Riddick – Book 5 – Chapter 26 – A Fated Encounter

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A fated encounter:

Void – First stage – Kamsara

             Silent words slowly drifted into the air but the nature reacted violently as if the heavens came tumbling down upon it. Riddick who was watching Bailey with red eyes suddenly lifted his head to stare upon the skies.

        Riddick narrowed his eyes as he saw these changes. The skies began to twist and the space began to tremble as if a superior power was twisting the walls of reality apart with his will. The plane of Asgard began to vibrate in its entirety as the skies began to give way to that unfathomable, invisible presence.

          However, this was not the only change that happened as Riddick uttered the word, Kamsara. Deep inside a blank space, chained by thousands of black chains and bound by innumerable seals, Void slumbered since countless millennia.

              Kamsara is the first stage of Void cultivation. Honing the body as the universe itself, Riddick establishes a connection to the Void. The body becomes the universe, the universe contains his body. This ultimate form of cultivation is used by the Kamsara stage to steal a part of Void from the eternal prison under heavens.

         Slumbering deep inside the Blank space, Void slowly opened his eyes as he heard the word Kamsara. The small point connecting him to Riddick appeared in front of him. The indifferent yet, kind glow in his eyes slowly melted away replaced with deep intensity.

            The space holding Void began to tremble as Riddick slowly lifted his hand and grabbed Bailey. Unable to ascertain the situation Bailey began to struggle but it was all to no avail.

       “It’s time for you to wake up my old friend.” Riddick slowly murmured as he slowly closed his eyes.

        Like a jolt of electricity, an intense flow of energy began to flow out of Bailey into Riddick’s body and then into his soul world. Like an arrow, the entire energy Riddick had accumulated in all his years of cultivation, the full power of his cultivation base, everything he had within him formed into a single spear as they assaulted the connection between himself and Void.

      Void’s eyes began to glow as the crack in front of him began to widen as an arrow of energy pierced the walls of reality, space and distance to reach him. The chains around him began to tremble noticing a foreign energy but the entire dimension began to tremble as a heavy foot shook it to its core.

       The body which didn’t rise from the ground for a hundred million years rose like a giant mountain. Under the mere life energy of the most primordial and powerful being the universe had birthed to, the entire dimension began to slowly collapse. The chains surrounding Void began to break free and the seals upon them began to dissolve.

        Like a tide under the assault of wind, the broken chains created a vortex of energy and collapsed the space further. However, thirteen chains still remained without any signs of break. Under their suppressive power, the space began to rebuilt itself in a blink of an eye.

          Void eyes which held within them an astonishing intensity glowed with intelligence as the thirteen chains hidden underneath the thousands of secondary chains started to glow with a black light.

          Like a spear thrown by a god, the arrow of Void energy materialised by the entirety of Riddick’s cultivation shot like a lightning and struck the first of the thirteen chains.


      Roaring sounds filled with entire space as the collision shook the space. The first of the thirteen black chains began to dissipate. An unprecedented glow rose in the eyes of Void as his body experienced freedom a hundred million years later.

         Trillions of years. Words of simple expression but such a long life imprisoned wrongly and deprived of everything he was entitled to can make a person mad with fury or desperate with despair. Riddick endured the curse of living thorough tens of thousands of lives unable to escape the cycle of karma whole Void accompanied him imprisoned the whole time.

        Riddick saw countless deaths, countless wars, countless atrocities in all his lives. He realised the value of life, the value of family and the value of love is important and above all others. He cares for his family, his love and his friends but he was still a man who had seen enough to know that sometimes we had to choose someone above others to protect everyone we love.

       Riddick killed a million people because he wanted to free Void, he killed them knowing that many of them didn’t deserve such a death. He killed because he had to free Void. A million lives together cannot imagine the suffering his oldest friend had went through in his life. They cannot imagine the grief and the sadness hidden within his heart. They cannot imagine the fury camouflaged under the disguise of wise words. They cannot, none can, not even he can completely understand the creature who named himself Void.

        Riddick knew that so he chose Void above them. He knew that he may be seen as a devil king for his atrocities and yet, he chose to do this. He would choose Void even if he was given a millionth chance. A friendship of eternal lives, the suffering they shared was above and beyond anything the universe had to offer Riddick.

       For a second the world of darkness became still. The world which housed the most mysterious, dangerous and powerful creature in all the universe became still as the first of its thirteen bindings broke in that instant.

     The glow which began to materialise in Void’s eyes didn’t die rather it reached his mouth. The large mouth opened showing the razor sharp fangs which can tear apart any celestial God or artifact like thin paper.


         That second, to people who knew the sound of disaster, to people who knew about the truth regarding heavens, to people who knew about the existence of Void and to people who knew about the inheritor of his legacy. An emotion, completely foreign to the men of their status arose like a tide. Fear.

         The twelve chains which were still surrounding Void like a unbreakable cage surrounded him and suppressed him in just a second. Void was still bound by twelve chains of Chaos. The second of them a hundred times stronger than first, the thirteenth of them millions of times stronger than its predecessor.

         The first chain, the weakest of them gave Void only a second of freedom and the slightest of power at his disposal yet, to a creature bound for trillions of years such a minute freedom was a boon.

        Bound by weight of the twelve chains, Void was pushed back to the floor. Thousands of chains surrounded him in a flash and countless seals bonded him again but the glow in his eyes didn’t change. His eyes glowed with power, intensity, determination and gratitude.

        Observing the entirety of events from the other part of the universe, a smile of satisfaction arose on Riddick’s face but a hint of grief could be seen underneath that smile of victory. A second, that was all Riddick could give Void, this aggravated him to the core.

        The glow in Void’s eyes resided slowly yet, didn’t completely fade away as  Void collected his bearings. With a kind voice he said, “Thank you Riddick.”

         Those few words expressed Riddick a lot more than an entire life story can tell someone about themselves. Void has always been like this. He was never selfish and he was always the one who took the position of an elder. He was like a father to Riddick and moreover he was the most dearest of friends.

         In the countless galaxies and even among the unfathomable experts who knew Riddick’s identity, none dare to actually call him a kid, except Void. Riddick allowed it because he had always been on the receiving end. Void had always been the elder and he had always been the kid under his tutelage. This didn’t change in all his lifetimes and it won’t change in the future either.

       This was the relationship between them. That of a elder and a student, that of a close friend, that of a family. The bond between them was deep, beyond the mysteries of universe and the emotions of human love.

       Riddick sighed lightly and said in a low voice, “That wasn’t for free Void. Now that you are a little free, I will work you to the bone.”

         Inside the blank dimension, Void smiled as he heard Riddick. He thanked Riddick many number of times in the countless years they had lived together and yet, every time he got the same answer. The first time he thanked Riddick, he got the exact answer and from then on, it continued.

         These little things, these little bonds, watching the naive kid who stumbled upon him a trillion years ago struggling for him. For his freedom, for the injustice he had suffered all those countless years ago. They were the supports which made Void stand tall, sharp and away from despair.

        While Riddick lived for Void, his love, his family and his friends. Void lived for Riddick. He cared about Riddick above everyone and the initial hatred against those who imprisoned him was solidified and harnessed into his heart every time he watched Riddick die under their schemes.

           Kamsara, the stage where Riddick used his body as an universe and released the entirety of its energy is the stage of rebuilding his cultivation. The entire energy within him is expelled without a minute exception.

         That second when he executed the Kamsara, he essentially became a non cultivator. His body had not a single ounce of elemental energy or Void energy. His cultivation was completely rebuilt from the scratch.

        As Void is connected to Riddick, the change in Void resulted in a change in his own soul. The peak stage disciple soul within his soul world underwent a rapid evolution in that instant.

      As Void broke free of his first chain, a roaring sound filled the surroundings as the elemental energy in the surroundings rushed towards Riddick like a tsunami. Like a black hole, Riddick absorbed everything within a thousand mile radius within a span of mere seconds.

             Riddick lost all his previous cultivation but within seconds of Kamsara activation, his entire energy base was rebuilt from nothing and he successfully entered the deva stage.

        Riddick took a deep breath as he absorbed the tiny elemental essence in his surroundings. He then began to observe his dantian. A thick elemental essence filled it completely but deep inside it, a single strand of Void energy was rotating at high speed.

        This was the true essence of Void cultivation. Transformation. Riddick could transform the elemental essence to Void energy upon his will.

         As Riddick stood there still, the trembling space and the tumbling skies began to twist as a face formed out of nothing but pure Will. The face gazed at Riddick and Riddick gazed at the face at the same time.

           Riddick sighed because he knew that the this would happen sooner or later. The fate of his life can never be changed by his own will, it was another encounter with the bloodline of Sura.


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