Rigel – Book 1 – The Beginning


The Beginning:


“By the authority bequeathed upon me by the Empire of Rhodium, I hereby sentence the slave, Rigel, to death.” The presiding judge of the high court of the Tordon state declared his judgment in a deep voice.

“Good, good. Kill him now. This bastard child, he should’ve been born to a cold blooded murderer. How can twelve-year-old kill hundreds of people? We should take care of this bastard before he grows up and brings destruction upon us. Look at him- he’s smiling! He’s crazy! You son of a bitch….!” A voice rang out in the courtroom.

“ENOUGH!” The presiding judge roared drowning the voice. With a cold glint in his eyes, he said in a small voice, “No matter how much you may want to improve your position in Lord Tordon’s eyes, do not forget that this is the courtroom under my jurisdiction. One more vulgar word out of your mouth and I will make sure you won’t be in a position to sit here yourself.”

The man swallowed his words and silently sat back on his seat. Other nobles who were planning to insult the boy in similar ways all sat down, until a man who sat the furthest away of all, rose from his seat.

The head judge narrowed his eyes in coldness, but a second later, he rose from his seat and bowed deeply to the man. The guard captain who stood behind the man announced in a respectful voice, “His Lordship, the mighty ruler of Tordon state, Lord Gerald Tordon.”

The man looked about fifty; he had wrinkles on his face and an exhausted body, but his eyes were as sharp as swords. He glanced at a boy on the other side of the courtroom and asked in a cold voice, “So this is what you wanted from the very beginning, Rigel.”

At one corner of a court was a twelve-year-old boy on his knees with a hand forcing his head down to the ground. Four guards stood around him and yet, the boy laughed, ignoring the pain.

“How dare you?!”

“How dare you laugh at his Lordship?!”

The surrounding guards instantly roared in anger and unsheathed their swords, but stopped in their tracks as Lord Gerald raised his hand.

The guards stepped away from Rigel as Lord Gerald himself strode forward towards them.


Rigel groaned in pain and coughed up blood sprayed as Gerald kicked him fiercely in the stomach. Everyone in the court stood there silently, including the judge, because they knew the agony of the man before them.

Gerald Tordon, the ruler of the state of Tordon, under the command of Rhodium Empire, was a man of great wealth and power. However, three days ago he lost everything he ever had: his family, his wife, all his children except one, all due to a single slave, Rigel.

A single slave killed every single person inside the Tordon Castle, which should have included Gerald himself, but due to unforeseen circumstances, he had left the castle and was thus saved.

Gerald could have easily killed Rigel, but he didn’t as he knew he shouldn’t. Rigel, who was coughing up blood, broke into a mad laughter.

“Worthless, worthless, is this all you have, Almighty Lord Gerald? With such strength, you won’t even satisfy your wife. Don’t tell me your sons whom I killed in cold blood weren’t yours? Who did that bitch of yours sleep with? Let me guess, a slave? Hahaha….”


Rigel coughed up blood once again as Gerald kicked him in the gut. He grabbed Rigel by his neck and lifted him off the ground.

Even though Rigel was smiling, deep in his eyes was unfathomable anger and hatred. Something you would never expect to find in a twelve-year-old. With a snort, Rigel asked in a struggling voice, “What are you going to do Gerald? Kill me? Torture me? What? I have nothing to lose. You stole everything away from me. You can never make me cry, but you will suffer all your life remembering the people I burned the other day.”

Gerald’s hand tightened, and so did the smile on Rigel’s face. Gerald swallowed his anger and the impulse to crush Rigel to death as he released Rigel. With a cold smile on his face, he said, “You have no idea how much I long to kill you. To drink your blood and to offer your corpse to my loved ones, but I know that I will never truly make you suffer even if I torture you to death.

Rigel, you will never win. You will suffer all your life, and I will make you suffer. I am incapable of doing it myself, but that doesn’t mean I am incapable of making you suffer.

As the Lord of the Tordon state, I now revise the judgment that you will instead serve ten lifetimes in the Gehenna prison of the Hein Empire. You won’t be here Rigel, but I will one day find you to see your face, your pitiable, fear-filled eyes, and your crippled courage. Do you know about Gehenna prison?

It is an underground prison where people like you are imprisoned. Hein empire isn’t a small power like Rhodium; it can obliterate a hundred Rhodium’s, and it is thousands of times larger than Rhodium. All of its worst criminals are in the Gehenna. Unlike the other states, Hein empire doesn’t control the criminal’s activities in its prisons. There is only one rule: Murder isn’t allowed, and anyone who breaks this will be executed.

You, Rigel, are going to this Gehenna. As a mere twelve-year-old, you will win against those criminals. However, I won’t give you any hope.”


Rigel moaned in utter pain as Gerald punched him in his lower abdomen crushing his dantian. With a smile on his face, Gerald lowered his head and said in a low voice, “I shattered your dantian so you can never cultivate in your life. You will never be strong enough to protect yourself, and your life in Gehenna will be worse than a dog.

Every single day you will live knowing that you will never be a free man. This is suffering, Rigel. You may laugh all you want now but remember, this is going to be the last laugh of your life. Any last words?”

Rigel opened his eyes suppressing the bone-shattering pain he was experiencing at the moment. His eyes had an unyielding glint deep in them as he said in a stubborn voice, “Fuck you!”



4 thoughts on “Rigel – Book 1 – The Beginning

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  3. I guess I was right on time. I decide to read this on this site instead of RRL and here are chapters with some/most/all of the mistakes fixed. While small mistakes like missing “S”s and such don’t really impact readability and understanding of a story, fixing small mistakes can make a decent quality story into a good quality one. I am pleased that I haven’t notice a single such mistake, so I feel that the couple extra hours spent fixing those small mistakes FOREVER are worth it. Thanks for the effort you went through to improve the story for all of us.


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