Riddick – Book 5 – Chapter 23 I Need you to die

Author note : Hi guys, GSD REDDY here and I am back with an another[a][b][c][d] chapter.

Edited by – Kidyeon

This is the third regular Riddick chapter of this week.

This is an exception because I was feeling bad for Riddick as I was giving all my love to Rigel recently. Well, if I am sponsored, I may give him more love else I will try to develop Rigel more when I can.

Enjoy and thank you.

I need you to die :

“That’s enough Elaine.” Riddick ordered as he casually walked back towards Bailey and Jedi.

Elaine who saw Riddick nodded back, as she casually walked towards him and stood behind his back.

Bailey was slightly stunned because he couldn’t even sense Riddick as he approached them. Then again he realised that he was on the brink of forgetting the fact that he was there to kill Elaine.

No matter how much he wanted to possess her, it didn’t change the fact that he couldn’t betray his sect for a mere woman. However, Riddick’s appearance and the casual way in which he ordered her still irritated his mind.

Jedi who was similarly out of control was actually standing still with a dumb face. He couldn’t understand why they were so drowned in lust just a while ago, and then again how they had suddenly lost all those desires in just an instant.

Riddick looked at them and smiled lightly. He then bowed slightly and said, “Gentlemen, let me introduce myself. My name is Riddick, and she is Elaine. We aren’t lovers if that is what you are wondering about.

We are more of partners, and as I see, considering your strength. We are delighted to have your company.”

“What the fuck does that mean? Your answer will decided your life.” Bailey retorted angrily.

Riddick laughed lightly and said, “Well, you’re quite rude, aren’t you? Don’t forget, Elaine here, alone, can defeat both of you. But we aren’t here to fight, and I certainly am not a person who delights to have rogue challenges, so I instead decided to befriend you.

Elaine here tells me that you have been stuck at a bottleneck for a long time and the young man over there is very ambitious. Two strong people with great ambitions and strong spirits, both of you belong to a great sect as well. Perfect for my cause.

How about it, Mr. Bailey? I will help both of you have a breakthrough now. In return we want a small favour from you… or should I say, ‘small’ in your capacity as the head elder of the Infamous Violet sect.”

Bailey’s face changed as he heard Riddick. He didn’t forget the strange smile on Elaine’s face when he said that his greatest wish was to have a breakthrough in power and now he was seeing a man who said that he could help him with that.

Though overcome with greed he wasn’t blind and deaf, so he narrowed his eyes and said, “Before I ask you how can you achieve this feat, I want to know what you wish from us?”

Riddick nodded his head and said, “Fair enough. I want camouflage:

As you know, we are wanted people and many are searching for us as we speak. Unfortunately, we have to stay hidden here, in this plane for a while, so we want you to spread false information.”

Jedi who heard this said in a low voice, “I don’t understand. Why would you trust us with such an important task? What if we lie to you? What if we sell you out?

There is something wrong with your request. You are hiding something.”

Bailey looked at Riddick for an answer as well. Riddick then smiled lightly and said, “Well, seen from your point of view, there certainly is something wrong with my words. But, my friends as you can see for yourselves, I am out of options.

You are the third group to visit this plane in the past two years, and as I said, I am not a person who likes to battle so I am left with no choice but to trust you.”

Bailey shook his head and said, “Let’s leave this matter aside for now. We only have to do that if you can do what you promised to do.

So tell me Riddick. How on earth can you let us have a breakthrough. Remember, you are dealing with one level four and multiple level three devas before you speak rubbish.”

Elaine smiled lightly as she heard Bailey. She then said a few words in Riddick’s ear and flew off. As soon as she went, the atmosphere in the air around the men changed drastically. A clear air seeped in from the surroundings, cleansing the faint blood red air.

Bailey who saw this narrowed his eyes and said, “As I thought. She can bewitch us in some way and this faintly red mist seems to be her doing.”

Riddick walked forwards towards Bailey and said, “Don’t worry, the mist just numbs your judgement. It doesn’t have any long term effects and its main use is mainly as an aphrodisiac.”

As Riddick walked by Bailey and Jedi, in that split second both of them moved like a loose arrows and their sword energies targeted Riddick from the back.

Riddick who had his back towards them smiled as he sensed their movements and just raised a single hand.

Thick white energy emerged from his hand like a snake and engulfed the sword energies with ease.

“Please stop your silly games. If I wasn’t confident enough to stay alive then why would I even show my back to you.

Now moving on to the issue. Bailey, the way in which I am going to let you have a breakthrough lies in that valley. Within the sect named, Mist Valley.” Riddick casually started to speak completely disregarding the stunned faces of Bailey and Jedi.

Bailey was now certain that Riddick’s power was far above his. He used all his energy to attack but Riddick just brushed the sword energy aside with a casual flip of his hand. The same was true for Jedi. However, none of them knew that Riddick used two thirds of his energy reserves to achieve that feat.

“What do you mean?” Bailey asked in a careful voice.

Riddick turned around to gaze at the vast Mist valley beneath him and said, “Ever heard of Devil way techniques?”

Bailey shook his head and said, “I did but those can’t help me. To have a breakthrough with my cultivation, I would need an astonishing amount of resources.”

Riddick smiled mysteriously, “Won’t a million cultivators be enough.”

“A million.” Jedi stuttered.

“Yes, a million. I am now going to start a wide range devil technique and catalyse these million souls to achieve that.

Don’t misunderstand, we are here for ourselves and honestly put, a million souls is too much for us so I extended the offer to you. Since we are going to do it at anyway, why not let you reap the benefits as well.”

Bailey and Jedi stood there stunned by Riddick’s words. Even if they were elders of a massive sect, they had never involved themselves in such a massive massacre. They couldn’t help but think, Just what kind of a person Riddick was he, that he was discussing the murder of a million souls with such ease.

Also, they didn’t miss his words as well. Riddick said that he would employ a wide range devil technique to catalyse a million cultivators. Just what kind of power is necessary to release such a technique and just what kind of person would own it.

Just as their thoughts raged in their minds. Riddick smiled lightly as he saw Elaine returning back with Jane. Seeing Jane’s pale face he said, “No need to be so pale Jane. Even I am not so cruel enough to let a girl of your age stay alone in that sect so I brought you here. Look carefully, you will understand that following me is the best thing you ever did in your life.”

Turning towards Bailey he said, “I don’t mind tuning the energy towards both of you first. If we start gobbling the energy up, we may end up taking everything. Would you like to try?”

Bailey was already in deep thought, yet, he still wasn’t ready to believe Riddick’s words so he pushed Jedi forward.

Riddick who saw this smiled lightly and looked back at the sect. He then raised his hand and revolved the last surge of Void energy within him.


A simple word was uttered by Riddick in a small voice and that sentence started the biggest nightmare of the entire plane. Inside the Mist valley, a million disciples were silently cultivating and suddenly from within their bodies they felt the presence of a foreign existence.

The elemental essence Riddick catalysed were imbued with Void energy. Though minute, it was still an energy which was rejected by the heavens. To posses that energy one would need to cultivate in the way of Void.

As Riddick invoked the Void energy to rise in the cultivators bodies. The faces of the cultivators paled as they sensed their demise. To possess a power capable of revolting against heavens, one would need a body capable of possessing such power.

Unable to contain and unable to suppress, their bodies started to shatter from inside. First their bodies, then their cultivation and finally their souls. In but a minute, a terrifying surge of energy rose from the valley.

Intertwined with Void energy, they rushed towards Riddick who in turn simply diverted the energy towards Jedi. Like a flood, those elemental essence bombarded his body and in just a second a blinding light emitted as the third component of the Yaksha was completely formed within Jedi’s body confirming the fact that he was now a level four deva.

Bailey who saw this instantly rushed forward and pushed Jedi away as he stood beside Riddick. Riddick didn’t say anything as he diverted the energy towards Bailey.

A blinding light rang out as Bailey broke past the fourth level by forming his fourth Yaksha component. Yaksha stage is the realm beyond Deva stage. Forming the nine components and fusing them with your body and then your soul will let you breakthrough to the realm of legends Yaksha realm.

Bailey began to laugh madly as he noticed that his cultivation base was rising yet again.

Mid fifth level

Late fifth level

Sixth level.

Mid sixth level

Late sixth level

His cultivation base began to grow faster than anything the world had ever witnessed and as Bailey waited with anticipation, his body finally emitted a bright light as he formed his sixth Yaksha component and thus he entered the seventh level.

The blinding energy from the valley finally began to dim and in just a few more seconds, the energy was completely used up.

Riddick who saw this sighed loudly and sat down. He then looked at Bailey and said, “You took everything and even formed your sixth Yaksha component.

You will keep your side of promise right. I have kept mine.”

Bailey crunched his hand and then looked at Riddick and said, “I have no more use of you. So you have to die.”

Riddick who heard this leaned back and said in a casual voice, “Oh! You stole those words right out of my mouth Bailey.

I share the same opinion. I have no more use of you. So you have to die. Don’t worry, I will help you with that.”


Explanation about Yaksha stage and deva stage:

Beginner disciple -> divine disciple -> peak disciple -> deva stage -> yaksha stage.

Deva stage has a total of nine levels and each level corresponds to a single component of Yaksha which is the core of your cultivation base. I call it Yaksha core.

So basically you have to form the Yaksha core to enter into Yaksha realm and the core has nine parts. Each higher level of deva has an extra part.

First level – no component.

Second level – one component.

Ninth level – eight components.

and when one forms the ninth component. They form the core and break past the deva stage into the Yaksha stage.

This is the complete idea behind the cultivation. I explained this here because I don’t want you guys to be confused in the future.


6 thoughts on “Riddick – Book 5 – Chapter 23 I Need you to die

    • Yes, Yaksha realm comes after the deva realm. Priam is in late seventh level. I didn’t reveal Sylvie’s mom’s power before so I can’t reveal that now. They are all from the deva realm.

      The only Yakshas I introduced till date are Roger, the volcanic titan. June, the Ice witch. Krum, Vera’s fiancee. Silver, the angel and Vera herself.


      • I can’t reveal much about Yaksha realm because it is still faraway from out current story line.

        Heavens is an organisation. It is the name given to the core rulers of the world or should I say pioneers of the world. It is not a power level.


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