Please read it completely:

     Hello guys, how are you? This is GSD REDDY here and finally, I am here announcing something which has been occupying my mind since last week.

         To put it simply I am writing a new novel. No, its not a new novel exactly. It’s Rigel which only had two chapters till date. However, those were written three months ago and I have improved a lot in these days so I rewrote the chapters completely and changed the plot.

       Well, you may be wondering, This guy is doing half-assed work again. He will stop with two more chapters this time but sorry, I ain’t listening this time. Seven months have gone by since I first started writing Riddick/ Against the Heavens. Now, I finally am ready to write my second brainchild.

          Unlike Riddick, this is gonna be different but I am still sticking to XianXia genre. Why? Didn’t you say this was different? Yes, it is and I wish it to be different but I am still in love with XianXia and I am afraid I can’t write something I don’t love deeply.

Here is the synopsis of my new novel:


               Our lives depend on our dreams. We live for them, we depend on them and when they shatter, they shatter our spirits. Love is a dream and the most important of all. When it shatters, it shatters more than just our spirit. It shatters our souls.

               Born a slave, Rigel still dared to dream of love. Stripped of his rights, he lost his love to the fate and then he lost himself avenging her. Thrown into a hellhole, he once again meets his inner demons as he is pitted against the worst of the society.
               Dark emotions riddled his heart and violent thoughts plagued his mind. Follow Rigel as he conquers them all in his life’s journey where he tries to regain everything he ever lost.

Link – http://royalroadl.com/fiction/4075

Now question time.

Q) What does Rigel mean?

A) Rigel is a name of a star in the Orion constellation. It’s a unisex name and I like it so my MC is named Rigel and My book is primarily named Rigel as well.

      This time I am not making another mistake. There is no book named Rigel nor is there a movie called Rigel so it’s safe.

Q) What is your schedule?

A) I don’t know yet. I am now going to release a prologue and three chapters at once. Every week, I will release at least one chapter for sure and then, I will try to release more if I feel like writing more.

Q) Is this going to affect Riddick?

A) Hmmm, not really. I will try my best so that I can keep my word. Well, may be there would be some days like last week when I can’t do that but I will still compensate you the next week when I am free.

Q) We have an opinion?

A) Comment below. Scold me, praise me, tell me to fuck off but if don’t comment then how am I going to know your opinion. Guys, I, your brother am waiting for your opinion.

The chapters will be up within the next few minutes.

Thanks you,




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