Riddick – Book 5 – Chapter 24 Too late

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Too late :

             “Are you out of your fucking mind? You are gonna kill me? You?” Bailey asked with a smirk on his face.

          Riddick looked at Bailey and said in a calm voice, “Don’t ask the same thing again and again Bailey. It makes you look like a retard. Yes, you are going to die and no, I am not gonna kill you.”

       Bailey looked at Elaine and asked in a mocking voice, “She is gonna kill me?”

        Elaine shook her head answering his question. Bailey then looked at Riddick and said, “Riddick, you are testing my sanity. True, you helped me in gaining such power but you forgot something.
        This is a world where power rules over everything including the morals. You shouldn’t have let me gain this much power but you did. I don’t know why but now, you are gonna die because of it.

          I have seen what you are capable of and I know that if I leave you alive then you may even obliterate my own sect one day. I can’t allow that. One, you may gain enough strength to kill me yourself and Two, you will help some fucker gain more power than me. Both of which should never happen so I am gonna kill you now.”

         Riddick slowly stood up and looked over at Bailey for a few seconds. He then sighed lightly and said, “Alright, you can do whatever you want to but listen to me before deciding whether you really want to kill me or not.

           Devil techniques are complex. The technique I used is much more complex than anything you will ever come across in your entire life. Now, I don’t have to explain to you that shortcuts in the path of cultivation are prone to side effects.

      You have just jumped over three levels in a few minutes and Bailey, believe me, you can never survive through those side effects without my help. Thus, you are gonna die and if I am not convinced of your sincerity, You will die for sure and I am gonna help you in dying peacefully.”

           Riddick’s words made Bailey stutter. He was unable to retort to Riddick’s words because even he knew that there would be side effects and he was not a person who was specialised in dealing with them. Each side effect had a unique way of dealing with it and Bailey had no idea what would be his side effect let alone it’s remedy.

                Bailey instant caution made Riddick smile in anticipation. He slowly lifted his hand and continued as he used a bit of an energy to make a small globe to play with and said, “Bailey, let me give you an explanation of what is going to happen in your body within the next few minutes.

         Energy as in the elemental essence of the five elements is obtained through the fractional distillation of the original essence of the universe which is the Void energy. Void is nothing but it also encompasses everything within it.

            Now, the various planes and the everything under the heavens doesn’t allow the existence of Void energy within them. They do it by cutting off the world from the rest of the universe. However, there is a hole in this system and it lies with our own body.

           The universe is the mother of all creation including the Void and the body is comparable to the universe because it encompasses everything which make us, us. So the body is the only thing which is comparable to the universe because of the absolute control it has over itself.

        Our body can take up the energy of the earth and heavens to cultivate according to the dao of the heavens but it can also cut off its ties with the heavens. That is exactly what is happening to you now, Bailey. Your body no longer is connected to the heavens. It has become an isolated entity, alone in the entire world and the only one who can help you now is me.”

      Bailey’s face which was filled with confusion as Riddick talked slowly began to become pale as he understood what was happening to him. Even though he had become a level seven deva, without the way to replenish his energy he would soon run out of his energy resources.

          He couldn’t understand what was happening and why but he knew one thing for sure, he was now cut away from the world. He could no longer sense any elemental essence and can’t absorb any either.

          Riddick who saw this turned his head and looked at Jedi who also had a pale face. He then smiled as he walked towards them and said, “Now, now, I know that this is quite a shock to you but let me tell you one final piece of information.

         Remember, you were actually here to chase and kill us, right? Now, that angel essence will lead others to you as well. We are now in the same boat, welcome aboard guys.”

       “You bastard. How dare you trick us?” Jedi roared as he lifted Riddick up by his collar.

      “If I were you I would treat Riddick with utmost respect because he is the only one who can save you from your demise.” Elaine’s smooth voice cut through their anger like a knife making Jedi leave Riddick.

          Riddick adjusted his collar and said, “Don’t be ridiculous Jedi. When did I ever trick you? I said that you will gain power and you did. Everything in this world has a price and you just paid yours. That’s all there is to it.”

             Bailey shook his head and said, “What do you want? I am not a fool. I know that you have trapped us here because you want something from us in return. I don’t know how and what you did to us but you will fucking undo it, else I will kill you even if I have to spend the rest of my life hiding here, in this small plane.”

        Riddick snickered lightly and said, “I like Intelligent people. It makes my work a lot easier. Don’t worry, I will keep my side of promise.

         I want you guys to understand. This is just business and its nothing personal. I just want you to stay here silently for a few minutes and then we are done.”

       “What the fuck are you taking about? You want us to stay here for a few minutes and then we are done. How are we done? How are you going to revert us back? Just what the fuck did you do to us?” Jedi shouted loudly.

       Riddick shook his head and said, “No, I want those few minutes for Bailey as he has most energy. You however should be ripe by now. Let me test.


          The second Riddick said that word blue veins appeared all over Jedi’s face as he rolled over the ground. He began to cough blood and his eyes were bloodshot. His heart beat soared like sky and he was almost on the verge of his death within a few seconds.

          The incredible elemental essence within his cultivation base began to boil as the minute particles of the Void energy within his body began to engulf them crazily. As they engulfed them, they began to transform the elemental energy  into the Void energy.
         Bailey who saw this instantly rose to his feet. He couldn’t help but shout, “What did you do to him? If anything happens to him then you are dead Riddick.”

          Riddick smiled broadly and said, “Don’t worry. He is just going through a painful process of gaining the most absolute power in the universe.

           Remember I said that the body is like an universe, you can actually cut it from the rest of the world and make it your own small universe. The Void energy can’t exist outside in the environment but in the body which is cut of from the universe, it can not only exist, it can flourish. It can go on a rampage.”

       “Hahaha….. Soon Jedi will be reborn only stronger, sharper and much more powerful than the current you even if he is just a level four deva. Look, the process is almost done.” Riddick continued in a relaxed voice.

          Bailey’s face was filled with doubts as he saw the trembling body of Jedi. However, the trembling soon resided and Jedi laid panting on the ground.

       A few minutes later Jedi opened his eyes and the next second he began to laugh incredulously. He then rose from the ground and clasped Riddick’s hands without a word.

     “I don’t know what you did to me and why, but now I feel that I can conquer the universe. I never felt so free and powerful in all my life. Thank you Riddick. Thank you. I don’t care even if the entire world is trying to kill you, from now you are my brother.” Jedi said in a cheerful voice.

         Riddick looked at Jedi and smiled lightly. Bailey had a doubtful face as he asked, “Just what did you do Riddick?”

        Riddick smiled lightly and said, “I said before, didn’t l? Now we are all in the same boat so I helped in converting his cultivation into the strongest energy in the universe, Void energy?”

            “I am not asking you that, I am asking you just why would you do this much favour to us? What do you gain from this? I refuse to believe that you would do this without any cause.” Bailey asked in a doubtful voice.

                Riddick laughed lightly and said, “Indeed, I didn’t do it for you. Although I said that we are all in the same boat. There is one difference between us”

      “What is it?” Jedi asked confused.

             “You are the pawns I sacrificed to gain the fruits of my plan. The Void energy is indeed very powerful and you does indeed possess it but there is a something you need to know.

       To successfully contain the Void energy, one should possess a body cultivated in the way of Void and you guys have nothing like that.” Riddick face which was completely calm and gentle since the beginning suddenly showed a knowing cold smile.

          “And since you do not have the qualifications to possess the Void energy, you can’t contain it.” Riddick continued to the horror of Jedi and Bailey.

          Riddick licked his lips and said, “And since you can’t contain it, it will naturally try to release itself from the bondage and when it does return, it returns with a BOOM!”

            “You motherfucker, I am gonna kill you.” Jedi roared loudly but he suddenly stopped in his tracks as the pain assaulted his body like a tsunami.

    Riddick causally shook his head and said, “Too late.”



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  1. So, it was basically stalling for time…

    Waiting for their transformation to finish, so he could not only easily kill them (without wasting all his Void Energy), but even absorb it from them…



    • You already are one of my biggest donor and I really am encouraged by your support. Really. The money is important, I won’t lie that it isn’t but a donation gives me more than just money. It is like my own hyper boost of confidence and commitment. People are willing to donate because they are still loving my work. I am not wasting my time doing this. This drives me more and makes me want to impress you with my work.

      Thank you InsaneHyde and don’t worry about more donations. Donate when you want to and are able to. I am already very happy with your support since June. After all I still remember you were the second person to donate to me and are still one of my most regular donor.


      • You are easily in my top three favorite writers on Royalroadl. The only stories I still follow(regularly) on RRL is your Aganist the Heavens, Zephon’s Spectral Regalia, and Keikokumars’ Age of Heroes. Since I’ve only donated to them once each, that makes you by default my favorite. ^_^


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