and then into his soul world. Like an arrow, the entire energy Riddick had accumulated in all his years of cultivation, the full power of his cultivation base, everything he had within him formed into a single spear as they assaulted the connection between himself and Void.

      Void’s eyes began to glow as the crack in front of him began to widen as an arrow of energy pierced the walls of reality, space and distance to reach him. The chains around him began to tremble noticing a foreign energy but the entire dimension began to tremble as a heavy foot shook it to its core.

       The body which didn’t rise from the ground for a hundred million years rose like a giant mountain. Under the mere life energy of the most primordial and powerful being the universe had birthed to, the entire dimension began to slowly collapse. The chains surrounding Void began to break free and the seals upon them began to dissolve.

        Like a tide under the assault of wind, the broken chains created a vortex of energy and collapsed the space further. However, thirteen chains still remained without any signs of break. Under their suppressive power, the space began to rebuilt itself in a blink of an eye.

          Void eyes which held within them an astonishing intensity glowed with intelligence as the thirteen chains hidden underneath the thousands of secondary chains started to glow with a black light.

          Like a spear thrown by a god, the arrow of Void energy materialised by the entirety of Riddick’s cultivation shot like a lightning and struck the first of the thirteen chains.


      Roaring sounds filled with entire space as the collision shook the space. The first of the thirteen black chains began to dissipate. An unprecedented glow rose in the eyes of Void as his body experienced freedom a hundred million years later.

         Trillions of years. Words of simple expression but such a long life imprisoned wrongly and deprived of everything he was entitled to can make a person mad with fury or desperate with despair. Riddick endured the curse of living thorough tens of thousands of lives unable to escape the cycle of karma whole Void accompanied him imprisoned the whole time.

        Riddick saw countless deaths, countless wars, countless atrocities in all his lives. He realised the value of life, the value of family and the value of love is important and above all others. He cares for his family, his love and his friends but he was still a man who had seen enough to know that sometimes we had to choose someone above others to protect everyone we love.

       Riddick killed a million people because he wanted to free Void, he killed them knowing that many of them didn’t deserve such a death. He killed because he had to free Void. A million lives together cannot imagine the suffering his oldest friend had went through in his life. They cannot imagine the grief and the sadness hidden within his heart. They cannot imagine the fury camouflaged under the disguise of wise words. They cannot, none can, not even he can completely understand the creature who named himself Void.

        Riddick knew that so he chose Void above them. He knew that he may be seen as a devil king for his atrocities and yet, he chose to do this. He would choose Void even if he was given a millionth chance. A friendship of eternal lives, the suffering they shared was above and beyond anything the universe had to offer Riddick.

       For a second the world of darkness became still. The world which housed the most mysterious, dangerous and powerful creature in all the universe became still as the first of its thirteen bindings broke in that instant.

     The glow which began to materialise in Void’s eyes didn’t die rather it reached his mouth. The large mouth opened showing the razor sharp fangs which can tear apart any celestial God or artifact like thin paper.


         That second, to people who knew the sound of disaster, to people who knew about the truth regarding heavens, to people who knew about the existence of Void and to people who knew about the inheritor of his legacy. An emotion, completely foreign to the men of their status arose like a tide. Fear.

         The twelve chains which were still surrounding Void like a unbreakable cage surrounded him and suppressed him in just a second. Void was still bound by twelve chains of Chaos. The second of them a hundred times stronger than first, the thirteenth of them millions of times stronger than its predecessor.

         The first chain, the weakest of them gave Void only a second of freedom and the slightest of power at his disposal yet, to a creature bound for trillions of years such a minute freedom was a boon.

        Bound by weight of the twelve chains, Void was pushed back to the floor. Thousands of chains surrounded him in a flash and countless seals bonded him again but the glow in his eyes didn’t change. His eyes glowed with power, intensity, determination and gratitude.

        Observing the entirety of events from the other part of the universe, a smile of satisfaction arose on Riddick’s face but a hint of grief could be seen underneath that smile of victory. A second, that was all Riddick could give Void, this aggravated him to the core.

        The glow in Void’s eyes resided slowly yet, didn’t completely fade away as  Void collected his bearings. With a kind voice he said, “Thank you Riddick.”

         Those few words expressed Riddick a lot more than an entire life story can tell someone about themselves. Void has always been like this. He was never selfish and he was always the one who took the position of an elder. He was like a father to Riddick and moreover he was the most dearest of friends.

         In the countless galaxies and even among the unfathomable experts who knew Riddick’s identity, none dare to actually call him a kid, except Void. Riddick allowed it because he had always been on the receiving end. Void had always been the elder and he had always been the kid under his tutelage. This didn’t change in all his lifetimes and it won’t change in the future either.

       This was the relationship between them. That of a elder and a student, that of a close friend, that of a family. The bond between them was deep, beyond the mysteries of universe and the emotions of human love.

       Riddick sighed lightly and said in a low voice, “That wasn’t for free Void. Now that you are a little free, I will work you to the bone.”

         Inside the blank dimension, Void smiled as he heard Riddick. He thanked Riddick many number of times in the countless years they had lived together and yet, every time he got the same answer. The first time he thanked Riddick, he got the exact answer and from then on, it continued.

         These little things, these little bonds, watching the naive kid who stumbled upon him a trillion years ago struggling for him. For his freedom, for the injustice he had suffered all those countless years ago. They were the supports which made Void stand tall, sharp and away from despair.

        While Riddick lived for Void, his love, his family and his friends. Void lived for Riddick. He cared about Riddick above everyone and the initial hatred against those who imprisoned him was solidified and harnessed into his heart every time he watched Riddick die under their schemes.

           Kamsara, the stage where Riddick used his body as an universe and released the entirety of its energy is the stage of rebuilding his cultivation. The entire energy within him is expelled without a minute exception.

         That second when he executed the Kamsara, he essentially became a non cultivator. His body had not a single ounce of elemental energy or Void energy. His cultivation was completely rebuilt from the scratch.

        As Void is connected to Riddick, the change in Void resulted in a change in his own soul. The peak stage disciple soul within his soul world underwent a rapid evolution in that instant.

      As Void broke free of his first chain, a roaring sound filled the surroundings as the elemental energy in the surroundings rushed towards Riddick like a tsunami. Like a black hole, Riddick absorbed everything within a thousand mile radius within a span of mere seconds.

             Riddick lost all his previous cultivation but within seconds of Kamsara activation, his entire energy base was rebuilt from nothing and he successfully entered the deva stage.

        Riddick took a deep breath as he absorbed the tiny elemental essence in his surroundings. He then began to observe his dantian. A thick elemental essence filled it completely but deep inside it, a single strand of Void energy was rotating at high speed.

        This was the true essence of Void cultivation. Transformation. Riddick could transform the elemental essence to Void energy upon his will.

         As Riddick stood there still, the trembling space and the tumbling skies began to twist as a face formed out of nothing but pure Will. The face gazed at Riddick and Riddick gazed at the face at the same time.

           Riddick sighed because he knew that the this would happen sooner or later. The fate of his life can never be changed by his own will, it was another encounter with the bloodline of Sura.

Riddick – Book 5 – Chapter 25 – Kamsara

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Kamsara :

“Too late”

Looks of horror surfaced on Bailey’s face as Riddick coolly uttered the two words. However, following which an unprecedented power began to rise from Jedi’s body. Riddick stood still watching everything, Elaine stood still watching Riddick. Bailey staggered back watching Jedi and Jane stood mutely with a dumb expression on her face.

Bailey wasn’t the one who was most stunned by the way in which the events unfolded, nor was it Jedi, it was Jane. She, who believed that Bailey and Jedi were her only salvation in her situation was stunned to the core as Riddick stood tall facing them without a single hint of nervousness and fear on his face.

As Jedi’s body began to disintegrate, so did the power with in him. Everything is born from something and in the events of perfect fusion we create the source of everything, Void.

Void cannot exist in nature due to the laws of heavens but the Void energy was quickly and rapidly flowing towards Riddick disappearing from nature. Within seconds of his declaration, the being called Jedi disintegrated into nothingness. Everything that resulted from this degradation was absorbed and assimilated by Riddick in mere seconds.

The seconds which were spent in stupor showed Bailey and Jane something which they could never imagine in their lives. The fusion of elements, the formation of Void. Some of the most dangerous taboos in the universe occurred right in front of their eyes and all they could do was to stare without a word.

Void energy began to crackle as Riddick slowly opened his eyes. Glowing in scarlet colour and surrounded by the milky essence of Void, they were like inescapable phantoms. Intelligence seemed to vibrate within them and as they gazed at the trembling Bailey, indifference could be seen within them.

Bailey saw this and so did Jane. How could they miss this when they was watching Riddick with all their attention. The Riddick in front of them wasn’t anything like they have ever seen. If before, Riddick gave an image of possessing unimaginable power than now, they could clearly feel the difference. The current Riddick had unfathomable power within his grasp.

As they saw this, Jane trembled in fear. She never understood why Riddick would save her and why he would show her any mercy when he had nothing to gain in return.

However, Bailey laughed bitterly as he saw Riddick. He then said, “So this is what this is all about? You speak some pretty big words Riddick, you speak as if you are above us and yet, this is all you care about. Power, strength. How are you different from me? You killed a million people to achieve this and still, do you dare say I am more evil.”

Riddick closed his eyes and stayed silent for a moment. He sighed lightly and said, “I have indeed killed many to achieve this and I did it because I was left with no choice. The people I killed aren’t truly dead, they have just been liberated from the burdens of life. If their karma is fulfilled than they will gain salvation. I, however am different.

Regardless of death, time and number of lives I suffer, I will never fulfill my karma because my karma doesn’t lie here. Bailey, you can call me cruel, evil and cold hearted but I will only tell you this. I am Riddick and whatever I do, I do knowing that it will be etched in my name.

My way of living makes me carve out a path to accomplish my goal and in doing so I may do whatever I have to. The truth shall be revealed one day and then, I will let the world judge me but until then…” Riddick opened his eyes and a red light flickered in them, “I don’t mind being called evil.”

Bailey’s face contracted with fury, anger, frustration as he heard Riddick. He couldn’t contain the fact that he was going to die soon. He knew that Riddick wouldn’t go out of his way to save him and he wasn’t a least bit bothered about people’s death.

The reason he asked Riddick was because he wanted to confirm one thing. Was Riddick afraid of his strength? No, he wasn’t. He could see the confidence and superiority in his eyes. His dreams, his future, everything was shattered because of one person, Riddick. Bailey couldn’t forgive Riddick, he would never forgive him.

Bailey raised his hand and intense energy began to congregate in his fist as he said, “If I am going to die then I will die after killing you. You can say any number of lies Riddick but I can say one thing for certain, the current you don’t possess even a tenth of my power. If ten minutes is all I got then I will shatter that spirit of your until you die of suffering.”

Riddick’s face didn’t change nor did he show any kind of emotions in his eyes. He simply raised his hand and Elaine rushed forward morphing into her sword form. Crimson hair, Crimson eyes and a Crimson sword. Riddick was more of a demon than a human.

Bailey laughed as he saw Elaine’s true form. He was laughing at himself for being fooled by her. His laugh slowly twisted as his heart burned in anger.


A sharp sound was heard and the next second, Bailey appeared in front of Riddick. Shocked expression appeared on Riddick’s face and Jane was smashed to ground by the sheer force of the pressure.

“Shocked. I thought that you were the one who knew everything that is going to happen Riddick.” Bailey said with a mad glint in his face.

Riddick face was calm but his voice was anxious as he said, “You are madman Bailey. Stop doing this. I know that you are mad at me but doing this will collapse your soul and you can never be reincarnated again. Stop using your soul as a source of power Bailey.”

Bailey face was wrapped in a crazy smile as he said, “Oho! Now, now, the great Riddick is preaching me about reincarnation and the cycle of life. Why do you care so much about me Riddick? I don’t care. This life is enough for me and the last wish of my life is to let you die through suffering.”

Riddick face twisted but he backed away at high speed towards Jane. Anger flashed in his eyes as he glanced at the crazy expression on Bailey’s face. Using the soul as a source of power and burning his entire cultivation for a short burst of strength. A forbidden technique which will only have one outcome, death. This wasn’t within his expectation.

As Riddick glanced at Jane who was on the ground. He clenched his teeth and extended his hand. This wasn’t how it was supposed to be so he didn’t take precautions. Bailey who saw this disappeared in a flash and before Riddick could even sense him was already beside Jane.

Horror flashed through Riddick’s eyes for only a second but Bailey didn’t miss that. An amused smile blossomed on his lips as he gripped Jane’s neck while floating in the sky.

“Ho…. I was thinking why the little chick of the Mist Valley Sect was here but looks like you want her, alive, Riddick.”Red light gleamed in his eyes he raised his hand to peered into Jane’s eyes and said, “Hello little sect master, I will give you one second. Tell me all you know about this man. One lie and I will behead you without a second thought, on the other hand, if you tell me something worth my attention then I will give you my word. You will be spared.”

Tears began to roll down Jane’s cheeks as she struggled in Bailey’s hands. She began to stutter as she said, “I only know that he is related to……..”

“DON’T TEST MY PATIENCE…BAILEY.” Riddick roared loudly as he threw Elaine like a javelin.

Bailey laughed loudly as he raised his hand and caught Elaine with ease. However, the next second he was stunned as blood sprayed in the skies as a black spear emerged from within Elaine piercing Jane’s heart.

“You bastard.” Bailey roared loudly as he tightly grabbed the spear and said, “Quick, tell me. Who? Who is he related to?”

Jane’s face was filled with bitterness as he coughed up blood and said, “Arthur of Sky continent.”

Broad smile flickered on Bailey’s face as he heard this. An intense black light flickered from the spear engulfing Jane and the next instant, Jane disappeared from the world.

Bailey began to laugh loudly but the next second he froze as he saw a white fist in the corner of his vision.


A single word escaped his mouth and in the next second the world came tumbling down as Riddick roared in fury. The sky trembled and the earth shattered as the Void began to form at the speed of light collapsing the surrounding space. Trapped within was Bailey who was struck by the full power strike of Riddick.

Bailey’s hair stood on edge as he saw a savage Riddick in front of him. The formation of space around him didn’t matter nor did the compression power the spatial walls was forcing on him. All he could see and think about was the demon like Riddick in front of him.

Riddick who stood there with red eyes and intense breath slowly said in a cold voice, “Remember this for the rest of your short life Bailey, never, never again will you dare dream of harming my loved ones. The consequences of that aren’t something you power can handle.

I had seen enough of your feats Bailey. Now, its time to show you mine.

Void – First stage – Kamsara.”


Note – Don’t try to search for Kamsara. I made it up by fusing the name of a demon with an another. Hindu mythology so you won’t find anything.

However, I will explain what it means soon.

Riddick – Book 5 – Chapter 24 Too late

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Too late :

             “Are you out of your fucking mind? You are gonna kill me? You?” Bailey asked with a smirk on his face.

          Riddick looked at Bailey and said in a calm voice, “Don’t ask the same thing again and again Bailey. It makes you look like a retard. Yes, you are going to die and no, I am not gonna kill you.”

       Bailey looked at Elaine and asked in a mocking voice, “She is gonna kill me?”

        Elaine shook her head answering his question. Bailey then looked at Riddick and said, “Riddick, you are testing my sanity. True, you helped me in gaining such power but you forgot something.
        This is a world where power rules over everything including the morals. You shouldn’t have let me gain this much power but you did. I don’t know why but now, you are gonna die because of it.

          I have seen what you are capable of and I know that if I leave you alive then you may even obliterate my own sect one day. I can’t allow that. One, you may gain enough strength to kill me yourself and Two, you will help some fucker gain more power than me. Both of which should never happen so I am gonna kill you now.”

         Riddick slowly stood up and looked over at Bailey for a few seconds. He then sighed lightly and said, “Alright, you can do whatever you want to but listen to me before deciding whether you really want to kill me or not.

           Devil techniques are complex. The technique I used is much more complex than anything you will ever come across in your entire life. Now, I don’t have to explain to you that shortcuts in the path of cultivation are prone to side effects.

      You have just jumped over three levels in a few minutes and Bailey, believe me, you can never survive through those side effects without my help. Thus, you are gonna die and if I am not convinced of your sincerity, You will die for sure and I am gonna help you in dying peacefully.”

           Riddick’s words made Bailey stutter. He was unable to retort to Riddick’s words because even he knew that there would be side effects and he was not a person who was specialised in dealing with them. Each side effect had a unique way of dealing with it and Bailey had no idea what would be his side effect let alone it’s remedy.

                Bailey instant caution made Riddick smile in anticipation. He slowly lifted his hand and continued as he used a bit of an energy to make a small globe to play with and said, “Bailey, let me give you an explanation of what is going to happen in your body within the next few minutes.

         Energy as in the elemental essence of the five elements is obtained through the fractional distillation of the original essence of the universe which is the Void energy. Void is nothing but it also encompasses everything within it.

            Now, the various planes and the everything under the heavens doesn’t allow the existence of Void energy within them. They do it by cutting off the world from the rest of the universe. However, there is a hole in this system and it lies with our own body.

           The universe is the mother of all creation including the Void and the body is comparable to the universe because it encompasses everything which make us, us. So the body is the only thing which is comparable to the universe because of the absolute control it has over itself.

        Our body can take up the energy of the earth and heavens to cultivate according to the dao of the heavens but it can also cut off its ties with the heavens. That is exactly what is happening to you now, Bailey. Your body no longer is connected to the heavens. It has become an isolated entity, alone in the entire world and the only one who can help you now is me.”

      Bailey’s face which was filled with confusion as Riddick talked slowly began to become pale as he understood what was happening to him. Even though he had become a level seven deva, without the way to replenish his energy he would soon run out of his energy resources.

          He couldn’t understand what was happening and why but he knew one thing for sure, he was now cut away from the world. He could no longer sense any elemental essence and can’t absorb any either.

          Riddick who saw this turned his head and looked at Jedi who also had a pale face. He then smiled as he walked towards them and said, “Now, now, I know that this is quite a shock to you but let me tell you one final piece of information.

         Remember, you were actually here to chase and kill us, right? Now, that angel essence will lead others to you as well. We are now in the same boat, welcome aboard guys.”

       “You bastard. How dare you trick us?” Jedi roared as he lifted Riddick up by his collar.

      “If I were you I would treat Riddick with utmost respect because he is the only one who can save you from your demise.” Elaine’s smooth voice cut through their anger like a knife making Jedi leave Riddick.

          Riddick adjusted his collar and said, “Don’t be ridiculous Jedi. When did I ever trick you? I said that you will gain power and you did. Everything in this world has a price and you just paid yours. That’s all there is to it.”

             Bailey shook his head and said, “What do you want? I am not a fool. I know that you have trapped us here because you want something from us in return. I don’t know how and what you did to us but you will fucking undo it, else I will kill you even if I have to spend the rest of my life hiding here, in this small plane.”

        Riddick snickered lightly and said, “I like Intelligent people. It makes my work a lot easier. Don’t worry, I will keep my side of promise.

         I want you guys to understand. This is just business and its nothing personal. I just want you to stay here silently for a few minutes and then we are done.”

       “What the fuck are you taking about? You want us to stay here for a few minutes and then we are done. How are we done? How are you going to revert us back? Just what the fuck did you do to us?” Jedi shouted loudly.

       Riddick shook his head and said, “No, I want those few minutes for Bailey as he has most energy. You however should be ripe by now. Let me test.


          The second Riddick said that word blue veins appeared all over Jedi’s face as he rolled over the ground. He began to cough blood and his eyes were bloodshot. His heart beat soared like sky and he was almost on the verge of his death within a few seconds.

          The incredible elemental essence within his cultivation base began to boil as the minute particles of the Void energy within his body began to engulf them crazily. As they engulfed them, they began to transform the elemental energy  into the Void energy.
         Bailey who saw this instantly rose to his feet. He couldn’t help but shout, “What did you do to him? If anything happens to him then you are dead Riddick.”

          Riddick smiled broadly and said, “Don’t worry. He is just going through a painful process of gaining the most absolute power in the universe.

           Remember I said that the body is like an universe, you can actually cut it from the rest of the world and make it your own small universe. The Void energy can’t exist outside in the environment but in the body which is cut of from the universe, it can not only exist, it can flourish. It can go on a rampage.”

       “Hahaha….. Soon Jedi will be reborn only stronger, sharper and much more powerful than the current you even if he is just a level four deva. Look, the process is almost done.” Riddick continued in a relaxed voice.

          Bailey’s face was filled with doubts as he saw the trembling body of Jedi. However, the trembling soon resided and Jedi laid panting on the ground.

       A few minutes later Jedi opened his eyes and the next second he began to laugh incredulously. He then rose from the ground and clasped Riddick’s hands without a word.

     “I don’t know what you did to me and why, but now I feel that I can conquer the universe. I never felt so free and powerful in all my life. Thank you Riddick. Thank you. I don’t care even if the entire world is trying to kill you, from now you are my brother.” Jedi said in a cheerful voice.

         Riddick looked at Jedi and smiled lightly. Bailey had a doubtful face as he asked, “Just what did you do Riddick?”

        Riddick smiled lightly and said, “I said before, didn’t l? Now we are all in the same boat so I helped in converting his cultivation into the strongest energy in the universe, Void energy?”

            “I am not asking you that, I am asking you just why would you do this much favour to us? What do you gain from this? I refuse to believe that you would do this without any cause.” Bailey asked in a doubtful voice.

                Riddick laughed lightly and said, “Indeed, I didn’t do it for you. Although I said that we are all in the same boat. There is one difference between us”

      “What is it?” Jedi asked confused.

             “You are the pawns I sacrificed to gain the fruits of my plan. The Void energy is indeed very powerful and you does indeed possess it but there is a something you need to know.

       To successfully contain the Void energy, one should possess a body cultivated in the way of Void and you guys have nothing like that.” Riddick face which was completely calm and gentle since the beginning suddenly showed a knowing cold smile.

          “And since you do not have the qualifications to possess the Void energy, you can’t contain it.” Riddick continued to the horror of Jedi and Bailey.

          Riddick licked his lips and said, “And since you can’t contain it, it will naturally try to release itself from the bondage and when it does return, it returns with a BOOM!”

            “You motherfucker, I am gonna kill you.” Jedi roared loudly but he suddenly stopped in his tracks as the pain assaulted his body like a tsunami.

    Riddick causally shook his head and said, “Too late.”


Riddick – Book 5 – Chapter 23 I Need you to die

Author note : Hi guys, GSD REDDY here and I am back with an another[a][b][c][d] chapter.

Edited by – Kidyeon

This is the third regular Riddick chapter of this week.

This is an exception because I was feeling bad for Riddick as I was giving all my love to Rigel recently. Well, if I am sponsored, I may give him more love else I will try to develop Rigel more when I can.

Enjoy and thank you.

I need you to die :

“That’s enough Elaine.” Riddick ordered as he casually walked back towards Bailey and Jedi.

Elaine who saw Riddick nodded back, as she casually walked towards him and stood behind his back.

Bailey was slightly stunned because he couldn’t even sense Riddick as he approached them. Then again he realised that he was on the brink of forgetting the fact that he was there to kill Elaine.

No matter how much he wanted to possess her, it didn’t change the fact that he couldn’t betray his sect for a mere woman. However, Riddick’s appearance and the casual way in which he ordered her still irritated his mind.

Jedi who was similarly out of control was actually standing still with a dumb face. He couldn’t understand why they were so drowned in lust just a while ago, and then again how they had suddenly lost all those desires in just an instant.

Riddick looked at them and smiled lightly. He then bowed slightly and said, “Gentlemen, let me introduce myself. My name is Riddick, and she is Elaine. We aren’t lovers if that is what you are wondering about.

We are more of partners, and as I see, considering your strength. We are delighted to have your company.”

“What the fuck does that mean? Your answer will decided your life.” Bailey retorted angrily.

Riddick laughed lightly and said, “Well, you’re quite rude, aren’t you? Don’t forget, Elaine here, alone, can defeat both of you. But we aren’t here to fight, and I certainly am not a person who delights to have rogue challenges, so I instead decided to befriend you.

Elaine here tells me that you have been stuck at a bottleneck for a long time and the young man over there is very ambitious. Two strong people with great ambitions and strong spirits, both of you belong to a great sect as well. Perfect for my cause.

How about it, Mr. Bailey? I will help both of you have a breakthrough now. In return we want a small favour from you… or should I say, ‘small’ in your capacity as the head elder of the Infamous Violet sect.”

Bailey’s face changed as he heard Riddick. He didn’t forget the strange smile on Elaine’s face when he said that his greatest wish was to have a breakthrough in power and now he was seeing a man who said that he could help him with that.

Though overcome with greed he wasn’t blind and deaf, so he narrowed his eyes and said, “Before I ask you how can you achieve this feat, I want to know what you wish from us?”

Riddick nodded his head and said, “Fair enough. I want camouflage:

As you know, we are wanted people and many are searching for us as we speak. Unfortunately, we have to stay hidden here, in this plane for a while, so we want you to spread false information.”

Jedi who heard this said in a low voice, “I don’t understand. Why would you trust us with such an important task? What if we lie to you? What if we sell you out?

There is something wrong with your request. You are hiding something.”

Bailey looked at Riddick for an answer as well. Riddick then smiled lightly and said, “Well, seen from your point of view, there certainly is something wrong with my words. But, my friends as you can see for yourselves, I am out of options.

You are the third group to visit this plane in the past two years, and as I said, I am not a person who likes to battle so I am left with no choice but to trust you.”

Bailey shook his head and said, “Let’s leave this matter aside for now. We only have to do that if you can do what you promised to do.

So tell me Riddick. How on earth can you let us have a breakthrough. Remember, you are dealing with one level four and multiple level three devas before you speak rubbish.”

Elaine smiled lightly as she heard Bailey. She then said a few words in Riddick’s ear and flew off. As soon as she went, the atmosphere in the air around the men changed drastically. A clear air seeped in from the surroundings, cleansing the faint blood red air.

Bailey who saw this narrowed his eyes and said, “As I thought. She can bewitch us in some way and this faintly red mist seems to be her doing.”

Riddick walked forwards towards Bailey and said, “Don’t worry, the mist just numbs your judgement. It doesn’t have any long term effects and its main use is mainly as an aphrodisiac.”

As Riddick walked by Bailey and Jedi, in that split second both of them moved like a loose arrows and their sword energies targeted Riddick from the back.

Riddick who had his back towards them smiled as he sensed their movements and just raised a single hand.

Thick white energy emerged from his hand like a snake and engulfed the sword energies with ease.

“Please stop your silly games. If I wasn’t confident enough to stay alive then why would I even show my back to you.

Now moving on to the issue. Bailey, the way in which I am going to let you have a breakthrough lies in that valley. Within the sect named, Mist Valley.” Riddick casually started to speak completely disregarding the stunned faces of Bailey and Jedi.

Bailey was now certain that Riddick’s power was far above his. He used all his energy to attack but Riddick just brushed the sword energy aside with a casual flip of his hand. The same was true for Jedi. However, none of them knew that Riddick used two thirds of his energy reserves to achieve that feat.

“What do you mean?” Bailey asked in a careful voice.

Riddick turned around to gaze at the vast Mist valley beneath him and said, “Ever heard of Devil way techniques?”

Bailey shook his head and said, “I did but those can’t help me. To have a breakthrough with my cultivation, I would need an astonishing amount of resources.”

Riddick smiled mysteriously, “Won’t a million cultivators be enough.”

“A million.” Jedi stuttered.

“Yes, a million. I am now going to start a wide range devil technique and catalyse these million souls to achieve that.

Don’t misunderstand, we are here for ourselves and honestly put, a million souls is too much for us so I extended the offer to you. Since we are going to do it at anyway, why not let you reap the benefits as well.”

Bailey and Jedi stood there stunned by Riddick’s words. Even if they were elders of a massive sect, they had never involved themselves in such a massive massacre. They couldn’t help but think, Just what kind of a person Riddick was he, that he was discussing the murder of a million souls with such ease.

Also, they didn’t miss his words as well. Riddick said that he would employ a wide range devil technique to catalyse a million cultivators. Just what kind of power is necessary to release such a technique and just what kind of person would own it.

Just as their thoughts raged in their minds. Riddick smiled lightly as he saw Elaine returning back with Jane. Seeing Jane’s pale face he said, “No need to be so pale Jane. Even I am not so cruel enough to let a girl of your age stay alone in that sect so I brought you here. Look carefully, you will understand that following me is the best thing you ever did in your life.”

Turning towards Bailey he said, “I don’t mind tuning the energy towards both of you first. If we start gobbling the energy up, we may end up taking everything. Would you like to try?”

Bailey was already in deep thought, yet, he still wasn’t ready to believe Riddick’s words so he pushed Jedi forward.

Riddick who saw this smiled lightly and looked back at the sect. He then raised his hand and revolved the last surge of Void energy within him.


A simple word was uttered by Riddick in a small voice and that sentence started the biggest nightmare of the entire plane. Inside the Mist valley, a million disciples were silently cultivating and suddenly from within their bodies they felt the presence of a foreign existence.

The elemental essence Riddick catalysed were imbued with Void energy. Though minute, it was still an energy which was rejected by the heavens. To posses that energy one would need to cultivate in the way of Void.

As Riddick invoked the Void energy to rise in the cultivators bodies. The faces of the cultivators paled as they sensed their demise. To possess a power capable of revolting against heavens, one would need a body capable of possessing such power.

Unable to contain and unable to suppress, their bodies started to shatter from inside. First their bodies, then their cultivation and finally their souls. In but a minute, a terrifying surge of energy rose from the valley.

Intertwined with Void energy, they rushed towards Riddick who in turn simply diverted the energy towards Jedi. Like a flood, those elemental essence bombarded his body and in just a second a blinding light emitted as the third component of the Yaksha was completely formed within Jedi’s body confirming the fact that he was now a level four deva.

Bailey who saw this instantly rushed forward and pushed Jedi away as he stood beside Riddick. Riddick didn’t say anything as he diverted the energy towards Bailey.

A blinding light rang out as Bailey broke past the fourth level by forming his fourth Yaksha component. Yaksha stage is the realm beyond Deva stage. Forming the nine components and fusing them with your body and then your soul will let you breakthrough to the realm of legends Yaksha realm.

Bailey began to laugh madly as he noticed that his cultivation base was rising yet again.

Mid fifth level

Late fifth level

Sixth level.

Mid sixth level

Late sixth level

His cultivation base began to grow faster than anything the world had ever witnessed and as Bailey waited with anticipation, his body finally emitted a bright light as he formed his sixth Yaksha component and thus he entered the seventh level.

The blinding energy from the valley finally began to dim and in just a few more seconds, the energy was completely used up.

Riddick who saw this sighed loudly and sat down. He then looked at Bailey and said, “You took everything and even formed your sixth Yaksha component.

You will keep your side of promise right. I have kept mine.”

Bailey crunched his hand and then looked at Riddick and said, “I have no more use of you. So you have to die.”

Riddick who heard this leaned back and said in a casual voice, “Oh! You stole those words right out of my mouth Bailey.

I share the same opinion. I have no more use of you. So you have to die. Don’t worry, I will help you with that.”


Explanation about Yaksha stage and deva stage:

Beginner disciple -> divine disciple -> peak disciple -> deva stage -> yaksha stage.

Deva stage has a total of nine levels and each level corresponds to a single component of Yaksha which is the core of your cultivation base. I call it Yaksha core.

So basically you have to form the Yaksha core to enter into Yaksha realm and the core has nine parts. Each higher level of deva has an extra part.

First level – no component.

Second level – one component.

Ninth level – eight components.

and when one forms the ninth component. They form the core and break past the deva stage into the Yaksha stage.

This is the complete idea behind the cultivation. I explained this here because I don’t want you guys to be confused in the future.

Rigel – Book 1 – Chapter 7 – Bluffing his way


Bluffing his way:


“Knock it off,” Rigel said with an angry voice while pushing Ravel’s hand off his chin. Rigel backed off a few steps until he stood a little distance away from Ravel.

Ravel, who didn’t expect such an answer stood in her place with a stunned expression, but she soon collected herself as she smiled lightly and said, “Ho… I thought that you were a bit more Intelligent than this. You should know that I can spill all your secrets the second you oppose me…”

“Then what?” Rigel asked in a loud voice, “What would you gain by spilling my secrets? In the first place, you know next to nothing about me. True, I don’t belong to this tavern’s workforce. I bluffed my way to work in this bar, but that’s about it. They may kill or sell me as a slave for my deed, but that is the worst case scenario.

Even if I faked my identity, I didn’t fake my sincerity. The master and the other servants respect me for my work and even if you tell them about me, I am positive that they would forgive me.”

Ravel smiled with an amused expression and said, “The world isn’t such a kind place Rigel. Do you believe that they would let you go after you cheated them once.”

Rigel smiled as he heard Ravel and said, “They will. Besides, I don’t want you to tell me about the cruelty of this world. I had my share a lot earlier than you.”

Ravel sighed deeply and sat on her chair. Glancing at Rigel, she said in a deep voice, “You are a tough kid, aren’t you? Submitting to me is the best option for you, you know? Didn’t you see my little stunt earlier? Killing you will be a piece of cake for me.”

Rigel narrowed his eyes and walked towards her. He then sat opposite her in a relaxing way. With a knowing smile, he said, “Maybe. But, I am sure that you won’t kill me. Besides, you need my full cooperation for the thing you are going to ask me to do.

Ravel, I may be a kid in the eyes of the world but believe me, I am not. This isn’t about my secrets or your power over me; it is about the thing you want from me.

Bluffing and coercing me into submission won’t work. Even though I am still a greenhorn compared to you, I have done my share of shady things. If you want me, then make me willing give myself to you. Make an offer; I can’t refuse.”

Ravel sat there silently for a few seconds and then sighed loudly. “This is why I don’t like kids like you. It would be so much easier had you been a naive kid.” She complained in an irritated voice.

Rigel smiled to himself and said, “I share the same sentiment.”

Ravel narrowed her eyes and said, “Well, well. Those are some big words for a kid.”

Rigel rose from his chair and stared at Ravel for a second. He then shook his head slightly and said, “Just so that you know, fifteen-year-old boys aren’t kids. We are considered fully grown men in this place so be careful with your words lady.

Now, enough of this chatter. We both know that this won’t lead us anywhere so to tell me, what did you expect from me that you brought me to your room.”

Ravel sighed as she heard Rigel and said, “How much did you understand from the papers you saw earlier?”

Rigel narrowed his eyes and said, “Ah! Those papers, sorry, I wasn’t able to see them clearly. Can you show them to me again?”

Ravel gritted her teeth as she could clearly see that Rigel was lying,  but since she had no choice she took out those papers from her pocket and gave them to Rigel.

Rigel narrowed his eyes as he glanced at the information recorded within them. Plant after plant, chemical after chemical, has been recorded in the ten or so papers.

Hibiscus, Jiantila, Kiri leaves, Stratum, Manzella, Jinalite, Kostivk.

Common and rare plants were recorded in no particular order. Besides, what Rigel didn’t understand was that why would someone give enough clues to know the plant but not the name itself. Initially, when Rigel had seen the papers, he thought that they were a part of an encyclopedia or may be parts of an ancient book, but that wasn’t it.

After several dozens of minutes, he finally put the papers down and asked in a calm voice, “So what is the story behind these papers?”

“Don’t get cocky Rigel. Just tell me what you found out about these papers, and then, we are done.” Ravel said in a threatening voice.

Rigel sighed and said, “Very well. It is not my thing to try to dig into someone’s secrets so I will let this matter go. However, you aren’t getting the information for free, my lady. I have a few requests.”

“Speak,” Ravel said in a cold voice.

“First, promise me you won’t harm me directly or indirectly. Second, get me out of here. Not to the Gehenna city, but to the place you have come from, The Great Gehenna plane. ( here plane is synonymous with the world ) and finally, promise me that you will pay me a thousand gold.

Considering your strength, I can roughly guess your status. These requests of mine shouldn’t be too difficult to fulfill, at least for you, right?”

Ravel had an incredulous expression on her face. She couldn’t help but say, “Don’t you know something called moderation? Just how low can you get to ask a girl money of all things.”

Rigel simply shrugged his shoulders.

Ravel shook her head helplessly and said, “Lower the price. I can’t pay you a thousand gold coins.”

“Nine hundred and ninety.”

“Two hundred.”

“Nine hundred and eighty.”

“Four hundred.”

“Nine hundred and seventy-nine.”

“What the fuck is wrong with you? Fine, you win. I will pay you the gold but only if I am satisfied with your answer.” Ravel said in an angry voice.

Rigel smiled as he heard Ravel. He then folded the papers and gave them back to Ravel.

“These papers are a part of a book. The book isn’t written for educational purposes, and I am not sure which book they belong to, but one thing is for sure.

They are code. An interesting way of hiding something which I presume is a treasure. Since you have acquired these papers, I am sure that you know what that is, or at least what that might be so I take that you don’t want me to elaborate that for you.”

“Elaborate,” Ravel said in a cold voice.

Rigel shrugged his shoulders and continued, “I can’t decode the hidden message, but there will surely be someone capable of doing that. Since this code needs a lot of botanical and chemical knowledge, the person behind this is either an alchemist or an extremely formidable person with a high-level alchemist by his side. Either of them is troublesome people to deal with, so I suggest you leave these papers aside and live peacefully.

Considering how charming you are, I am sure that men will surely try to charm you into loving them and then you may find love as well. How about it?”

“Shut up. I don’t want your advice on what to do with my life. Tell me, Can you decipher the hidden message if I find the remaining papers?” Ravel asked in a hurried voice.

Rigel sat back on his chair and said, “Maybe I can, or maybe I can’t. I can’t say for sure until I see the whole book. However, just so you know, each plant in this book represents a single letter, and these ten papers aren’t even enough to make a single sentence.

If the hidden message is about a hundred sentences long, then you are searching for a book with a thousand pages. Well, what should I say? Good luck.”

Ravel sighed as she heard Rigel’s voice. She sat back on her chair deep in thought. Minutes passed as they sat in silence.

Finally, Rigel broke the silence and said, “I don’t want to be a prick,   but do you want us to stay here doing nothing for the rest of the night Ravel.

However, don’t even think that I am going to let you get out of my eyes for even one second. You haven’t kept your side of the promise yet, remember?”

Ravel who heard Rigel sighed and said, “Very well. Collect your things; we will depart now.”

Rigel stood up and said, “Hey, I know that this is a little bit difficult for you but do you happen to have one of those inter-spatial storage artifacts?”

“Huh!” Ravel retorted involuntarily, “Don’t you have a limit for your greed kid. Interspatial storage artifacts aren’t cheap candy. Get your belongings now. I will leave if you aren’t here within ten minutes.”

Rigel sighed and weakly replied, “Alright.”

Getting down the stairs, Rigel ran towards the servant mansion to grab the few things he always kept on himself. Though he could keep everything hidden inside the cave, there was always a risk of someone stealing the cave. So he always kept the most important things like the concocted poisons and few important books on him.

Within minutes, Rigel was back in the room only to find Ravel ready to leave. He was slightly panting because he was in a hurry. He didn’t want to lose his hard-earned freedom.

Ravel who saw Rigel didn’t speak a word as she climbed the stairs up. Rigel followed behind her until they reached a door guarded by two guards who looked like two absolute barriers.

They didn’t blink an eye as Ravel stood before them, but upon seeing Rigel, they stared at her as if asking for an explanation.

“My slave,” Ravel answered their unasked question.

Nodding their heads, they lifted the seal on the door, and Ravel walked into it followed by Rigel.

The next instant, a world of astonishing beauty appeared before Rigel’s eyes. It wasn’t all that different compared to the outside world but to Rigel, he felt as if he had seen the most amazing thing in his life.

We can’t appreciate some things as long as we take them for granted. Rigel never thought about sunlight in his twelve years of life but now, after being in darkness for two whole years, he felt as if the warmth of the sun was heavenly.

The greenery of the plants. The fresh air without the stench of the dead and the feel of a shackle less world looked like a boundless universe full of opportunities.

“Here take this and good bye. Hope we never meet again. Remember, the only reason why I am leaving you alive is that I have already given my word.” Ravel said as she threw a small bag towards Rigel.

However, before Rigel could even respond she took off to the skies. Seeing this Rigel couldn’t help but shiver slightly. Flight was an ability possessed by Spark Formation stage cultivators.

Spark formation stage was completely different from the Qi Condensation. It was an entirely different level, and any spark stage cultivator can kill a Qi condensation stage cultivator with ease, and they had many unique abilities.

Like the  “Qi manifestation.”

Rigel knew only a little, but he knew how terrifyingly powerful they were. The thought that he was provoking with her a second ago made his body shiver in fear.

Opening the bag Ravel gave him, a look of astonishment crossed over his face. But, then again he shook his head helplessly as he counted the gold inside it. He did think of the possibility that Ravel may not pay him fully, but still he did not expect her to pay only a hundred gold coins with the remaining being copper, not even silver.

However, Rigel only smiled as he tucked the gold on his waist. He looked at the skies and said, “You cheated me as well, so we are equal.”

Rigel smirked as he took out an old book out of his bag and flipped through the pages casually. Albeit a bit different they were the same pages, Ravel had in her hands. There was no treasure, no hidden message nor was there any need to search for the remaining pages.

It was nothing but an old practice book which was long out of publication. Frank had given Rigel the book to test his knowledge of plants and chemicals.

Rigel smiled lightly and said, “Leaving the gold aside, I still achieved my primary goal. Sorry Ravel.”



Rigel – Book 1 – Chapter 6 Caught


Caught :



Rigel stood by the door gazing at a young woman who sat alone in one corner of the tavern. The men around were unconsciously trying to act a little more mature and were trying to show off their good points. Their plan was as plain as day but unfortunate for them; the young woman didn’t even bother to appease their efforts with a glance. She kept her eyes on her papers the entire time.

Minutes slowly passed and finally a man rose from his table and walked towards the young woman. Men were strange creatures; they love to woo women, and unless they gain the object of their desire, their lust can’t be satiated easily. The men in the bar knew next to nothing about that young woman, but the glimpse of her beautiful face was enough to pique their curiosity.

Lust is a part of love. Love with lust is the natural component of any stable relationship between men and women, but lust alone is a sin. These men were now filled with lust and with a single woman in the middle of men. No more words are necessary to describe their thought process.

Rigel, who stood there waiting for his orders, did notice these lustful gazes, and he also saw the man moving towards the young woman. He sighed in his mind but kept quiet because he knew that no matter what happens in front of him, he was in no position to intervene.

Suddenly Rigel caught sight of something under the woman’s robe which made him wonder if the woman was vulnerable. A small shiny object was visible through the robe from his position and Rigel could almost guess its identity but as said before, he was in no position to intervene no matter what happens.

“Hello Miss, I am Luther. I was just wondering what kind of an angel you are? Knowing your station, I should probably stay away but my heart pains to see that you are here without a company. Men are fools aren’t they? How can there be a man who lets you wander alone like this? Miss, why don’t you join me? I will make sure to entertain you.” The man said with a gentle smile on his face.

His voice was soft, and so were his words. However, his intentions weren’t. That much was clear from his actions. A gentleman would never touch a lady without her permission, but this man directly put his arms around her as he sat beside her.

The young woman who heard the man and saw his actions closed her eyes for a second and then casually flipped the pages on the table. The next second a horrifying scream rang out in the room as Luther shouted at the top of his lungs before stumbling away from the young woman in horror.

The lady didn’t even bother to look at Luther, but the people in the bar did. His face was twisting in pain as he gazed at his hand. His right hand which he had put around the young woman now only had four fingers.

“I took a finger as a warning. The second I hear one more word out of your vulgar mouth, you will lose more than just a finger. Believe me; I am far more adept in killing than in keeping you alive.” A cold voice resounded in the tavern’s bar as the young woman spoke without lifting her head.

Rigel stood still with a fearful face, but his eyes glittered with excitement. Knowing what was going to happen, he kept a close eye on the knife within the robes of the young woman and what he saw made him tremble with excitement. In that instant, when the man uttered those words, the young woman moved her jade like hands like a whip and accurately cut off a single finger without wounding the other four.

What Rigel found to be even more unbelieving were her swift actions. As she cut off the finger, she caught it with lightning fast reflexes and put that severed finger in Luther’s pocket. Everything happened in a split second, and Luther only registered the pain a second later.

Rigel would never be able to see the woman’s actions with such precision had he not concentrated from the very beginning. The woman who he thought to be a prey in the middle of men turned out to be a lioness.

Luther, who heard the young lady’s voice, didn’t even make a squeak. He silently got up and ran out of the bar without turning back. He had suffered enough humiliation in her hands and considering the skill she displayed earlier; he was sure that the longer he resisted, the more he would suffer.

All the men in the bar silently dropped their heads. Fear overshadowed their lust and once again, silence returned to the bar. Rigel who saw this had an unconscious smile on his face.

Laws of the world are nothing but a joke in the world where people of great power made up laws. If the young woman were weak and vulnerable, then she would have fallen prey to Luther’s approaches but now, with her strength, she made all the men bow their heads before her.

Rigel, who saw this, smiled bitterly in his heart. He was not a fool to lose himself in dreams, and he was not ignorant enough to not understand the difference between reality and illusion.

The young woman clearly was a great cultivator and her speed can only be achieved after treading far on the path of cultivation. She was most probably a spark formation stage cultivator who has perfected her Qi emission to a level that people in the bar didn’t even notice her strength or her identity as a cultivator.

The events of the past month once again played in Rigel’s mind. The mysterious cultivator, and his helplessness. Rigel involuntarily or voluntarily began to feel an intense desire he had once felt two years ago. The desire to gain strength. The desire to gain power.

But then again, he lost all his means when his dantian was destroyed. Dantian is the core of any cultivator. There is no cultivation without a dantian, and there will be no future without power. Rigel knew this, but he also knew that the….

“The future is limitless, and the possibilities are infinite.”

Rigel’s aim wasn’t to gain strength which surpassed everyone in the world. He only needed enough strength to win against the mysterious man and find out the whereabouts of Frank. If he can’t possess such power by himself, then he would gain such power by authority, by bribery, or by betrayal. Means were infinite.  What mattered was the result and Rigel didn’t care about the process in between.

Several minutes later, Rigel began to wipe the floor upon receiving the orders. While passing the woman’s table, he glanced at the papers due to curiosity only to find complex chemical equations on it.

The alchemy of poisons didn’t only rely simply on mixing ingredients. It was a complex science which explained the intricate details of the components used within it. One component can be used in ten thousand formulas, and it reacts in a hundred thousand different ways to give millions of possible results. None can master the alchemy of Poison in one lifetime.

Rigel’s face lit up as he saw the formulas of various pills and poisons on the sheets. For two years, he relentlessly learned many poison concoctions from Frank so he could recognize many of them at a glance. Lost in thought, he didn’t notice the gaze of the woman on him.

The young woman who was thinking hard was drawn by a gaze of another soul. With irritation, she glanced at him ready to whip out but instead of stinking men; a boy stood beside her, and he was instead looking at her papers with intense concentration.

She could see enlightenment in his eyes as he moved from one formula to another. She could tell instinctively tell that the boy in front of her, a waiter was capable of deciphering the meaning hidden behind the complex texts, and this piqued her interest.

Rigel only glanced for a mere ten seconds and withdrew his gaze knowing that he had overstepped his station in his disguise, but the harm was already done. The young woman was now staring at him with intense concentration.

“What is your name?” She asked out of the blue startling Rigel.

“My lady, my name is Rigel.” Rigel tried to be as careful as he can, but the young woman rose from her seat and said in a loud voice, “Master, I have some work that I have to take care. I want this kid for assistance. I will pay you later.”

Alarms rang like sirens in Rigel’s mind as he heard that. He was pushed into a corner in one stroke by the young woman and then before he could even respond, she collected all her papers and ordered, “Didn’t you listen to me? Follow me.”

Rigel couldn’t open his mouth to say any objections because he couldn’t think of any. What kind of objections can a mere servant make to a customer who is paying for his services? He can’t. Any excuse will blow his cover, so Rigel collected his bearings quickly and followed the young woman as she walked out of the war.

Following her, he slowly climbed the stairs. No matter how Rigel thought, he could see no path of escape. The woman before him was strong, sharp and attentive. He can not attempt an escape, and the best thing he can do in that situation was to bluff his way through her questions.

Though the possibility of fooling her was little, it was still the option with the highest probability of getting out unharmed. He still didn’t know why she asked for him, but he was aware that she decided to do that only after she caught him staring at her papers.

A few minutes later. Rigel stood still like a statue as he uncomfortably stared back at the young woman who had been staring at him for one whole minute without saying a word. Finally, Rigel sighed in his heart and admitted defeat. So he asked in a conservative voice,

“My lady, what can I do for you?”

The young woman licked her lips and said in a calm voice, “You can drop your act boy. I can say for certain that you are not an ordinary servant. Who are you?”

Rigel gulped his saliva nervously and said, “My name is Rigel, My lady.”

The young woman smiled as she heard Rigel. She leaned back in the chair and asked in a low voice, “So Rigel, How about we come to an understanding?”

Rigel still kept a plain face as he asked in a calm voice, “What kind of understanding, My lady?”

“A mutually beneficial one.” The young woman answered and then said in a low voice, “For keeping your secret, you will share your secret with me, Rigel.”

Her body suddenly disappeared from her place as she appeared before Rigel in a flash. Catching his chin in her jade like hands, she leaned down to look straight into Rigel’s eyes and said, “I, Ravel have a lot of interest in you Rigel. I hope that you won’t disappoint me. Remember, I am not a kind person when I am disappointed Rigel.”

Rigel face still was calm as ever but inside; his heart was beating with high intensity. No matter how much he tried to control his thoughts, he couldn’t help but think, “Just what did I get myself into?”