Book 5 – Chapter 22 Betrayal drawn by its kin

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Betrayal drawn by its kin:

              Hair coiled into a scorpion braid and eyes enchanting enough to drown anyone into the depths of ecstasy, Elaine was a goddess who descended upon earth. Upon being enchanted and tamed by her, Bailey and Jedi sat before her without a care of the world.

       The world of men relies on power. Those who have strength gain respect and in turn, they gain authority. However, all men bow before one existence. This doesn’t change no matter how much strength or power one has. That one existence is a woman.

            Fragrant roses attract snakes and they are drawn towards it despite knowing that thorns obstruct their paths. Beautiful women attract men and men are drawn towards them knowing that women attract more than one powerful man.

              Bailey and Jedi who originally suppressed their desire to kill Elaine were slowly being dipped into the strangest and yet, one of the most potent of all poisons in the world, a woman’s charm.

            Charming lips slowly opened as Elaine licked them with her lithe tongue enticing their senses and drowning their awareness away from the world. However, she knew that those before her were no ordinary men so she asked in a sweet enchanting voice.

       “So Bailey, you wanted to capture me for a reward, right? What would you gain from such a reward? Wealth? Power?”

           Bailey’s eyes instantly widened but then he began to laugh loudly. With a serious voice he answered, “The sect will indeed reward me handsomely. However, I already have enough wealth and have long ago since left all my material wishes. The current me only wishes to….”

         “Become more powerful. You wish to transcend the level you have been struck at…don’t you?” Elaine asked in a lovely voice.

         Bailey opened his mouth widely and then he nodded his head with a wry smile. He then said, “True, that is indeed all I wish for after countless years of training.”

          Elaine didn’t say anything but her had a glint of deep satisfaction while she smiled as if she was inviting him in. Bailey felt this stare stab him like a knife and so did Jedi. The two men who were seated before her slowly began to feel an intense desire to obtain her. To make her theirs, to possess her.

While Elaine sat with a exotic smile,

               Deep inside the inner palace, Jane was standing still with a shocked face and a shaken soul. She who had come to pay her respects to Bailey’s comrade was shocked to see Riddick sitting before her. Five years had passed since she saw Riddick and these five years changed him completely.

         His hair was now crimson. His eyes which then held a energetic young glow now had a deep intensity hidden within them. His body was stronger, broader, energetic and above all, the spirit emanating from his eyes was so strong that Jane stood shocked still without moving an inch from her place.

         Riddick who saw Jane smiled lightly and said, “Hello Jane or should I say, the sect master of Mist valley sect?”
                Jane would have shouted for help immediately but she didn’t forget how Riddick was introduced to her. She had no idea how Riddick managed to get to Bailey’s side but if he did, then Jane knew that she can’t antagonise him.

     “Lord Riddick, how can I help you?” Jane asked in a calm voice but the hatred in her eyes wasn’t concealed.

           Riddick who sat before her smiled lightly as he heard her. His smile was like a invading toxin. Anyone who sees it won’t feel anything from it but Jane felt a shiver crawl through her back as she saw that.

          “Your mental fortitude is too strong for a girl of your age and experience. My original intention was to kill you on the spot but…….” Riddick’s eyes narrowed as he said, “However now I want give you a chance.”

             Jane felt shocked by this offer but then again she knew that Riddick was lying to her so she said, “Don’t try to fool me Riddick. I know very well that I can’t survive if Bella revives. Besides, why would you even give me a chance?”

        Riddick smiled lightly and then he said, “True, even I can’t save both of you. My original intention was to revive Bella but now, I changed my mind. I revived Edward and thus, in the process I killed your brother.

        Seeing it from your perspective, I am nothing but a murderer who murdered your family. Also, I know that you have nothing to do with the events pertaining to my revenge so…. Jane I have an offer. Will you take it?”

         Jane listened carefully to Riddick’s words and then she asked in a cold voice, “What is it?”

         Riddick smiled for a minute and then he said in a cool voice, “Your sect for your life.”

        “Huh!” Jane sprout out involuntarily as she heard Riddick.

         Riddick eyes narrowed as he slowly rose from his seat and walked toward Jane. He then bent his head and whispered in a deep voice, “I will let you live if you can give me the lives of every disciple within this sect.”

          Jane body trembled as she heard Riddick. Her mind involuntarily calculated the number of people within the sect. The number was in millions. Millions of lives for her life. Would she trade it? Can she do it?

         Riddick slowly turned his bent head to see the trembling face of Jane. His eyes held a kind of cruel light as he slowly held her hips in his hands. With a toxic voice he whispered, “Don’t think that I would go easy on you Jane. Tell me your answer, Do you want to live? Tell me? Don’t worry, I won’t go back on my promises. I will definitely let you live after this.”

       Jane trembling body slowly eased as she heard those words. Life is a very strange thing. Some can give theirs for others but some are willing to take others to extend theirs. The more you live, the more you want to live but the more you treasure it, the more you will sink your morals. You will do anything to keep it and that was exactly what Jane did.

        She lifted her eyes and asked in a calm voice, “What do you want me to do?”

         Riddick’s face lit up as he heard her. He then waved his hand and huge containers of clear liquid elemental essence appeared before him.

                 “I want you to distribute these within an hour. I could have surely tried various other methods but you see, I want this liquid to be inside every single persons body at any cost and in this scenario, force isn’t the best method. That’s why you have come into picture. Who is the best pawn for this? Who other than the sect master.

       So Jane, why don’t you get to work now?” Riddick said in a calm voice.

         Jane who heard Riddick’s words knew that he wasn’t going to take her inefficiency nicely so she instantly went to work. Seeing her walking back, Riddick smiled lightly but Yama who was listening to everything asked in a concerned voice.

            “Your majesty, are you going to let her live? She is a complete scoundrel. This is her sect but she is willing to do anything for her life besides we have to revive Bella so she has to die.”

               Riddick laughed lightly and said, “Yama, sometimes, it is necessary that you require a shovel to work efficiently. Although Jane lacks any morals, it doesn’t change the face that she is very useful to us.

         The world is a difficult place Yama  and Edward has to face it someday. I may be selfish and I may be wrong but the current Edward won’t be benefited by Bella’s return. Her death benefits him a lot more. Besides, who are we to decide the importance of someone?

        To us, Bella might be more important and to Hectar, Jane would be much more important. My reasoning may be flawed and my reason might be very selfish but I am truthful enough to admit that I am selfish.

    I didn’t really want her help to do such a petty job. There were plenty of ways to accomplish that. The reason why I gave her this offer is because, Yama, I want to nurture her into a member of my family. Her attitude is wrong but I can see a kind of rare potential inside her. She is perfect for a cause.”

          Riddick eyes followed Jane’s back as he slowly sighed and said, “Somehow, she makes me remember Vera when I met her. Then Vera was the same as her. Unrefined with untapped potential. Although her battle prowess will never equal Vera’s, she has a good mind. Now how far and how would she use it is up to her.”

          Yama who listened to Riddick only sighed lightly. True, Riddick’s decision may be wrong. He was cheating his own friend and killing another in the process but sometimes, it is necessary to sacrifice the unwanted to gain something in return.

         Riddick who heard Yama’s sigh smiled lightly and said, “Not satisfied with my decision.”

          Yama snorted lightly and said, “I am not satisfied your majesty but I am not going to question you either. However, your majesty, tell me one thing. Why would you want her of all people? Our clan has many people who can twist the galaxy in their hands and yet, you want this girl, why?”

           Riddick looked at Yama and said in a calm voice, “Yama, you are still comparatively young and have much to learn from Elaine. You have indeed witnessed my struggles within this galaxy but that’s it so you are quick to jump to conclusions. That’s the reason why you have no idea regarding the one thing that my clan didn’t do in my past life.


           All those who swore to me in my last life were people of great nature and strong spirit. They won’t be swayed but time is a strange thing. It can change a piece of carbon to diamond. So why can’t it change a person’s heart.

      It can and it will. So sometimes, I am betrayed by my own and sometimes I betray my own to save my own family. I am not adopting her to be a part of my family yama, I am adopting her to betray me.

        She will soon betray me when she finds a chance and in the process she will lead me to others like her. That is the reason why I need her. Vera was like her but she became my strongest supporter however, if by a wild chance did Vera hated me, then she would have become my nightmare.”

          Riddick sat back on his couch gazing at the ceiling and said, “A thief within your house is the one who is the hardest to find because you can never blame your own. Thus, I am going to bring in a professional thief knowing that she will steal for sure.

          The last time, it didn’t happen or maybe it did. However, this time, I going to show them all what happens when they anger me.” Riddick slowly muttered as he lied on the couch patiently waiting for the hour to pass.

                Tens of devas and a million disciples drank the elemental essence without doubting anything as Riddick sat in their centre of the Mist Valley Sect with the thread of their life in his hands.




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    • Well. Can you tell me what you didn’t understand? If you are thinking why Riddick would take counter measure then, you should remember that about ten chapters ago I showed a character who was betraying him by joining hands with Heavens.


  1. before there were less characters
    but now there more characters,more situations many more branches so it is becoming difficult for poor me to completely connect the dots


  2. Good chapter. This Vera character who is his supposed lover, is she also as despicable a character as this Jane before joining Riddick. It sounds as though even she sold everyone out to save her own skin. Because here I thought she was angel from heaven kind of character. I also thought in the beginning that Riddick was a hero story, but it is sort of turning out as a villain story with a just cause.


      • Well, seen from the perspective of the whole universe. Riddick is certainly a villain. Would you consider someone who would change your every day world even if that is a false one, a hero. I probably wouldn’t. Maybe I would but that is only if I like the new world.


      • No I am not saying that he is bad or anything like that. Let’s just say the portrayal of a character changes by the company he keeps and the methods he uses. Its a different thing if he massacres them in an all out war which has some unintended deaths than mass murdering by poison. But then again all is fair in war something evil is done by both sides of an army all the time. Even in the Mahabharata Yudhishtira told a lie to his master Dronacharya about his son’s death in order to distract him to kill him and Yudi was the most noble of men. All the different decisions shows a new aspect of Riddick’s personality.


  3. Hello from an old lurker and thank you for the chapter ^^

    I was curious… can’t Riddick just take her in Yamaloka when she’s done with her task and divide the souls just like when Cesar took over his body? That way Bella keeps her body and he can just put Jane’s soul in a random female body like they did with Cesar (or a male one to troll her)


    • No. I already explained that even Riddick can’t save both of them. In book 2 I said that fusing souls are bonded very tightly and in order to save one, one must eliminate other. Welcome to reddycreations Urahara keisuke.


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