Riddick – Book 5 – Chapter 25 – Kamsara

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Kamsara :

“Too late”

Looks of horror surfaced on Bailey’s face as Riddick coolly uttered the two words. However, following which an unprecedented power began to rise from Jedi’s body. Riddick stood still watching everything, Elaine stood still watching Riddick. Bailey staggered back watching Jedi and Jane stood mutely with a dumb expression on her face.

Bailey wasn’t the one who was most stunned by the way in which the events unfolded, nor was it Jedi, it was Jane. She, who believed that Bailey and Jedi were her only salvation in her situation was stunned to the core as Riddick stood tall facing them without a single hint of nervousness and fear on his face.

As Jedi’s body began to disintegrate, so did the power with in him. Everything is born from something and in the events of perfect fusion we create the source of everything, Void.

Void cannot exist in nature due to the laws of heavens but the Void energy was quickly and rapidly flowing towards Riddick disappearing from nature. Within seconds of his declaration, the being called Jedi disintegrated into nothingness. Everything that resulted from this degradation was absorbed and assimilated by Riddick in mere seconds.

The seconds which were spent in stupor showed Bailey and Jane something which they could never imagine in their lives. The fusion of elements, the formation of Void. Some of the most dangerous taboos in the universe occurred right in front of their eyes and all they could do was to stare without a word.

Void energy began to crackle as Riddick slowly opened his eyes. Glowing in scarlet colour and surrounded by the milky essence of Void, they were like inescapable phantoms. Intelligence seemed to vibrate within them and as they gazed at the trembling Bailey, indifference could be seen within them.

Bailey saw this and so did Jane. How could they miss this when they was watching Riddick with all their attention. The Riddick in front of them wasn’t anything like they have ever seen. If before, Riddick gave an image of possessing unimaginable power than now, they could clearly feel the difference. The current Riddick had unfathomable power within his grasp.

As they saw this, Jane trembled in fear. She never understood why Riddick would save her and why he would show her any mercy when he had nothing to gain in return.

However, Bailey laughed bitterly as he saw Riddick. He then said, “So this is what this is all about? You speak some pretty big words Riddick, you speak as if you are above us and yet, this is all you care about. Power, strength. How are you different from me? You killed a million people to achieve this and still, do you dare say I am more evil.”

Riddick closed his eyes and stayed silent for a moment. He sighed lightly and said, “I have indeed killed many to achieve this and I did it because I was left with no choice. The people I killed aren’t truly dead, they have just been liberated from the burdens of life. If their karma is fulfilled than they will gain salvation. I, however am different.

Regardless of death, time and number of lives I suffer, I will never fulfill my karma because my karma doesn’t lie here. Bailey, you can call me cruel, evil and cold hearted but I will only tell you this. I am Riddick and whatever I do, I do knowing that it will be etched in my name.

My way of living makes me carve out a path to accomplish my goal and in doing so I may do whatever I have to. The truth shall be revealed one day and then, I will let the world judge me but until then…” Riddick opened his eyes and a red light flickered in them, “I don’t mind being called evil.”

Bailey’s face contracted with fury, anger, frustration as he heard Riddick. He couldn’t contain the fact that he was going to die soon. He knew that Riddick wouldn’t go out of his way to save him and he wasn’t a least bit bothered about people’s death.

The reason he asked Riddick was because he wanted to confirm one thing. Was Riddick afraid of his strength? No, he wasn’t. He could see the confidence and superiority in his eyes. His dreams, his future, everything was shattered because of one person, Riddick. Bailey couldn’t forgive Riddick, he would never forgive him.

Bailey raised his hand and intense energy began to congregate in his fist as he said, “If I am going to die then I will die after killing you. You can say any number of lies Riddick but I can say one thing for certain, the current you don’t possess even a tenth of my power. If ten minutes is all I got then I will shatter that spirit of your until you die of suffering.”

Riddick’s face didn’t change nor did he show any kind of emotions in his eyes. He simply raised his hand and Elaine rushed forward morphing into her sword form. Crimson hair, Crimson eyes and a Crimson sword. Riddick was more of a demon than a human.

Bailey laughed as he saw Elaine’s true form. He was laughing at himself for being fooled by her. His laugh slowly twisted as his heart burned in anger.


A sharp sound was heard and the next second, Bailey appeared in front of Riddick. Shocked expression appeared on Riddick’s face and Jane was smashed to ground by the sheer force of the pressure.

“Shocked. I thought that you were the one who knew everything that is going to happen Riddick.” Bailey said with a mad glint in his face.

Riddick face was calm but his voice was anxious as he said, “You are madman Bailey. Stop doing this. I know that you are mad at me but doing this will collapse your soul and you can never be reincarnated again. Stop using your soul as a source of power Bailey.”

Bailey face was wrapped in a crazy smile as he said, “Oho! Now, now, the great Riddick is preaching me about reincarnation and the cycle of life. Why do you care so much about me Riddick? I don’t care. This life is enough for me and the last wish of my life is to let you die through suffering.”

Riddick face twisted but he backed away at high speed towards Jane. Anger flashed in his eyes as he glanced at the crazy expression on Bailey’s face. Using the soul as a source of power and burning his entire cultivation for a short burst of strength. A forbidden technique which will only have one outcome, death. This wasn’t within his expectation.

As Riddick glanced at Jane who was on the ground. He clenched his teeth and extended his hand. This wasn’t how it was supposed to be so he didn’t take precautions. Bailey who saw this disappeared in a flash and before Riddick could even sense him was already beside Jane.

Horror flashed through Riddick’s eyes for only a second but Bailey didn’t miss that. An amused smile blossomed on his lips as he gripped Jane’s neck while floating in the sky.

“Ho…. I was thinking why the little chick of the Mist Valley Sect was here but looks like you want her, alive, Riddick.”Red light gleamed in his eyes he raised his hand to peered into Jane’s eyes and said, “Hello little sect master, I will give you one second. Tell me all you know about this man. One lie and I will behead you without a second thought, on the other hand, if you tell me something worth my attention then I will give you my word. You will be spared.”

Tears began to roll down Jane’s cheeks as she struggled in Bailey’s hands. She began to stutter as she said, “I only know that he is related to……..”

“DON’T TEST MY PATIENCE…BAILEY.” Riddick roared loudly as he threw Elaine like a javelin.

Bailey laughed loudly as he raised his hand and caught Elaine with ease. However, the next second he was stunned as blood sprayed in the skies as a black spear emerged from within Elaine piercing Jane’s heart.

“You bastard.” Bailey roared loudly as he tightly grabbed the spear and said, “Quick, tell me. Who? Who is he related to?”

Jane’s face was filled with bitterness as he coughed up blood and said, “Arthur of Sky continent.”

Broad smile flickered on Bailey’s face as he heard this. An intense black light flickered from the spear engulfing Jane and the next instant, Jane disappeared from the world.

Bailey began to laugh loudly but the next second he froze as he saw a white fist in the corner of his vision.


A single word escaped his mouth and in the next second the world came tumbling down as Riddick roared in fury. The sky trembled and the earth shattered as the Void began to form at the speed of light collapsing the surrounding space. Trapped within was Bailey who was struck by the full power strike of Riddick.

Bailey’s hair stood on edge as he saw a savage Riddick in front of him. The formation of space around him didn’t matter nor did the compression power the spatial walls was forcing on him. All he could see and think about was the demon like Riddick in front of him.

Riddick who stood there with red eyes and intense breath slowly said in a cold voice, “Remember this for the rest of your short life Bailey, never, never again will you dare dream of harming my loved ones. The consequences of that aren’t something you power can handle.

I had seen enough of your feats Bailey. Now, its time to show you mine.

Void – First stage – Kamsara.”


Note – Don’t try to search for Kamsara. I made it up by fusing the name of a demon with an another. Hindu mythology so you won’t find anything.

However, I will explain what it means soon.


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