Book 5 – Chapter 21 Deception

Author note : Hi guys, GSD REDDY here if you have forgotten who I am.

       Now, let me tell you what happened in these past ten days. Due to some bizarre circumstances, I got posted to a hospital which is approx 50 kilometres away from my university. Ya, it is bizarre. I knew that I will have work to do but I wasn’t expecting such a long distance posting.

        I had to and am still spending about three hours commuting daily and thus, I am drained completely everyday. This made me unable to touch Riddick even though I know that I should.

     The reason why I didn’t announce anything was because, I was telling myself, I will do it tomorrow, tomorrow and now ten days have passed. So I decide to sit down and write even if I have to delay my obligatory duties.

    This is the brief synopsis of what happened and what will be happening in the near future but fear not, I am tough so I am already accustomed to the daily 15 hour schedule and yet, I will try to squeeze in all the regular and any sponsored chapters.

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Deception :

             The largest valley in the eastern forests looked like a mirage of great creation as the twilight sun spread its rays creating a brilliant refraction upon contacting the mist which rolled like waves and spread like a sea in that ghostly valley.

          Silence permeated the earth and the sky near the valley as if it was devoid of anything pertaining to life but upon closer inspection, the great valley held more population than an entire city. Several million disciples meditated in deep silence while elders stood guard waiting for the never foreseen attack.

             Mist valley sect, one of the great sects of the Forbidden isle may have bowed to some powers like the Roland family but still, it held sovereignty over its domain which was unquestionable by any power. Thus, none dared to ever attack the sect and no one dared to openly oppose it either.

           The sect appeared like a proud jade crystal from outside but inside, it was far from perfect. The disciples had no idea as to what was happening inside the sect but the elders did. Three months had passed since Bailey had come to the sect and in these three months he made his position very clear. Those who opposed him died like moths and those who bowed to him survived like slaves.

            Jane who was under his protection wasn’t in an much better position either. Originally she would have been granted the whole power of the sect but because of the reaction from angel essence, she instead became a tool in their hands. No one understood Bailey’s intentions and none dared to ask him either. The elders spent their days in a virtual prison while posing themselves as the prison’s masters.

         Outside the Mist valley sect, atop a mountain range, Riddick sat in a lotus position overseeing the entire valley. On his face was a thin layer of dust pertaining to the point that he had been in that position for a long time.

       Riddick who sat there like a statue slowly lifted his arms and examined the Yama. His eyes penetrated through the reality into the Yamaloka to look upon a humongous reservoir of energy within it. For three months Riddick sat on that spot waiting for this very reason. He was slowly catalysing the deva class God beast bodies into pure elemental energy and now he was finally done.

           Next, Riddick lifted his eyes and scanned the centre of the Mist valley. His vision penetrated though the thick mist and gazed upon Bailey and Jedi who were relaxing in the inner most of palaces. Riddick’s eyes slowly revealed a mocking expression as he saw the carefree attitude of Bailey.

             “Trying to kill me and yet, underestimating me so much that you are drinking wine and relaxing while I may be around. Even those old fellows who invented the angel essence aren’t so carefree when dealing with me kids. Oh well! You have at least come at the right time. I really want a good catalyst and I just found one in you.” Riddick mused with an amused smile.

           Riddick lifted his arms up and slowly gathered a ball of Void energy. The next instant, two things occurred at the same time. Elaine expanded from her sword form and took her human form while simultaneously engulfing the Void energy. The angel essence floating beside Jedi began to glow brightly and then it flew towards Riddick at high speed.

           Riddick who saw this smiled lightly and then he too flew towards the Mist valley sect. In but a second, Bailey had found Riddick and so did Jedi, their faces lit up as they noticed Riddick coming straight towards them.

         Angel essence which flew towards Riddick suddenly stopped in its place as Riddick slowly descended before it. It then began to slowly vibrate as if deciding which direction it should take and then it changed directions to fly towards Elaine who was now seated in Riddick’s place.

          Bailey had a moment of confusion but it was only for an instant because he could see nothing wrong with Riddick and the angel essence was still flying towards his target so he simply snorted lightly and flew towards Elaine.

            Riddick who watched this smiled lightly and flew towards the inner chambers of the Mist valley sect. A  minute later, Bailey and Jedi approached the hill where Elaine was seated in a lotus position and was mediating deeply.

         A look of astonishment appeared on their faces because they had never considered that their target would be right outside their camp while they searched all over the plane for her.

         Elaine who was seated there slowly opened her eyed and saw Bailey and Jedi before her. Her eyes which were crimson like her hair slowly narrowed and an erotic smile lit her face as she said seductively, “Ho… Two men have come for me at the same time. I don’t mind it but as men, are you willing to share me?”

        Bailey face twitched lightly as Elaine spoke those vulgar words. His hand instantly erupted with a huge concentration of energy but he froze the next second because an energy which surpassed his own arose from Elaine.

        It was the Void energy which Riddick had given her. Riddick gave Elaine two fifths of his energy while he kept the remaining. Seeing the frozen look on Bailey’s face Elaine smiled mischievously and then she said, “Don’t be foolish boys. I know you are here to kill me but that won’t be so simple. Think about it, if you are trying to hunt me down then, why wouldn’t others, much more powerful than you haven’t tried it before.”

         A thought of doubt surfaced on Bailey’s mind as he heard that. Usually, he wouldn’t fall for such tricks but the energy released by Elaine changed his mind. Her power far surpassed his and he himself knew from the very beginning that there was something fishy about the whole mission thing.

        Why would someone order his sect to hunt down an individual? No, they ordered every sect and clan which  possessed enough power. Thus, it concluded two things.

          First, the one who ordered his sect had power which far surpassed that of his own sect and the enemy they were ordered to kill was also someone who surpassed their level. Thus, this whole mission was simply a mask masking their cruel intentions of using others as cannon fodder and they succeed by throwing the chips of treasure and gifts.

     It wasn’t that anyone failed to see through this issue. It was that they had nothing to lose by accepting this mission. If the enemy was indeed as strong as they think he is, then they will simply abort mission but if he isn’t, then wouldn’t they strike a gold mine easily.
        Thus, Bailey had long since come to a conclusion. If the enemy was much stronger than himself, then he would change the strategy from, Kill at any cost to live at any cost.

         Seeing the cheerful smile on Elaine’s face Bailey felt a little relieved so he instead bowed lightly and said, “Junior pays his respects to elder generation.”

         Elaine who saw this smiled lightly and waved her hand as if asking them to rise. On the other side of the sect, Riddick slowly walked forward while leaving behind the corpses of the various guards as he hummed a song to himself.

        “Who do you think you are that you have the audacity to invade my sect?” An elder roared loudly as he stood before Riddick blocking his path.

          Riddick’s face didn’t change at all as he casually said, “I am here on behalf of Big bro Bailey. I clearly said that to these guards but they wouldn’t listen so I had no choice but to kill them. To think they didn’t know who my big bro is, they were too cocky so they died.” Riddick eyes narrowed as he gazed at the elder as he asked in a narrow voice, “You do know who my big bro is, don’t you?”

        The elder suddenly felt as if he was locked by the eyes of a predator as he saw Riddick’s eyes. His vision shook but he still managed to hold himself from kneeling as he said in a rigid voice, “Yes, my lord. I do know who Lord Bailey is, I will go inform his Lordship that his you has come to meet him.”

     The elder listened carefully to Riddick’s every word and so he didn’t miss the words, ‘big bro’. Those who had the audacity to call someone like Bailey ‘big bro’ would surely be someone worthy of his respect so the elder did whatever he could to appease the wrongs he committed earlier.

       Riddick waved his hand and said, “No need to bother, big bro isn’t here. Can’t you even sense that?” Riddick asked with a pitying expression.

           The elder upon listening to Riddick’s couldn’t help but feel inferior inside but he still put up his best act and bowed deeply before showing Riddick to the inner chambers.

          Riddick who was shown inside casually roamed for a while before sitting in Bailey’s place. He then lifted his hand a little. Instantly three maids rushed forward, bowing deeply, they said, “Yes, my lord.”

       Riddick looked at the voluptuous maids and smiled inside. He then ordered in a cold voice, “Go call Jane. Make sure that she is here in three minutes.”

       The maids understood Riddick’s position so they instantly hurried to call Jane. On the other side of the inner chambers, Jane was sitting under a tree reading a book or that was utleast how she wanted others to think.

       Seated in the shade, a much darker shade filled her face as she began to think of scenarios where she would be able to escape the prison she now was a prisoner in. Bailey was too strong to oppose and he was too careful to attempt any escape.

         All of a sudden tears began to gather in her eyes as she thought of her two brothers. One died in Riddick’s hands. She knew who Riddick was and was hell bent on taking revenge but her whole life drowned into an never ending suffering as her elder brother too died making her the only one who had to live through the hardships.

              Jane may sound very caring but she was still more selfish. She did care  care about love and blood relations but not to the point of death. Her life which was perfect then was suddenly thrown into a gutter due to these incidents and thus, she was unhappy. Jane looked at the book and mused lightly, “At least, I am safe here. I will wait for my chance. Someday, I will surely get one and then, I will get my freedom and revenge.”

          At that moment, the maid came running from the inner chambers and reported, “My lady, a lord under Lord Bailey’s command has requested for your immediate presence.”

      Jane snorted inwardly and thought, “Call it an order not a request. Humph! Even these little bitches are making fun of me. I will kill them all one day.” Jane scowled inwardly but outwardly she had a pleasant smile as she said, “I am coming.”



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